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Aka Hannah (Litello) Student of Psychology
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Beats Antique - The Lantern (
Beats Antique.jpg
Great electronic/old-world fusion sound...Some people dance well to this ;), though you will not find many videos on the internet posting them, lol... - Lit
<3 - Kristin
GREAT!! - eskitenekekutu
Thanks Hannah...your unique selections never disappoint. :)) - JB
UR welcome... #Lits_music - Lit
Beautiful and soothing ... - Sepi ⌘ سپی
Lovely - Todd Hoff
Yes - Lit
like it, thanks - ebru
You're welcome :) - Lit
I'm not that keen on modern stuff, but this is beautiful. - Halil
It is :) #Lits_music - Lit
"Röyksopp has consistently experimented with various genres pertaining to electronica.Since their 1998 debut, the duo has gained critical acclaim and popular success around the world..."
"...To date, Röyksopp has been nominated for one Grammy Award, won seven Spellemannprisen awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums which have topped the charts in several countries, including four consecutive number-one albums in their native Norway..."via - Lit
Of course ;) - Lit
Violin and dub-step. Who could ask for anything more? :)
Hey Esther :) I'm going to try and be more diligent about visiting and sharing....and dropping in on my friends. #Lits_music - Lit
Good morning Hannah, good to see you back, hope you are well? I love the 2nd photo, great silhouette. - Halil
James Horner - Braveheart Theme
عاشق این فیلم مل گیبسون هستم -تنها فیلمی که اشکم رو تونسته در بیاره - reズa .
Dear friend, Thank you for sharing - this is my favorite - reズa .
this movie is great! the song's too :) - آریــوبرزن
@Reza: I'm glad you like it as much as I do. :) - Lit
It is really good. - Lit
اشك من رو هم درآورد شايد 7 -8 بار اول كه ديدمش تو همه موارد گريه كردم. - ostad
Hi litello- Re like thiss feed :))) - reズa .
کاملا موافقم -بخصوص صحنه ای که دخترو میکشن و مل گیبسون میاد توی روستا - reズa .
this is the moment my tears streamed out of my eyes: FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - ostad
@Rミズ入 (3zar) : I'm really glad you do :D #Lits_music - Lit
:))) - reズa .
this was my college paper-writing music - Bren
:) - Lit
Another good soundtrack composition by Thomas Newman.
thomas newman 2.jpg
thanks alot buddy :) the two tracks are reaaly great. I love your taste of music :) - آریــوبرزن
Good music :) #Lits_music - Lit
nice music :) - eskitenekekutu
I love Thomas Newman's work. - Jenny H. from Android
Jeremy Soule - Through the Valleys (ES4:Oblivion)
Jeremy Soule.jpg
So impressive! - eskitenekekutu
beautiful :) thanks my friend - آریــوبرزن
I'm glad you both like it...I think he is a talented electronic artist and has made a lot of good music.I will share more from him in the future... #Lits_music - Lit
I haven't listened to such a thrilling melody in a long time. apart from jethro tull. wow, now I wish it was longer... - Franc, a rememberer
Lana Del Rey combines mannered torch song balladry with hip-hop bravado, permeating the music with a sense of drama that feels familiar yet new.
I just love that torch song vibe to her voice. - Todd Hoff
+1 :) ... #Lits_music - Lit
nice one! - ebru
It is :) - Lit
todd o nasil ingilizce amk - bitchisback
Frou Frou - Shh
the picture on the right just gave me an idea for a drawing, so thanks twice for sharing :) - Logan Melzer
Artistically tasteful...yes? :P - Lit
No prob...#Lits_music - Lit
Prostheses by Sophie de Oliveira barata
The Alternative Limb Project 1.jpg
what made you look this up, if it's ok to ask? - Halil
Parkour/Free Running/Bboying...
Parkour/Free Running/Bboying...
That was sooo London or the UK at least for the most part, I recognised the architecture, but a few looked completely foreign, like those ruins, couldn't suss their locations, unless they too are in the UK somewhere? - Halil
These guys are awesome (wish I could do this stuff as well as them)!! - Lit
The skills, flexibility, agility, and the like are admirable and worth at least a partial endeavoring. - Lit
Cool stuff (People Are Awesome)...
Cool stuff (People Are Awesome)...
I Remember is a progressive house song by Canadian artist Deadmau5 and American DJ Kaskade. It features vocals from Haley Gibby. (via Wikipedia)
from the T dot - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
#Lits_music This makes me think about taking a ride with the top down on gorgeous spring or summer day (good times)! - Lit
Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait
Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait
Love it... - Lit
♥ GR8 combination of instrumentation. My kinda music. - JB from iPhone
:) - Jenny H. from Android
One of my all-time favorites... Clearly, this song is epic
love it! - ebru
New Asteroid Mining Company Aims to Manufacture Products in Space | Wired Science | -
New Asteroid Mining Company Aims to Manufacture Products in Space | Wired Science |
"A new private company called Deep Space Industries announced today that it intends to send a fleet of small spacecraft to near-Earth asteroids with the aim of mining resources and turning them into products using space-based 3-D printers. Last year was thick with audacious private spaceflight company unveilings, including the announcement from Planetary Resources, Inc. of their plans to mine relatively valuable platinum group metals from asteroids...There exists potentially extremely valuable material on asteroids, including nickel, silicon, platinum group metals such as platinum and palladium, and water, which can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen to make rocket fuel. DSI intends to create a fleet of prospecting spacecraft called “FireFlies” (perhaps trying to rouse interest in their plans from Joss Whedon acolytes) that will travel to asteroids in Earth’s vicinity on journeys of two to six months." - Lit from Bookmarklet
“Using resources harvested in space is the only way to afford permanent space development,” Gump said in statement. “More than 900 new asteroids that pass near Earth are discovered every year. They can be like the Iron Range of Minnesota was for the Detroit car industry last century – a key resource located near where it was needed. In this case, metals and fuel from asteroids can... more... - Lit
This is really cool, the kind of stuff we need to be doing. There's plenty of money in the world it just needs a big enough challenge to release it. We may also need an Asteroid branch of the air force. I can imagine a bond villain hijacking the mining facilities and holding the earth hostage to an asteroid attack :-) - Todd Hoff
Guess they would have to develop the technology to easily direct asteroid re-maneuvering and movement first ;) ...Glad you enjoyed the posted material. :) - Lit
Mental Health Improvements Are A Key Part Of Obama's Plan To Reduce Gun Violence - Kaiser Health News -
Mental Health Improvements Are A Key Part Of Obama's Plan To Reduce Gun Violence - Kaiser Health News
"In addition to calling for changes in how the country handles gun sales, the proposal would increase mental health services, finish rules on mental health parity and restore federal gun research. Modern Healthcare: Mental Health Care Part Of Obama Plan To Fight Gun Violence Surrounded by schoolchildren, President Barack Obama on Wednesday introduced his plan to reduce gun violence ... that includes increasing access to mental health services and conducting federal scientific research on gun-violence causes and prevention. The president's announcement comes one month after a lone gunman murdered 20 children and six school staffers in a shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. In addition to 23 executive actions, the plan includes recommendations that Congress act swiftly to pass legislation that would require a universal background check for all gun sales, restore a ban on military-style assault weapons and limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds (Zigmond, 1/16)." - Lit from Bookmarklet
Global Warming Brings Spring Flowers, According to Thoreau : Nature & Environment : Science World Report -
Global Warming Brings Spring Flowers, According to Thoreau : Nature & Environment : Science World Report
"It's not only April showers that bring flowers. It's also global warming. A recent study conducted by scientists from Boston University, Harvard University, and the University of Wisconsin found that flowers are blooming earlier and earlier every year in two historical sites. Using data collected by famous naturalists and authors Henry David Thoreau and Aldo Leopold, the researchers graphed the change in flower bloom times. The 161-year-old and nearly 80-year-old data allowed them to see exactly how much the temperatures had changed. Their findings were drastic and worrisome. After comparing past bloom times with present bloom times, the researchers found that plants, such as serviceberry and nodding trillium, are blooming up to one week earlier." - Lit from Bookmarklet
Aaron Swartz, Tech Prodigy and Internet Activist, Dies at 26 | -
Aaron Swartz, Tech Prodigy and Internet Activist, Dies at 26 |
"Swartz believed deeply that information — particularly that which might benefit society — should be made available for free to the public. In 2011, Swartz was indicted on federal data-theft charges for breaking into the MIT computer system and allegedly downloading 4.8 million documents from the subscription-based academic research database JSTOR. Swartz was facing up to 35 years in prison and a fine of up to $1 million. He pleaded not guilty. His trial was set to begin this April. .... Swartz, who studied at Stanford University for one year before dropping out, would later become a fellow at Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, where he worked with Lawrence Lessig, the renowned law professor and activist. Over the years, Swartz worked with Lessig on several major projects, including Creative Commons and Rootstrikers." - Lit from Bookmarklet
"A passionate advocate for social justice, Swartz founded the group Demand Progress, which played a crucial role in persuading the U.S. Congress to back down from controversial antipiracy legislation last year. In a statement, Swartz’s family criticized the way the federal government has handled the JSTOR case. “Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy,” his family wrote. “It is... more... - Lit
Delerium - a Canadian band that started as a side project of the influential industrial music act, Front Line Assembly. Throughout the band’s history, their musical style has encompassed a broad range, including dark ethereal ambient trance, voiceless industrial soundscapes, and electronic pop music.
Delerium - Days Turn Into Nights.jpg
You are welcome...thought you might like it. - Lit
Good adjective - Lit
I can relate to and experience many songs that are beautiful. Each grabs a hold of my heart in different ways <3 - Lit
Subscribe to me and I can share all kinds of things with you. :D #Lits_music - Lit
Happy to meet you. - Lit
2012 Was Hottest Year Ever in U.S. - -
2012 Was Hottest Year Ever in U.S. -
"The numbers are in: 2012, the year of a surreal March heat wave, a severe drought in the corn belt and a massive storm that caused broad devastation in the mid-Atlantic states, turns out to have been the hottest year ever recorded in the contiguous United States. How hot was it? The temperature differences between years are usually measured in fractions of a degree, but last year blew away the previous record, set in 1998, by a full degree Fahrenheit." - Lit from Bookmarklet
"If that does not sound sufficiently impressive, consider that 34,008 new daily high records were set at weather stations across the country, compared with only 6,664 new record lows, according to a count maintained by the Weather Channel meteorologist Guy Walton, using federal temperature records. That ratio, which was roughly in balance as recently as the 1970s, has been out of whack... more... - Lit
"Last year’s weather in the United States began with an unusually warm winter, with relatively little snow across much of the country, followed by a March that was so hot that trees burst into bloom and swimming pools opened early. The soil dried out in the March heat, helping to set the stage for a drought that peaked during the warmest July on record. The drought engulfed 61 percent... more... - Lit
Running 101 | Take these simple steps to become a runner. -
Running 101 | Take these simple steps to become a runner.
"Think of these lessons as Cliff Notes for "Running 101." Learn them, and you can make it through your beginning-running efforts with an "A" grade." - Lit from Bookmarklet
"1. Welcome to the starting line. This might be your first try at running, or a return visit, or an attempt to improve on what you already do. The less running you've done recently, the more you can expect to improve your distances and speeds in the next 10 weeks. On the other hand, the less you've run lately, the more likely you are to hurt yourself by doing too much running, too soon.... more... - Lit
"4. Take the mile trial. Friends who hear that you've begun running will soon ask, "What's your best mile time?" so you might as well get used to it. Before long, you'll be calculating your pace-per-mile on longer runs, but you should begin with a simple 1-mile test run (four laps on a standard track) to determine your starting point. Think of this run as a low-key test, not a race. Run... more... - Lit
"7. Remember to warm up and cool down. Don't confuse a little stretching with a good warmup. Stretching exercises generally don't make you sweat or raise your heart rate, which is what you really want from a warmup. A proper warmup begins with walking or running very slowly to ease your body into the session. My recommendation: Walk briskly for 5 minutes (about a quarter-mile), then... more... - Lit
"10. Use pain as your guide. Runners get hurt. Of course, we rarely hurt ourselves as seriously as skiers and linebackers, but injuries do happen. Most are musculoskeletal, meaning that we recover rapidly when we take days off or other appropriate action (like ice treatment). And most are self-inflicted. We bring them on by running too far, too fast, too soon, or too often. Prevention... more... - Lit
"13. Add a little stretching and strengthening. Running is a specialized activity, working mainly the legs. If you're seeking more complete, total-body fitness, you need to supplement your running workouts with other exercises. These should aim to strengthen the muscles that running neglects, and stretch those that running tightens, which means strengthening the upper body and... more... - Lit
12 Rude Revelations About Sex -
12 Rude Revelations About Sex
"Sex, we have been led to believe, is as natural as breathing. But in fact, contends British philosopher Alain de Botton, it is "close to rocket science in complexity." It's not only a powerful force, it's often contrary to many other things we care about. Sex inherently sets up conflicts within us. We crave sex with people we don't know or love. It makes us want to do things that seem immoral or degrading, like slapping someone or being tied up. We feel awkward asking the people we love for the sex acts we really want. There's no denying that sex has its sweaty charms, and in its most exquisite moments dissolves the isolation that embodied life imposes on us. But those moments are rare, the exception rather than the rule, says de Botton, founder of London's School of Life. "Sex is always going to cause us headaches; it's not something we can miraculously grow relaxed about." We suffer privately, feeling "painfully strange about the sex we are either longing to have or struggling to... more... - Lit from Bookmarklet
"Why do most people lie about their true desires? It is rare to go through life without feeling that we are somehow a bit odd about sex. It is an area in which most of us have a painful impression, in our heart of hearts, that we are quite unusual. Despite being one of the most private activities, sex is nevertheless surrounded by a range of powerfully socially sanctioned ideas that... more... - Lit
"Why is sex more difficult to talk about in this era, not less? Whatever discomfort we feel around sex is commonly aggravated by the idea that we belong to a liberated age—and ought by now to be finding sex a straightforward and untroubling matter, a little like tennis, something that everyone should have as often as possible to relieve the stresses of modern life. The narrative of... more... - Lit
"How is sex a great lie detector? Involuntary physiological reactions such as the wetness of a vagina and the stiffness of a penis are emotionally so satisfying (which means, simultaneously, so erotic) because they signal a kind of approval that lies utterly beyond rational manipulation. Erections and lubrication simply cannot be effected by willpower and are therefore particularly true... more... - Lit
"What is the lure of sex in the back of an airplane? Most of the people we come in contact with in daily life hardly notice us. Their businesslike indifference can be painful and humiliating for us—hence, the peculiar power of the fantasy that life could be turned upside down and the normal priorities reversed. The eroticism of nurses' uniforms, for example, stems from the gap between... more... - Lit
"Why is "Not tonight, Dear" so destructive? Logic might suggest that being married or in a long-term relationship must guarantee an end to the anxiety that otherwise dogs attempts by one person to induce another to have sex. But while either kind of union may make sex a constant theoretical option, it will neither legitimate the act nor ease the path toward it. Moreover, against a... more... - Lit
"Why is impotence an achievement? There are few greater sources of shame for a man, or feelings of rejection for his partner. The real problem with impotence is the blow to the self-esteem of both parties. We are grievously mistaken in our interpretation. Impotence is the strangely troublesome fruit of reason and kindness intruding on the free flow of animal impulses, of our new... more... - Lit
"What do religions know about sex that we don't? Only religions still take sex seriously, in the sense of properly respecting its power to turn us away from our priorities. Only religions see it as something potentially dangerous and needing to be guarded against. Perhaps only after killing many hours online at can we appreciate that on this one point religions have got it... more... - Lit
"Does marriage ruin sex? A gradual decline in the intensity and frequency of sex between a married couple is an inevitable fact of biological life, and as such, evidence of deep normality—although the sex-therapy industry has focused most of its efforts on assuring us that marriage should be enlivened by constant desire. Most innocently, the paucity of sex within established... more... - Lit
"Why are bread crumbs in the kitchen bad for sex? The common conception of anger posits red faces, raised voices, and slammed doors, but only too often it just curdles into numbness. We tend to forget we are angry with our partner, and hence become anaesthetized, melancholic, and unable to have sex with him or her because the specific incidents that anger us happen so quickly and so... more... - Lit
"Why are hotels metaphysically important? The walls, beds, comfortably upholstered chairs, room service menus, televisions, and tightly wrapped soaps can do more than answer a taste for luxury. Checking into a hotel room for a night is a solution to long-term sexual stagnation: We can see the erotic side of our partner, which is often closely related to the unchanging environment in... more... - Lit
"Why is adultery overrated? Contrary to all public verdicts on adultery, the lack of any wish whatsoever to stray is irrational and against nature, a heedless disregard for the fleshly reality of our bodies, a denial of the power wielded over our more rational selves by such erotic triggers as high-heeled shoes and crisp shirts, by smooth thighs and muscular calves. But a spouse who... more... - Lit
Tiger Baby - Combining the sexiness of underground European dance clubs with a universal mainstream appeal... In 2006 the second Tiger Baby album 'Noise Around Me' was released on May 23 in the USA on Souvenir Records.
5 Big Discoveries About Personal Effectiveness in 2012 -
5 Big Discoveries About Personal Effectiveness in 2012
"The science of self-improvement never ceases. Every year brings dozens of new quirky findings about how to be more effective, whether in managing our time, being more creative or just getting things done. Here are some of the highlights for me from 2012." - Lit from Bookmarklet
"1. You don’t know yourself as well as you think. We think we know ourselves best, but more and more evidence is surfacing to the contrary. This raises an interesting challenge for employers who solely base their hiring decisions on self-reported questionnaires. Psychologist Timothy Wilson proposes that to really know someone, you have to ask others to evaluate you. It turns out that... more... - Lit
"3. We’re more creative when thinking about others. Creativity in the business world is increasingly important. Creativity often involves viewing things from different perspectives. New findings show that we are more creative when we think of others solving problems instead of ourselves. To test this, professors Evan Polman and Kyle Emich presented 137 undergraduates with this riddle:... more... - Lit
Cassadee Blake Pope, American singer-songwriter and musician, was the lead vocalist of the pop band Hey Monday.
Excellent singer... (Her performance live is phenomenal) ... #Lits_music - Lit
I'm a big fan of Nicholas on The Voice, but Cassadee is much better. - Greg GuitarBuster
Beğenmedim kardeşim. - Quack
I thought Nicholas was incredible as well. Very soulful, unique as soothing! - Lit
Rita Levi-Montalcini, Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist, dies at 103 (
"Rita Levi-Montalcini, a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist who began her seminal research on cell development while dodging bombs and fleeing Nazi persecution during World War II, died Dec. 30 at her home in Rome. She was 103. ...Dr. Levi-Montalcini was widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists of her generation, and her accomplishments were particularly notable because of the handicaps and obstacles faced in science by women throughout the world when she began her career.Her rise to the highest reaches of scientific achievement was made even more difficult because she embarked on her career under the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini, who expelled her and her fellow Jews from the Italian academic world. She shared the 1986 Nobel Prize in medicine for her discovery of a substance known as the nerve growth factor, a naturally occurring protein that helps spark the growth of nerve cells. She launched that groundbreaking research in a makeshift bedroom laboratory during... more... - Lit
"In essence, Dr. Levi-Montalcini’s discovery helped explain how embryonic nerve cells grow into a fully developed nervous system and, more broadly, how a damaged nervous system might be repaired. Cohen was credited with the identification of the epidermal growth factor, a similar substance that helps regulate the growth of skin and other cells. Together, those advances “opened new... more... - Lit
"Phutureprimitive sound is not solidly rooted in any single genre nor easily defined, but draws influences from many sub-genres including Bass Music, Downtempo, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Breaks, Trip Hop, and more." .... #Lits_music
Phutureprimitive - Kinetik - Phutureprimitive_Kinetik.jpg
"Blackmill started of producing music at the age of 8 when he received his first musical instrument for his birthday - an Acoustic Guitar...As Dubstep grew throughout 2010 Blackmill took a shine to this new genre. Blackmill was quickly producing his own version of Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep." ... #Lits_music
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