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Some obnoxious godless little girls out there... "8-year-old takes on S.C. lawmakers in fossil fight"
RT @0xabad1dea: An unsolved problem in computer science is how to paste working source code into a book without it getting corrupted
The definitive Elder Scrolls Online review? "I had to cut my legs off, so I could better fit the spoons in."
Current status: Bearded Wilson from Don't Starve
Took a peek at my new Twitter profile. Weird. Half badly cropped giant image at the top, only 2.5 tweets visible until I start scrolling
Twas a day for cat pictures.
Catsby Glass has a different feature set than Google Glass.
RT @stlhood: It's an indescribable thrill to realize that you're not the only person who cares about your crazy idea.
Re: Game Boy Advance Games Are Shockingly Good on Wii U -
"These games were great on a Game Boy Advance. I bet you can get a GBA and a pile of original carts from eBay or a local shop for far less than a WiiU :)" - l.m.orchard
RT @phrawzty: @jake_maul @lmorchard @bear A counter-point to the previous "totem pole" blog post:
Wow. One of the most annoying articles I've tried to read on the web, yet. Please stop screwing with scrolling
boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots & cats & boots
How 'DevOps' is Killing the Developer
So, Microsoft just sent me spam to remind me that I'd opted out of all their other spam. Thanks, creepy ex. You can continue to go away now
RT @A_single_bear: I dug up a lot of dirt this morning. It was windy. The sun was hiding behind the trees. Everything tasted salty. I am a bear.
From sun & nearly 80°F back to snow & 26°F in under a week. Go home, Michigan weather, you're drunk.
Damn. Now I want to read the Game of Throne books to spoil the show faster.
OMG Game of Thrones
RT @mart3ll: Chris Beard as interim CEO to move us forward? Oh my, yes. /cc @cbeard
RT @johnolilly: @jolieodell hey jolie - i do like chris a lot and think he'll do well. but i'm hardly an anti-fan of brendan, and never called for step down
RT @mozilla: We’re happy to announce Chris Beard as board member & interim CEO. Together, we’ll continue advancing the open Web:
There are worse litmus tests for Mozilla leadership than requiring Canadian citizenship. Oh hell, did that just start another press cycle?
RT @cbeard: Excited to step in as interim CEO to continue shaping the future of the Web for public good w/ fellow Mozillians:
Mobile Apps are a part of the Web like the Disney Monorail is a part of the national transportation infrastructure.
Was today a special day for Nirvana? Saw like 7 kids in Nirvana shirts around Royal Oak today, none born before Cobain's death. #TeenSpirit
Facebook suggests I should poke @brendaneich. But, frankly, I think we should leave the man in peace for awhile. Poke @chrisblizzard instead
Hmm, though maybe I should say LastPass is buggy as hell in Firefox Nightly. Seems to work better in Aurora
Great. One random walk through Reddit & YouTube, and I'm going to be dreaming about Tuvan throat singing all night
So, I picked a passphrase that makes me giggle and I want to tell to everyone.
Also suddenly my Google Authenticator lists many more things & has to scroll
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