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RT @tottenhamplough: The Tottenham Ploughman's Team is BACK!! | 5th May | Markfield Park N15 | 11am - 5pm. | Not to be missed!
RT @GirlsOwn: We sympathise with you in the unsuccessful trial you have had of "Vaseline" but no one prescription ever suits all alike
RT @IpswichCAB: Mail On Sunday Food Banks 'Scroungers' Article Prompts Twitter Outrage ~
Not gonna lie. I do like a bit 'o' Captain America.
RT @kmflett: Ross Slater of the Mail will need vouchers in future. His article on food banks will make him unemployable except as a fraudster
RT @PrimlyStable: "What do you do for a living?" "I lie to charities in a bid to stop them giving food to poor people."
Well I guess if one #dailymail reporter is a liar and a fraudster, that proves that ALL DM reporters are liars and cheats, eh? #tabloidlogic
So now as CAB volunteers must we ask "by the way are you an undercover reporter from a scum tabloid?" before we proceed?
Not announce of shame that he wasted time better spent with a needy person and that he then redeemed the voucher! Did he give food back?
As a Daily Mail reporter, Ross, must have been as natural as breathing to you to tell a pack of lies to a charity and get a food voucher.
RT @FinsParkFriends: Happy Easter! Not long until our #easteregghunt in #FinsburyPark. Come to the play area by @finsburyparkcaf for 11. It's gonna be cracking!
Nothing says Easter like the #StampyLongNose Easter Egg Hunt at 8am #Minecraft
"There is nobility in the struggle, you don't have to win." via @goodreads
RT @karentriggs: I am pleased to announce @LizIxer that I reckon I've done about 50 of these #woodgreen
RT @WeBeGardeners: 'Gardening for All' course - Harringay online: Finsbury Park Community Garden are running our popular gardenin...
RT @historitage: Great news! Girls in glasses get passes. #1960s
RT @ClaireEStorey: Checking out "30 Awesome Things to do in Wood Green" on Harringay online: > now up to 60!
The list of Wood Green things to do has grown to *60* thanks to you #N22
RT @LaurenCaraP: Fabric for 1dress, 2 or 3 skirts, 2 blouses + all threads, notions, interfacings etc £70 Wood Green indoor market
RT @NoelParkN22: RT @NoelParkMarket: Don't forget about our free Easter egg hunt 11:00 on Easter Sunday noelparkmarket @ Noel Park Primary…...
RT @vicclesticks: Walked into pub. Neil Morrisey's dog started a fight. Walked out of pub.
RT @LaurenCaraP: @LizIxer #leopardleggings #WoodGreen > perfect for your pilates class people :)
RT @LaurenCaraP: Inspired by @LizIxer I am spending a few hours in #WoodGreen to see if I can unearth a few gems. So far so good…
RT @LaurenCaraP: I score Canteen bfast 7/10. Points deducted for running out of black pudding, inferior banger and no tomato choice tinned/fresh. @LizIxer
RT @EastLondonGroup: Thanks for following the ELG @LizIxer This is Marian Square, Hackney by Albert Turpin
RT @ktkinnear: @LizIxer Join 'Tottenham and Wood Green Friends of the Earth' and you too can wear a giant bee costume
RT @GlasgowTUC: This is what inspired our #GlasgowMayDay poster. Paul Robeson's lead the March in 1960 here is a wonderful picture.
RT @newunity: TODAY - Charity Clothes Swap, at Unity (#N1), 13:00-16:00. Swap good quality clothes on a one-in-one-out basis. #clothes #charity #swap
RT @HistoryVault: Mae West was sentenced to 10 days jail #OnThisDay in 1927 for "corrupting the morals of youth" with her play 'Sex'.
RT @ModernToss: It's World Circus Day. Dress up like a creepy clown and hang around at the park.
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