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Re: 2014 Update - Russell Beattie -
"Congrats on 2014, man! And "squee like a 11 year old girl and ask him to sign my forehead with a permanent marker"... yeah. Yeah, I feel that." - l.m.orchard
Catsby Cheddarson, flat-packed for your convenience
[Puck napping intensifies]
Alright, I'm going to stop tweeting depressing crap for a bit and just listen to this song on repeat for a few hours
"I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me." Oh, now here's an essay that will be well-received.
Heh nice: Egypt is trolling us about #Ferguson
RT @lucasratmundo: And in case you missed, Chromecast support is now enabled in Firefox for Android's Nightly build #firefox #chromecast
RT @Skullcat: I'VE GOT TWO CAMERAS AND A MICROPHONE Oh hell no you have to leave the area
Not that I really want to see it happen, but when do the 2nd amendment freedom fighters descend on #Ferguson to resist government tyranny?
How is this shit still happening in #Ferguson? And how are these cops still going out with their toys at night with no adult supervision?
RT @mollylambert: you don't make Amnesty International leave unless you're planning to violate basic human rights
RT @Boilerplate1893: #Ferguson store owners did not claim he stole from them. UNCUT video shows Brown paying for the cigars found on him.
Wherein Cheddars the cat thinks she's a bunny.
Dear bachelor slob past self: Stop eating Wendy's every night. Get a slow cooker. Reserve 1 Sunday a month to do this
RT @kateo: Ice Bucket Dumping as a Service.
How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country
Seriously, stop complaining about vertical videos from smartphones. That's how you hold a phone. Start building better tools to handle them.
First run without the C25k app running. Gave a little 3 block sprint at the end for the hell of it
RT @ryan: I believe in a national mandate requiring uniformed officers to wear a camera at all times while on duty (and equip vehicles with dashcams).
I could listen to this Vomitron cover of Blaster Master themes all day. And I have been, so far.
Finally gave Awesomenauts a try. It's like Mega Man as a casual MOBA. I am doomed.
RT @Edcrab_: *American sees a Brit. After moment of consideration, edges closer* Excuse me. Hi. Do you have... fruit in your country. How about cats
Wait, the SWAT jerks are back out in #Ferguson again? I thought they changed that. What a debacle.
Now that I've heard the Pina Colada song a few times (thanks Guardians of the Galaxy) it occurs to me that it tells a rather scuzzy story
RT @substitute: I wonder what effect “mobile everything” has had on password quality. My guess: catastrophic. #infosec #failure
RT @RikerGoogling: can a visor see farts?
Google has been tracking my location, and the sad thing is I never go anywhere
I totally want this shirt.
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