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Is Your Marketing Derailing Your PR? @Molly_Reynolds1
Living up to what I am is a far better use of my life than trying to become something I'm not. @LizStrauss
6 Leadership Mistakes To Avoid
NEW! Proven Ways to Make People Read Your Content
Rt @invisiblepeople in 7 days I'll have 19 years sober. Please give $19 to fight homelessness
The Six Books Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read This Summer via @farnamstreet
PayPal's Small Business Lending Program Expands by @lauraentis via @EntMagazine
6 Questions to a Powerful Message that Resonates Across the Web @lizstrauss
Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life by @positivityblog
An #artfulcritic thinks first "what's my true purpose for sharing what I have to say?" @lizstrauss
RT @JeanPickering: "Don't tell me what you want. Tell me how you & I will be heroes if I do what you want" -- @LizStrauss #GeniusShared
How Becoming a Father Changes Your Brain via @wired
4 Points of Clear Thinking in Social Business Times of Fleas and Mosquitoes via @lizstrauss
NEW! How to cook with rocks
The words that are heard, the words that resonate and last are the words that we write intelligently from the heart. @lizstrauss
Why Local Businesses Need Online Marketing @webmarketing007
Top 100+ Content Marketing Tools via @mytrafficmentor
Six Steps to a Remarkably Powerful, Personal Network @lizstrauss
hy Your Company's Next Growth Opportunity Might Surprise You By @AnnieHP h/t @SmallBizTrends
The Difference Between Begging for and Building Influence @lizstrauss
Did you see this one? It's a customer service story with a saloon fight. by @lizstrauss #MICSB #GeniusShared
"It just get's into your bones. It wears you down. It's a killer in the end" ~ Steve I ⊕
Social Selling And What It Should Be Or Shouldn’t? | Social Dojo #RonR @TedRubin
The minute you expect my generosity, you strip away my ability to give freely to you because I want to. @lizstrauss
The New Yorker Opened Its Archive for 3 Months — Here's What To Read via @slate
12 Weak #Leadership Habits Entrepreneurs Must Break by @YEC
#MISCB's member @lizstrauss is an international brand strategist, community builder & co-founder of #SOBCon & #GeniusShared
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