RT @splattne: This changes everything... RT @mikkohypponen Wow....just wow. http://www.ding.net/wikilea...
Balls. Got a new iPhone yesterday and I'm still suffering from bad call quality even though I've got full bars. Time to change network?
J and P @ The Head Of Steam http://instagr.am/p/GWhj/
Jamesons and Ginger @ Tokyo Bar http://instagr.am/p/GVtg/
J and R @ The Forth Hotel http://instagr.am/p/GU12/
Hello Twitter. It's been a while.
I'm at a wedding do in Ashington where they're playing "We are the children of the night" and a guy is dancing with his shirt off. 4 Real.
Interesting article on how Oracle could be shooting themselves in the foot with this Google lawsuit. http://arstechnica.com/open-so...
I swear: if a fresh installation of Windows shuts down a PC for updates while I'm busy again, I'll have the head of Steve Ballmer.
The iBookStore would be great if they had more than twenty books for sale. Search for 'electronics' yields one matching book. FFS.
Had to kick my living room door down in my boxers, John McClane style, this morning because the barrel had jammed. It was awesome.
Dirty cheating Ferrari. #f1
Fuck. Could I have booked an earlier flight? #tired
Why on earth does it take fucking forever to backup a 16GB iPad?! I just want to sync a few files ffs!
Dear God, @O2 have dropped international data bundles to comply with EU legislation that's supposed to protect customers. #epicfail
15 mins til weekend.
RT @VizTopTips: MAKE people think you have an iPhone 4 by calling them, asking how they are then hanging up halfway through their reply /via @gannontv
Dear God, must my PS3 require a system update EVERY time I go on it? #ijustwanttoplay
Have decided: I'm giving the apps on my homescreen 2 weeks to update to iPhone 4 resolution icons, or I'm banishing them to other screens.
Is there anyway to tell Spotlight to stop being a dick head and index my fucking hard disk properly?
Jeremy Clarkson in a Reliant Robin == Too Funny.
Dear God, it's a Kia. #topgear
Just smashed my iPhone off a wall to prove a point that the glass is really tough, and it did me proud, not a mark on it. #pissed
The upshot is: beer + beautiful weather supersedes the poor World Cup result. #England http://twitpic.com/20hotf
The upshot is: beer + beautiful weather supersedes the poor World Cup result. #England http://twitpic.com/20hotf
Just transferred some HD video I shot on my iPhone to the Mac to watch on the big screen. Fuck me it's good. Worth the upgrade fee alone.
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