Re: Unit Testing with Mocks in Node · Sebastian Van Sande -
"For alternatives, I'm pretty fond of using mockery [1] and nodemock [2]. Mockery is like proxyquire, but it feels simpler to me. And nodemock is like sinon, but it has a fluent API to declare expectations you can assert later - eg. whether a function has been called, how many times, what test data it should return, etc. [1] [2]" - l.m.orchard
Re: Anita Sarkeesian Describes the Fury She Cannot Express in Public -
"> What a self righteous, egotistical bitch. > ...why women like me (good looking ones)... Kinda looking like a pot calling the kettle black, there." - l.m.orchard
Re: We could have an open, user-controlled, ad-free Facebook -
"I've gone from banging my head on this constantly, to maybe an enthusiastic sprint every season or so. I'm convinced the core issues are usability and cost. Luckily, the cost-in-money is almost cents-per-month, these days. But, the cost in time and research getting all this stuff to work is a thankless climb for most folks. Ironically, after Radio UserLand, I think Apple's iWeb was one of the few decent attempts at packaging self-published web in a friendly way. My neighborhood association put it to great use, as did a few authors I knew. But, Apple didn't try very hard, and to this day cloud stuff baffles them. And that's sad, because I feel like they really could have built a shiny for-pay alternative to the free-but-we-spy-on-you paradigm." - l.m.orchard
Re: Detroit man's 21-mile commute by foot illustrates our insane transit policy -
"Yeah, because if he can't afford a car, he can surely afford the expense to move." - l.m.orchard
Re: Just Frelling Do It: How To Get Into Farscape By... -
"They really wanted Maldis to be a supreme baddy, didn't they? I kind of wanted him to come back one more time to try screwing with Scorpius. Scorpius, of course, would have trapped Maldis in a little jar and kept him on a shelf for future study and entertainment." - l.m.orchard
Re: Majority still support single-payer option, poll finds -
"Do you even know any Canadians?" - l.m.orchard
Re: Majority still support single-payer option, poll finds -
"You're just writing words that the other guy wrote now, and none of them make sense in that order." - l.m.orchard
Re: Diving in Beleriand: My 2014 in review -
"Congratulations on everything this year, man! Though, I really do hope you continue to seek balance and find some. That's at least one way you can help keep things from going pear-shaped." - l.m.orchard
Re: Text Based Adventure Games with Node.js -
"You might be interested in Parchment, which runs a lot of text adventures past and present: Also, check out to see Parchment in action" - l.m.orchard
Re: My journey in becoming a Mozillian -
"I guess another way to look at this is: Thank you for giving Mozilla a second chance! It's treacherous ground, but I think we're better off with your perspective than without." - l.m.orchard
NAVE Arcade Real Time Gameplay -
NAVE Arcade Real Time Gameplay
Re: November snowfall closes Michigan universities -
"Hah, no, just a graduate from 1997" - l.m.orchard
Re: November snowfall closes Michigan universities -
"Nice conspiracy theory you've got going there. Average global temperatures on the rise changes climate. There was no replacement, just a refinement of the language used to describe the same issue. Scientists look for more precise ways to describe things all the time. That it's cold here and now (weather) doesn't mean the planet's not getting warmer overall (climate). The Earth orbits the Sun, so it still cycles between warm & cold throughout the year. But, changes in the arctic & the tropics muck with the pattern of winds that reach us here in Michigan. Colder winds are dipping farther south earlier and for longer periods than they used to. Climate & weather are complex & chaotic, weird things happen. Or, I guess you can stay in denial about our way of life needing to change, and blame it all on those evil liberals. I mean, whoo yeah let's wreck the incomes of the taxpayers so we can use their money to fund science projects... (how does that even work?) In the meantime, we're going to..." - l.m.orchard
Re: A smart phone with no phone -
"Ugh. I'm sorry that's happening." - l.m.orchard
Re: UserTalk in JavaScript? -
"What's really bizarre these days is that you *can* compile C / C++ to Javascript, and it's not a 100% insane-o thing to consider." - l.m.orchard
Re: A smart phone with no phone -
"I miss my Palm Pre :(" - l.m.orchard
Re: A smart phone with no phone -
"How come? (Probably too big a question for this comment thread, and fair enough if so.) Alternatively, Chrome / Chromium OS might yield what you want. But, it's not headed to phones as far as I understand." - l.m.orchard
Re: A smart phone with no phone -
"Came here to say the same thing. I have several - needs work, but it's not bad. :)" - l.m.orchard
The Man Who Sees Art in Cheetos
Also, this episode of the @nerdist with @CHVRCHES was brilliant
If the music thing doesn't work out for @chvrches, maybe @nerdist can pick them up as co-hosts on the podcast! But, it'll probably work out.
Mmm, beer for dessert - Drinking a Final Absolution by @Dragonmead at @vinsetta_garage #photo
Huh. This almost tastes like its got blue cheese a... (Arbalest Bourbon Barrel Belgian Pale) #photo
Understanding Millennials—How do Potatoes Fit into Their Lives?
RT @eldsjal: $2bn and counting -
10 things I learned from reading (and writing) the PouchDB source
Actually, it's about cabbages in flowing absurdities #envoygate /ht @ftrain
One of these days I'll forget to uncheck that "McAfee Security Scan Plus" box when I update Adobe Flash and I'll have to burn my computer
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