RT @RichMulholland: The jo'bloggers off to meet the splattermail guys. @anthonyvanbeek @Dave_Meyer @donpackett @andyallison @thescott https://twitter.com/RichMul...
Daylight robbery at our show-house http://afromedia.posterous.com/dayligh... via @afromedia : That sucks, sorry man.
RT @obox: “@shawnroos: SEO should just be called building a website properly.”
RT @mandyldewaal: Rich Mulholland launches Bad Asses Against Avatar Activism http://www.baaaa.org/ #netprophet 2012
RT @ingridsinclair: You guys are stoked about #netprophet. I just got the office scanner to work remotely. I'm winning.
RT @Suhaifa: #netprophet @RichMulholland and @matthewbuckland bidding in the 20k bracket for the new iPad3. I take my hat off to these guys!!!
Really chuffed with the service at @ASUS_za. Great people willing to take some time out and give good advice. Thanks Chris in repairs!
RT @kevinrose: Woohoo Revision3 acquired by Discovery channel - http://allthingsd.com/2012050...
Anyone know/used a good bulk sms provider in South Africa?
RT @elliotjaystocks: In case you missed it: JavaScript + WordPress + responsive images + sorcery = http://viewportindustries.com/blog... by @keirwhitaker on the @viewportind blog
#Afrihost or #Mweb uncapped adsl? My average GB monthly would be about 60 gigs.
Oh, how I wish I could dribbble… Anyone have a spare invite?
RT @ndelaguerre: The past, present and future walks into a bar...it was tense #phuza
Haha, have a look at blue steel as performed by Steve Hofmeyr : http://www.facebook.com/photo...
RT @Nick_Frost: I will drink a shot tonight for every RT this gets. And I'll have pictures to prove, for your sake and mine.
RT @zanu_pf: Its is regrettable that our neighbours have turned to eating their children. We will now take Cde Malema & other young lions under our wing.
“@spillly: T E I A M . my pleasure, now lets all move on...” <-- Serious ROTFLOL
Anyone know anyone that does great character design?
Was pretty bored with The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, do they get better? My cursor is hovering over the add to cart button… #fb
“@rethavs: Whaaahaha.. Love the IE one.. So apt! :) RT @paulscott56: If browsers were guns http://t.co/zx4XVIeD” <- agreed
RT @jackiescala: Beautifully bright web design - Art4web http://www.art4web.sk/en/hello
Having great design therapy session… making PowerPoint my bitch! :P
Brand guidelines are always a gripping read. :)
“@gwrightjhb: Designing around a bad logo is incredibly frustrating” <-- AMEN.
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