Loic Le Meur
8438 people follow me on Twitter and 5160 on Friendfeed. Friendfeed seems to be catching up fast. Wondering if I will have more on FF soon?
Only if you want. - J.T Dabbagian
The question is: how much do YOU follow :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
pretty impressive, I can't relate to those numbers; i have 49 on Friendfeed and 175 on Twitter - Lou Paglia
in any case thanks for following me! directeur on Twitter I follow 8439 people and about 500 on Friendfeed I think. Friendfeed shows you a lot of content from people you don't follow (if they comment or friends of people you follow) so it's not the same on FF. You can read lots of people you do not have to follow on FF which I like, some people find it's noise. - Loic Le Meur
Loic, I actually share your opinion on the subject :) I was just (how do we say "taquiner" in english btw?) :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
mmm either it is a total coincidence or Michael got this post from my tweet http://www.techcrunch.com/2008... - Loic Le Meur
1880 follow me on twitter and so far 362 on Friendfeed, (but I've only just started really using it properly). Because of this, they are quite different experiences for me at the moment. I'm really liking that you can see different types of content in ff, and that you can see all the comments of a conversation together. I do wish there were more women commenting though, as I mentioned in a Share yesterday. - jjprojects
For me, 1,128 on twitter and 121 on friendfeed - Christian Burns
Having a lot of followers here quickly might have something to do with the fact that followers can quite easily be moved over from twitter to here, do you think? I've found that. Twhirl is another incentive to use ff as well as twitter, Loic :) - jjprojects
I think the real question is whether we are creating an echo chamber. I think not. I find this all very meaningful. - Kris Kelley
2,629 follow here, and 1,288 on Twitter. I don't think Loic follows me on either. :-) - Louis Gray
No offense, but isn't all this numbers-posting stuff (that seems to be the latest A-lister trend) kinda B.S.? How much do you actually read? How much do you contribute? And more importantly, how much is it changing your life for the better? How much are you changing others' lives? Otherwise, heck, it's Friendster all over again. "I have 50 friends!" "Well, I have 500!!!" :P - Adam Lasnik
Adam: you can click over to the right to see how many people and conversations I interact with. This is a LOT different than Friendster. - Robert Scoble
good point Adam, it is not how many that matters, it is who follows you. In this case I was just trying to check the proportions. - Loic Le Meur
Loic: who follows you really doesn't matter. Who YOU follow defines you. Inputs vs. outputs. If you just care who is consuming your outputs you'll soon be a pretty shallow fellow. Me? I want to follow smart people and have conversations with them. Better inputs makes me smarter. - Robert Scoble
Loic, yep, now I see you were focusing on the ratio. Sorry for being a bit over-snarky perhaps; I've just seen so many threads lately on "Look how many followers I have on [x] service!" And Robert, I see your point, but -- as I've challenged you in the past -- I still haven't been convinced of the "worth" issue. You are splendiforously active online. You follow a zillion people. Zillions follow you. Has it made lives appreciably better, or is it just so much gee whiz, look at the latest? - Adam Lasnik
Adam: does reading the New York Times or watching CNN made lives appreciably better? How could I even try to make such an audacious claim? That said, this morning I had breakfast with a bunch of Twitterers/FriendFeeders and we had a great time. That made MY life better. - Robert Scoble
Personally, I think watching CNN makes folks' lives worse, and I'm less and less keen on the NYT, so not sure those are great examples :P. But yeah, I think pretty much every action one undertakes should make lives better. Simple things: flossing teeth. Reading Digg for hours on end? Probably not so much. Subjective? Absolutely. But speaking as someone who has wasted (yes, wasted) way too much time online at times, I am happy to (somewhat hypocritically) call others out on what I perceive as... - Adam Lasnik
a strongly overinflated sense of the importance of online activity. With that said, using online interactions to make one's real life richer... that's something I agree is awesome :). - Adam Lasnik
Adam: on my best of days yes, I try to make your lives better through my media. But only history can judge whether I actually rose to that level. - Robert Scoble
Fair enough, Robert. And while I fundamentally disagree with a lot of your philosophies and often don't share your (sincere) excitement for many online things, I do think your heart's in the right place :) - Adam Lasnik
My Twitter is more quantative,FriendFeed more qualitative:) - Igor Poltavskiy
David: everything on the Internet is permanent thanks to Google. I get what you are trying to say, though. I call this the "half life of a conversation." On Twitter it's a few minutes. On FriendFeed? More than an hour. - Robert Scoble
imho, tweets about # of followers is major turn-off. i can't count that high. not in English. Not in French ;-) - Andy Sternberg
I wonder what the guys@twitter got to say about all this 'end of twitter' talk going on out there.....anything i missin here ? - Jassim
Sincere question: Howdo followers create value for you (from $ to brand, etc.)? Any "before" and "after" analysis? It is great for us all to be talking a lot - I am just starting to pull back and see what the real value is and would love your thoughts! - Tony from twhirl
one thing to consider when comparing FF and Twitter follower numbers is that you don't have to follow someone to see their stuff in FF. For example, I see this thread not because I follow Loic, but I follow Louis Gray and he follows Loic. Unlike Twitter, this makes it much easier for new comers to be part of the conversation in FF. - berkay
@RobertScoble Twitter's traffic more FriendFeed's one though - Igor Poltavskiy
Wow, FF is catching up with twitter ... cool! - Susan Beebe
"more" is not always "better" - Stephanie Booth
Robert, I know you want to follow tons of people, I followed your advise on Twitter following 8500 people and to be honest that turned my feed in something unreadable, but I agree on the concept. I would like to listen to all of the people who follow me, but not always. Stephanie, absolutely right. - Loic Le Meur