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Happy B-day M ♥
Happy b-day cupcake! - ems - fra
Happy b-day cupcake! - silentsigh - THA
Happy b-day cupcake! - moni
Happy b-day cupcake! - arnabderabbit
Happy b-day cupcake! - nicky grass-Phil
Happy b-day cupcake! - ming-THA
Happy b-day cupcake! - Lilith Jerusalem, Isr
Happy b-day cupcake! - stadtneurose
Happy b-day cupcake! - e25 Pol
Happy b-day cupcake! - momiji koganeyama - japan
Happy b-day cupcake! - Nat River
Happy b-day cupcake - silje - NORWAY :)
Happy b-day cupcake - mokkamilch
Joyeux anniversaire Meryn :-) - Dariasn
Happy b-day cupcake! (lol at Dariasn being different) - frazz-GBR
Happy b-day muffin! - BAM / Bugsy2B - USA
Happy B-day - Ivana (Croatia)
Happy Birthday!! - Karo AUT
Happy Birthday.. for the 2nd time!! ;) - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
happy b- day M :) - lena
happy birthday meryn!!!! - sheepo - Indonesia
feliz cumpleaños Meryn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Mary
happy birthday Meryn ^__^ - sharon - hong kong
meryn's big day?? wow.. happy sweet birthday meryn.. all the best and GBU always... - lisa indonesia
Happy Birthday Meryn!! - Lampa-Mex
Happy Birthday! Maligayang Kaarawan! Meryn. - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MERYN..(one of my VIPs) - svref44-EAR
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May 2, 2010 - Comments disabled - Share
2 - lena
koo ur fast - lena
Hi girls, Koo is it your BDay today? - moni
damn i'm getting too old for this! - Rachael-GBR
hey Rachael - moni
@rach lol - lena
Hellooo ladiess - Annie, yo.
Hey Annie - moni
guess who just rang the bell - lena
hello ladies! - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@lena Sara - moni
hey anni welcome back moni - stadtneurose
Hi 76eve - moni
@lena wow silje is fast... - Marti - NOR
hi eve - stadtneurose
@lena haha I guess so - Koo87- Finland
hi eve - Marti - NOR
@moni lol my bday was on friday - Koo87- Finland
@moni she is out thank god, - lena
hi annie - Koo87- Finland
@marti she is a fast driver i guess - lena
@Koo Happy BDay even if it's late :)) - moni
heyy kooo. what's up dude - Annie, yo.
lisaa is in the house.. hi everybody... - lisa indonesia
@sab wenn wir uns auf dem csd hallo sagen, musst du mir vorher aber echt noch sagen, was ich sagen darf und was nicht?!? und das werde ich auch meinen freundinnen einbläuen! ;) - niiickel - GER
@Moni helllo :D - Rachael-GBR
@lena Still everytime I think about it it makes me smile - moni
@marti so fast!! - Rachael-GBR
hey lisa - moni
@ sab wir machens ganz klassich. "was du hier mensch wir haben uns aber lange nicht gesehen und gehört" lol - stadtneurose
hi moniii.... - lisa indonesia
hey lisa hey eve :) - Rachael-GBR
@rach lol i do every thing fast thsi is silje btw - lena
hey lisa - Annie, yo.
@moni lol - lena
@jamie henin won!! - Rachael-GBR
@moni well thank you then :) - Koo87- Finland
@silje but just don't get caugt be the speed cams... - Marti - NOR
@annie not much... did you have fun yesterday? - Koo87- Finland
Sabrina can you go to plan b for a moment - moni
@koo I most certainly did! ohhh dude NFG covered Iris.. and it was SOOOO good - Annie, yo.
@marti i no they r like every where now i got caught a few days ago lol - lena
@sab das haut bei mir nicht hin! ich kann nur schlecht lügen und brauche vorher eine gute story! ;) - niiickel - GER
@Rachael good thing they stopped showing didnt want to see this, how long did the 3 set last? - jamie jor
ääähhmmm last XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@annie that must have been good... Hangover? I still have one from friday haha - Koo87- Finland
@cao how fast :P - Koo87- Finland
@silje damn girl... and yeah they are everywhere I think there are 5 of them o my way to school - Marti - NOR
@koo.. nope i've had a hangover free weekend! Surprising from how much I drank lol - Annie, yo.
@koo yes i was seeing the new sub vid from scoot :) - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@marti wow... its way 2 much - lena
@cao.. yuup.. thanks scoot... but i couldnt see it now.. bad connection.. mammamia.. hate it.. - lisa indonesia
@jamie yes 3 sets henin won last one 6-1 - Rachael-GBR
@lena yeah... but you cant drive fast anyway because of all the roundabouts.... - Marti - NOR
@ani.. hi.. where ar u from?? yo?? - lisa indonesia
now wer just waiting 4 the bloody pizza 2 com - lena
@annie well that's a good thing then! - Koo87- Finland
@koo .. not better than the original, but still pretty badass - Annie, yo.
@marti oh that sucks - lena
@ niii ich kann auch nich lügen. verschweigen geht einfacher - stadtneurose
@lisa.. I am from Yoraland (Yo)... just kidding. I am from NY. - Annie, yo.
@annie qualitys pretty bad but it does sound surprisingly good - Koo87- Finland
@sab stimmt! lol - niiickel - GER
thanx Rachael, and the men's final has resumed:) - jamie jor
@annie.. hahaha nice one Yo... btw im sorry, i read from news bout the time square incident.. - lisa indonesia
@koo I know.. but live gives more of an extra something... That isn't from last night btw - Annie, yo.
hi family - Amazon_pride - FIN
hey amazon - moni
@lisa.. i have to go read about that. All I know is last night my moms friend called freaking out lol. - Annie, yo.
hi amazon.. long time no see... - lisa indonesia
hi amazone - lena
hi amazon - stadtneurose
hi everyone, I just saw the last episode of Dexter, oh my god! - ems - fra
@amazon hey friend ;D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@annie lol I realized it :P but I liked it - Koo87- Finland
@ems hey ^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
moi amazon - Koo87- Finland
@annie.. si.. i read it.. just becareful okayy Yo.. - lisa indonesia
ciao amazon - Marti - NOR
@lisa yeah I just read. Fuckkk. There are freaking vans everywhere! I was planning on going to the city next weekend.. hmm. I should call my sister - Annie, yo.
@silje love your new nic :) - Amazon_pride - FIN
Amazon hey girl :) - Rachael-GBR
did u girls sleep, at all? i did for a total 2 hours lol - Amazon_pride - FIN
@rach arent you leaving for the party ;) - Koo87- Finland
@amazone lol tnx... and its lena & silje here btw - lena
@amazon mä olin viel 8 jälkee hereil... nukuin joku päälle tunnin :P - Koo87- Finland
@amazon yes i have and i thing enough too, but why the hell you not?? - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Cao just couldn't sleep, tried to but... that's all - Amazon_pride - FIN
@lena/silje sry, just teasing :) - Amazon_pride - FIN
@annie.. yup.. u should.. just becareful.. @amazon.. try to sip a glass of red wine.. and books - lisa indonesia
@amazon ooh ok, i understand - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@koo Ckb is distracting me too much - Rachael-GBR
@Koo lol i am so bad to my real life friends this party started at 2pm lol - Rachael-GBR
@lisa thx, i'll try the books but i'll skip the wine..don't like to drink alcohol - Amazon_pride - FIN
chocolate everyone??? im doing my homework reports for tomo.. - lisa indonesia
@rach lol well that does sound pretty bad :P - Koo87- Finland
yessss chocolate sounds great :) - Amazon_pride - FIN
havent the pizza arrived yet? - Marti - NOR
@rach what did u tell them why you are coming late? - ckbumblebee - GER
@lisa.. my sister was in times square last night. - Annie, yo.
@amazon.. oowhh no wine.. okay.. beer?? hehehe whoopsie.. same.. only alcohol which make me sleepy.. hehehe and office stuff hahaha - lisa indonesia
you girls are making me hungry! - Annie, yo.
Chocolate please... - Marti - NOR
@marti no :( - lena
@lisa what time is it there? here 7 pm - Amazon_pride - FIN
@annie.. then??? hopefully nothing happen to her.. it happened on sat night - lisa indonesia
@lisa.. yea last night lol. She said it was crazy and the streets were blocked by the cops- nope nothing happened.. she was prob too drunk to realize anything anyway - Annie, yo.
@amazon.. it's 11.11 pm... and im listening mary j blige-each tear.. having my chocolate.. u want all?? - lisa indonesia
@koo it is :( oooh well - Rachael-GBR
at least the popcorn is finish ill just chew on that - lena
@ckb i told them i'm chatting to a hot girl, they understand lol - Rachael-GBR
@rach lol - Annie, yo.
@rach haha that is always a good reason (don't forget the teacher part :P) - ckbumblebee - GER
@annie.. aahhh too drunk hehehe yuupp it's sat night.. @lena.. popcorn?? mmm.. nice too.. any chips?? @rach.. nicee... - lisa indonesia
Annnnnnnnie hello :D - Rachael-GBR
YES, i second that. hi annie - ckbumblebee - GER
@lisa of course - lena
hey rach, ck.. how are you todayyy - Annie, yo.
@ckb OoOo don't worry i will remember to say about the hot teacher part! :D - Rachael-GBR
@rach lol well who cares - Koo87- Finland
@Annie very very very happy!!! - Rachael-GBR
@annie you? - Rachael-GBR
@annie good. and yourself? - ckbumblebee - GER
@rachhh ohhh any specific reason ;).. @ck.. I am good =) a little hungry though - Annie, yo.
OH YES FINALLY FOOD!!! we are of girls talk 2 u later :) - lena
@lena/silje bye, bon appetit - Amazon_pride - FIN
bye other norwegians... - Marti - NOR
@lena and silje have funn!! - Rachael-GBR
ok, updated AE with 7 posts, I'm done for today - Meryn - Belgium
@Annie ckb :D - Rachael-GBR
and i'm off to ae - Marti - NOR
wow meryn you are great - stadtneurose
@meryn thanks!!!!! but go relax!!!! and celebrate :D - ckbumblebee - GER
@meryn.. hi angel.. woooww.. greaat...thank youuu.. - lisa indonesia
@rach.. ahh good to hear! - Annie, yo.
@ck will do, no worries, it's quality time with the bf now :-) - Meryn - Belgium
@annie you and ckb fb friends (bumble sogno)? check the pic, hott - Rachael-GBR
@meryn that's a good idea. enjoy - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach don't get ideas into people's heads. only you think that, haha - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb yeah me and a hell lot of others! ;) - Rachael-GBR
@rach yeahh.. hmm i see ;) ck why didn't you want to show your pic. lol - Annie, yo.
@meryn thank you and enjoy :) - Rachael-GBR
see you girls later - Meryn - Belgium
@annie cause the principle of my school (who is also a priest) might have a problem with me being gay, haha. so I'M a little careful with revealing my real life identity - ckbumblebee - GER
@Meryn bye, see ya - Amazon_pride - FIN
@ckb that sucks! - Koo87- Finland
@ck.. ahh ok. Capito =P - Annie, yo.
@koo yeah, it does. oh well, I trust the ni-gel community not to out me any time soon. I have to add, he also gives me a grade at the end of my time there :( - ckbumblebee - GER
@ ck we're all nin-gels everyone has to hide something so don't worry ;-) - stadtneurose
i need chocolate - stadtneurose
@ckb not everyone here is out either, so I'm sure people understand - Koo87- Finland
@ckb i will not outing you, i promise, great ninja ehrenwort - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ck.. yup i'm not out either - Annie, yo.
@ckb youre safe, we won't out anyone here - Amazon_pride - FIN
@koo yes i'm not out,too yyaayy XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@all awww thanks. well, I'm out with friends, just not at work - ckbumblebee - GER
@Koo are u out? - Amazon_pride - FIN
moni i'm still waiting on FB ;-) - stadtneurose
@amazon to close friends yes... but not to family - Koo87- Finland
sabrina I'm to stupid for this can't put on the plication can you help - moni
let me see what i can do ;-) - stadtneurose
damn lucky girls on the stage with vero - stadtneurose
@mary thanks mamma mia! - ems - fra
Hello again girls! - Elle Bbi - Malta
@sab.. i have almond choco bar sab.. catch... - lisa indonesia
@mary thanks, damn i want that too, where the hell is Joan?? XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
hey elle - Koo87- Finland
oh i didn't say hi , i was too :Q________________________ - Mary
hi elle!!! - ckbumblebee - GER
hey cao, koo and my form of friend :) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@sabrina I go to your profile and lick on I wanna chat but nothing happenes - moni
@mary .. hey ;) and thanks for that, i need it after the horrible match i had to watch! so thanks! :) - Elle Bbi - Malta
why do i see you not online? moni - stadtneurose
@moni you shouldnt Lick at all, haha - ckbumblebee - GER
@ lisa thanx - stadtneurose
@elle hi - Amazon_pride - FIN
@meryn.. thanks for the photos of ms.nile.. GOODD i miss her beauty.. - lisa indonesia
@elle hello :) - Rachael-GBR
@sabrina the problem is I don't see the chat link on the right site on my FB - moni
Helllloooo dreamers!! - silentsigh - THA
and my match is suspended its raining in Rome again:( - jamie jor
@jamie again lol?? - Rachael-GBR
@silent hi - Amazon_pride - FIN
hi silent - ckbumblebee - GER
aahhh hi silent and jamie... - lisa indonesia
@mary thank you for the video :) - Amazon_pride - FIN
hey silent^^ and jamie ^^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ moni look at the help function. you have to enable that you're offline for your friends - stadtneurose
hi silent, yes Rachael they only played 5 games before it start raining again - jamie jor
@rach weren't you actually leaving? ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
@jamie who are the players? - ems - fra
@ems nadal ferrer - jamie jor
@rach i was sure she was ;) can i see the pic? or is it on fb? - Elle Bbi - Malta
@Ckb yes lol but then elle came online - Rachael-GBR
@elle yes look on her fb... - Rachael-GBR
@rach so now you'll call your friends an even hotter girls distracted you? ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
omg vero what a body, what an ass, i'm replaying this freaking video again and againa - Mary
@jamie not easy match for nadal - ems - fra
girls i have a question, isnt sarah in milan these days? - jamie jor
@ ckb ... what your name on fb again? :P - Elle Bbi - Malta
@rach you're leaving me :( cazzo - Elle Bbi - Malta
OK girls i'm leaving, @rach passing you to elle now. enjoy - ckbumblebee - GER
@elle Bumble Sogno - ckbumblebee - GER
OkOk after happily been distracted all afternoon by you girls, and now being nearly 4 hours late for the party, i better go before i loose all my realife friends @CKB thank you soo soo much :D @Elle later tater and @koo I will take lots of phots for you to make you even more jealous @All good day to you! :) - Rachael-GBR
@mary.. i havent seen the video.. but the images of vero's body is playing in my head.. hehehe - lisa indonesia
@elle yes i have a party to attend :( talk to you soon tho! :) - Rachael-GBR
@rach it was fun. enjoy the party - ckbumblebee - GER
@lisa what you waiting for :) - Mary
@jamie i don't know if sarah is in Milan - ems - fra
@ckb i'm leaving lol @elle find a new form of a friend to entertain yourself with :P - Rachael-GBR
@ckb bye see yaa^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@rach.. wooww.. have fun go hoott.. hehehe - lisa indonesia
bye bye. - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach ohh well i might just go back to sleep now ... enjoy yourself :) later! - Elle Bbi - Malta
adios ck - Mary
ck .. ure partying also.. byeee - lisa indonesia
@ckb thanks and rach was nearly correct with the german teacher resemblance ;) haha bye for now! - Elle Bbi - Malta
@rach hve fun see yaa^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ems its a tough match, ferrer is playing ok today but he can't win the important points, and nadal just won the first set 7-5 - jamie jor
@rach i have too many form of friends :P .. but you all left me :( - Elle Bbi - Malta
bye Rachael - jamie jor
@elle :( :( have fun sleeping... until next time ciao :) - Rachael-GBR
@Rach bye - Amazon_pride - FIN
@rach lol will try :P byeee *sniff* - Elle Bbi - Malta
@rach haha thanks a lot.. have a fun night! ciao - Koo87- Finland
so koo how was your birthday? i heard you didn't sleep much ... :/ - Elle Bbi - Malta
but ems few days ago they said that she drove her car to milan and she is planning to stay there for a while, i just find it starnge that both of them in milan and they didnt manage to talk about visto interview yet? - jamie jor
be back in a few, have to eat something :-! - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jamie.. perhaps they discuss it for a new plan hehehe - lisa indonesia
@Cao hurry back - Amazon_pride - FIN
@elle It was good, quite drunk... But that's how it was supposed to be :P Yeah, haven't slept that much this weekend, yesterday about 5 hours and last night about 1½ hours... How was your weekend? :) - Koo87- Finland
@jamie for me there is a real problem between 2 not only the visto thing (why i don't know) otherwise i agree with you they already speak. Yesterday Sarah was in Vimercate - ems - fra
vero's free until this saturaday when she has a new club event - Mary
and sarah's nex event is with vero on 13th in milan till then they're "free" - Mary
@mary Thursday there was a new TV show with Veronica on Italia 1 - ems - fra
HELLO! IF RUBY STOPS BY... tell her hi from me! I have to take a shower! =) - Sofia8-Sweden
@koo that's good to hear :) at least the sleepless nights were worth it eh! ... Mine was ok, slept quite a lot during the days lol but enjoyed the nights ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@ems it was the behind the scenes of ciao darwin? - Mary
@Sofia hi - Amazon_pride - FIN
thanx ems just checked Vimercate is 25km from Milan, so i think sarah is in milan! - jamie jor
lol @sofia ... will do if she does :P - Elle Bbi - Malta
@ems@mary I think they have many other commitments, not only clubbing events. - Dariasn
@sv.. please go alone and have peace moment together.. or we should take them and lock them together hehehe - lisa indonesia
@mary the new show is Fenomenal - ems - fra
@lisa good idea :) - Amazon_pride - FIN
@jamie Do you think Nadal will win rolland garros? - ems - fra
Moreover like I've said yesterday, there is a deep problem of communication between this two, and in the house that's was the biggest fear of Sarah. - Dariasn
and sarah's exhibition is on may right?? GOD.. i really wanna come there.. - lisa indonesia
@everyone can someone please be kind and summaries in short what's going on :/ i tried to catch up but i'm so confused.... molto grazie - Elle Bbi - Malta
@elle i'm confused too.. glad I'm not the only one tho - Amazon_pride - FIN
@elle haha good girl, that's how youth should be spent... Partying the nights and sleeping the daytime :P - Koo87- Finland
@dariasn yeah i know, what i mean is that apparently they don't have to go to other city till this friday - Mary
@ems u have a link? - Mary
@ems i will pray he wont, but if his knees hold up i dont think anyone can beat him on clay - jamie jor
@lisa, i soooo wana go to, sarah's painting skills are terrific, she's awesome - Mary
their busy schedules ... paparazziii.. really make them puke with reality.. we should make SV GF.. - lisa indonesia
@amazon well i missed a day or two here and all i understood was that vero is upset with Sarah for the visto interview? *so confused* ... but glad you're with me on this ;) haha - Elle Bbi - Malta
@jamie so she is in Milan but they do not see and did not speak, strange no? - ems - fra
@elle i think we have given up on S&M i mean S&V... - Sofia8-Sweden
@mary well I think we are not informed of all their commitments like photoshoot, interviews etc... - Dariasn
@elle.. same heerreee i also confused by them.. hehehe @mary.. yesss i love her works too.. - lisa indonesia
@elle I missed one day and now i don't know whats going on.. - Amazon_pride - FIN
@ems it seems that these two hardly talk to each other anymore - jamie jor
@koo well i don't call myself a party animal as some of my friends are! .. but i do enjoy a night out when it comes ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
whatever they will decide next.. hopefully for the best.. and i just keep dreaming, enjoying vids from scoots hehehe - lisa indonesia
@sofia... you're joking right? - Elle Bbi - Malta
@mary it's the Luca Casadei Management who announced Veronica presence - ems - fra
well i didnt watch any video since friday, i tried but it got me sad and i had to stop:( - jamie jor
@amazon but is it over or it's just the paranoia again? - Elle Bbi - Malta
@elle well I think we are quite similar then :P - Koo87- Finland
hej sofia - Koo87- Finland
@jam.. why is so sad??? dont be.. just watch the funny one.. hhehehe @elle.. dunno for sure.. coz they're still in silent mode from each other.. - lisa indonesia
@Elle I don't know really but i'm sure the paranoia-virus is on again, and i don't think it's over - Amazon_pride - FIN
@jamie yes and it's sad - ems - fra
ok i'm back hey girls hey sofia my grandma^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Cao hi :) - Amazon_pride - FIN
@ems but i didn't see vero's name in the article - Mary
@koo :) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@Cao the word grandma was agreed to be changed to hottie - Amazon_pride - FIN
@lisa & amazon .. thanks for the info. i just hope they get together soon and figure things out for themselves, not us, the fans, whatever. for their sake. This is not good like it stands - Elle Bbi - Malta
@amazon i like your new like on FB yyaayy XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Hey coa, welcome back :) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@amazon i can't call sofia a hottie, without the okay of joan - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@elle thx XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
yup right... though it will be so damn perfect if they live together and live happily ever after.. ;)) - lisa indonesia
@Cao u mean the 'I know u hate me and....' like, right - Amazon_pride - FIN
hi girls :) - Lesbogod
@amazon damn right yeeaaaaahhh ^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Cao hottie in a friendly way - Amazon_pride - FIN
hey sofia how are you today?? - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@kira hej - Amazon_pride - FIN
@mary no it's just an explanation of the show. I try to find the post of Luca Casadei FB who announced the event - ems - fra
@cao & amazon even i piace that page! ;) haha - Elle Bbi - Malta
@amazon at first i have to ask my amo, than i can call her a hottie or not, in the mean time i call her my grandma or my friend ok - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@elle thumbs up XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@lisa well that would be the perfect ending to a dramatizing short period of life for them! haha - Elle Bbi - Malta
hej kira, long time no see - Koo87- Finland
hey kira - Elle Bbi - Malta
@ems ooo right :), but vero will be like a guest right, coz the presenter was trying to find a co host belen rodriguez she's famous in italian and super hot but she couldn't so maybe vero is planning to stay as a regular right? - Mary
@elle.. hahaha yuupp.. @kira.. heeyy youu.. - lisa indonesia
hi koo happy B day the other day :) did u have a great day? - Lesbogod
ciao a tutti - I, Claudius
@elle i was joking... sorry. we need to lighten up the mood here sometimes. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
hey wish :D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@koo@mazon@cao HELLO GIRLS! - Sofia8-Sweden
@mary yes it's a guest - ems - fra
just took a hot shower with a cold beer. oh, life is good! =D - Sofia8-Sweden
@Sofia hej tjejen - Amazon_pride - FIN
@sofia hey my friend how are you,today??^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sofia haha i thought so but i missed a few madness and i didn't know what to think .... so back to earlier. Will you put a pic on fb. just like everyone else did? ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@kira Yeah I did, thanks :) How are you? Haven't talked to you for a loooong time... - Koo87- Finland
@cao anything happen while i was gone? - I, Claudius
@mazon Hej Hej! ...heading out shortly. with my straight friends... party! - Sofia8-Sweden
hey wish! - Koo87- Finland
@elle like everybody else did sab that too, i wanna see^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
hey Koo! - I, Claudius
hi wish - jamie jor
@elle i avoid madness. ;-) not my cup of tea. life's too short to get paranoid! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@wish i don't think so, hey girls did anything happend after wish was gone??? - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@elle photo. sure. i already promised the girls... around midsummer. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
hey jamie - I, Claudius
@sofia hey girl, how are u ? @koo great :) yeah but ive been here, just lurking for a while, but im great, living the sweet life, and just having a blast with the nice weather and stuf how are u? - Lesbogod
@cao .. she didnt yet but i'm hoping it's BEFORE midsummer! Oo - Elle Bbi - Malta
@mary I can not find the post of Luca Casadei. Is it because her presence is canceled i don't know. We'll know more next week - ems - fra
i have advise for you youngsters... if u wanna avoid bringing home someone. just don't clean your house. that's what i do! ha ha! - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia well i must admit i got a bit paranoid but not i reassured myself that the dream is possible... - Elle Bbi - Malta
@ems don't worry, we'll see what happend, i hope it's not cancelled - Mary
@Sofia how charming lol - Lesbogod
Hottie back in the house! Let me hear you say yeeeeeeeoooooo! - jsif - missing you
@Elle glad u are not infected with the paranoia - Amazon_pride - FIN
@jsif hejsan - Amazon_pride - FIN
Hey jsif... my part time lover :P - Elle Bbi - Malta
@kira the not cleaning part!? ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
Hi amazon! - jsif - missing you
@jsif how u like my advise!? - Sofia8-Sweden
@elle hi my lover girl! - jsif - missing you
@jsif YEEEEEEEOOOOOO! - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia which advice? and hey sexy ;) - jsif - missing you
@Sofia define youngster... - Amazon_pride - FIN
@kira Haha good thing everything is going good... Yeah I'm good, a lot school stuff going on - Koo87- Finland
@Sofia yes :) - Lesbogod
hey jsif - Koo87- Finland
@elle hope so too, @sofia come on, i have a buuuh pic of me on FB and the girls in here are perfect liers, so you will only become compliments - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Hi koo! - jsif - missing you
@jsif that if u want to avoid going home with someone (your place) you just make sure it's a mess b4 u head out. it works for me! i love it! =D - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif hey my hootie granny welcome back :D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@amazon if i was, i'd get upset at everyone and it's not worth it anyway ;) so yeah me too! - Elle Bbi - Malta
@sofia haha youngsters my ass... - Koo87- Finland
@mazon ur young at heart! - Sofia8-Sweden
YEEEEEEOOOOO - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Koo yeah the weather in Denmark is pretty nice these days, and that makes me in good mood .. so im just happy.. :) and great to hear life is treating u good :) - Lesbogod
@sofia damn it.... I always do the wring things when it comes to you! I've spend all day cleaning my apartment.... Found a letter from February that I had to update my driving licence. Hahaha, didn't even know it had expired!!! - jsif - missing you
@cao let me hear you say hey hey hey! - jsif - missing you
hey hey hey - Kiwi - Persona non grata
How how how! - jsif - missing you
what what what - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Sofia haha, no I'm not - Amazon_pride - FIN
@cao i'm not worried about what u would think of me. none of u live in london so i'm not thinking i would get together anyways. it's just that i'm not 100% out in sweden etc but u can always try to take advantage of me when i'm drunk! - Sofia8-Sweden
@cao hi buddy! you are funny! - jsif - missing you
@everyone sofia is easy so that would be no problem! - jsif - missing you
@kira ooohhh I'm jealous, we still haven't got the warm weather... It's been like around +10 for few weeks - Koo87- Finland
@jsif NO Don't CLEAN! it's great. i've tried it this winter & it works! - Sofia8-Sweden
To late - jsif - missing you
all he missunderstanding will and in an explosion of vero like before la cura and it will end in sobing drama like la cura - stadtneurose
hi again, Can someone with good taste of music help me ? And also can i hve the link some of the IL SOGNO music please. Thank you:-) - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@sofia ok, i understand, but i have to say nobody of t my work or my family know it, ok my friend know it, but you girls are my friends - Kiwi - Persona non grata
i just read Meryn updaate on AE, but i don't get why she want us to know thats she is mad at sarah? - jamie jor
@sab hi my old lady! - jsif - missing you
Hellollioooooo girls :D - charlotte -GBR
@sofia... before you go all out on us... can you describe yourself please(at least to me) ... height, hair colour, eyes... lefty? ;) i just want to get your idea until i die waiting for your pic - Elle Bbi - Malta
hey honey - stadtneurose
Hi charlotte! - jsif - missing you
@jsif i would never bring someone home (daytime or nighttime) if my place isn't clean... so, it helps me being a good girl. it's like i'm tricking myself. now i just have to figure out that whole drunk texting thing. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
Heyyy char! my form of friend ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@char hi - Amazon_pride - FIN
@ jamie vero needs a outlet and she uses fb for that - stadtneurose
@eve define good taste in music,please XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
hi eve! - jsif - missing you
@charlotte.. hi there.. @jamie.. it seems so.. - lisa indonesia
@cao Do you know how many lurkers there are here! ha ha ha! - Sofia8-Sweden
@char hey you Guten Abend :) - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sab du hattest das video gesucht wo vero wegen massimo vor lachen auf die knie geht? - niiickel - GER
hey char! - Koo87- Finland
@elle i'm 172cm or 173 on a good day.... - Sofia8-Sweden
yo charlotte - I, Claudius
@ nii joup - stadtneurose
@elle right handed but still consider myself creative. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia yeah i know, but my pics are only seeing by my friends ond FB and i know nobody of my fam or my work are under this lurkers - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@caotic l i dont even know how to define it... hahahaha - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
hey bella ella :)) - moni
@sofia mi piacee :D .... - Elle Bbi - Malta
@Sofia when u figure out how not to drunk text, please tell me cus i sure could use it sometimes ;) .. @Koo well the weather still have its ups and downs but mainly its sunny and somewere 15 and 20 + :D - Lesbogod
Hey moniiiii :D how's you today? - Elle Bbi - Malta
@Cao but u cant be too careful, right - Amazon_pride - FIN
@elle like wise ;p @coa im good and you? ;)@ wish beer bud hows you ;) oh i got lightweighted drunk last gentle :)@ all hellooooo - charlotte -GBR
@sofia I can be you iphone lock ;) - jsif - missing you
@ nii thank you thank you thank you - stadtneurose
@eve aaah ok lol - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@amazon right,but .....right - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@char off Corona i bet. tsk tsk. - I, Claudius
@elle i'm actually a brunette but i go back & forth depending on how i feel... - Sofia8-Sweden
@char i'm good too thanks for asking^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jsif how?! - Sofia8-Sweden
@everyone couldn't I do a few quick questions again, I think we have some new girls here and we are all interested? - jsif - missing you
Hey GIRLS!!! I´m back..... - Jen-Sweden
@jsif and how do know i have an iPhone? ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ niii so love her facial expression - stadtneurose
@jsif YES YOU CAN ^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
ollioooooooo jen :) - charlotte -GBR
hey jen - I, Claudius
Hi jen, just in time for qucik questions! - jsif - missing you
@sofia I'm very very smart! - jsif - missing you
@jsif go ahead - charlotte -GBR
@kira like I said, I'm jealous :P - Koo87- Finland
@jen hej - Koo87- Finland
QUESTION: HOW TALL ARE YOU? - jsif - missing you
@jen wanna see my pic!? - Sofia8-Sweden
@jen hhheeyyyy sexy how are you??^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jsif brng it - Lesbogod
175 - stadtneurose
the Northern Europe is in force - ems - fra
@jsif u know me. or u know friends of mine. i knew it!!!! - Sofia8-Sweden
160 - moni
@wish i can change drink for you if u like ;) - charlotte -GBR
@sab my pleasure! ;) and yes i like her facial expression too. ;) - niiickel - GER
@sofia please put on a pic... you're not lotta schelin right? :P mwahaha - Elle Bbi - Malta
around 173 - Lesbogod
Ok girl´s I´m singel again......jsif dumped me now I´m looking for another hot lady in my life...Anyone intressed?????? - Jen-Sweden
jsif high five - Koo87- Finland
I can beat you all --> 159 - mokkamilch
@Elle Good - moni
@jsif 5'10 - charlotte -GBR
@elle do u like her? i've been compared to her! ha ha! seriously! - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia no I don't - jsif - missing you
@jen no I didn't you did! - jsif - missing you
@coco lol cute^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jsif 176 CM - Amazon_pride - FIN
169 - I, Claudius
I'm a financial reporting specialist! - jsif - missing you
@sofia O.o *faints* omg are you serious? .. and yes i do, she's my favourite football player and i was lucky i've met her once :D - Elle Bbi - Malta
164 - jamie jor
nicee.. one.. wow... 176 amazon?? im 175.. - lisa indonesia
@cao: I'm to old to be cute ... - mokkamilch
hello girls :) - e25 Pol
@sofia what u drink? - charlotte -GBR
@sofia Can I see your picture now??? - Jen-Sweden
@elle see then nr 8 in my name! ;-P - Sofia8-Sweden
@char better beer. ;) - I, Claudius
@coco nobody is too old to be cute for me e basta :D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@e25 hi there.. - lisa indonesia
tesoro:)) - moni
@sab die suche hat mich jetzt über 1 std gekostet. aber während meines studiums habe ich ausdauerndes suchen gelernt. ;) - niiickel - GER
@sofia what kind of beer? - I, Claudius
@em this video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds . Maybe just give me the title of the song and the artist. thank you - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
hey e25 - Elle Bbi - Malta
@char beer. light. like corona - Sofia8-Sweden
hi e25 - jamie jor
hello teso'! ;) - I, Claudius
@ niii kuck dir das video an das war's doch wert ;-) - stadtneurose
strawberry beer?? - lisa indonesia
Hi e25! - jsif - missing you
@wish dont be beer cheating on me :P - charlotte -GBR
@Sofia if u look like Lotta then no wonder u get all the girls ;) - Lesbogod
Hey! girls how's today? - ming-THA
@jsif blue-grey but bright - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@caotic Hey baby girl how are you today??? Party mood or..???? - Jen-Sweden
@e25 hi - charlotte -GBR
@sofia D: - I, Claudius
blue-grey - stadtneurose
@lisa strawberry? - Sofia8-Sweden
@cao: then i try to stand the line: oh look this cute old woman with her walking stick ... - mokkamilch
@wish can you go to plan b for a while - moni
@jsif.. mmmm dark brown.. - lisa indonesia
@jsif brown - Amazon_pride - FIN
@char me? never! - I, Claudius
@jsif blue, sometimes grey lol - e25 Pol
@sofia gosh i am going to declare you the hottest girl on here... even tho i haven't seen you! YET! ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@ caotic high five - stadtneurose
@sofia woo hoo high five :) - charlotte -GBR
@moni i'm already there. - I, Claudius
@eve Martin Solveig Rejection, try this link - ems - fra
Hi e25 :)) - moni
@jsif melerade. blue with a brown circle inside - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif dark brown - Elle Bbi - Malta
@caotic @Sab lol high five :) - e25 Pol
@sab für dich war es mir noch viel mehr wert. *schleim* lol - niiickel - GER
@sofia.. yup.. i've try it.. it's sweet hehehe - lisa indonesia
hazel...i think - charlotte -GBR
wow! u are playing the games, ok im going lurking mode - ming-THA
@ nii lol - stadtneurose
hi ming :D - charlotte -GBR
@sab @e25 high five back XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Blue - Lesbogod
blue - ems - fra
so many blue eyed ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
brown - jamie jor
@elle i'm too old for u. i 'm 31 & want callie's babies. - Sofia8-Sweden
@jen äääähm i would say PPPAAAAARRRRTTTYYYY - Kiwi - Persona non grata
hey @char how r u? - ming-THA
wow lots of blue ladies here lol - charlotte -GBR
BLUE - moni
@jsif pls define single - Sofia8-Sweden
@sab.. blue grey?? hohoho .. @elle.. gosh i am going to declare you the hottest girl on here... even tho i haven't seen you! YET! assolutamente SI - lisa indonesia
YES - moni
lol - stadtneurose
YES - Lesbogod
@ming im good recover mode today :) - charlotte -GBR
nope - ems - fra
@sofia lol age is just a number ;) jsif can tell you - Elle Bbi - Malta
@jsif yes - e25 Pol
@jsif ääähhmmm no i think NO - Kiwi - Persona non grata
im single and im gonna die a spinster i see it :) - charlotte -GBR
@jsif YES, because your dating service sucks so badly - Amazon_pride - FIN
@elle yea, but i want lots of kids NOW - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif yes - niiickel - GER
@jsif lol mine is complicated! - Elle Bbi - Malta
@jsif.. before that question.. HOW OLD AR U.. LOL - lisa indonesia
@amazon lol - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@amazon hey saw that!!! - jsif - missing you
@jsif no but i hope i'll be very soon:) - jamie jor
@sofia no need to put age on wanting callie babies ;) - Lesbogod
@elle tell us more! - jsif - missing you
@sofia well you should go and make some then O.o - Elle Bbi - Malta
@76eve HIGH FIVE! man or woman? - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif OOOOPS - Amazon_pride - FIN
@em thank you :-) - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@jamie?! - jsif - missing you
@char lol will u go working tomorrow? it's bank holiday, right? - ming-THA
@elle i do practise, but so far the girl on girl thing hasn't gone that well in that department.. =( - Sofia8-Sweden
man @sofie - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@ming iam! and i worked today...blah :) - charlotte -GBR
QUESTION: HOW OLD ARE YOU? - jsif - missing you
31 whoop whoop - Sofia8-Sweden
19 but turning 20 in a few days :) - Lesbogod
@sofia haha keep on trying then ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
25 :D - e25 Pol
23 - ems - fra
29 years and 349 days - jsif - missing you
woow.. cao.. ..kira.. - lisa indonesia
@jsif well im trying to get my gf to dump me for few months now - jamie jor
@jsif lol - ems - fra
33 - jamie jor
@jsif lol - e25 Pol
@jamie what lol - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jamie lol, you can dump her you know - jsif - missing you
28... damn im old - lisa indonesia
@lisa i dont get it? - Lesbogod
29 - moni
@ jsi lol - stadtneurose
@jamie lol - charlotte -GBR
@char what do you do? my uni's closed tomorrow - ming-THA
@jamie why don't you do it yourself! it is easier i believe - Elle Bbi - Malta
33 - Millie USA
@ liso if the first number is an 3 you can call you old ;-) - stadtneurose
@jsif you're a man? - ems - fra
yes of cause when i'm single one day ;-) - stadtneurose
@jsif if i were free yes - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ming hotel/ teach thaiboxing...what u doing in uni? - charlotte -GBR
hahahahaha still.. near that.. - lisa indonesia
@ems anything for you! - jsif - missing you
@jsif of course, would you do 3 way? - Elle Bbi - Malta
@jsif I'll answer on behalf of everyone: YES - Amazon_pride - FIN
Jsif allways .. - Lesbogod
i would @jsif.. ;)) - lisa indonesia
@jsif yes :) - e25 Pol
@jsif i dont dump anyone any more i had few bad experience,its always safer to get dumped - jamie jor
@jsif sure - niiickel - GER
@elle your dirrty :P - charlotte -GBR
@jsif maybe because you have good choice of music - ems - fra
hello again! damn it i c i've missed question time :( - frazz-GBR
@jsif sure why not with our friends and families - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
hey frazz^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
hey frazz - ming-THA
@jsif....... - charlotte -GBR
@em my son dancing with the music you give right now. lol - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@jsif don't know yet.... - moni
hey frazz fellow GBR - charlotte -GBR
hey frazz - e25 Pol
hey frazz... well you can tell us your height, age, eyes colour and if you're single or not ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
hello frazz - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@char im a postgraduate but im gonna hate studying right now lol - ming-THA
hey all - frazz-GBR
hi frazz - lisa indonesia
@sofia, @jen you never answered my last question! I'm hurt! - jsif - missing you
@char wow! u do Thai boxing?? I know only taekwondo lol - ming-THA
ok quick question how many u peeps have tattoos? - charlotte -GBR
@elle I would consider it... ;) - jsif - missing you
me, only one - Millie USA
@everyone who would date me I'M FLATTERED! :) - jsif - missing you
i'd love to have tatooss.. but couldnt.. - lisa indonesia
hi girls - Tina Denmark
@lisa why not? - Amazon_pride - FIN
@elle k here goes...5'8, 22, brown and single - frazz-GBR
@eve your son recognize good song :) - ems - fra
@jamie yes, better stick to the being dumped strategy! - jsif - missing you
hi Tina - Amazon_pride - FIN
Hi tina my friend! - jsif - missing you
hi girls .. I see you're doing some fun question games here ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
hi @tina and millie - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@tina hey :D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@charlotte.. yes i have :) 8 of them :) - Lesbogod
Hi ckb! - jsif - missing you
hey ckb welcome back - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Anything new about Sarah orVeronica? - altbigd
aahhh ure back ckb - lisa indonesia
hello eve - Millie USA
@Tina hey there fellow dane :) - Lesbogod
@charlotte i would love to have some, but i haven't - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Tina@ckb hey - e25 Pol
thanks :) yep, i'm back but not for long. - ckbumblebee - GER
1 tattoo i stole the design from a german swimmer Almsick - jamie jor
hey kira hvor pokker har du været?!:) - Tina Denmark
@amazon.. cannot.. it's kinna religion matter.. - lisa indonesia
i love sarah's tattoo though.. hehehe scary but sexy to her.. - lisa indonesia
@caotic you're not single? - ckbumblebee - GER
@jsif when you do, just let me know ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
cao how´s the studying going? - Tina Denmark
@tina ude ;) - Lesbogod
@char i have 1 .. it's small but i want more, half sleeve would do and some on my ribs... i love tatts - Elle Bbi - Malta
@elle I will promise ;) - jsif - missing you
Hey my hot german form of friend ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@tina i think i got it, finally i will see it tomorrow :D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Tina hvad med dig hvordan går det? - Lesbogod
@jsif i'll be waiting :P - Elle Bbi - Malta
Ok ladies thank you and have a wonderful sunday. @em thank you again. bye, bye :-) - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@ming yeah...not a womanly sport i should say lol. taekwondo cool. :) ming speaking of tattoos i had 2 done in thailand by bamboo :) - charlotte -GBR
@elle hey my hot maltese (is that the right word?) form of friend - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb i don't think so, ich muss da noch was klären mit jemandem aus neu seeland, dann weiß ich ob ich es bin oder nicht - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@eve bye - ems - fra
bye eve - e25 Pol
kira stille og roligt- har nydt vejret sådan da:) - Tina Denmark
by bamboo?? woooww.. that's hurt.. @eve... byeeee.. - lisa indonesia
@cao ahh, ich versteh. ich wusste nicht, dass eure beziehung schon so weit voran geschritten war - ckbumblebee - GER
@elle sounds nice :) i want on my ribs also :P - charlotte -GBR
hey lovely ladies :) amo are you here? - Joan-NZ
Bye eve! - jsif - missing you
Hi joan! - jsif - missing you
heyy joan - ckbumblebee - GER
hi joan - e25 Pol
hi joan - Tina Denmark
hello joan - ems - fra
later eve, hey joan! - I, Claudius
@Tina jaer det har været nice vejr de sidste par dage .. fejrede du første maj igår ? - Lesbogod
@ckb yes it is ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
bye eve, joan hi - moni
@elle good. how are ya? - ckbumblebee - GER
hi joan - Amazon_pride - FIN
So Meryn are you lurking or celebrating - altbigd
@lisa no not really felt good actually ;) worth having done. - charlotte -GBR
@joan yes i am, my heart♥♥♥♥♥♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
nej var på havearbejde! Var du i fælledparken? - Tina Denmark
@ems Great song! love it! - Sofia8-Sweden
if meryn is here then: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - Joan-NZ
@joan hi :) - charlotte -GBR
@char just like the one of megan fox (not the words, the place of where it is) ... but i need to lose some kgs first and tone my body for that :/ - Elle Bbi - Malta
Hey joan! - Elle Bbi - Malta
@caotic good - so are you ready for your test? - Joan-NZ
guys sarah online? - jamie jor
@jsif sorry, i was putting on make up. heading out shortly. of course i'll date u, but not if u want a 3some w/ elle... i'll skip that. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ckb better now thanks ;) how's you? - Elle Bbi - Malta
@elle you got a sleeve tattoo!? - Sofia8-Sweden
@joan lol äähhmm i hope XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
nej jeg var til 50 års fødselsdag, det var ret nice faktisk men ret mærkeligt ikke at være i fælleden .. - Lesbogod
@elle good, why better? what was wrong before? - ckbumblebee - GER
@sofia I just said I would consider it... Have you seen her girlfriend? - jsif - missing you
@elle u must have missed our conv here earlier. i'm a sucker for tattooes. - Sofia8-Sweden
hey everyone - nice to see you all - i'm kinda drunk - so i'm gonna be alittle slow today - Joan-NZ
@jen did you die? - jsif - missing you
@sofia No i don't my sister's wed is on the 23rd of may so i don't wanna panic her lol but i'm so planning on doing one in the near future - Elle Bbi - Malta
@jsif nope, so she has a gf. see, i don't do that... i'm a god girl... plus i like to avoid drama. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@elle im sure u are already toned! :) - charlotte -GBR
@joan soo you are like me undrunk - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jamie - that's an old one - Millie USA
@jamie old - in the good old times - Joan-NZ
@elle ok, when u've done it or when u have the design ready, care to share? - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia you avoiding drama... Ok :/ Hey why do you have a life when I don't? - jsif - missing you
@char noooo i'm eating wayyy too much lately Oo i've pilled on some kgs and i need to lose them before summer starts here - Elle Bbi - Malta
@caotic like we say - we are a perfect match :) - Joan-NZ
thanx Millie and joan - jamie jor
@char sry to reply lately (just talk with my friend in msn) Tattoo? cool! Im gonna do my first tatto soon - ming-THA
@jsif hey you can come to me i haven't a life either - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jsif i don't get it... of course i avoid drama. told u tat from the beginning. that's mainly why i also date men. they are less drama... - Sofia8-Sweden
NEW POST! - moni
@joan yes we are ♥♥♥♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Meryn - Belgium
Post 2.5 Part 2
May 2, 2010 - Comments disabled - Share
1st!!!! =D - Sofia8-Sweden
lol, that was fast - Meryn - Belgium
nooooooo - Rachael-GBR
@sofia how did you manage to write even before meryn wrote new post? ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
@sofia god damn you! where the hell you come from?? grrr - Rachael-GBR
ok perfect.. - Linda (ITA)
lol Rachael good that I did the screenshot ;-) - Kwissy - GER
@kwissy well I was thinking about taking you with us, as a gift.. but since we don't have any space in our bed for anymore girls, I guess I'll book a room for you at that place right there, seems appropriate for my little kwisserle :) - nina-BERLIN
lol! i might not be young, but damn I'm good! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@kwissy haha aww you really did it? - Rachael-GBR
Nina great idea! I am sure we will have fun there. - Kwissy - GER
Rachael??? I showed it to you yesterday and you were amazed by it. I also posted it on FB. lol you can't remember huh? - Kwissy - GER
@kwissy YOU will, I'm staying somewhere else. but I'm sure you'll have no problem finding some nice, willing, italian women there :) - nina-BERLIN
allright, have to go and join my birthday party :-) they think i´m crazy cause i´m still sitting in front of my laptop :-) see you girls later!! - Karo AUT
@ckb friday night was funnn got to bed just before 6am and this afternoon is party time again - off to this - - :D Koo is way jealous!! - Rachael-GBR
@kwissy huh you did? lol me no remember :( where on fb?lol - Rachael-GBR
@karo see ya :) - Rachael-GBR
Karo Happy Birthday is it today like Meryn? - altbigd
@rach thats great. what kind of party is on at a sunday afternoon?? - ckbumblebee - GER
@alt jap :-) - Karo AUT
@Karo sneaky.. happy birthday :) - Meryn - Belgium
OMG then happy birthday Karo! - Kwissy - GER
who is BELLY here? - Linda (ITA)
@rach; have a great time (although watching the vis, i don't think that's going to be a problem :))! - Kathy282
@rach jesus honey, didn't we talk about aging well just yesterday? you should really talk to some of the mentioned girls for some advice ;) - nina-BERLIN
@ckb watch ^^ the video ^^ it's like a courtyard party, outside, lots of girls :) - Rachael-GBR
Happy Birthday Karo! =) - Sofia8-Sweden
Linda It is Karo and Meryns Birthday today - altbigd
Karo, happy happy birthday to you, have a good one! :) - nina-BERLIN
@karo happy birthday!! - Rachael-GBR
@kathy eeek i'm excited!! :) - Rachael-GBR
and I also gave you the link where I uploaded it - Kwissy - GER
MY G>>>Karo Sorry...for living in my own world sometimes...CONGRATIULATONS :)! And which age did you managed to reach today? (or does that have to remain secret :)?) - Kathy282
Meryn when is Aet coming back? - altbigd
@nina what? grr lol :( - Rachael-GBR
@karo happy birthday - Koo87- Finland
@Altbidg happy birthday KARO AND MERYN :) - Linda (ITA)
@karo happy birthday!!! - ckbumblebee - GER
@kwissy hahaha awesome!! Thanks :D - Rachael-GBR
happy birthday Karo - stadtneurose
and another bday celebrant happy bday kato - nicky grass-Phil
@alti she was online earlier today - Meryn - Belgium
@rach you have a job to do! - nina-BERLIN
@rach looks like fun!!! did you flirt with any nice girls on friday? - ckbumblebee - GER
@koo lol! - Sofia8-Sweden
ah ok - altbigd
Rachael I will send you the link again tomorrow. I am sure you will thank me again for it because you can't remember. - Kwissy - GER
@rach yes, still jealous :P - Koo87- Finland
DD are you here???? - Dariasn
Rachael do you know the movie "50 first dates"? Is it a biography of you? - Kwissy - GER
Have you seen the mess of Amandine in the French feed? - Dariasn
@ckb it's also a UK bank holiday 2morro so no work for me! Whoop!! ckb there was not many to flirt with lol i was not amused although there was this blonde girl and as drunk as i was i still couldn't make her to look like sarah nille in my mind lol so i left her, plus she looked like my ex so prrrf - Rachael-GBR
@nina i'm working on it lol - Rachael-GBR
No please tell us about it - Kwissy - GER
@kwissy :P lol - Rachael-GBR
hey guys I must go. Social life calling lol.. but if I will have news or kind of I'll tell you. I have a facebook account if someone needs me. Have a nice evening :) - Linda (ITA)
Why do I have to read it two hours later... Damn FF - Dariasn
@kwissy haha yes i know of it and lol no! - Rachael-GBR
@dsn you're too old for this - Dawn Denbo - Ladies woman
@rach so you'll compare all the girls from now on weith sarah nile? thats a tough one - ckbumblebee - GER
byebye @linda :) - Rachael-GBR
Rachael lol about this chick. You have many girls right? - Kwissy - GER
@ckb i know but i really wanna date a sarah nile lookalike lol - Rachael-GBR
bye Linda - altbigd
@rach good luck with that - ckbumblebee - GER
@kwissy nono i'm no player! - Rachael-GBR
@kwissy your confusing me with Jen.. - Rachael-GBR
When you found a chicl like Sarah you could first asked if she likes German girls - Kwissy - GER
@rach I'm so with you on that! - nina-BERLIN
@rach this girl who works at my starbucks looks very average... but there is something that reminds me of sarah in her, so now i'm acting all weird when i go for my latte. jesus christ sogno is killing me! - Sofia8-Sweden
@ckb lol i feel it may be hard, i'll settle for a pretty girl :) sooo about this pic of yours?? :) - Rachael-GBR
@nina haha :) - Rachael-GBR
I am not sure about that Rachael you worte about many girls. Or are they all the same and you are not able to remember that you already told us about her ;-) - Kwissy - GER
:D :D :D - nina-BERLIN
@sofia hahahaha everywhere i go i always find myself looking for a sarah nile lookalike, i would settle for a vero one tho - Rachael-GBR
@kwissy haha my memory doesn't suck this much i have never mentioned about being a real life player :P - Rachael-GBR
lol Rachael I will show you are pretty girl but ... - Kwissy - GER
DAMN girls have to hurry up and leave. Have fun - Kwissy - GER
@kwissy yes pretty but yours.. :) - Rachael-GBR
@rach what do I get in return? - ckbumblebee - GER
@kwissy later tater :) - Rachael-GBR
bye kwissy - stadtneurose
@ckb well i would say more pics of me, but you already have so many hmmm - Rachael-GBR
@jamie you still here? tennis time soon :D - Rachael-GBR
@DD my PC was about to die, my god.... - Dariasn
Bye kwissy! - jsif - missing you
@dsn but it's ok????? imagine y meurt! OMG! that would be the pompom - Dawn Denbo - Ladies woman
@rach fine, I'll put one on FB. no glasses though on that one :) - ckbumblebee - GER
My neck pains....I really have to step away from my computer for a while! See you girls later! - jsif - missing you
@nile how is the game going??? - Rachael-GBR
@ckb yesssss - Rachael-GBR
@nina ;) - Rachael-GBR
@rach swear you don't know any of my students!!!! - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb i will just imagine you with sarah nile glasses :) - Rachael-GBR
@Rachael yes im here, but i dont know what to watch both men and women final start at 4 - jamie jor
@ckb i swear!!! - Rachael-GBR
@ckb uhmmm, facebook friends? you and me? what do you think? ;) - nina-BERLIN
@jsif i'll check in on u ltr after my run. it's pouring down here now. =( - Sofia8-Sweden
@jamie women's match!!! :) - Rachael-GBR
@nina smoooth - Rachael-GBR
@DD I prefer not to think about it, at least not before my new phone ;-) I closed all the programs and it seems to be better but I keep an eye on it lol - Dariasn
lol sofia is back - nicky grass-Phil
@rach I learned from the best - nina-BERLIN
@sofia OoOo you have rain in london town?? - Rachael-GBR
@dsn stop watching dodgy stuff!! - Dawn Denbo - Ladies woman
@nicky not really. lurking. catching up on grey's... waiting for the rain to stop so i can go running. i'm sitting here in running tights feeling quite dorky. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@rach yep, on & off. it sucks 'cause it's Camden Crawl (you heard of it?) this wknd. - Sofia8-Sweden
@DD I was watching Sia's clip...and chatting with AA!!!! - Dariasn
@sofia i beg you please do not send the rain my way, i will not be amused! esp as this party is outdoors!! my hair will get runied which means if a sarah nile lookalike is there and she see's me i'll have no chance with her looking like a drowned rat :( - Rachael-GBR
sofi,just do some exercise in ur house - nicky grass-Phil
@dsn lol poor AA stop torturing the girl! - Dawn Denbo - Ladies woman
@sofia OoOo no i've not heard of that - Rachael-GBR
@nina :D - Rachael-GBR
@DD I like it, stronger than me - Dariasn
@nina sure :) - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach it's up - ckbumblebee - GER
@dsn lol you are evil! - Dawn Denbo - Ladies woman
@sofia Oh you have rain... It's a nice day here, only sun ;) - Koo87- Finland
@DD oh yeah baby - Dariasn
@ckb OoO wow my hot german teacher OoOoOO - Rachael-GBR
@ckb cool! so what's you fb-name? really nice to meet you by the way, I've heard quite a bit about you ;) - nina-BERLIN
@dsn huuum I like it - Dawn Denbo - Ladies woman
@rach haha, do I look very teacherish?? - ckbumblebee - GER
does someone here knows how to use sketch up?i need help..punto - nicky grass-Phil
@rach not?! do u never go to london to party? do u even know camden? - Sofia8-Sweden
@nina all rumors ... it's Bumble Sogno - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb oohhhh you're a teacher too? what do you teach? - nina-BERLIN
@CKB good god your students are lucky!! can i please be one of your students?? pleaseeeee - Rachael-GBR
@rach you wanna come to English class? - ckbumblebee - GER
@nina are you too???? english and spanish - ckbumblebee - GER
@sofia no and no lol i stick to mainly leeds and manchester - Rachael-GBR
@ ck you are bumble sogno and i was wondering who it is lol - stadtneurose
@sab yeah don't ask. was a long process to get to that stupid name, hehe - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb not yet, but I'll be a sonderpädagogin soon ;) - nina-BERLIN
@ckb yes you look very teacherish..OoO I wanna see you in sarah nile glasses now..;) - Rachael-GBR
did anyone watch the last grey's?! im pissed at arizona. who doesn't want to have babies with callie!??!?! - Sofia8-Sweden
@rach I wonder whther that's a good thing or a bad - ckbumblebee - GER
@ ck love your profil pic - stadtneurose
@ckb yes i need to learn more english, spanish too ;) - Rachael-GBR
so Rachael who's your favorite today? im rooting for Sam:) - jamie jor
@sofia yesssss right? I'm so sad, I feel like they're gonna break up, but I LOVE them together... and that scene in the bed, callie broke my heart :( - nina-BERLIN
@Sofia i watched part of it will watch it again today....but come on she does not want to have kids its her choice plus the writers need to bring drama in to their relationship & its better than if callie slept with Mark - BAM / Bugsy2B - USA
@sab haha, thanks - ckbumblebee - GER
@sofia yeah I watched, and I was quite disappointed too... but I'm sure they're gonna write jessica capshaw's pregnancy to the show... - Koo87- Finland
@nina cool. how much longer do u need to study? - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach how about you come by so my students can talk to a native speaker??? - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb sure! I can teach them english slang lol - Rachael-GBR
@jamie hmmm i love them both, i do not care lol - Rachael-GBR
@rach that's not what I had in mind, but fine ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
@ck I'm writing my master's theory (or whatever you'd call it in english- you tell me, miss engllishteacher ;)) at the moment, I'll finish at the end of summer I guess... but then the referendariat of course, uff - nina-BERLIN
@sofia she must have her reasons for not wanting kids. And calzona needed some drama, it's part of the game - Dariasn
@nin that's what I'M in right now. it's A LOT of fun - ckbumblebee - GER
callie is hot. now, add some ink on her... parapapapapapapapapapá! - Sofia8-Sweden
@ck uhuh, I'm sure :O - nina-BERLIN
@ckb and OoOo it's a very very good thing! - Rachael-GBR
@sofia today you're all for tattoos lol - Dariasn
@rach good to know ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
@sofia you have tattoos? - Koo87- Finland
@ck but you still have 2 years of ref, right? for us it's only one year.. don't really know if that's bad or good though :-/ - nina-BERLIN
@ckb what did you have in mind? I can talk in proper english like the queen if you want? - Rachael-GBR
@dar i know! ink & shaved hair on side! told u i'm a mess. ruby rose...!!! - Sofia8-Sweden
@rach yeah that would be great. actually I'll be on a class trip in england at the beginning of june. you wanna come by? - ckbumblebee - GER
@koo nope, but i'm gonna get some. one day. i'm getting old though. i need to hurry! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ckb by the way, I sent you a request- I really want to see you picture now to be honest, never seen rach so excited in a loooong time ;D - nina-BERLIN
@sofia what do you mean getting old ;) - Koo87- Finland
@nina her real perception is screwed up cause she has had this image of me that is far from reality - ckbumblebee - GER
@koo thx. i already am. but i like to think age is just a number. i'm really young at heart. u should know it. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@nina are you leilani smith? - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb I doubt that :) and yes - nina-BERLIN
@sofia just kidding, you're still young! and yes, I've noticed you truly are young at heart :P - Koo87- Finland
ok know i kno who leilani is too lol - stadtneurose
@ckb OoOo where?? - Rachael-GBR
@sab yeah I know. all these people and we have no clue who they are - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach brighton and london - ckbumblebee - GER
@koo you have tattoos? - Sofia8-Sweden
@lol sorry, I usually write who I am when I send a request - nina-BERLIN
@nina :P i have very very good reason to be excited :) - Rachael-GBR
@ckb the image i see before me is soo like the one i had in my head :D my fantasy has become a reality :) Mi Piace!! - Rachael-GBR
@sofia no, but I was actually gonna go take one for my birthday... But I still haven't managed to go - Koo87- Finland
@rach you do @ckb she does!! :) - nina-BERLIN
@koo yay! mi piace! where and what? - Sofia8-Sweden
@ ck i have like 100 sogno friends on FB and i know maybe 20. or better i think i know just 20 ;-) - stadtneurose
@sab how old r u? - Sofia8-Sweden
@ koo if you start you can'T stop ;-) - stadtneurose
Hi girls!! How are today? - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
hey ghi - stadtneurose
lovely age. that's why they call u HOTTIE! - Sofia8-Sweden
@M you still here?? happy birthday again!! - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@sofia my birthdate/birthyear in roman numerals and the taurus sign to my wrist - Koo87- Finland
@ghi very very happy!! you? - Rachael-GBR
@ckb where are you from? - nina-BERLIN
@ckb OoOu london town - Rachael-GBR
@sab haha yes, that is what I've heard... I guess you are speaking from experience? - Koo87- Finland
@ sofia thought they call me old lady lol - stadtneurose
@ghi lol, thanks again - Meryn - Belgium
@ koo a bit - stadtneurose
@sab well, we changed it from Gra... to Hottie, remember!?;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@dsn msn 2 sec - Dawn Denbo - Ladies woman
@koo nice, i wanna see it when it's done! =D - Sofia8-Sweden
don't remember was a bi drunk last night ;-) - stadtneurose
@sab hey.. I see thé same europian ppl are hère.. Arent you girls sleep?? LOL - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@sofia haha sure, maybe I will go and get it done soon... - Koo87- Finland
@rach yep, for a couple of days in London and the rest in host families in Brighton. are you joining us? how well do you know London? you could be our guide? - ckbumblebee - GER
@ ghi we slept but not that much ;-) - stadtneurose
@sab ok... weren't we all?! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@nina near Münster - ckbumblebee - GER
@ sofia i know that you were ;-) - stadtneurose
@rach hmmp something must hv happened that's makes you extra happy today. What is it? - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@ckb do you know when? not very well but hey if we get lost i'm sure you wouldn't mind :) i can show you the sites that i know of :) - Rachael-GBR
@ghi CKB!! ;) - Rachael-GBR
hi again in back - silje - NORWAY :)
@rach not sure exactly. and are you willing to explain it to 33 teenagers in puberty? - ckbumblebee - GER
@silje hey girl :) i requested u on fb, please accecpt? - Rachael-GBR
@rach ckb?? Can u share? ;) - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@ghi don't believe her anything - ckbumblebee - GER
@ghi u friends on fb? go see the pic.. hot german teacher... - Rachael-GBR
@rach take that chance, you know you have to!!!!!!! - nina-BERLIN
@ckb yes i will explain anything to them..while they look at the tower of London we can talk il sogno in a form of a code ;) - Rachael-GBR
@rach are u gonna call me hot german teacher in front of my students? ,) - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach Oh man... I wish I had teachers that looked like that :P - Koo87- Finland
lol - nina-BERLIN
@rach Who she on fb? @ckb who you on fb? ;) - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@rach LOL yeah sounds like a plan - ckbumblebee - GER
@ghi bumble sogno - Rachael-GBR
@koo lol i would never of got any work done...too distracted - Rachael-GBR
@ckb hmmm maybe not in english lol i will learn the italin words! ;) - Rachael-GBR
@Linda you still here lurking?? Hi!! ;) - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@rach done :) - silje - NORWAY :)
@ckb excellant!! wow ok forget looking for a sarah nilllle lookalike this afternoon/evening i'm gonna find me a ckb one :) - Rachael-GBR
@nina i will!! :) - Rachael-GBR
@silje yay! sooo about a picture...? you've seen mine can i see yours? - Rachael-GBR
wow, rachrach is all lovey dovey, mi piace :D - nina-BERLIN
@rach haha I wouldn't either... But at least I wouldn't skip any classes :P - Koo87- Finland
@rach you're such a tease. I bet you talk like that to all the girls this afternoon - ckbumblebee - GER
@rack she's not on my fb. @ckb can you add me?? It's - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@ckb she does NOT. I repeat, I haven't seen her that excited in.. ever! - nina-BERLIN
@ghi am i fb friends with you?? - Rachael-GBR
Does someone know how I can view the posts on Sarah official forum & Vero's official forum? I have already subscribed but everything says it is protected... - BAM / Bugsy2B - USA
@rach go girl!! lol - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@rach wait a sec - silje - NORWAY :)
@nina yes i am :) @ckb Wow elle is gonna be so happy she's part of this threesome! - Rachael-GBR
Can I just say that Rach knows I have a gf. she just likes to play :) - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach I'm not sure.. Who you in fb?:) - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@koo that is true, i would attend every class, even have extra lessons lol - Rachael-GBR
@ghi my real account rachael louise dwyer - Rachael-GBR
@ckb ur making the girls go crazy. i need to see this. accept my friend request, pretty pls. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ckb playing is soooo much fun!! - Rachael-GBR
rach has a gf too- you girls will have a nice foursome I suppose ;) - nina-BERLIN
@rach yes exactly, there is always private lessons :P - Koo87- Finland
"my real account..." ha ha! trying to tell us others something!? ;-P - Sofia8-Sweden
@nina i do? lol care to tell me who? - Rachael-GBR
@rach u using a real account? K I'll add you then. Tnx! ;) - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@sofia nooooooo of course not lol - Rachael-GBR
@rach i now have a profile picture :) - silje - NORWAY :)
@ckb let me know when ur in london! i'll b here waiting! ;-P - Sofia8-Sweden
@koo OoOo private lessons? Mi Piace!!!! - Rachael-GBR
@Nina lol!! - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@sofia ckb in london in june.. - Rachael-GBR
@rach you just mentioned her, you both do have a very open relationship though, that's for sure ;) - nina-BERLIN
@sofia, haha you'll come from sweden? - ckbumblebee - GER
@silje... mi piace! - Sofia8-Sweden
@ghi yayayay!! - Rachael-GBR
@silje just sent you a request - Koo87- Finland
@nina OoOo of could I forget - Rachael-GBR
There must hv something in this thread that everyone is getting flirty!! lol - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@silje OMG wanna be my form of a friend too?? - Rachael-GBR
@ckb i live in london! i'm a swedish rebel without a cause. i move around. - Sofia8-Sweden
@koo ok - silje - NORWAY :)
@rach lol - silje - NORWAY :)
@sofia awesome. another guide for us - ckbumblebee - GER
I am in heaven right about now, fuck the party i wanna stay here - Rachael-GBR
Me I'll just settle for "a form of friend". Lol - ghi-zhen/Canada from iPod
@silje can we be friends too, pretty please? ) - nina-BERLIN
@rach how many formof friends do u have by now? - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb "another guide" who lives in london besides me!? i wanna know! - Sofia8-Sweden
@ckb hmmm you and elle and nina if she wants to be mine aswell?? - Rachael-GBR
@sofia rach will come down from Leeds - ckbumblebee - GER
@nina lol of course - silje - NORWAY :)
@ghi its all the hot pictures i'm being blessed with - Rachael-GBR
@ckb Rach will come down for u & ur students but not for a wild cougar wknd. ok. io capito. =( - Sofia8-Sweden
@silje soon you will have bunch of new friend requests with a pic like that ;) - Koo87- Finland
@nina you willing to share silje?? - Rachael-GBR
@rach ma siiiiii, what do you think :) - nina-BERLIN
@nina are you in? - ckbumblebee - GER
where is silje's fb? - nina-BERLIN
hahahaha u guys - silje - NORWAY :)
@ladies remember, silje is hooking up w the straight churchy girl. leave her alone! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@silje sooooo is this a yes?? - Rachael-GBR
@ckb sure, mi piace orgies :) - nina-BERLIN
@sofia i wanna see you too, i'll come down for you.. - Rachael-GBR
@nina then you're at the right place with Rachael - ckbumblebee - GER
@nina our picture hunt is going excellent! - Rachael-GBR
@sofia yes, we're still waiting for your pic! - Koo87- Finland
@rach it is! you're my picture master!! - nina-BERLIN
@ckb I know, that's why I love her ;) - nina-BERLIN
@rach whose other pics did u hunt? - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb i'm excited i will take you on the london wheel too :) your students however can go walkies - Rachael-GBR
@sofia haha lena is taken but me and nina are not so silje... - Rachael-GBR
@nina awww :D - Rachael-GBR
@ckb quite a few but i think that you have seen them all, have you seen silje?? - Rachael-GBR
i'll post a photo for u... but not today. needs to b a good occasion. like midsummer or something. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ghi hey girl, you have a pic on fb? - Rachael-GBR
@sofia hmmm will you post it before june??lol - Rachael-GBR
@sofia tease ;) - Koo87- Finland
@silje your picture is very nice indeed :) - nina-BERLIN
@ckb you have me all distracted now..mi piace! - Rachael-GBR
@silje very very nice :) - Rachael-GBR
@rach I have just realized sth: you are actually as many years apart from me as you are from my English students. 7 years. now that's scary!!! and I am so old :( - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb LOL!!! - nina-BERLIN
@rach if u make it to ldn because of ckb i will meet w/ u & u'll c me irl. it's ur treat... the others have to wait until end of june. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ckb prrrrrrrrrf you are not!! I like older girls... - Rachael-GBR
@sofia haha Ooou i'm in! Jen is gonna be sooo jealous! - Rachael-GBR
@rach How old r u? - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia 20 going on 21 in July - see i'm not that young! - Rachael-GBR
@rach not that young? I don't even remember how it felt to be 20, haha - ckbumblebee - GER
jesus christ. i went with a 23 yr old lately & that was too young. sorry... =( - Sofia8-Sweden
@rach actually I do. I fell in love with my gf when I was 20 - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb prrrf lol - Rachael-GBR
@sofia what age is just a number lol, i look and act older! :) - Rachael-GBR
@ckb Awwww cute! - Rachael-GBR
@rach and it was a HE so maybe that was why i didn't like it?! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia lol didn't you just tell me half an hour ago age is just a number :P and come one, 23 year olds are not that bad :P - Koo87- Finland
ok im back - silje - NORWAY :)
@sofia yes prehaps that is why!!lol - Rachael-GBR
@silje we are glad to have you back, esp me and nina :) - Rachael-GBR
@nina Sonderpädagogik means you'll be at a school with disabled kids or what are u gonna do? - ckbumblebee - GER
sofia,we still have the same topic as - nicky grass-Phil
@rach lol tnx - silje - NORWAY :)
hi girls... - Marti - NOR
seems like a northern europe meetup now ;-) - stadtneurose
hi marti :) - silje - NORWAY :)
@sab doesn't it :) hey are we fb friends? - Rachael-GBR
@nicky what topic? age? - Sofia8-Sweden
hi marti :) - Rachael-GBR
hey marti you funny girl ;-) - stadtneurose
@ rach we are - stadtneurose
@sofia have you said you age yet? - Marti - NOR
hey marti - Koo87- Finland
is nina still here? - ckbumblebee - GER
@ckb yep, that's what I might do... but I actually have a lot of possibilities, I don't have to be a teacher at a school, I could also work in counseling, early intervention, workshops etc. pp - nina-BERLIN
@sab ooo we are hmmm i ssume your not called sabrina on fb tho right?lol - Rachael-GBR
@nina very smart..mi piace!! - Rachael-GBR
@ rach i have my usual nickname on fb twiggy - stadtneurose
sofi ur - nicky grass-Phil
question who is the oldest and unget here? - silje - NORWAY :)
sori havnt catched up my back is in total pain - nicky grass-Phil
@nina cool. I almost wanted to do that too. it can probably be very tough but very rewarding at the same time. how old are you? - ckbumblebee - GER
@ silje there was a time i was the oldest don't know if i'm still - stadtneurose
btw it's strange to sit in front of the pc on a sunday afternoon without watching babs and ridiculo5 - stadtneurose
@silje we are the yougest for sure... - Marti - NOR
@silje I know there is a lot of 19 year olds, don't know if there is any younger - Koo87- Finland
marti how old are u? - nicky grass-Phil
@ckb yeah definetely! the studying has been pretty tough too, we had a lot of medical and psychological stuff to learn too, but it's totally worth it! I'm 26 - nina-BERLIN
Jam is only 18! - Rachael-GBR
@sab ahhh i remember!! - Rachael-GBR
lena is also 18 i believe - silje - NORWAY :)
@nicky 19 - Marti - NOR
@sab very strange lol - Rachael-GBR
@nina is the FB name your real name? (just wondering cause it sounds English) - ckbumblebee - GER
i know it sounds ill but i kinda miss the crap italian tv shows - stadtneurose
@marti of course. they all know i'm the crazy 31 yr old! Couger Town!!! - Sofia8-Sweden
@sab lol - silje - NORWAY :)
@ sofia so i'm not the oldest anymore *happy dance* - stadtneurose
I know a dude named Jam... - Marti - NOR
@nicky r we friends on fb? - Sofia8-Sweden
@ckb it's not, I have a real fb but I'm way too embarassed to be interested in two italian big brother contestants so I had to put up that fake account ;) - nina-BERLIN
@sab that is very sick - ckbumblebee - GER
There is someone older than sofia! - Koo87- Finland
@sab only the 2nd oldest! :P - niiickel - GER
@nina same reason for me, hehe - ckbumblebee - GER
@sofi not way ur 31....... - nicky grass-Phil
@ niii look who's lurking lol - stadtneurose
@sofia haha... then you're definitly no granny.. - Marti - NOR
@marit lol - silje - NORWAY :)
@ nii you are the third oldest ;-) - stadtneurose
@sofi look for nickygrass its me - nicky grass-Phil
only a bit lurking! ;) hello all! - niiickel - GER
hi all long no see how we doing? - lena
Hi niiiiiickel and lena - Marti - NOR
hi nickel and lena - nicky grass-Phil
hi lena - stadtneurose
@niiickel oh another german I don't know yet, hi :) - nina-BERLIN
hey niiickel and lena - Koo87- Finland
@nina but i know you! ;) - niiickel - GER
hi lp :) - silje - NORWAY :)
dear god silje dont call me that lol - lena
leilani? - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia me! - nina-BERLIN
where do i know the name leilani from? movie or tv - stadtneurose
@niickel you do? oh no, did we meet already and I forgot? :-/ - nina-BERLIN
@lp y not it funny hahaha - silje - NORWAY :)
Oo lena helllo :) - Rachael-GBR
hey niiickel - Rachael-GBR
@silje really dont call me that, or ill tell - lena
@sab no idea, my sister and I used to love that name when we were kids, calling our dolls leilani and planning our children to name them that, but I have no clue where we got it from - nina-BERLIN
hello rach - lena
@nina god, u girls are young & cute. wow! - Sofia8-Sweden
@nina no, you don't know me. i'm just a big lurker, ask sab. lol - niiickel - GER
@lp tell what? - silje - NORWAY :)
@sab how are the hottest german on ff? lol - niiickel - GER
@nicky why can't i find u? can u find me? sofia sogno... - Sofia8-Sweden
@silje dont no im trying 2 thretning u, u see lol - lena
@niickel oh thank god :D where are you from? - nina-BERLIN
@lp oooooo im so scared OoOo - silje - NORWAY :)
@ nii oh i'm fine ;-) - stadtneurose
@nicky why don't u think i'm 31.... i've been married girl. i lived in the US. now i live in London. when would i have had time to do that if i wasn't 30+? - Sofia8-Sweden
@silje lol u better be ;) - lena
@sofia well I'm definetely not young, you got that wrong ;) - nina-BERLIN
@ nii how are you? - stadtneurose
@nina hamburg @sab good to hear. ;) - niiickel - GER
@silje og lena.. har dere møttes allerede?? det gikk fort... - Marti - NOR
@marti lol hu bor i skien og jg i posgrunn lol - lena
sofi look for ofcrse its my nigel account - nicky grass-Phil
@sofi right i forgot ur history sorrriii - nicky grass-Phil
@sab yesterday i had a light hangover, but today i'm fine. too much sambuca friday!^^ - niiickel - GER
@marti hu masste på meg - lena
@lp wtf jeg masste? - silje - NORWAY :)
@lena og silje... men det gikk seriøst fort ass... @silje kom ikke du hit først på fedag? - Marti - NOR
@ niii uh sambuca is evil. - stadtneurose
@nicky Found You! - Sofia8-Sweden
yeah i added u already..weres ur pic? - nicky grass-Phil
It stopped raining!!! Ciao belle donne! baci baci - Sofia8-Sweden
oiii...ser jeg en form for flørting ;) - Marti - NOR
just because it's soooo beautyful - stadtneurose
@marti hahahahahaha - lena
@sab yes! but i like it. ;) - niiickel - GER
@marti d gjør du lol - silje - NORWAY :)
wait... bfore i go... hur kunde jag missa. silje & lena har samtidigt. hur gar det? - Sofia8-Sweden
@silje hold kjeft - lena
I'm off too, see you later girls :) - nina-BERLIN
bye nina - niiickel - GER
många norrmän i här i dag - Koo87- Finland
@nina Bye beauty! - Sofia8-Sweden
fml... the phone wont stop ringin, but I've lost my voice... - Marti - NOR
brb girls - lena
bye nina - Koo87- Finland
eller hur. snakkar du norsk?! - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia koo er halvt norsk hun - Marti - NOR
@ nii i had a bad evening with ouzo years ago. since this day e never drunk ouzo anymore. tequlia the same. my first and only mental blackout i ever had - stadtneurose
@sofia jag förståd lilla norsk - Koo87- Finland
@koo jag oxa. nar jag e full! ;-P nej faktiskt inte. men jag latsas... ;-P - Sofia8-Sweden
omg i cant believe im home alone!!! what 2 do? - silje - NORWAY :)
@koo sa javla gullig svenska du pratar! =) - Sofia8-Sweden
@nina see ya later :) - Rachael-GBR
@silje kan du inte och halsa pa lena? - Sofia8-Sweden
byee nina - ckbumblebee - GER
by nina - stadtneurose
@sofia until later byebye :) - Rachael-GBR
@rach Bye! Have fun 2nite! =D - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia hahaah jag också... gullig, neeej... min svenska är hemsk - Koo87- Finland
@sofia hmmm good idea lol - silje - NORWAY :)
Seriously... good bye! xoxo - Sofia8-Sweden
@sab hätte ich freitag auch nur einen sambuca mehr gehabt, dann hätte es mich auch total umgehauen. aber was tut man nicht alles für die lieben freunde um sie aufzuheitern. ;) gab nämlich ein 1a lesben-drama... - niiickel - GER
hejdå sofia, vi ses snart - Koo87- Finland
Hade bra Sofia - Marti - NOR
@ oh echt erzähl lol - stadtneurose
er det bare Scandinavia landene igjen eller? - silje - NORWAY :)
Hello again girls. - salenger-Aus
hi salenger - stadtneurose
hi salenger - silje - NORWAY :)
hi Aussie... - Marti - NOR
G'day - salenger-Aus
hi salenger - Rachael-GBR
hey salenger - Koo87- Finland
@silje can I add you on FB? - ckbumblebee - GER
Oooo we have an aussie in the house? nice - Rachael-GBR
@silje say yes you know you want to! - Rachael-GBR
@ck b my guest :) - silje - NORWAY :)
@rach lol - silje - NORWAY :)
@rach maybe you should try your aussie accent ;) - Koo87- Finland
I want friends too.... - Marti - NOR
@sil done :) - ckbumblebee - GER
@sab meine partyfreundin-des-vertrauens hatte ziemlichen stress mit ihrer partnerin, beide waren um rumheulen, die partnerin kurz davor sich ne andere für die nacht zu nehmen, unsere schwulen freunde sind schnell geflüchtet, die andere freundin auch schon zu betrunken, also musste ich mich opfern. dabei vertrage ich nicht wirklich viel alkohol! aber ich habe sie aufgeheitert! ;) - niiickel - GER
@Rachael are you watching? im giving up on this match sam's footwork is so poor and so is her backhand:( - jamie jor
@koo maybe it is very seducing... - Rachael-GBR
Yes go ahead Rachael...I'm listening. - salenger-Aus
@marti whats ur FB - lena
@niickel lol real lesbian drama... - Marti - NOR
hi niickel. hört sich nach nem tollen abend an ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
@rach my point exactly :P - Koo87- Finland
@marti oh yes! ;) - niiickel - GER
@jamie OMG i forgot about the bloody match!! Grrr I totally blame CKB nad SILJE for distracting me!! lol jamie good job i'm recording it! - Rachael-GBR
@salenger ....well....i'm finding this hard lol - Rachael-GBR
@marti are we fb friends>?? - Rachael-GBR
henin just took the first set 6-4 im switching to men's match i have a tiny hope rafa will lose today - jamie jor
@marti du er født 1 april? - lena
@ck der anfang war gut und das ende auch. nur die mitte war nervig! ;) - niiickel - GER
@jamie i'm watching now... - Rachael-GBR
@rachel soon to be, if you accept me... - Marti - NOR
@jamie who rafa playing? - Rachael-GBR
@marti of course i will :) - Rachael-GBR
@lena hva? nei... har visst trykket feil... - Marti - NOR
@jamie stosur :( - Rachael-GBR
@marti lol - lena
@lp ur back - silje - NORWAY :)
Anyone know how you change your birthdate on fb? - Marti - NOR
@ Rachael david ferrer , back to women's match its raining in rome right now - jamie jor
@marti accecpted :) - Rachael-GBR
Good lord I have so many sogno friends my real life friends must by now be wondering what's going on..yet no one has asked me...hmmmmm. - Rachael-GBR
@silje nop shes not back - lena
hey SARAH GIRLS just pop in to post this.........!... - nile GBR
@marti edit your perosnal info... - Rachael-GBR
@jamie thanks for the info - Rachael-GBR
@ niii wow das war ja mal wirklich drama. aber schön das sie sich gleich ne andere für die nacht nehmen wollte. lol - stadtneurose
@lena er d jimmy? - silje - NORWAY :)
Obviously you cant change your birthdate for securityreasons.... but it's only 9 days wrong so no biggie - Marti - NOR
@silje hehehe ja men ikke si det til hu, hu er vekk å skifter ungen, ville bare sjekke dette stede - lena
@sab die zwei sind das komischste pärchen das mir je über den weg gelaufen ist. aber du kannst sie beim berliner csd kennenlernen. ;) - niiickel - GER
@lena hahahahahaha ossen liker du d hitil? - silje - NORWAY :)
@ niii meine freundin muss aufm csd flyer verteilen also muss ich da wohl hin - stadtneurose
@silje er d flere her som forstår va jeg skriver? - lena
@sab du wirst es überleben! :P - niiickel - GER
@lena ja :) - silje - NORWAY :)
@sab warum willst du nicht? - ckbumblebee - GER
@lena hvertfall jeg... - Marti - NOR
Can you change your name on facebook? - salenger-Aus
@ niii aber wenn es so weit ist nicht il sogno erwähnen, sie hat keine ahnung davon - stadtneurose
@ck sab mag die szene nicht! ;) - niiickel - GER
@marti oi lol ikke si til lena at jeg var her da dreper hu meg lol - lena
@aussie yeah mate it's under edit personal info on the top... - Marti - NOR
@ ck ich mag den csd nicht und eigentlich auch nicht die szene. versuche es immer zu vermeiden - stadtneurose
@sab kein problem! - niiickel - GER
@nii verstehe - ckbumblebee - GER
@lena lol...så du er kjæresten? - Marti - NOR
@Marti thank you. - salenger-Aus
wenn dann gehen ich auf den transgenialen CSD der ist nicht so kommerziell und her links - stadtneurose
@marti ja det er meg - lena
@sab wie kannst du das denn bei dem zeitaufwand verstecken von der freundin? hehe - ckbumblebee - GER
@jimmy lol hemmligheten er trygg med meg :) - silje - NORWAY :)
@ ck wir wohnen nich mehr zusammen und sie arbeitet lange ;-) - stadtneurose
@sab verstehe - ckbumblebee - GER
lena er her så mye ville bare se va hu drev med lol, stikker nå hu kommer... nice talking 2 u all :) - lena
aber ich werde sie denke ich demnächst mal einweihen, aber nicht den kompletten umfang lol - stadtneurose
@lena hyggeig å møte dg... - Marti - NOR
hehe...zum glück bin ich single und kann machen was ich will!;) - niiickel - GER
@sab wäre vielleicht nicht schlecht. lol - niiickel - GER
bye jimmy - silje - NORWAY :)
@sab ja, mach das mal, man muss ja nicht alle details erwähnen (dass du mittlerweile flüssig italienisch sprichst, etc.) haha - ckbumblebee - GER
@nile you've made my day :) - Dariasn
@jamie Stosur is doing alright now! - Rachael-GBR
hab nur noch keine ahnung wie lol. wie erkläre ich das ich zwei frauen ausm italienischen BB shippe? - stadtneurose
im back what did i miss? - lena
@ lena nothing - stadtneurose
@sab haha, schwierig. gut, dass ich meine freudin gleich angesteckt hab, dann muss es nicht nur mir peinlich sein - ckbumblebee - GER
@lp jimmy - silje - NORWAY :)
@silje you promised not to say!!!!! - Marti - NOR
@silje WTF? - lena
@lena nah just kidding lol - silje - NORWAY :)
@ ck sie hat schon bei guiding light gedacht ich hab ein an der waffel aber il sogno überttrifft das ja bei weitem. italienisches BB allein damit hab ich schon verschissen. - stadtneurose
@marti er det sant? - lena
@lp will i ever lie 2 u? - silje - NORWAY :)
@lena .....well you've missed som german lesbian drama.... - Marti - NOR
@everyone Was the video where dani and vero are lying on a bed and he's trying to have a serious convo with her and she keeps laughing... was it ever translated into english? - salenger-Aus
@ sal no don't think so - stadtneurose
@marti lol between who? - lena
@sab ja ja, bei guidnig light wurde ich auch schief angeschaut. aber hier irgendwie nicht. haha. aber du hast recht, da kommt man schon in erklärungsnot. kein wunder, dass wir alle ninja accounts haben - ckbumblebee - GER
@sab ich wüsste da auch nicht wie anfangen. vor allem wo du es jetzt schon so lange vor ihr "verheimlicht" hast... - niiickel - GER
@Rachael she's serving so well, and henin is helping her with some silly mistakes:) - jamie jor
@sabrina Do you know what she was laughing about then? - salenger-Aus
@lena no one here, but sab is talking about her night yesterday... If you know german it is fun t read ;) - Marti - NOR
@ niii na das muss ja nicht wissen. hm könnt ja auch einfach nur vero vorschicken und il sogno nur als nebeneffekt erwähnen lol - stadtneurose
@ sal no i don't know - stadtneurose
@sab gute idee - ckbumblebee - GER
damm now i wish i paid more attention in class - lena
Gosh it is 5:30 soon and I haven't had breakfast yet... - Marti - NOR
salenger..vero was laughing coz they have been talking about dani's penis,which is small thats why shes laughing - nicky grass-Phil
@lena lol u took german? so did i - silje - NORWAY :)
btw there was a video on mai dire where carmela mara and vero were laughing about massimo in front of the shower. does someone know where i can find it. it was to funny and vero was on her knee's cause she couldn't stop laughing - stadtneurose
@silje yeah but never paid attention in class - lena
@sab das ganze ausmaß deiner il sogno sucht, solltest du definitiv für dich behalten. ;) - niiickel - GER
@nicky Okay thank you. I love watching it just to hear her laugh. - salenger-Aus
I don't know Sabrina but I have seen it and boy did he look mad because she was laughing at him. - salenger-Aus
@ niii joup definitv. wenn ich mal wieder keinen schlaf hatte sag ich immer ich konnte nicht schlafen lol - stadtneurose
@silje anywho when r u coming? should we bestille the pizza now or wait till u come? - lena
@ sal oh yes he did and it was sooo good to see. love it when she breaks down cause of laughing - stadtneurose
@lena should i come now? like jeg har nothing 2 do nå lol? - silje - NORWAY :)
bye girls im off to dream land - nicky grass-Phil
does someone know who peter michael is? he send me a request on FB. and yes it is a man - stadtneurose
night nicky sleep well - stadtneurose
@jamie :) whoop! - Rachael-GBR
goodnight @nicky - Rachael-GBR
@sab hattest du denn vor il sogno schlafprobleme?!? ;) ich glaube, ich habe das video auf festplatte. falls also niemand einen link hat, würde ich mich für dich durch meine festplatte kämpfen... - niiickel - GER
@silje sure, så da kan vi bestille da? va som helst? cause im hungry as hell - lena
@ niii nee nur die normalen das man mal nicht schlafen kann - stadtneurose
@lena what ever u guys want lol see u in 20min :) - silje - NORWAY :)
@ niii oh na das wär ja toll, da würde nicht nur ich mich freuen ;-) - stadtneurose
@silje wow your going to lena for food? already? wow impressed! mi piace! :) - Rachael-GBR
bye all got 2 go :) see u later - silje - NORWAY :)
see ya silje have fun - stadtneurose
@silje have fun! :D - Rachael-GBR
@rach lol y r u impressed by her? - lena
VERO GIRLS have u seen this? - nile GBR
@sab dir ist hoffentlich bewusst, was das für arbeit wird?!? ;) - niiickel - GER
@lena because she works so fast, lol she puts me and Jen to shame - Rachael-GBR
@Rachael she just fall apart i cant be happier, lets hope sam Sam can keep it together :) - jamie jor
@jamie awww but poor henin :( - Rachael-GBR
@rach hahahahaha - lena
@rach what has she told u guys? - lena
@ nile sure. but you should warn us. lord it's unhealthy when a half naked vero just pops up without warning - stadtneurose
@lena OoOo nothing lol - Rachael-GBR
@ niii is mir bewusst, aber ich sag einfach das es jetzt erst angefangen hat lol und das ich nur vero knuffig finde - stadtneurose
@rach lol well that dint sound convincing - lena
sorry Rachael but i cant feel the same about her;) - jamie jor
Thanks nile. Beautiful! Even with implants they're not that big. She must have been totally flat-chested before. - salenger-Aus
:-D - nile GBR
hey girls i'm back finally, yaaay lol, but at first i go and eat something for the first time since yesterday 7pm lol XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@lena lol she only says what she thinks of you, looks wise :) and that's all i'm saying lol - Rachael-GBR
Caoooooooooo - Rachael-GBR
@sab mit arbeit meinte ich, was es für arbeit für mich sein wird um das video zu finden. ;) sofern es sich denn wirklich auch auf meiner festplatte befindet... - niiickel - GER
yeeesssssssss - Kiwi - Persona non grata
olaaa everybody... - lisa indonesia
@ niii achso lol - stadtneurose
olaaaa lisa - stadtneurose
ola lisa - lena
@sab... tell me what i hv been missing... just know bout implant boobs hehehe - lisa indonesia
hi lenaa... - lisa indonesia
hey cao - Koo87- Finland
and hey lisa - Koo87- Finland
@ lisa oh you didn't missed that much just some funny talks - stadtneurose
hey koo hey rach my buddy's ^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
ciao caotic and lisa - Marti - NOR
@ lisa you missed nothing about s&v - stadtneurose
hi koo... @sab.. owwhh okay then.. btw.. just visit DCT.. bit confused bout vero's statements.. what's wrong with her??? i am lost.. hehehe - lisa indonesia
ciao marti... - lisa indonesia
omg im hungry!!!!! - lena
hey lisa - Rachael-GBR
@lena jeg og har ikke spist siden i går... - Marti - NOR
lena how long do you have to wait? 30 mins?? - Rachael-GBR
@marti vorfor ikke? - lena
@ lisa think she just feels a bit lost about all the paranoia stuff. she is tired - stadtneurose
@rach about 20 - lena
@Rachael eurosport just stopped broadcasting :( - jamie jor
@lena jeg har glemt dt... men nå er det vel snart middagstid... - Marti - NOR
@marti hahahahaha, har du glemt å spise? - lena
@sab... yeeahh.. that paranoia stuff.. who started?? - lisa indonesia
@jamie :( - Rachael-GBR
@marti som är galen... gå och ät! - Koo87- Finland
@rach @koo so how are you and have i missed something important, i guess no?? :P - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@lena ja... dt er ingen god egenskap... - Marti - NOR
it seems vero feels attacked by statements.. - lisa indonesia
chist i could eat a person now!!!!! - lena
@lena wow you live close to each other, are you grateful for ff and il sogno for bringing you together :) - Rachael-GBR
@jamie what? how rude!!!! - Rachael-GBR
@cao nono not really lol well nothing il sogno related - Rachael-GBR
@rach right now i am lol - lena
@marti lol d r d ikke - lena
NEW POST! - moni
Chat with Veronica Ciardi :))
April 29, 2010 - Comments disabled - Share
Never seen but always there........Lo giuro su mio fratello. Anyways, welcome to our international nin-gel house. We never have paranoia, only craziness!!! Veronica you can come and join us whenever you want. Buona Sarah from Around the WORLD! ♥♥ - moni
Germania, Berlino. Lo giuro su mio fratello! - mokkamilch
LO GIURO SU MIO FRATELLO – Germany – Happy birthday mio Tesoro. Quando chiudo gli occhi vedo solo te. It is a form of love - Kwissy - GER
USA.....HAPPY B-DAY TERESA........VEROOO......Lo Giuro Su Mio Fratello che Noi non cantiamo Parapa Ci Bum HAHAHAHA - Indigo-USA
Buona Sarah from Slovenia ♥♥ HAPPY BDAY TERESA! Lo giuro su mio fratello'! - moni
The Apple is also Red :)... Lo giuro su mio fratello!!! Ciao from Thailand!!! - silentsigh - THA
use this one? - sharon - hong kong
Happy birthday Teresa! - minipixel
And Happy Birthday to Teresa ;) - silentsigh - THA
jen noooo parapa please - Indigo-USA
Yep, I made it. 1th ... - mokkamilch
hello from Bangkok, Thailand Lo giuro su mio fratello!!! - ming-THA
Lo giuro su mio fratello' from new Zealand - Joan-NZ
Norvegia - Lo giuro su mio fratello - Happy Bday Teresa - Marti - NOR
Auguri Teresa!!!! :D - Scooter
Lo giuro su mio fratello Greetings from Austria!! - Karo AUT
@kwissy good girl! - jsif - missing you
Happy BD teresa!!! - ming-THA
Francia, Lo giuro su mio fratello - Happy Birthday teresa - ems - fra
Hello from...ehm, Italy, lol! - minipixel
Ciaooooo Vero and Teresa. Hello from Germany, lo giuro su mio fratello!!!! - ckbumblebee - GER
Sweden Lo giuro mio frattello;) - jen-sweden
Hello Vero!! :D - Elle Bbi - Malta
Happy birthday T - charlotte -GBR
Hello from United Kingdom - nile - GBR
Hello From the Philippines! - belle
Lo giuro su mio fratello Greetings from Brazil!! - Scooter
happy birthday teresa - chris-Mas
Ciao from USA! - Pooh
are we writing here? my laptop froze!!! - chocoholic - GBR
Hey Vero & happy birthday Theresa :) - closetcase - Mas
Welcome, Vero and Teresa! LO GIURO SU MIO FRATELLO! - monica28
Non mi Red Bull mette le ali, ma Veronica Ciardi. Lo giuro su mio fratello! (Nicht Red Bull, sondern Vero verleiht uns Flügel. Das schwöre ich bei meinem Bruder!) - mokkamilch
Lo giuro su mio fratello..germania.. happy birthday Teresa - stadtneurose
Veronica as you can see we come from all over the world :) - Livia Iacolare
Welcome Vero!!! :D - Scooter
Ciao Vero! Happy Birthday Teresa! - poppy - GBR
Bonjour Veronica! - Monia
Sweden Loves Vero!!! Lo giuro mio frattello! <3 - Sofia8-Sweden
Lo giuro su mio fratello From Malta - Elle Bbi - Malta
Hi Vero! Greetings all the way from Singapore!! :) - Jambammd - SIN
benvenuto di new york - Annie, yo.
Een hele goede avond toegewenst vanuit Nederland :) - Kathy282
@kwissy should we tell vero about our dating service? - jsif - missing you
welcome from Texas! - pudepaw - USA
Hello Veronica!!! - ming-THA
Hi Vero, from San Francisco, California! :) Happy birthday Teresa :) - boredbored - USA
@Choco - Yes!! :) - Scooter
Ciao Veronica! Tu sei la donna più bella del mondo, amiamo te e sarah e il sogno per sempre - jen-sweden
ciao vero!! - arnabderabbit
Hello, Teresa and Vero - Ana Santos
Hello Veronica and Teresa!! Croatia --- lo giuro sul mio fratello - Ivana (Croatia)
Welcome to d madness Vero =) & Happy bday Teresa!!! - Shai - Canada
much love vero ;) from the UK - charlotte -GBR
And I'm going crazy on housemusic too --> good old days - mokkamilch
@mini lol - Indigo-USA
Hello Veronica!! Frooom Brazill - Miranda Brazil
happy birthday teresa!! - Lampa-Mex
Lo giuro su mio fratello! Buona Sarah from POLAND!!! Happy Birthday Teresa! - e25 Pol
Mabuhay From Pilipinas! - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
Hi Vero, nice to see you here!!! How is everything going? I really liked your tattoo for the fans! - Nobi
vero welcome!! from canada - ghi-zhen/Canada
So... the questions?? lol - Scooter
LO GIURO SU MIO FRATELLO – thailand – Happy birthday Teresa - kunboo
@ jsif yes we should. I am sure she will send some photos ;-) - Kwissy - GER
Ciao Veronica! Lo giuro su mio fratello. ;) Germany - Nat River
hello Vero England LOVES you!!! - frazz-GBR
Hello Vero from Greece!! Happy birthday Tereza!! - Kelly - GRE
@jsif yes please... i'm interested! Happy birthday Tereza!! - Elle Bbi - Malta
Who are all you girls?! Mi piace!!! - jsif - missing you
AND: ciao from Costa Rica - ckbumblebee - GER
TE LO GIURO SU MIO FRATELLO!! auguri da londra da 'na calabrese inglese! un ABBRACCIONE e buon chat!!! thankyou Teresa!! (FRANCA TORRANO, UK) - Rachael-GBR
when vero coming? - yyy-Tha
wow the whole globe is over here represented...that's inspiring - Lilith Jerusalem, Isr
hello Veronica!greetins from Croatia--lo giuro sul mio fratello - foxylady(Croatia)
Hello from London : ) - poppy - GBR
And now I open my third Red Bull ... - mokkamilch
and ciao from Hong Kong!!! - sharon - hong kong
hello from malaysia - chris-Mas
Hello Veronica from Washington, DC, USA! - Te lo giuro su tuo fratello! (Non ho un fratello.) - I, Claudius
Teresa happy birthday!! - ghi-zhen/Canada
Welcome Veronica from London! - kk
SHE IS POSTING IN THE OTHER ONE - jsif - missing you
Happy birthday Teresa! - I, Claudius
TE LO GIURO SU MIO FRATELLO!! auguri da londra da 'na calabrese inglese! un ABBRACCIONE e buon chat!!! thankyou Teresa!! (Rachael, UK) - Rachael-GBR
@yyy they are here now! - ming-THA
hi i from thailand - yyy-Tha
Where is the other one ? - Monia
Buona Sarah from Jordan - jamie jor
Veronica we all love when we will all meet you? :D - Ivana (Croatia)
they? - yyy-Tha
Omg, she's in the other one!! - Scooter
Brit here :) welcome Veronica :) - chocoholic - GBR
Teresa you can tell veronica that there are about 300 people connected at the moment from all over the world (inclusa l'italia ovviamente) - Livia Iacolare
and lurkers are all surface! - silentsigh - THA
Lol - Ana Santos
They just posted int he old thread - boredbored - USA
lol - stadtneurose
I need another redbull!! - charlotte -GBR
@jsif; indeed nice to see all of our countries popping's like representing your country in the world :) - Kathy282
OMG my thread is going crazy.. - ghi-zhen/Canada
@T: Maybe we could Vero give the space to ask us some questions. Who we are and what we are doing if we are not going crazy here ... - mokkamilch
hello from japan - momiji koganeyama - japan
this is hilarious - frazz-GBR
LOL - e25 Pol
Caca, eu to aqui! - Miranda Brazil
omg what the hell is happening... lol!? - chocoholic - GBR
VERO REDBULL?? - jen-sweden
MONI block the other one - Indigo-USA
I DID - moni
Teresa are you Here?? move up!! - ghi-zhen/Canada
:) ha ha - Ivana (Croatia)
Ciao Veronica.. greetings from Brunei - viva nile - BRU
where vero? - yyy-Tha
she has to refresh - stadtneurose
I feel lost, OMG! Where are they??? - minipixel
Teresa, Vero where are you? lol - e25 Pol
talk about an ice breaker - frazz-GBR
Haha it's not Teresa's first time on here right?! - Kathy282
@frazz LOL - silentsigh - THA
oh and I forgot: Nice to meet you Vero? How do you do tonight? - mokkamilch
vamos ver se aqui será melhor...;) - Miranda Brazil
Moni are we supposed to used the one post below?? - ghi-zhen/Canada
girls we should let Teresa and Veronica speak. Please don't keep posting the same things. - Livia Iacolare
Hahaha - Rachael-GBR
DAIIIIIII - jen-sweden
Não me parece. - Ana Santos
LMAO - Indigo-USA
@kathy lol - Rachael-GBR
tranquila - pudepaw - USA
We should stop - Ana Santos
jesus, now they're in the thread below started by Ana - boredbored - USA
TERESA WHERE ARE YOU??? lol - ghi-zhen/Canada
lol - Ale- BEL
oieee sarinhaaaa - Miranda Brazil
NO THEY ARE IN A NEW TREAD!! LOL - jsif - missing you
just slow down or else they will be stuck behind - pudepaw - USA
Jeez, have we scared them away? LOL - Scooter
@frazz; and we didn't even had to use indigo's count down :)! - Kathy282
LOOK UP THE OTHER POST! - Koo87- Finland
@bored i know lol this is funny - Rachael-GBR
we should have arranged this better. It's a mess - Livia Iacolare
lets STOP for a few seconds please - Indigo-USA
moni open the post below..can you do that? - Lampa-Mex
@scooter haha maybe lol - Rachael-GBR
girls there's a new thread lol - belle
close the thread - Pooh
ok this is getting silly, where are we? - frazz-GBR
And don't let stop our party --> - mokkamilch
mamma mia you guys are all crazy ;P - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Teresa, it's not your first time here, lol. What are you doing tonight?! - jsif - missing you
girls stay in this post - Rachael-GBR
Question: is there really a nin-gel t-shirt? - minipixel
Oh - Scooter
There is definitely nothing called "lesbian thread death"! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
LMAO @ jsif - Scooter
oh dio mio - Pooh
@Mini - Yes. :) - Scooter
way to handle that livia :) - pudepaw - USA
@mini moni made one - I, Claudius
@ Elle should I do it now? :D - Kwissy - GER
MAMMA MIA - jen-sweden
Mamma mia! where are you?????? - Kelly - GRE
@jsif agahahah - Monia
The party has started girls, lol - jsif - missing you
teresa where are you? - belle
@vero: were you ever a fan of someone? And did you ever expected that fans could act like this ---> - mokkamilch
you are all crazy - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Yes kwissy :D when you feel it's right - Elle Bbi - Malta
HI CAO!!! You made it! - jsif - missing you
*shock* where can i see it? - minipixel
why is the other thread going - Shane -USA
@ Elle I am sure they would love me for doing it ;-) - Kwissy - GER
it's for teresa and vero - pudepaw - USA
@coa??? - Rachael-GBR
we stay here, yes? - pudepaw - USA
oh hai, disorganisation! - I, Claudius
vero describe yourself in 3 words - nile - GBR
@jsif yeah, but i will it explain later :) - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Caoooooooo glad you made it! :D - Elle Bbi - Malta
Mi piace! - jsif - missing you
ok im confused - charlotte -GBR
@All stay in this therad, look at the above post and read only ) - Rachael-GBR
@rach si ;) - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@cao ok, I'm just happy!! - jsif - missing you
aahhhh.. that's nice.. now im not lost.. - lisa indonesia
@caotic hey amore - i'm happy you are here - Joan-NZ
@charlotte; LOL join the club :)! - Kathy282
i'm a bit lost now - stadtneurose
Where are you all? - Monia
Veronica: what would you like to do in your life after all the fuzz about GF is gone? - Lilith Jerusalem, Isr
we're all lost - belle
this is all too funny!! - silentsigh - THA
@LIVIA, CALL HER. Kwissy has the number - jsif - missing you
just hang out here calmly and we'll wait for them to catch up - pudepaw - USA
I'm confused and I feel lost like hell...somebody save us!!!!! - minipixel
Everyone understand? - Rachael-GBR
@sab chck if teresa on fb livia wants to talk to her. - ghi-zhen/Canada
ok what the hell - Indigo-USA
Vero if you could get another tattoo, what would it be? - Nobi
TERESA HEY DOWN HERE!!!!! - jen-sweden
Girls do you need the video to calm down? ;) - jsif - missing you
@joan hey amo, i'm glad too - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@SAB is teresa still on FB livia wants to talke to her - ghi-zhen/Canada
@Veronica : Are you happy with your life right now? - ming-THA
@pudepaw; i think that's the wisest thing to do... - Kathy282
@KWISSY DID YOU KEEP Tereras NUMBER? - jsif - missing you
jsif no I will search for it - Kwissy - GER
livia she just answered you - Indigo-USA
Wait guys, they are not here, don't post all the questions at the same time - Scooter
i wrote her on FB - stadtneurose
@sab good girl, keeping it all together ;) - jsif - missing you
ROFL! - Sofia8-Sweden
@All stay in this therad to post, look at the above post and read only. T and Vero will answer questions in the above post :) - Rachael-GBR
she just needs to come on this one - Indigo-USA
you're all crazy but i like you - ems - fra
Arrgh, I have a headache - minipixel
SO girls, you don't need the video right now, is that correct? - jsif - missing you
@elle ^^ I think this is the plan ^^ - Rachael-GBR
which discussion area? what does Teresa mean? - Lilith Jerusalem, Isr
she is asking do you have questions - Shane -USA
Oh what a mess... lol - Scooter
she just asked if we had any questions - Indigo-USA
@mini - same :/ - chocoholic - GBR
Vero is asking for questions - stadtneurose
ok girls go - belle fun is this;) Vero were ever you are welcome to the girl party - jen-sweden
where are we posting..cause we have to go up and down - Lampa-Mex
@Livia I suggest you pick a question from here and post it to the other thread - Meryn - Belgium
@rach thanks my form of friend ;) you're my angel tonight!! - Elle Bbi - Malta
ASK GIRLS - Livia Iacolare
should we post here or in the other one - Indigo-USA
stay here. the other is for mod - pudepaw - USA
@vero, how are u? - Lesbogod
LOL omg we are too excited to forget some questions! - ming-THA
@Indigo post here - I, Claudius
Do you have questions for us Vero? - silentsigh - THA
Veronica desvribe yourself in 3 words - nile - GBR
START! - Livia Iacolare
I'm starting to think the chat with the Spaniards wasn't so bad after seeing this one... - Koo87- Finland
I have been to southern of Italy, if you were to advise me a town in northern Milan or Rome? - ems - fra
VERONICA: Do you ever wish you had more time with Sarah in the GF house to figure out more things about your relationship / special friendship? With no influence from the outside world? - Lindi - Sweden
Vero: Have you ever been to Sweden? Wanna come? ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
Veronica describe yourself in 3 words - nile - GBR
To which countries you would like to travel/ go on vacation? - Nobi
good question silent!! - chocoholic - GBR
my mind is blank - Lampa-Mex
@lampa, lol - jsif - missing you
Why is Vero on the other post? It's like she's in the VIRTUAL VIP room...come here Vero, please post in the common mortals room. - minipixel
Veronica we all love you,and we know you like us as do you have a time to meet us all? :D - Ivana (Croatia)
What do you notice first on a person? (Eyes,Smile,Body,Feet...LOL) - Indigo-USA
@koo, lol - jsif - missing you
@mini, LOL! - jsif - missing you
Veronica- Describe Sarah in one word - belle
@mini lolol - frazz-GBR
Who is she missing the most from gf, beside sarah? - Nobi
daiii Vero.... we're not paranoid, just a tiny bit crazy! :) - Elle Bbi - Malta
I am lost! lol - Ana Santos
vero - do you do anything special for working out or is your body naturally that amazing? - pudepaw - USA
@silent - say your question again :) - chocoholic - GBR
Livia so I see that you needn't Teresas number anymore right? So I can stop searching for it - Kwissy - GER
what is going on? - lena
Ciao Vero!! What would you do on a perfekt date?? - jen-sweden
Hi Vero: What was your first impression of Sarah when she came into the house? - ckbumblebee - GER
vero - Did Sarah ever get your Valentine's Day present? - Nat River
i don't like this - Indigo-USA
Hi Vero from California! You told Sarah that you were worried about being separated outside of the GF house because you would not be with her constantly. Now that you are out of the house, is the separation as bad as you feared, or are you OK because you're both still friends and both so busy with friends, family, events? - boredbored - USA
@VERONICA do you have some questions for us? :D - silentsigh - THA
do not tell me vero is her now? - lena
we showed our best side ...crazyness ;-) - stadtneurose
im soooooo lost!! - ghi-zhen/Canada
@ana @huma we are asking questions here and the mods are posting them above. to keep the confusion down . - pudepaw - USA
@VERONICA what is the best moment with Sarah in the GF house? - ming-THA
What do you notice first on a person? (Eyes,Smile,Body,Feet...LOL) - Indigo-USA
Vero, nun t'aregge answer my question with the truth! lol - Ana Santos
@lena she is, i think - Kiwi - Persona non grata
LOL - Scooter
Veronica, are you happy at this precise second? - frazz-GBR
@ana LMAO - Indigo-USA
@silent..hahaha agreee... - lisa indonesia
@livia she has already answered some questions prepared - ems - fra
Hi Vero, this not a question but i just wanted to let you know you have many fans from Asia too :) We love you!! - Jambammd - SIN
oh sheize - lena
@ana lol - ming-THA
@Vero: Did you ever regret the decision to enter the house of Jeffeh? - mokkamilch
can we ask lot's of questions? - frazz-GBR
you know what girls? do as you prefer - Livia Iacolare
@jamb... yeeeessss.... all love youu.. - lisa indonesia
Someone calls Bial? I need Ices - Miranda Brazil
@moni but some seem kinda inapropriate - Indigo-USA
this is just ridiculous now. - I, Claudius
Indigo where is your 3 2 1? - Monia
@Livia please stay.. check the other post, teresa asked to post one of the questions in italian if possible - Meryn - Belgium
Vero regards to your family and thank you - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@livia thanks for trying to organize - pudepaw - USA
@indigo why do you think so? :S many read them and none said anything before now! - Elle Bbi - Malta
I'm confused with all this ups and downs to pic the questions and the answers. But I have still fun with my drink and my housemusic on the turntables ... - mokkamilch
@monia lol that ain't gonna work cause we are in 2 diff threads - Indigo-USA
@Indigo @Elle I've already made the same remark earlier today - Meryn - Belgium
we already know most of the answers can't we just tell her how we feel about her? - Shane -USA
Livia and teresa is on top thread!! im confused!! do we have to wait here?? - ghi-zhen/Canada
@meryn what? - Indigo-USA
@Shane NO. - aetrelyn
@ coco you have already wings now? - stadtneurose
@meryn thank u! - Elle Bbi - Malta
@ghi threat above is for answering our questions here - ming-THA
@Indigo that I find some inapropriate.. - Meryn - Belgium
i dont understand this! - Ana Santos
@caotic, this tread is like your name!! Mi piace! - jsif - missing you
@aet lol nice nickname - e25 Pol
@sab: I believe I can fly ... - mokkamilch
wow she answered the 1st q - belle
Just ask the questions here and they will give the questions to Veronica ... that way not everyone will write at once - Lindi - Sweden
veros answer to first question above - nile - GBR
@meryn oh yeah me too - Indigo-USA
@jen have you passed out again? Shluld I send Koo to do CPR? - jsif - missing you
don't post any more questions. she is starting to answer already - ckbumblebee - GER
@meryn why didn't we check them before? :/ we had time - Elle Bbi - Malta
Seriously people. We are blowing it... there was one chance to do this right and it has turned into anarchy. Stay calm .. don't bother posting questions until they get situated .. sweet baby jesus this is madness. - ufos_are_real - Canada
Ok - Ana Santos
I've got a QUESTION: Vero, If you could go anywhere in the world, where and why? - minipixel
@jsif hell yeah, this is chaos pure hahahaha - Kiwi - Persona non grata
we can not ci piace...ahhhh sweet.. - Lampa-Mex
ok stop!! - ghi-zhen/Canada
@ALL she answered my question! High five! - jsif - missing you
@Livia: Is it possible that Vero could join the party here later? - mokkamilch
we really messed it up lol - stadtneurose
So a song perhaps? - jsif - missing you
@jsif: yep, let's do it ... - mokkamilch
Oh my lord - Rachael-GBR
NO let them finished first - ghi-zhen/Canada
And a vodka red bull thanks! - jsif - missing you
Come on girls Livia and moni will have a hard job if you post again. Stop it - Kwissy - GER
@lampa we are not suppose to - Indigo-USA
3333333333333333 - Monia
@Coco: yeah...I don't have the VIP card, so please Vero just post something here...even a PERIOD is appreciated... - minipixel
Any other who wants a drink? - jsif - missing you
@jsif haha trying to restore order with music. I like! - Rachael-GBR
JFC. why can't we get it together? seriously. it is not that hard. - I, Claudius
@Scooter thanks, I was thinking how I was gonna say it tactful :p - Meryn - Belgium
222222222222222 - Monia
this is what we get for laughing at the spanish girls chaos. - pudepaw - USA
please don't post up there - altbigd
1111111111111111111+ - Monia
LOL sorry girls, i had a great time with all of you, but queensnight is calling in and my friends are litterly knocking on my it's sad (for me!!) but i have to go. HOPE YOU ALL WILL HAVE A GREAT TIME UP HERE!! Teresa, thanks for everything!! And till soon (saturday i presume)...CIAO!! - Kathy282
@jsif can u give me a shot of watever u have there...this is madness!!! - Shai - Canada
Girls just wait a little till they answer questions - Indigo-USA
@Monia @Lampa @nile @Pooh @Ana Santos erase the questions on the other thread - it's for moderators only - aetrelyn
@kathy have a good time with your friends, bye! - ming-THA
@ livia can you just tell her that we'Re not that crazy as it seems right now - stadtneurose
@Kathy bye, have fun! - e25 Pol
@GIRLS, have you heard about mine and Kwissy's dating service? - jsif - missing you
@Coco @mini it has nothing to do with vip club.. but trying to keep it a bit organized so Teresa at least has a chance to read, translate and post - Meryn - Belgium
@aet lol your name xD - Volkz - ESA
@sai coming right up! - jsif - missing you
maybe if people didn't post every 0.00083 seconds it'd be a little calmer right now. - I, Claudius
wheres the answers i cant see anywhere? - nile - GBR
@kathy byebye - Rachael-GBR
@LIVIA: QUESTION: If you were a man who would you date? ;) - jsif - missing you
@Livia Thank you, much appreciated <3 - Meryn - Belgium
@Vero: here is still a girl from Austria on that so wanna meet you. but first time at tocquville it was a madhouse and at the second time you couldn't leave Albania. So is it possible that you could cuddle her a little bit on May the 13th at the Rhabar? Her name is Karo and she is a big, big fan of you ... - mokkamilch
Vero Did you think there would be this much madness when you left the house? - Shane -USA
jsif maybe we really should ask this question:D - Kwissy - GER
i understand this is for organization, but i do wish we could comment on some of her answers - pudepaw - USA
@Nile look below - Vero is answering your questions - Only post here - Rachael-GBR
with her instead of amongst ourselves - pudepaw - USA
should we suggest other questions here? - gypsykmrose
@ALL stay calm, stay in this tread. Get a drink and listen to the music. CALMA! - jsif - missing you
@Meryn, I know...i wasn't really complaining. It was just something that I noticed...i mean Virtual VIP room is kinda funny... :D - minipixel
thank you livia, scooter, meryn and aet - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
I wonder if Veronica understands the questions in English or does Teresa translate for her to Italian? - Lilith Jerusalem, Isr
@Livia there are at least 30 question in the "Questions for Veronica" thread at the bottom of the page. why doesn't she start answering that one by one? - aetrelyn
@pudepaw me too - Lampa-Mex
@ jsif oh i'm so drinking right now - stadtneurose
OMG vero answered my question! - nile - GBR
@pudepaw yes, I understand.. but with almost 500 comments in less than 30 minutes, that doesn't seem really manageable at the moment... - Meryn - Belgium
I hope Vero answers Livia's afterellen question - poppy - GBR
vero better say "Sarah nile" to @jsif's question :) - boredbored - USA
@nile she did!! - Rachael-GBR
@Teresa: do you have the tshirt with you for the grils who designed it, so that Vero could sign it? - mokkamilch
you'd better ask more sophisticated questions, girls - Livia Iacolare
@sab good girl! - jsif - missing you
@bored lol - e25 Pol
i said 3 words and she gave me 5! OMG - nile - GBR
@meryn no i get it. i'm totally with you. believe me. but it just feels like another interview that we're all reading. - pudepaw - USA
@nile congrats!!! :D - ming-THA
@rach OMG! - nile - GBR
she said yes to an afterellen interview - stadtneurose
@pudepaw then ask questions you've never seen in those interviews ;) - Meryn - Belgium
lol - Ana Santos
Nice! re: afterellen interview. Go, Livia :) - boredbored - USA
YES!!!!!! - jsif - missing you
@nile u can now die happy - Rachael-GBR
i did! - pudepaw - USA
@nile: and she answered with four word ... - mokkamilch
Confirmation - jsif - missing you
im speechless! - nile - GBR
@ meryn but it was skipped. and i was referring mostly to the format of it. - pudepaw - USA
woop woop re AfterEllen!! - poppy - GBR
LOL for answer of Q5 - sharon - hong kong
hell yeah!! - pudepaw - USA
On the "if you were a man who would you date" question: @Q5...WITH VERONICA CIARDI ;-) - Meryn - Belgium
lol - belle
thank the lord for livia. i knew there was a reason i wish to marry her LOL - Crinoid
aight, back to work for me. tranquila girls - i look forward to reading the responses later on! ;) - boredbored - USA
lol - e25 Pol
VERO. all I have ever wanted to say is that I admire you alot! you are a 'tough cookie' Thankyou for being true and stay that way. You have touched my heart. Best wishes to you. charlotte UK - charlotte -GBR
@LIVIA to Q5 why Veronica Ciardi? - silentsigh - THA
@sharon yes it's funny! - ming-THA
this is going much smoother now - pudepaw - USA
@bored have fun! - pudepaw - USA
hahah she's funny - e25 Pol
@ meryn and we can say not just as man we would date her ;-) - stadtneurose
did veronica even see the post down here where we said where we were from? I would have liked to know how she reacted - ckbumblebee - GER
@SABRINA? - Monia
@bored later! - ming-THA
@bored bye - e25 Pol
@bored seeya! - sharon - hong kong
stop interview what vero want to say with us? - yyy-Tha
later boredx2 - I, Claudius
Yay! this is better - calm is in the air - and we are getting our answers ;) - Rachael-GBR
no she leaving - Indigo-USA
Q5 - what? she'd like to date herself if she was a dude? LOL - Crinoid
livia for president!!! - Elle Bbi - Malta
no way she's leaving - sharon - hong kong
maybe we should say bye in the other thread now - Indigo-USA
byebye @bored - Rachael-GBR
is she leaving now? - e25 Pol
i like veros answer to if u were a man who would you date she replied veronica ciardi! - nile - GBR
omg there's someone posting our FF in spanish FB - ming-THA
agree @ind - sharon - hong kong
Vero if you were bisexuell would you date sarah then;) - jen-sweden
LIVIA maybe we should say bye in the other thread - Indigo-USA
i'm saying bye - pudepaw - USA
She's saying bye - moni
really??? she's leaving??? - lisa indonesia
SHE IS LEAVING - Livia Iacolare
@coc she answered with 5 @nile IRRATIONAL, PASSIONAL, SENSITIVE, INCOHERENT, CRAZY - nile - GBR
she has to go to the club - pudepaw - USA
Oh, so THAT really happened, huh? and it's all over now? - minipixel
nile - yah, like this thread - Crinoid
liviaa thank you so muuchhh for your patient ;)) huuggzz - lisa indonesia
@VERO I recently read Michel Montaigne’s essay ‘On Friendship’ written in 1580 and came across a line very much something you had said and I was wondering if you had ever read it because it seems like an ode to you and Sarah. ‘Because it was him: because it was me…This friendship has no ideal to follow other than itself: no comparison but with itself…not only did I know [his] mind s well as I knew my own but I would have entrusted myself to him with greater assurance than to myself.’ - kk
Bye Vero! - I, Claudius
@Livia thank god u were here to try to organize it :) - Lesbogod
Well this was a bit of a mess .... not many questions answered but it was fun - Lindi - Sweden
no :( didnt get chance to see mine ah well THANKYOU vero and teresa :) - charlotte -GBR
Good night girls - Lindi - Sweden
@Livia: Thx a lot ... - mokkamilch
ok girls, she agreed to give the interview (which is ultimately the only hope we have to ask good questions to her) - Livia Iacolare
over...well, that was insane... @livia thx for trying :) - Nat River
night Lindi - silentsigh - THA
girls i must leave, need all your ninja support now :) - Volkz - ESA
take care and i'll see you soon - Volkz - ESA
Bye lindi! - jsif - missing you
@Livia thank god. because this was just a waste of (her) time - aetrelyn
well it's too bad that once we got it all figured out she had to leave...but at least we're prepared for next time :) - pudepaw - USA
Bye Volkz! - jsif - missing you
bye @lindi, @volkz - pudepaw - USA
Godnight lindi and volkz :) - Rachael-GBR
@livia thank you for helping organize this! - Koo87- Finland
good night Lindi :) - Lesbogod
Bye Veronica and thanks everyone --- the soon-to-be-blind-girl, minipixel - minipixel
@Livia thank you - Meryn - Belgium
@Livia that's cool, and thank you for helping :) - e25 Pol
I think she had fun, as did we!!!! It was all good! - jsif - missing you
i believe it's completely useless to organize happenings such as this one. nobody gets anything from it and it's a total mess. - Livia Iacolare
Good night AMO - Lindi - Sweden
bye mini, come back soon - Meryn - Belgium
@Livia thanks. - I, Claudius
@livia yes thank you again so much for herding the cattle - pudepaw - USA
thanks @Livia! - sharon - hong kong
@Livia thank you :) - Rachael-GBR
@livia, it all for fun, come on, lol. And thanks for all your help! - jsif - missing you
oh well that was a disaster for me... my computer just kept freezing... damn it.. bye to everyone who is going :) - chocoholic - GBR
@all why does Vero have to go to Toqueville tonight? there's no event as vero's forum say. - ming-THA
vero said she believe in fate - nile - GBR
thanks Livia. - Shai - Canada
bye mini! good to see you! - pudepaw - USA
thank you Livia - moni
@livia, moni, Teresa thx alot for help! - ming-THA
yuuupp many thanks... and all of youuu.. go back to sleep.. 2 hours to go.. - lisa indonesia
Thank you Livia - silentsigh - THA
@everyone this was absolutely ridiculous and a waste of her time. what in the world happened to saying calm? - I, Claudius
thanks Livia - ckbumblebee - GER
@livia agree - Indigo-USA
And Sarah was online on FB at the same time. LOL - Scooter
again thank you thank you @Livia - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
i can imagine we look crazy as she cant read english just alot of words going up at double speed lol - nile - GBR
livia thanks for trying. i thought this might be a form of a mess LOL - Crinoid
@ wishi 3 threads were two to many - stadtneurose
Well the question about Afterellen was for me the best!! well done Livia or whoever !! - Ivana (Croatia)
It was not a waste of her time. It was fun for her seeing all of us. Don't be so negative!!!! - jsif - missing you
thankyou livia at trying to organise it all :) - chocoholic - GBR
bye mini thx livia - Indigo-USA
next time such a disorganization will not happen - Livia Iacolare
thank livia - chris-Mas
this chat is like waiting P5 for 5 hours and we got 15 min LOL - sharon - hong kong
Just stay postitive! - jsif - missing you
thanks Livia hope you can get an interview with Sarah too for After Ellen. It was a mess but sweet of Teresa to try. @Crinoid yes a form of a mess! - poppy - GBR
teresa will know what to do next time she will be better organised - nile - GBR
@ivana - agree... I hope it happens... - chocoholic - GBR
lol @sharon true indeed - arnabderabbit
vero has seen our FF what more can you ask for? - nile - GBR
the disorganization was on our front, not teresa's - Livia Iacolare
@livia you're totally right ... but something good came out of it! (the interview, i hope) and you controlling things was rather hot ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
sure seriously I love when she knows we are here - sharon - hong kong
@sharon so to true... - Nat River
@wish: I didn't get the impression that the girls here went crazy. It only was a little bit confusing with the two boards. This wasn't a chat this was an interview. Next time we should do this on one board. - mokkamilch
we should have made some rules - moni
@Jen- sweden.. are u there i have something to ask u? - Lesbogod
@coco agree - frazz-GBR
@coco agree, we should do better next time - ming-THA
@Coco we had 500 posts here in under 30 minutes.. It just doesn't sound doable.. No way Teresa can read, translate and update in that.. - Meryn - Belgium
Now I just feel alone and emty.......No vero:( - jen-sweden
vero has seen our FF this is important - yyy-Tha
@Coco with the 7456934 posts per second, yeah, it did look crazy. - I, Claudius
@livia, chill, it was ok, that is how it is here. Please girls don't be all worked up about this. - jsif - missing you
@coco it ws just to weird - Indigo-USA
next time girls, next time - Livia Iacolare
yeh, we didn't go crazy, I think we should be proud of ourselves to not go crazy... - chocoholic - GBR was good for the first time..if there's going to be another great if not also great! - Ivana (Croatia)
ok now i can go and eat something,finally :P - Kiwi - Persona non grata
livia - is there a way to know the # of unique posters we had? - Crinoid
@caotic perfect timing - silentsigh - THA
@Crinoid we can just count manually - Livia Iacolare
Moni I am sorry for creating a new thread. I am not good at this - Ana Santos
@meryn: during the liveshows we had a lot of posts too and could handle this. Teresa can close the board to take her time to translate and answer and then open it again. I thought this was the way we already planned this ... - mokkamilch
@crinoid start counting :p - Meryn - Belgium
we didn't go crazy...the threads are always like this....there was no other way to do least we know she was here with us. - Lampa-Mex
It's not like we had the pulitzer prize questions waiting for her... I'm proud of you girls, we did good! - jsif - missing you
i'm just happy teresa could write and not just fainted - stadtneurose
vero think herself is very hot that she wants to date herself - nile - GBR
we had a sort of rule... we posted the questions before ... we didn't need to post more questions exactly when she came. - Elle Bbi - Malta
@nile lol why didnt she say 'sarah nile'? - ming-THA
@coco then it won't be a chat either as we'll have moved 200 lines by the time she translates a question - Meryn - Belgium
@lampa, agree!!! Punto! - jsif - missing you
I thought it was gonna be a chat?? - silentsigh - THA
@elle i agreee with you :) - Rachael-GBR
@Elle those questions were posted (and answered) on the Fans di Teresa D. board. - I, Claudius
i'm just glad she came to see us and experienced the true spirit of FF, i dont think we went crazy, i'm sure she felt the love and thats the main thing - frazz-GBR
@coco i thought vero would answer to the questions already being chosen and post the answers live on here - nile - GBR
@nile yeah i loved that answer - pudepaw - USA
@rac of course you do, lol - jsif - missing you
GIRLSSSS ALREADY HAPPEND i had to run to be here at this time - Mary
i'm happy she agreed to the interview :) - Livia Iacolare
@frazz, agree!! Punto!! - jsif - missing you
@Livia and I'm happy for you (and us) that she agreed to it :) - Meryn - Belgium
@livia yes me 22222 - sharon - hong kong
@livia that's what REALLY matters :D - pudepaw - USA
@livia yeah we'll wait for your interview with Vero, maybe, also Sarah :) - ming-THA
@kwissy im happy with the way it went. she came here to greet us and saw that we do exist - nile - GBR
@silent that was the plan but than everyone started asking questions! instead of waiting for the mods to give Vero the questions we had for her - Elle Bbi - Malta
@meryn: that was the reason why Teresa became a moderator to be able to close the board and to open it again if she is ready to react on the questions. - mokkamilch
@kwissy, sorry deleted my answer, didn't agree with everything, lol - jsif - missing you
@livia i'm happy about the interview too! Can't wait :) - Elle Bbi - Malta
Afterellen is the best part !! And that is enough for me! Punto. - Ivana (Croatia)
lindi are you there? can you come on skype? - Livia Iacolare
@Coco Yes - moni too...but anyways Livia did her best to have some questions answered...and Teresa to post the english translations - Lampa-Mex
i m happy vero know we are here - yyy-Tha
well, probably next time :) - silentsigh - THA
@livia, she left us earlier - jsif - missing you
@livia has afterellen agreed to do an interview? or is that your wishful thinking? ;) - ckbumblebee - GER
@ALL is everyone happy vero has been here, seen that we exist? - nile - GBR
I'm sorry I couldnt do more but I did whatever i could - Livia Iacolare
@nile Siiiiiiiii - silentsigh - THA
yes - belle
allright girls, i go to sleep now... Love that she´s willing to do the interview :-) - Karo AUT
@nile Yes I am! - sharon - hong kong
@nile yesssss - ming-THA
@nile yes - e25 Pol
@ck - yeh that's the thing lol :P - chocoholic - GBR
@Livia lindi went a while ago - Rachael-GBR
AfterEllen has not agreed yet, I didnt ask them yet. But if they dont I'll just post it somewhere else :) - Livia Iacolare
anyway thankyou livia! Bye girls. I have a headache lol. Please girls its no ones fault, next time we will know. was good of vero to be here im sure she couldnt of stayed long anyways. ;) - charlotte -GBR
@livia, it was great! Great job, don't worry about it! - jsif - missing you
@Livia: You did a great job tonight ... - mokkamilch
livia - you did great handling the chaos - pudepaw - USA
@Livia you did great, don't think we would've had much questions answered otherwise - Meryn - Belgium
@nile extremely happy and I had a good giggle to boot with all the yo-yoing - frazz-GBR
@joan amo, have you read my re-msg on FB??? and sry i have to say that again mi manchi molto ♥ ♥ ♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@livia you did great ;) - Elle Bbi - Malta
@Jen har du set Luftkastellet der blev sprængt? - Lesbogod
@karo bye! - jsif - missing you
@Karo bye sweet dreams - e25 Pol
And thank you livia! - Karo AUT
@Livia you did great! - Rachael-GBR
@Livia you kept it together. thanks a million. - I, Claudius
Livia you were GREAT - moni
ok I missed it, right? - nina-BERLIN
goodnight char :) - Rachael-GBR
@Livia thank you for everything! - e25 Pol
Livia - again, thank you for trying. Keep us informed re Afterellen, eh! - Crinoid
@livia - no you did everything you could tonight... :) - chocoholic - GBR
did you read that vero´s got the nin-gels shirt??? - Karo AUT
an interview is good for afterellen as is good for vero... - Ivana (Croatia)
just for repeat: THANKS A LOT FOR THE T-SHIRT OF NIN-GELS....IT'S TOO "FIGA" *I'm blushing* - stadtneurose
@karo, charlotte, bye - ming-THA
@lampa that's why didn't have any questions prepared :( But that's okay :) - silentsigh - THA
@Karo Yes - moni
@livia yes u did great and if vero said yes to the interview for sure sarah would say yes as well - Indigo-USA
it's no joke trying to control a crazy group of lesbians who all want a piece of Vero! so Livia i admire you for that :) - Elle Bbi - Malta
hi im delurking after 3 months to say that was hilarious! well done everyone for getting Vero on to FF you should be proud of yourselves - and just to say thanks to everyone for keeping the dream alive - viva ill sogno (back to lurking) - lucy-SA living in GBR
Ninnnnnaaaa - Rachael-GBR
Does questions on teresas fan page are they going to be answered by ver ?????? - jen-sweden
Sorry to say girls but I knew it was going to be this crazy. And that is why i've offered myself like a 100000000 times to help Teresa to organize it. I guess it would've been more organized if I (or anyone for that matter) helped, but anyway. At least it happened. :) - Scooter
@Nina yes u did, was crazy - Rachael-GBR
Livia,Moni;Aftermilk and all the others thank you!! - Ivana (Croatia)
ok I am leaving now. Take care girls - Livia Iacolare
@jen some of them were yes - Meryn - Belgium
@jen still here I see! - jsif - missing you
hi lucy,a fellow brit yay - frazz-GBR
yay, livia gets to do the interview? this is GREAT news :)))) - nina-BERLIN
bye Livia, come around again soon ;) - Meryn - Belgium
Bye livia! - jsif - missing you
@nile we have another UKer!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Rachael-GBR
see you, livia - nina-BERLIN
bye livia - sharon - hong kong
bye livia... thanks a lot!! - arnabderabbit
bye livia! - pudepaw - USA
@Livia bye - e25 Pol
Scooter, és um dos moderadores? - Ana Santos
Thank you Livia and other mods for trying your best to help! And yes i'm happy that she knows we exist :) - Jambammd - SIN
Bye Livia! - Jambammd - SIN
Bye livia :) - Rachael-GBR
hey lucy :) - chocoholic - GBR
bye Livia - silentsigh - THA
bye livia! - ming-THA
Night Livia - Elle Bbi - Malta
bye Livia :) - Lesbogod
bye livia thx again - Indigo-USA
@livia thanks again for your efforts, bye! - Koo87- Finland
bye livia and thanx for me it was a lot of fun - stadtneurose
Bye Livia - moni
lucy - yah delurking - Crinoid
bye Livia - mokkamilch
ciao Livia - I, Claudius
@Ana - Não, porque? - Scooter
Bye Livia - Scooter
@rach haha, I can see that! did she answer any questions? I don't see anything here - nina-BERLIN
Look at the bright side people!! - silentsigh - THA
Okay i'm going to sleep, it's 5.15am here... @sharon @belle @closet @arnab @chris you guys should too!! Goodnight all gorgeous people here :) - Jambammd - SIN
@ Meryn Were did she post the answers????? - jen-sweden
Livia now I found Teresas number :D - Kwissy - GER
bye livia, and thanks - chocoholic - GBR
bye livia - chris-Mas
Bye jam! - jsif - missing you
@LUCY! how come u have decided to come out now?! - nile - GBR
lol @ kwissy - stadtneurose
bye livia - kunboo
@Kwissy hahah - e25 Pol
@rach YAYAY - nile - GBR
@jen in facebook, but facebook is not exactly working tonight... - Meryn - Belgium
@Nina yes look at the post below :) - Rachael-GBR
è que eu abri, sem querer, a new thread. espero que não tenha contribuido para a confusão - Ana Santos
@Kwissy, lol, a bit too late.... Please put it in your phone book now - jsif - missing you
@rach oh oops, but where? I see nothing - nina-BERLIN
i think vero answered 3 or 4 questions - nile - GBR
Now we will wait for teresa's comments! - Lampa-Mex
@Lucy girl come out and play with us, we don't bite :) - Rachael-GBR
I'm lost i just arrive DID IT HAPPEN i can't see there's to many posts - Mary
@rach ah I see, thank you :) - nina-BERLIN
bye livia and thanks again...xoxo - ghi-zhen/Canada
@everyone, please don't worry about Vero!! At least, Vero answered our questions more than other group. - ming-THA
@lampa yeah thats what i'm waiting for - Indigo-USA
have an appointment. i'm out, cats. back in a few hours. - I, Claudius
@Jen i asked u a Q ? - Lesbogod
@Ana It did a bit, but it's ok.. it got us 2 nice posts of Veronica in that topic ;) - Meryn - Belgium
@Meryn Okej then maybe we can see the answers tomorrow:) - jen-sweden
@ALL hey, Im SO sorry I missed this.. can someone tell me what went on? :) - kris
@nina do you see Livias post below - Rachael-GBR
bye wish @mary si ya vino - Indigo-USA
@ Nina hey how are you honey? - Kwissy - GER
@ Kira What??? - jen-sweden
Meryn I am sorry. i am not good at this - Ana Santos
@nile..yes she answered like 2 or 3 ..but well...she din't have much time anyways...and we got a little lost with threads and stuff..but at least you can say that she was in font of the computer looking at us. - Lampa-Mex
i'm sure she'll come back again - frazz-GBR
@Ana "VIVA MOURINHO !!! - Teresa Depreziato-ITA" and that's what matters, isn't it? :P - Meryn - Belgium
@mary....estuvo un poco caotico como con las españolas...contesto 2 o 3 preguntas...jajaja - Lampa-Mex
Girls i'm off, a busy weekend ahead so i'll see you Monday or late on Sunday! Thanks to all the moderators, Meryn, moni, aet, mini. Good night! Rach, choco take care of each other for me :P - Elle Bbi - Malta
anyone? did teresa know there were questions below already waiting for her? - Crinoid
@lamp perhaps she said more only to teresa but it was difficult to translate everything quickly. teresa may translate things to vero and vero listened - nile - GBR
Well at least Vero got to see FriendFeed even if it was chaos I just hope Teresa enjoyed it and didn't find it too stressful. And we'll hopefully have an interview on afterellen so all good really @wish bye - poppy - GBR
@elle...bye - Lampa-Mex
The questions in the topic below were copied to Facebook and a few have been translated there.. - Meryn - Belgium
@Jen har du set luftkastellet der blev sprængt /Luftslottet som sprängdes? - Lesbogod
@elle bye - ming-THA
bye elle - Indigo-USA
@Ana Não se preocupe - ems - fra
bye Elle - e25 Pol
Do you think Vero will be interested in creating an account here? - silentsigh - THA
@joan are you still here???? - Kiwi - Persona non grata
bye elle - poppy - GBR
Everything she posted tonight will be on AE and DCT once I get everything working again... (mainly Facebook and my brain) - Meryn - Belgium
Since when am I a moderator? Thank you, but no thank you - aetrelyn
@crinoid i thought she did, but maybe with all the leaping from thread to thread it all kind of got mixed up - frazz-GBR
Bye elle! - jsif - missing you
we can post screencaps on her wall before -when she was on- after the chat. so she can see we normal when she is not on lol - stadtneurose
@aet yes, thank god you're not a mod - Meryn - Belgium I don't think she will care...she is far to busy to be here - Lampa-Mex
@Elle I will Sweet dreams!!! - Rachael-GBR
@ Kira Si.....det var jävligt bra - jen-sweden
@Meryn thanks as always : ) - poppy - GBR
off to catch some sleep. Like other times waiting for P5, I enjoyed the chat vry much even it's short. Gd night! - sharon - hong kong
@elle - will do! :) bye! :) - chocoholic - GBR
@M Hey! What the frack was that supposed to mean? - aetrelyn
@meryn thank youuuuuuu i didn't see anything - Mary
Ems eu utilizo muito pouco FF. Criei sem querer a new thread e contribui para a confusão. Peço desculpa - Ana Santos
@aet because then you would be spending too much time on moderating stuff and not enough time on me of course!! - Meryn - Belgium
@aet you might not be but you're still as important ;) good night! - Elle Bbi - Malta
@Jen how much du u wanna marry Noomi? - Lesbogod
@Lampa it'd be great if she stop by here... some of us know Italian :) - silentsigh - THA
good night @sharon - e25 Pol
@M don't worry, I'd just block everything & let people have a life! a real one - aetrelyn
Huma where are the answers? - Ana Santos
@Ana Não importa, eu descobri toda essa confusão muito engraçada :) - ems - fra
@ Kira Well not as much as I want to marrry vero, but she is so fucking cool. Did you like???? - jen-sweden
mmmm she fancies ibiza, NY and paris do u think she will visit these with sarah? - nile - GBR
so i just googled what 15cm is (because i'm metric-challenged)...damn no wonder she looks so tall all the time. she's walking around over 6 foot! - pudepaw - USA
ems Odeias o Mourinho? Não posso crer - Ana Santos
Wow, that vero chat was 'interesting'... kind of, sort of, just what i expected. lol! - Sofia8-Sweden
What questions did she answer? - kris
@sofia, it was fun wasn't it! Loved it! - jsif - missing you
good night girls. thanks to all the girls that helped organizing everything. and meryn thanks in adavance for working through the mess. - ckbumblebee - GER
@Jen åhhh så jeg kan få hende ? ;) - Lesbogod
bye ckb! - jsif - missing you
my FB suck! ok i'm off to bed. Good nite, See you later bye bye - ming-THA
@rach I saw it... what a mess, now I'm not too sad that I missed it to be honest ;) - nina-BERLIN
kris - 6 in the directly below thread - Crinoid
bye ckbum - Indigo-USA
bye ck - stadtneurose
@SOFIA .. hey there funny swede :) hur går det? - Lesbogod
bye ming - Indigo-USA
@sofia just another sogno day - frazz-GBR
Alright everyone. I guess we all had a good time. Happy time is always short! LOL So, see y'all later tomorrow. Works waiting in 3 hours :( Ciao! - silentsigh - THA
bye @ckb @Ming - e25 Pol
@jsif, def FUN. but not much accomplished. kind of what this forum is all about! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@Crinoid thanks ;) - kris
@kwissy darlin', I'm alright, how are you?? - nina-BERLIN
bye ming! - jsif - missing you
bye silent - e25 Pol
@sofia exactly! - jsif - missing you
bye ming and silent - Nat River
bye ming and silent - kunboo
@kira, hey there funny...danish girl? - Sofia8-Sweden
@Ana Eu não odeio ele, mas eu não gosto dele - ems - fra
ok third time i'm asking AMO WHERE ARE YOU??? or is she off already :'( - Kiwi - Persona non grata
bye silent - Indigo-USA
good night everyone. Have a good night/evening/day etc - poppy - GBR
bye silent and ming - stadtneurose
bye poppy dream well - nile - GBR
@ Nina just a little bit tired. Yesterday you searched me? - Kwissy - GER
bye Poppy - e25 Pol
@sofia yes im the dane .. LOL hur mår du? - Lesbogod
@ Kira ja du kan få henne:) - jen-sweden
@kwissy I'm always looking for you ;) but yes, I did yesterday - nina-BERLIN
@bara bra. lite exhausted after doing... NOTHING... u? - Sofia8-Sweden
can someone go over to mari's and tell them that vero had a chat but not with them ;-) - stadtneurose
@kira, hur kommer d sig att du pratar sa bra svenska? - Sofia8-Sweden
@Huma She answered my question 20) - Ana Santos
@sab lol naughty. - frazz-GBR
@ jsif är du kvar gamling???? - jen-sweden
@Sab hahah - e25 Pol
I think i just died. Option d) lol - Ana Santos
Ah la di darr - Rachael-GBR
@jen, hon e inte gammal... hur gammal e du? - Sofia8-Sweden
ok joan is off i think, so i will be off too, see yaa - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sab lol - ems - fra
@sabrina lol - moni
@sab LOL please do it - nina-BERLIN
@caotic bye sweet dreams - e25 Pol
@jen ja väntar på att du ska springa av dig lite först... - jsif - missing you
@Sofia skolan ;) och en jente .. - Lesbogod
i can't speak italian - stadtneurose
lol sab :) - chocoholic - GBR
@sab, =D - Sofia8-Sweden
@ sofia jag är e en gammal kärring...27 år ;) - jen-sweden
yes i am. - Ana Santos
@sofia och tack för att du är på min sida :) - jsif - missing you
@choco you still here?? - Rachael-GBR
ooo we are a mean bunch ;) - chocoholic - GBR
@nina @sab it's nasty - ems - fra
@cao goodnight!!! - Rachael-GBR
@ choc yes we're but still lovely - stadtneurose
@jen, d e en bra alder... var d du som hade ett ex pa whipeout? - Sofia8-Sweden
@Sab what do you want to say in Italian ? - Annie, yo. from iPod
@jsif Lessen jag blev så blyg och tyst när vero kom hit.... - jen-sweden
@ ems after that stress we so deserve some fun ;-) - stadtneurose
@jsif. always. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ems actually it's a joke, tranquila - nina-BERLIN
@ annie we wanna tease them a bit - stadtneurose
@jen ingen fara, väldigt gulligt. Hon svarade på två av mina frågor :) Jag fuskade in den första, hahahaha - jsif - missing you
@ sofia hur vet du om wipeout????? Nej hon är min tjejkompis bara - jen-sweden
@sab - totally :D - chocoholic - GBR
@jen. I'M A LURKER!!!!!! - Sofia8-Sweden
@Sofia LOL - Lesbogod
@jsif hahahahha... ja jag såg det, du bara trängde dig förbi i kön;) - jen-sweden
Talking about lurkers, @amazon are you here?! - jsif - missing you
@jen om man ska få som man vill måste man ta för sig... - jsif - missing you
@nina i know it's a joke - ems - fra
@ sofia hur länge då???? Är du Lindi ´s bitch LOL - jen-sweden
geeeeez my head hurts bye everyone i'm off talk to u Laterz - Indigo-USA
@jen, jsif e alltsa en DOER... jen, mkt snack lite action. ;-P - Sofia8-Sweden
bye indi :) - chocoholic - GBR
btw @ annie you once translated a tattoo i wanted to make for me. thanx i have it now and it looks great ;-) - stadtneurose
@Moni Are you here? - Ana Santos
Nina you want to say me why you was looking for me? - Kwissy - GER
@rach thx,but i think i will not have a good one, i think i have messed something :( - Kiwi - Persona non grata
bye indigo - pudepaw - USA
@jen, tillrackligt lange for att veta att lindi e en annan svensk, men no i'm no ones bitch! - Sofia8-Sweden
@ems goooood :) - nina-BERLIN
@sofia instämmer, jen mycket snack ingen verkstad ;) - jsif - missing you
bye Indigo - e25 Pol
@nina yes a big mess lol - Rachael-GBR
FROM:EquipoNileCiardi Latino NO HAGAN PREGUNTAS LAS QUE SABEN INGLES JODER.. - 76eve ;-) Philippines!
@ Sofia hahahahhahha....du har lurkat runt länge här då antar jag......pervo - jen-sweden
@sofia berätta hur mycket vill du gifta dig med Noomi ? - Lesbogod
Did we get an answer to if that ugly <3 tattoo really is on Vero & if it's permanent? - Sofia8-Sweden
best think for me tonight vero now has the nin-gel shirt i made so i can die happy now ;-) - stadtneurose
@Ana YES - moni
@kira, vem e noomi? - Sofia8-Sweden
@ jsif Passa dig!!! - jen-sweden
@ sofia it's permanent and she loves it so we love it too ;-) - stadtneurose
@e25 thank you^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sab very coool! you rock :) - nina-BERLIN
ANA - moni
@sab the nin-gel shirt is white ? - ems - fra
@caotic :))) - e25 Pol
@jen, well... il sogno fick mig att foksera pa ngt annat medans jag forsokte glomma ett knapp brud... - Sofia8-Sweden
@ sofia var i sverige bor du????? - jen-sweden
@ ems yes - stadtneurose
@Sofia Rapace ;) du vet Luftslottet som sprängdes - Lesbogod
@sab.... danke! - Sofia8-Sweden
@caotic babe ARE YOU STILL HERE??? - sorry for yelling - Joan-NZ
@ sofia bitte ;-) - stadtneurose
@kwissy it's because of brandi carlile... we'll talk about it on fb, I don't think anyone else is interested - nina-BERLIN
@ Kira hahahah och hon ska vara svensk??? Alla vet vem naoomi är!!!!! - jen-sweden
calling ANA SANTOS - moni
@joan yes,but i was on the way to leave,because you didn't anwered - Kiwi - Persona non grata
who think vero have a headache? - yyy-Tha
@Kira.... ahhhhh! nu forstar jag! froken rapace. jo hon e fin, men sa e hennes man. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ caotic heyyyy baby girl how are you?? Missed you tonight;) - jen-sweden
@ yyy me - stadtneurose
@jen. bor i london... - Sofia8-Sweden
@caotic sorry amore I was on the phone with my mom – the woman loves to talk - Joan-NZ
calling ANA SANTOS - moni
@sab, but i'm sorry. i can't say i like it. what was she thinking?! - Sofia8-Sweden
@Meryn ahhh Sarah :D thanks! - e25 Pol
Moni, I apologize for having created a new thread. was donne inadvertently. sorry! - Ana Santos
Does anyone have pics of Vero pre-implants? - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia då ska du fan inte skriva att du e från sverige din nöt;) - jen-sweden
@meryn Where was she? - moni
@Sofia i min värld er hon inte gift med en man - Lesbogod
@moni no clue, just found it - Meryn - Belgium
@ sofia i also don't like it that much but if she likes it than it's fine she has to live with it - stadtneurose
@Kira LOL - jen-sweden
@meryl :D - nile - GBR
@ANA Don't worry it was gonna be medness anyway :)) - moni
@kira, jag VAR gift me en man. alla kan andras! lol! - Sofia8-Sweden
@caotic I read you fb msg. as usual you leave me breathless and speechless ♥♥♥♥♥♥ - Joan-NZ
lol oh snap jen - Koo87- Finland
@jen. not kan du vara sjalv! jag e ju ifran sverige! - Sofia8-Sweden
@Moni Sorry again. You can delete it. - Ana Santos
thought she would have gotten Sarah's name tattooed somewhere - Shane -USA
@jen don't ask, my mood is in hell, the day was hell but tomorrow it will be the worst day in the week, because it is the last day of april - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ANA I won't delete it NO WAY :)) - moni
@sofia inta fan om du valt att bo i London döh..... - jen-sweden
@meryn thanks for the picture. i needed that :) - Joan-NZ
@ moni no don't delete it vero posted there too - stadtneurose
@Meryn i think it's in madrid, but i'm not sure :) - e25 Pol
@Sabrina I WON'T - moni
@e25 yeah, just realized it probably is since I got it from the spanish group - Meryn - Belgium
@Sofia i min värld er hon gift med mig - Lesbogod
@Moni ok! lol - Ana Santos
Girls, I'm off. See you later. Bye! - Scooter
bye scoot - stadtneurose
bye Scoot ;) - Meryn - Belgium
bye Scooter - e25 Pol
@carotic Don´t be sad......think of joan and all the other girls in here that loves you!! - jen-sweden
@nile have all the UKer's gone bk to lurkin?lol - Rachael-GBR
bye Scoot :) - Rachael-GBR
@jen, var inte sa sur for att du e kvar "stuck" i sverige! ;-D - Sofia8-Sweden
@scooter bye and thank you for everything - Joan-NZ
Bye scooter - moni
@Sab really? It came out good? Sorry for delay in class - Annie, yo. from iPod
@kira, marriage is overreklamerat! - Sofia8-Sweden
bye everybody - yyy-Tha
@caotic jen is sooo right (stranger things had happened :) ) we do love you, alot amore - Joan-NZ
Girls why can't you see Vero's work dates (disco dates) on her official forum? - moni
@jen, du svarade inte pa vad din kompis hette ifra whipeout... - Sofia8-Sweden
@joan I have two words for you.... - Rachael-GBR
bye scoots :) - chocoholic - GBR
@joan you know what, now i'm so speechless ♥ ♥ ♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ meryn do you have a plan where vero posted the first message? try to figure out the right order to update teresa's group - stadtneurose
bye @yyy - e25 Pol
bye yyy - Rachael-GBR
@rach - sort of... on FB too :) - chocoholic - GBR
Sabrina Post nu. 5 last comment - moni
@jen i will try hahah ;D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ sofia hey I love sweden...nothing rong with this country...but I would like to live in Milano:) - jen-sweden
@Sofia inte med Noomi Rapace ;) jag är ganska säker ;) - Lesbogod
@annie - rebel ;) - chocoholic - GBR
@ Sofia varför undrar du??? - jen-sweden
@Sabrina I only have timestamps for the screenshots I took from Facebook - Meryn - Belgium
@choco haha cor my head hurts after all that lol - Rachael-GBR
@kira, true dat! =) - Sofia8-Sweden
@Sabrina it was a madhouse over here with her posting all over the place, that I haven't even screencapped anything here :D - Meryn - Belgium
right i better be off, im tired need my sleep. it has been one hell of crazy day LOL and wow vero replied to my question. these 5 famous words will stuck in my mind ;-) night night girls keep dreaming - nile - GBR
@nile haha goodnight :) - Rachael-GBR
sweet dreams @nile - e25 Pol
@nile goodnight :) - Joan-NZ
@meryn I screencaped once and aldready put it on fb on the ae group. - Marti - NOR
THEN she commented on ANA's post and the On Livia's post - moni
@jen. j/k, sweden is great! i wanna move back. one day. reg. whipeout, just curious... if u hit it, i wanna see what it looked like. ;-P - Sofia8-Sweden
Nile goodnight sweet dreams - jen-sweden
@ annie yes it came out good. - stadtneurose
@Sab Nice!! - Meryn - Belgium
@caotic where are you? - Joan-NZ
@Sofia jag har alla tre filma och hon er mycket mycket vacker ;) - Lesbogod
byebye huma :) - Rachael-GBR
@ moni thanx - stadtneurose
@Sab nice tattoo :) - e25 Pol
@Choco you know it. LOL they.are talking about Sweden haha and male maternity leave - Annie, yo. from iPod
@rachael are you still around?! - nina-BERLIN
@ sofia hahahah.....uwwwww no hitting my best girlfriend....she is my friend - jen-sweden
bye @huma! - Sofia8-Sweden
bye Huma - e25 Pol
@joan right here, why?? - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sab I love your tattoo - Marti - NOR
bye Huma - jen-sweden
@nina I am ..barely lol..I'm sleepy - Rachael-GBR
@jen... 'ight. F R I E N D. - Sofia8-Sweden
bye @girls who are leaving - Marti - NOR
@caotic i was sending you a few msg and you didn't answer . what's going on? - Joan-NZ
@Sabrina nice tattoo - moni
@moni Please give my apologizes to other moderators. - Ana Santos
@rach - haha :) taking refuge in FB at the minute.. even now I'm finding kinda hard to read quick enough :P - chocoholic - GBR
@rach awww, I wanted to ask you to come to fb, but we'll talk another time then :) - nina-BERLIN
@sofia You seem to have some special friends then :P - Koo87- Finland
geez FB is crazy today - e25 Pol
@ Sofia yes I do have friends to!!!!! - jen-sweden
@Ana You don't need to apologize it's ok - moni
@koo, no seriously, i didn't understand she meant that girl was her friend friend... ok!? - Sofia8-Sweden
@joan where on FB or here? - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ marti thanx i love it too ;-) - stadtneurose
@nina fb :) - Rachael-GBR
@sab - me too, love your tattoo :) - chocoholic - GBR
@koo, 'cause it kind of seems like jen hits on everyone. lol! - Sofia8-Sweden
@sab. nice ink! mi piace! - Sofia8-Sweden
@Ana Você está perdoado se você nos enviar pasteles de nata :) - ems - fra
@Moni Thanks - Ana Santos
@choco lol my eyes are gone everything fuzzy - Rachael-GBR
@caotic here.... - Joan-NZ
@Ana ;)) - moni
Nina you have to know that Racheal is always tired but never leaves - Kwissy - GER
@ Sofia Men för helvete kvinna.....det här är en Ilsogno chat......kärlek överallt - jen-sweden
@ems Não é pasteles, é pastéis de nata. lol - Ana Santos
Girls why can't you see Vero's work dates (disco dates) on her official forum anymore? - moni
@joan you mean this one @caotic I read you fb msg. as usual you leave me breathless and speechless ♥♥♥♥♥♥ - joan-NZ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@joan and i answered you @joan you know what, now i'm so speechless ♥ ♥ ♥ - caotic89 -GER - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Ana obrigado pela correção - ems - fra
@ moni think you have to subscripe - stadtneurose
@kwissy it's cause I love it here :) - Rachael-GBR
and than i see nothing else or I'M that blind - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sofia I like women Ok!!!! Nothing wrong with that old lady - jen-sweden
btw do you think Teresa is still straight after her meet up with vero? ;-) - stadtneurose
@ems Meu prazer. Se pudesse enviava-te uma dúzia de pastéis de nata. lol - Ana Santos
@Sabrina But I'm already registered what subscribtion is that then? - moni
Rachael sure because I didn't leave yet ;-) - Kwissy - GER
@sab haha we will see lol - Rachael-GBR
@sofia not gonna say anything to that so she wont get mad at me... - Koo87- Finland
@ moni oh ok than i don't know - stadtneurose
@jen... so do i. youngster! - Sofia8-Sweden
@Sab lol - e25 Pol
@caotic ohhh i didn't see that - sorry it's a mad house today. i wrote you like 1 or 2 others, but never mind. so whats wrong? having a bad day? week? what happened? - Joan-NZ
@kwissy exactly! when you go, i go! - Rachael-GBR
@moni is it the official forum? because i see the dates on the bottom - ems - fra
Sabrina I am sure she isn't. So bye girls have to take my chance :D - Kwissy - GER
@koo, she does get mad easily, huh? - Sofia8-Sweden
@koo, pratar du svenska? - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia hey are you calling Jen a player?? - Rachael-GBR
@all: we missed sarah on fb --> raga io vadoooo baci a tutti / She is going and kisses ... this was at the same time Vero left this madhouse ... - mokkamilch
@joan where above or topsy??? it's just the usal horror on my work,because of the last day's in month. - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sofia lilla, men jag förståd mera... well almost everything! - Koo87- Finland
@coco thanks!!! do you know if she wrote something else also? - Joan-NZ
@EMS Thanx I was just looking for this site :)) - moni
Yes Rachael I am sure you will. Like yesterday right? - Kwissy - GER
and right before she sent a kiss to her love far away. So Sarah wasn't there while we went "crazy" here ... - mokkamilch
@joan and you don't have to say sorry, i can't see anything too, amo - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ Rachael No she is calling me a whore!!! - jen-sweden
I actually think Sarah isn't in Milan anymore.. I thought I read she had work somewhere - Meryn - Belgium
Sarah Nile : un bacio al mio amore ke e' lontano. But who is "mio amore"? :) - ems - fra
@rachel, well... kind of. you tell me? - Sofia8-Sweden
@ems: I hope still Veronica Ciardi ... - mokkamilch
@Jen hahaha awww - Rachael-GBR
@Meryn tomoroww sarah is on the same place of vero. No? - ems - fra
just so you know girls, I'm going to have to lurk till I go to sleep (11pm here, not ready to sleep yet though), my computer keeps freezing, so can't keep up with the posts so sorry if I haven't replied to any of your comments... - chocoholic - GBR
@caotic forget about the other msg - it doesn't matter. so it's a mess at your job? and after tomorrow it will be calm again? - Joan-NZ
Jen but why did she know it? ;-) - Kwissy - GER are you feeling after the chat with Vero??? - Lampa-Mex
@sofia ha yeah Jen is a total player but we call her a form of a player sounds less bad lol - Rachael-GBR
@jen, WHAT?!?!?!? sensitivo!!! U said whore. I said you "hit" on everybody! - Sofia8-Sweden
@ Sofia same thing...... - jen-sweden
@sofia but Jen loves girls, who can blame her? - Rachael-GBR
@lampa tired but happy - moni
@jen, i don't blame her. go get 'em girl! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@ems same city, different venue I think - Meryn - Belgium
@Lampa i'm happy :) - e25 Pol
@ Kwissy she does´t know...she is a stranger to me and us...I don´t trust her;) - jen-sweden
She's no whore, or player... She's just Jen, the nice girl she is! - Koo87- Finland
@meryn thank - ems - fra
whore with trust issues. sounds about right! lmao! - Sofia8-Sweden
lol Koo87 how much did she pay you? - Kwissy - GER
@koo koo awwwwwww - Rachael-GBR
@Koo Thank you my love for allways deffending me!!! - jen-sweden
@koo... "lilla", that was REALLY cute! :) - Sofia8-Sweden
@rach of course you will defend jen, you asked for 15 girls here to have an orgy with you - Joan-NZ
@Koo it's friday already, so Happy Birthday!!! and a song for you :) - e25 Pol
@kwissy ha i just got what you meant lol - Rachael-GBR
@joan i have answered you, hope you have seen it this time :P ♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
wish you all a good night and @koo happy birthday right now ... - mokkamilch
@joan lol i was semi defending Jen and 15??? it was nothing like that number lol - Rachael-GBR
@koo ooh yeah happy happy birthday dear koo,baci ;D - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@Coco good night - e25 Pol
@Kwissy not a dime, she doesn't have to! @sofia lol what's wrong with lilla haha.. @jen you know me! - Koo87- Finland
@koo happy B day ;) - Lesbogod
@koo happy birthday!!!!!!! :) - Joan-NZ
@e25 haha you remembered the song... Thank you though! - Koo87- Finland
Happy birthday @KOO!!!! - jsif - missing you
OK girls im off.. i totally now have headache!! it was messy but its all fun!! goodnight..byeeee.. xoxo - ghi-zhen/Canada
Paljon onnea vaan! - jsif - missing you
Bye ghi! - jsif - missing you
@ghi night and sweet dreams^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
A new tread perhaps? - jsif - missing you
@koo happy birthday!! - ghi-zhen/Canada
GIRLS please you have to send the nudes to jsif or me. It isn't that difficult, because we created a new button for your keyboard. So just oush this one to be part of our dating service http://interactiverummage.file... - Kwissy - GER
@ghi bye, take care! - e25 Pol
@Koo, hyvää syntymäpäivää! - Sofia8-Sweden
@ Coco good night byebye ghi :) - Rachael-GBR
Koo Happy Birthday!!! - Kwissy - GER
@koo..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - Lampa-Mex
@caotic i can't really see it, damn - we are missing each other today :( - Joan-NZ
help my eyes burn or something - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@koo ooohhhh happy happy birthday to you!! have a good one and enjoy your day as much as you can! :) - nina-BERLIN
@caotic babe do you want to go to sleep and we'll talk tomorrow? - Joan-NZ
@kwissy, where u from? - Sofia8-Sweden
@joan nope, or you have to leave for school now?? i think its only the dust from my workstation - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@kwissy aww your still trying with the dating service...good luck! - Rachael-GBR
@kwissy thanks for posting the link. Yes as she said we have developed a easy way for you to send us your pics. If you don't have the key (unfortunately not all the computer have) then you should send them to us on FB. Please do it for the world! - jsif - missing you
@Kwissy for real?! thats like wicked :) - Lesbogod
@Koo Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you ! - ems - fra
Thank you everyone for the wishes... So nice of you! - Koo87- Finland
@sofia you know finnish? - Koo87- Finland
@kwissy - eskimo kisses your way! - Sofia8-Sweden
@caotic i have like 15 more min - but i know you had a hard time at work today so maybe you should get some sleep - you know i worry about my hot cyber gf - Joan-NZ
Okay kira just kidding I am from Simbabwe - Kwissy - GER
@koo no, i know google translate! - Sofia8-Sweden
@kwissy, u speak like an american... - Sofia8-Sweden
caotic come on joan is older than you right? She knows how to treat you :D - Kwissy - GER
@kwissy you are I know some simbabweshish. kjo rj djnrr kdir hris nfgri dshe? - jsif - missing you
@joan yeah i know and that is soo freakin' cute of you, baci - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@kwissy heyyyyy not that old!!!!!! - Joan-NZ
Sofia yes I learned really hard to speak like an american. @ jsif cool kolololo mussssiiso muhabamimo - Kwissy - GER
@kwissy bitte übersetzen sie mir denn letzten teil auf deutsch mein hirn ist nicht auf english eingestellt - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@kwissy now jsif age - now that is OLD - Joan-NZ
@kwissy now i dont know if i should belive any place u say ;) anyway im off now, have try that sleep thing, and dream about my future swedish wife - Lesbogod
Kooooooooo you are getting old! - Annie, yo.
@Joan, I will smack you BI***! - jsif - missing you
@jsif no you don't - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@kwissy, lol, cfneu shue jsisy fey ghfur eh!!! Jfe ehue aghuse hdhe... ;) - jsif - missing you
@kira sweet dreams girl! x - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif yeh B**** my gf will kick your @ss - Joan-NZ
bye girls - ems - fra
@joan sending your gf to do your job.... I see - jsif - missing you
@jen haha thanks älskling... @annie you know it - Koo87- Finland
bye ems see yaa - Kiwi - Persona non grata
ok bye girls! it's been an eventful night! and happy birthday koo :) have a good day :) - chocoholic - GBR
@ Kira sov sött min danska granne - jen-sweden
@choc.. bye =) - Annie, yo.
@jsif bevileve me she doesn't need me to do it - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ems .@choco...bye!! - Lampa-Mex
@jsif sag till om du behover hjalp. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@choc bye see yaa ^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jsif hey i'm a lady, i can't fight :) Bitch - Joan-NZ
bye bye @kira @ems @choco - e25 Pol
@sofia oh lol, well that would explain it... You cheater :P - Koo87- Finland
jsif rofl tippitippi isssaaaa sonnnnnga belllee - Kwissy - GER
Bye choc! - jsif - missing you
bye everyone that is leaving - hope to see you soon - Joan-NZ
@kwissy ok i got it, finally and no she isn't that old, she is not so old like you are :P granny - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@koo but it was a sweet gesture. d e tanken som raknas! - Sofia8-Sweden
FB so pisses me off today was just done with the update on teresas group with all the comments in the right order and than FB crashed and all was gone. *arrrrrg* - stadtneurose
bye joan and sorry for making you older than you are. But you seem so wise ;-) - Kwissy - GER
Requested by kwissy in simbabweshish, enjoy! - jsif - missing you
@sab poor you :( As I say F*** FB! - jsif - missing you
@jen u don't completely suck. i like your music. - Sofia8-Sweden
@kwissy i'm not leaving. and i am wise beyond my years :) - Joan-NZ
@joan a lady calling someone a bit**, right... ;) - jsif - missing you
@Sofia, that im not worried about ;) @Jen i Vägen när du kommer fram til - Lesbogod
@sab I just saw your tattoo.. mi piace ;) - Annie, yo.
Goodnight @everyone who left! :) - Rachael-GBR
@jsif i call it as i see it :) - kidding, and because i'm sorry i just sent you my nude pictures - Joan-NZ
i'm off, good night girls :) - e25 Pol
running like the wind to fb.............. The suspense is...... - jsif - missing you
killing me...... running.... - jsif - missing you
@e25 bye bye - Joan-NZ
jsif dannnnkaa porro tipppitippp seieeee grannnde unnnde funnnie - Kwissy - GER
Night e25! My friend! - jsif - missing you
@jsif LOL :) - Joan-NZ
@jsif well, this year, not much better. ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@joan so i would ask you a favour but it's a stupid one and maybe you already have answered it,but is joan your realname?? - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@e25 bye bye - Rachael-GBR
@jen baaabe you're getting me to a party mood... Not until tomorrow ;) - Koo87- Finland
@caotic you didn't asked it yet. but yeh joan is my real name - Joan-NZ
Rachael hey what about your threesome? Do you have enough persons or do I have to join? - Kwissy - GER
@caotic how do you know that song - you weren't even born when it was out :). my cute baby - Joan-NZ
@joan, you tricked me!!! - jsif - missing you
@kwissy which threesome is this? I have so many lol - Rachael-GBR
@sofia I know!!! Please don't post that one again. And hey tipi tii tipi tii tipi tii tipi tii is great! - jsif - missing you
@kwissy you mean with Jen? - Rachael-GBR
@jsif do for real live on aland!? - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif ohhh i'm sorry - i forgot to press the send button- my bad. check it NOW - Joan-NZ
@jen better älskling ;) - Koo87- Finland
@sofia not at the moment, live in Sthlm, but I'm from Åland and spend as much time as possible there in the summers. My babysister and parents still live there. - jsif - missing you
running like the wind to fb....... the suspense is...... - jsif - missing you
@sofia lol what's wrong with you, posting that song... - Koo87- Finland
Rachael I don't know. Is somewhere still a free place? - Kwissy - GER
killing me.......... running.... - jsif - missing you
@jsif run jsif - run and get the boobies!!! - Joan-NZ
jsif maybe you should send us a good song!!! - Kwissy - GER
@kwissy if i were to let you in I assume that Teresa would not be happy?? - Rachael-GBR
@joan so maybe i'm not 21 :P, no just kidding, but one of my old non more existing friend's were nirvana fan ok she is just one year older than be, but she has older friends - Kiwi - Persona non grata
There.. this should have everything posted by Veronica tonight - Meryn - Belgium
A Damn Rachael I hoped that you already asked Teresa for one and that there would be a free place. So maybe I should ask Teresa for a twosome first ;-) - Kwissy - GER
@ Koo did you like it.....hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, will be thinking of you!! - jen-sweden
@koo my bad. just thought u wanna feel patriotic?! ;-) - Sofia8-Sweden
@joan you tricked me again!!! Will never go for that again... - jsif - missing you
@meryn ,thank you!!!! - jsif - missing you
no more vero? - nicky grass-Phil
@jsif coolt. har kommer en ganska outbildad fraga. om man liksom bor dar ute... flyger man da till sthlm/helsinik eller maste man ta den dar hemska farjan varje gng!? - Sofia8-Sweden
@caotic that's o.k. - i was like 5 when the song was on :) but you are soooo cute ♥♥ - Joan-NZ
@jsif hmmm i don't know what happened :) my bad - Joan-NZ
@meryn thank you!!!! - Joan-NZ
@sofia det går att flyga men det kostar skjortan. Det finns dock en massa olika färjor att välja emellan. Den du tänker på är nog kryssningsfärjan. Den åker jag väldigt sällan, alldeles för mycket fulla finnar ombord på den, lol, lite svenskar också. den jag tar tar mindre tid och är trevligare. - jsif - missing you
@joan sure... :( - jsif - missing you
@kwissy haha i have not asked her yet cause the answer wud be no - Rachael-GBR
@jsif hahahahahhaha....Mi Piace - jen-sweden
@joan you have to stop with it, because i'm not cute you have to ask my parents or my co-workers :P - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ Rachael for you: and after watching that I want to get an answer to the question plz :-D - Kwissy - GER
@jen You know I like everything you post to me! Jag kommer tänka på dig också, som varje dag! - Koo87- Finland
LOL @kwissy - jsif - missing you
@kwissy haha - Rachael-GBR
@jsif fast d maste varit en bra ursakt som tonaring nar man ville hitta ngt kul stalle att festa pa. 'mamma, jag ska bara ta fylle farjan in till sverige'... - Sofia8-Sweden
@joan ok i'm cute but you are cuter as everything ,my heart ♥♥♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@kwissy awww i love those girls!!! - Rachael-GBR
@caotic i don't need to ask anyone. i can see and everyone here can see how beautiful you are - inside and outside. you have to start to believe it 2 - Joan-NZ
@sofia som ålänning reser man helst inte mer än vad man behöver på färjor så väldigt lite festande på såna... Har desto mer alkohol på Åland... - jsif - missing you
@kwissy LOL! - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif hey did you answered me on FB or not, ist kein problem wenn nicht, ich seh ja du bist beschätigt hier :P - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@kwissy i still can’t believe otalia didn’t had even one decent kiss!!! - Joan-NZ
@sofia @jsif lol what's wrong with finland färjen hahahah - Koo87- Finland
@kwissy awww if i say yes Teresa will kill me! - Rachael-GBR
@joan there first one was hot - Rachael-GBR
@cao ich sehe nicht deine mitteilung. Wo ist es? Kannst du es noch ein mal shicken? - jsif - missing you
@joan maybe someday i will and than it's too late for me,because you were already mad of me and has leave me - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@ Sofia Fan vad du tjötar.Tant....så går det när man lurkat omkring så här länge. - jen-sweden
@koo the question is what is not wrong with the finlandsfärja? - jsif - missing you
@jsif komiskt. du e nog den fosta jag 'traffat' fran aland. later liksom exotiskt att komma darifran. fin flagga har ni oxa. mi piace! - Sofia8-Sweden
@rach it was o.k. - but i wanted a kiss that both sides really wanted it. it was biance and maggie sad story all over again - Joan-NZ
Rachael you are clever to bring always Teresa into the game. :D - Kwissy - GER
@jen... ur just jealous 'cause i'm chatting up ur girl! ;-P - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif so you don't see this one on FB granny: so how was the day on ff?? :p but it was only a joke really, du musst das nicht beantworten - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@caotic i will say it as long as i need to say it - when you start believing in it 2 . i mean it!!! - Joan-NZ
@jsif lol I know, I was being sarcastic ;) - Koo87- Finland
@Sofia Who???? What girl I have so many did´t I ????? - jen-sweden
@cao I have answered that one... Strange, will send it again - jsif - missing you
@kwissy I am only thinkin of your special form of a relationship with Teresa, if you were not with her then i would invite you, Jen would be pleased :D - Rachael-GBR
@joan i hear what you are saying!! - Rachael-GBR
@koo that's actually what we say about a club that's got totally 'wrong' crowd. "shit, this looks like alandsbaten!" sorry jsif - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia hey girl, I can smack you too!! - jsif - missing you
@cao do you see it now? - jsif - missing you
Rachael just a little script how to get your threesome - Kwissy - GER
@sofia haha well I'm not that surprised... - Koo87- Finland
@rach are you a bianca maggie fan? - Joan-NZ
@joan lol, you need a long breath to do it :P, but no sometimes i like me,but only sometimes, i hope that's enough ,for the start, amo, but i will never be soo cute as you are ♥♥♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jen i NEVER called u a player! seriously! - Sofia8-Sweden
Sofia that was a real failure :D - Kwissy - GER
@jsif Ja kann ich. Das Kind hat dieses mal auch ihre Brille aufgehabt!!! XD - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Just a form of a player - jsif - missing you
@cao, lol!! - jsif - missing you
so this is what happens... i think u ladies r funny. i 'delurk' & then u turn out to be a TOUGH crowd. jesus! - Sofia8-Sweden
@kwissy lol your awesome!! - Rachael-GBR
@jsif HEYYY! - Koo87- Finland
@caotic we all have our moments that we don't like ourselves - so it's totally normal, but you should like yourself soo much more, you deserve that!!! and you are the cutest thing in the world to me ♥♥ - Joan-NZ
@joan hmmmm i was, you? - Rachael-GBR
@ Sofia we are just messing with you honey.....You are new so we will tease - jen-sweden
@sofia hey how old are you in dogyears? - jsif - missing you
@koo heyy?!?!? - jsif - missing you
@jen your not really mad are you?? - Rachael-GBR
@jsif about the player comment - Koo87- Finland
Who is angry?! Why?! What did I miss?! What have I been doing?! - jsif - missing you
@rach still am !, i love love-stories that starts as a friendship!! - Joan-NZ
@koo but that was the truth... - jsif - missing you
@jsif No it wasn't, you don't know what you're talking about! - Koo87- Finland
@joan awww,who loves me that much, for bringing you in my life? ♥♥♥♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
meryn? - stadtneurose
@Rachael Offcourse not...I can´t be mad....have too much love in me;) - jen-sweden
@jen PUSS - Sofia8-Sweden
@jen awwwwwwwww good! - Rachael-GBR
They are making out!!! - jsif - missing you
@koo see form of a player... ;) - jsif - missing you
Rachael just want to show you a video which I did last week. Just to assure you of my camera skills - Kwissy - GER
@jsif 4+ - Sofia8-Sweden
@ meryn do you have screencaps of all the greetings? - stadtneurose
@joan yeah they are always cute! :) - Rachael-GBR
@jsif hahahah....stop with the form of a player....Rachael is more of a player than me;) - jen-sweden
@everyone, does anyone have a dog in here? - jsif - missing you
@jsif no! - Koo87- Finland
@Sab no, I only copied vero's stuff - Meryn - Belgium
@Sofia :) Välkommen hit - jen-sweden
@jsif yes I have - Koo87- Finland
@ jsif yes - stadtneurose
@jsif yes - Meryn - Belgium
@jen what? take that back lol I am soo not, your worst than me - Rachael-GBR
@koo, @sab, @meryn, How old are you when you are 4+ in dogyears? - jsif - missing you
@kwissy hahahah o my my 'Willow and Kennedy "Touched"” nice one! - Rachael-GBR
I mean as a human - jsif - missing you
@jsif 28+ - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif i would love to have one but i can't i have a allergy (hope that was the right word for it) - Kiwi - Persona non grata
yep, something like that - Meryn - Belgium
@jen @rach don't fight. you both our beloved hoes :) - Joan-NZ
Jen for me it is a remis :D - Kwissy - GER
@joan you will miss school, i think ;P - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@jsif I think you need to multiply the age with 7 - Koo87- Finland
@cao sorry for you :( - jsif - missing you
@joan Oo nice thanks lol - Rachael-GBR
Thanks all! So Sofia is anywhere between 28-99. Any guesses? - jsif - missing you
@Nina your fb chat sucks! if your still lurking here say hey!! - Rachael-GBR
@jsif du vill verkligen inte vara aldst!? - Sofia8-Sweden
@ joan hahahahahha.....and I thought your were a nice sweet mistake;) - jen-sweden
@caotic shit i'm like 30 min late - what else is new. it's so your fault!!! - Joan-NZ
@jen hey i said beloved - Joan-NZ
Rachael she said goodbye - Kwissy - GER
@ joan awwwww ok sorry honey bun...... - jen-sweden
@joan my pleasure :P, no it's not i don't want that you ruin everything because of me or something else - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@sofia om sabina är kvar så är jag inte äldst :) Men har egentligen inget emot att vara äldst. Jag är bara väldigt nyfiken av mig. Du behöver givetvis inte berätta - jsif - missing you
Rachael what about your school time. Ever had a crush on one of your teachers? - Kwissy - GER
@jsif jag e 31, fyller 32 i ar. vad mer vill du veta? - Sofia8-Sweden
@caotic are you kidding me?? in 4 years there is more classes that i missed and attended - so don't worry :) - Joan-NZ
@kwissy when? I sent her a fb message anyhow - Rachael-GBR
@jsif aren't you forgetting someone! - Koo87- Finland
@kwissy yes my hot psychology teacher she was mmm - Rachael-GBR
@ Sofia varifrån i sverige kommer du ifrån?? - jen-sweden
@jen I accept your apology – but don’t let it happen again - Joan-NZ
@ jsif do you talk about me? - stadtneurose
@jsif sa du fyller 30, jen e 27, koo? annars verkar d vara valdigt langt ner i the 20's har, eller? - Sofia8-Sweden
@jen your apologising to Joan? Why? lol - Rachael-GBR
@joan ok if this is so - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@rach because it's the right thing to do - Joan-NZ
@joan you called us hoes lol - Rachael-GBR
Rachael maybe 10 minutes ago. About your teacher - I remember. wait. have to search for it in the archive. Here it is Sorry now I know it was your privacy and that I hadn't got the right to film it - Kwissy - GER
@jen aldelse for litet for att jag kan skriva det. troligen darfor jag bott i LA & nu i London. Gillar inte smastader... - Sofia8-Sweden
@sofia åh, då är vi ju jämngamla. Sab she is 45 I think. Isn't it so @sab? - jsif - missing you
@ Rachael yes we were sweet beloved I had to apologize - jen-sweden
@sab I always talk about you ;) - jsif - missing you
@rach but i also said beloved - you are always stuck on the bad things - why is that rachael - why? - Joan-NZ
@sofia åh så du kommer från Göteborg? Och ja, de flesta här är rätt så unga. Kwissy är dock 27 eller 28 - jsif - missing you
@ Sofia men det svarade inte på min fråga....jag kommer oxå från en liten ort?? - jen-sweden
@ jsi i know honey but 45? you're are always so lovely ;-) - stadtneurose
@kwissy haha all i saw was love scene and it's blocked for some reason so i can't watch :( - Rachael-GBR
@sab what was it then 43? - jsif - missing you
@joan lol i ain't no hoe I'll have you know! - Rachael-GBR
@rach fb-chatting with me sucks!? awww, that hurt :( - nina-BERLIN
@ Rachael - jen-sweden
@jen LOL - Joan-NZ
do you have no youtube account? - Kwissy - GER
it is blocked because of the censorship for under 18 - Kwissy - GER
@nina nooo i didn't mean it like that its just that you were gone from fb chat just like that hence why it sucked! I love our chats :) - Rachael-GBR
@jsif lol I was talking about hanna! - Koo87- Finland
@jsif trodde du var 29 & skulle fylla 30? - Sofia8-Sweden
@koo I know, hush girl - jsif - missing you
@jsif maybe i look like that since il sogno but i'm not THAT old - stadtneurose
@jen what you hahahaing about lol?? - Rachael-GBR
@sofia så är det. - jsif - missing you
@kwissy aha i see lemme go look again - Rachael-GBR
lol Rachael the more late the more clumsy :D OKAY GIRLS BYE I HAVE TO GET SOME SLEEP - Kwissy - GER
Bye Kwissy!!! Sleep tight! - jsif - missing you
good night kwissy - Koo87- Finland
Don't let the bed bugs bite! - jsif - missing you
@kwissy night and sweet dreams - Kiwi - Persona non grata
sweet dreams @kwissy! - Sofia8-Sweden
@kwissy :P goodnight! - Rachael-GBR
@kwissy goodnight girl - Joan-NZ
@nina fb message!!! - Rachael-GBR
@ Kwissy Goodnight I give Teresa your messege when she comes by me tonight;) - jen-sweden
@kookooo hey happy birthday from the uk! ya meanie :P - Rachael-GBR
Form of a player evidence A - jsif - missing you
o.k. now i really have to go before i miss my next class.BYE AND GOODNIGHT @caotic amore i hope to see you tomorrow - miss you already baci baci ♥♥ - Joan-NZ
LOL - jen-sweden
@jen you player!! - Rachael-GBR
Bye joan! Have a great day! - jsif - missing you
@jen =) - Sofia8-Sweden
@jsif hahaha i like!! - Rachael-GBR
@rach haha thanks girl - Koo87- Finland
No I´m just messing with her....LOL me player - jen-sweden
Goodbye Joan P.S LADY GAGA IS AWESOME! :P - Rachael-GBR
@joan bye amore mio, mi manchi molto,tons of baci ♥♥♥♥♥ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
good night ladies and especially koo :) - nina-BERLIN
bye joan! - Koo87- Finland
Bye nina! - jsif - missing you
@nina good night to you too, and thanks :) - Koo87- Finland
@ Joan sweet dream baby girl - jen-sweden
Goodnight @Nina!! :) - Rachael-GBR
Goodnight nina - jen-sweden
@nina night and sweet dreams^^ - Kiwi - Persona non grata
@rach p.s. you are a hoe with bad taste in music - thats the worst kind of hoe! thanks @everyone and good night - Joan-NZ
@koo :D - Rachael-GBR
@joan oooo you just wait girl!!! - Rachael-GBR
Ohhhhh XENA is on tv to go lady´s - jen-sweden
Jen okay thanks for accepting Teresas apologize for not hooking up with you because of me. She just wanted to tell it to you face to face. - Kwissy - GER
@rac I'm going to see Lady gaga in Sthlm next week! :) - jsif - missing you
@Jen haha goodnight you player! :P - Rachael-GBR
@jen have fun with lucy ;) - Kiwi - Persona non grata
I'm going ladies. Goddnight @all!! - Rachael-GBR
yeah, gotta go as well... u guys r nuts! sweet dreams! Xx - Sofia8-Sweden
@ Kwissy Ohhhhhhhh SNAP...... TEN MIN LATER LOL - jen-sweden
@jen hej då! Sweet dreams! - jsif - missing you
Bye rac and sofia! - jsif - missing you
@rach @sofia bye sweet dreams - Kiwi - Persona non grata
Good night to everyone who is leaving! - Koo87- Finland
@ Godnatt MY SWEET LADIES @ KOO Have a great birthday, don´t do anything I would do;) - jen-sweden
Jen yes she first told me not to write it to you but than I kissed her and she was okay with it ;-) - Kwissy - GER
@jen hahahaha like isgame ;) good night babe! - Koo87- Finland
@ Kwissy Ohhh ....did you have one of thoes nightmares again????? Teresa is coming to me tonight becouse she wants to have a fun hot night....a sweet dream;) LOL - jen-sweden
A form of a player evidence B - jsif - missing you
Bye the ones who are left! See you again real soon!!! And hi franca, and bye. the chat happend. You can read about it on dct - jsif - missing you
pff.. what's this? mari's girls don't have a screenshot of both of sarah's updates in one picture? damn.. and I wanted to be lazy - Meryn - Belgium
crazy? yeah.. fun? dunno :) - Meryn - Belgium
our chat screen caps are already with the maris - Lampa-Mex
my facebook is still messed up coz I don't see it - Meryn - Belgium
@franca...yep crazy for sure...confuso...for sure....but she was here... - Lampa-Mex
ah, custodi - Meryn - Belgium
but still issues for me.. The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. - Meryn - Belgium will take you 5 minutes...she didn't have much time and things happened with the threads so she answered like 5 questions - Lampa-Mex
@meryn...yep..they are all maris for - Lampa-Mex
@lampa nono, big difference :) - Meryn - Belgium