Am I missing something? Is it actually possible that no one has published a user experience analysis, usability study, or "why we decided to implement" article/chapter/etc. about eduroam? Is this just such an obviously needed and then easily functioning system that it hasn't garnered study/documentation beside the technical literature?...
Haven't seen a thing. I think your explanation is the correct one. *g* - RepoRat
IT departments don't publish the way libraries do, and eduroam implementation isn't a library decision most places. - DJF
What DJF said. And it's not a panacea. We have it and from the user end it has all the same issues as any WiFi. Wifi is hard. I don't know what the back end is like. - lris from Android
Yeah, it's the same wifi as the rest of campus, so if your campus wifi sucks, then visitors get free access to crappy wifi. But it is still better for visiting scholars than no wifi. I do love discovering eduroam when I visit a campus. - DJF
How about "unpublished" but some sort of web document, etc.? - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yesterday's online scholarly presence workshop (that I taught) leads me to think ResearchGate may be one of the best things to ever happen for institutional repositories. *IF* librarians can get avoid "shaming" researchers for using RG and instead create workflows that help researchers get things into RG and IRs efficiently. Anyone working on this?
why RG and not - jambina from iPhone
I'm still waiting on a way to get an article into Dspace w/o it taking 10 pages of things to fill out. - Hedgehog from Android
Wow, I totally did not get that ResearchGate was the name of a product rather than the name of a scandal involving research (a la "watergate"). I think they need a new name! - lris
*giggling* *hadn't thought of that one* - RepoRat
Yeah, I think at minimum ResearchGate provides us with an example of how you can actually get researchers interested in making their publications available. --Re getting things into IRs efficiently, see Symplectic Elements - designed by researchers for researchers, and researchers do indeed love it; I think the research office is pretty happy with it too; a caveat that the company... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Oh, workshop was on more than RG but everyone who came had a RG account already so that is what we ended up talking about more. Not meant to be commentary on Academia. edu. - Lisa Hinchliffe
So, is anyone working on the RG (or crosswalk? It is seriously easier to manage both RG and for myself than to work through depositing things in our IR ... - Lisa Hinchliffe's use of .edu top-level domain seems intentionally misleading - JffKrlsn from Android
I'm working right now with a faculty member who has a full publication list in ResearchGate that we're trying to get into our IR instead. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to export from ResearchGate to make this easier. - kristin buxton
The new Project Information Literacy report mentions ResearchGate as a source graduates use. - barbara fister
Rumor - EBSCO purchasing YBP. Yes? No? Maybe?
Haven't heard a thing. EBSCO's on a total acquisitions tear, though, so I see no reason to rule it out. - RepoRat
So EBSCO would be buying YBP from Baker & Taylor? I suppose anything's possible. - walt crawford
Huh, I wonder if that would make our ebrary title acquisition situation a little awkward. - Meg VMeg
Hmmmm.... - Hedgehog
I can see the business case for doing so - but I'm leery of the end-user experience results. It quill at least make billing even easier - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Wello wello well. Guess we'll see how this goes... - Meg VMeg
Although that "And in the darkness bind them" bit of the rhyme makes a tad more sense now. GET IT? *BIND* THEM??? - Meg VMeg
wonder what this means for discovery layers, if anything - weelibrarian
Huh. We just saw our YBP rep this week & he didn't say anything. Whut. - YvonneM
i guess you've seen the email by now. - Marie
Just got the email after I saw this. - LB needs a hero!
lol @ Meg VMeg i tend to make unintentional puns during instruction sessions. No one else is ever as excited about it as I am. :-) Our rep just got the email btw. - YvonneM
Your rep got the email at the same time I did then. Classy. - lris
I got that email x3. - Joe
"I’m writing to confirm that ProQuest is continuing our longstanding relationship with YBP. You will not see any disruptions to the ProQuest experience users have counted on for many years." - Meg VMeg
Teaching this workshop: If You Wrote a Book – Own Your Amazon Author Page and More: Many of the online researcher profile systems assume scholars primarily write articles; however, for many the book or monograph is their primary format. Learn how to leverage the Amazon Author Page and other online systems to promote your work and raise your...
What other online systems would you cover if you were me? - Lisa Hinchliffe
Goodreads/LibraryThing if anyone's likely to have written a popular science book, perhaps. - Deborah Fitchett
Excellent - thank you! Turns out even if you wrote professional books in LIS, you may be in there. Just claimed mine in both! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Any libraries use process improvement consultancy? Our campus has one on offer to units - (please note that "business process" here means "how work gets done" not "how profits get made" or "money changes hands" ... examples like improved accuracy in entering new hire info).
UW-Madison libraries as well as SLIS have used the Office of Quality Improvement. I've seen good results when the asking unit is very clear about what they need; middling results if the ask is vague. - RepoRat
Allergies, no sleep, headache. So Monday - you brought your A game, eh? Fine, game on. #iwillprevail
I've heard the statement often "it makes xyz person a better administrator if they do hours in abc frontline service" - e.g. one can be a better library director if they are doing reference hours. Regardless of what you believe about this, does anyone know of any empirical studies on continued engagement in frontline work relative to admin quality?
Another example, library directors who came from tech services should still be doing cataloging? Also curious about studies of middle management at places larger enough to have a secondary layer. Again, I'm sure we all have opinions - interested in research on the topic. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I do not recall seeing any research articles of this nature. I think it is possible to do some qualitative research to gather and analyze the experiences of administrators who do frontline service. I could share multiple examples with you of how working at our service desks has helped me to make better decisions based on observation, better understanding of workflows, seeing things from... more... - steven bell
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