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Louis Gray
Beware of the wily #seesmic raccoon. It has invaded my home and made its imprint on my twins.
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We're all doomed! Run for your life. - Matt Ruiz
Now he looks life a lot of fun. Wonderful and thanks for sharing. - Robert Mendez
this is huge!!!! - Loic Le Meur
Louis, how many kids do you have and what ages? I will get you tshirts! - Loic Le Meur
Excellent :) - Jean-François Amadei
Loic, we just have the two one-year-old twins. They are unrepentant and always accept schwag. - Louis Gray
great thanks Louis - Loic Le Meur
btw Louis, did you know Loic is Louis in "Breton"? We actually have the same first name - Loic Le Meur
Now I know. I knew France was a big fan of Louis. We were "elected" king more than a dozen times, no? - Louis Gray
Louis, does Loic call you Loo-ey? - Derrick
Derrick, I haven't noticed. Yesterday, when I abruptly and rudely called for him to come on stage to pose with Iain of TweetDeck and Nick of TweetMeme, he said "anything for Louis" and I believe I heard an "s". - Louis Gray
I used the "s" to make it sound english but yeah, no s pronounced in french - Loic Le Meur
I start my French classes in September for my trip next year. I wonder if Loic can tutor me. Louis, you're my "in". Make it happen! - Derrick
Cute as ever. - Anne Bouey
My suitcase is actually full of that! :D - shinchi
... and my son's name is Lewis - Though as his mum and me both lived in France, that's not too surprising. - Jim Connolly
5 year bumpage. - Louis Gray
Paul Buchheit
Auto Facial Attractiveness Enhancement Engine -
Auto Facial Attractiveness Enhancement Engine
Auto Facial Attractiveness Enhancement Engine
This is amazing. I think we should automatically apply it to all profile photos ;) - Paul Buchheit
Facial discrimination? - Jason
Impressive. - j1m
Can I get one for the body as well as the face? - Dion Almaer
Very interesting. Hope they post the download link soon so that we can all play with it. - Brady Brim-DeForest
It seems as if the main problem with most people in the examples shown is their forehead is too short or too narrow. Wonder if there's a subtle clue that big brains are beautiful there! :) - Lindsay
@Jason - that's an interesting concept. Would you be more likely to trust the girl on the left or right? Would you be more likely to talk to either one of them at a party (or more intimidated by either one?). - Lindsay
Right one looks more dumb... - Phil Smirnov
Notice that for all the women they soften the jaw, while squaring it for men. Everyone also gets a slightly thinner face and upturned almost smiling lips. - FFing Enigma
@SB yeah and the forehead adjustment... almost like there is a triangle with the forehead at the point and they flip it so the chin is the bottom of the triangle... weird. - Lindsay
They are different women! Blame Paul! : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
impressive - accexine
Lindsay: whenever sketching generic faces, the face starts as an inverted triangle and the eyes appear a third of the way down from the top of the forehead; lips and nose appear below and above (respectively) a line 1/3 up from the chin. Looks like these pictures are rearranged to meet that particular school of drawing. - FFing Enigma
That is interesting yet odd. Seems that the faces are slendered with the software. - Jim Goldstein from twhirl
I wonder what would come out of applying their algorithms to face of black or asian person? Different countries have different concepts of beauty. - arty
Paul - Think you should definitely add the option. "Click here to be beautiful without the expense of plastic surgery! .... and you may even get more 'Likey's" :)" - Charlie Anzman
Some of the stuff coming out of Siggraph this year is really freaky. How about combining this with the automatic video editing stuff? ;) - Joe Beda
without a doubt amazing. It's incredible how subtle the changes are yet massive difference. - Zee.
Huh, that's pretty crazy. Creepy, but cool. :) - felix
I haven't read the paper, but I wonder if it adapts to different notions of "attractive" (that changes from culture to culture ...) - Rui Pires
+1 @Claude I was thinking the same thing! Incorporate this software in wearable monitor glasses, and the whole world would be beautiful! I'll bet we can look for these on the shelves in the U.S. just before November. Social media and reality enhancement software have put Winston Smith out of a job. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
do i sense another manga-style meme starting? - anna sauce
So, if it turns me into Gilbert Godfried... what does that mean? - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
You know, if these guys had gotten together with the realtime video+photo enhancement folks and approached the Beijing Olympic Comittee then that singing girl in the opening ceremonies might not have had to been replaced with a body double. (Yeah, I just brought three of this week's biggest memes together. I'll be here all week.) - Kevin Fox
The artist proportions were laid out by the Greeks as the perfect human, that's not being used here. This beautification engine, I think, builds on top of a previous study where some students tried to mathematically identify attractiveness. They had participants rate the attractiveness of head shots from yearbooks. What they found was there was a high correlation b/w the geometrically "average" face and high attraction. That "average" is based on the proportions of the di - xero
stances between the individual elements of the face and their relative sizes. IIRC the software adjusts elements so they statistically/geometrically complement each other. It's not actually working toward a golden set of proportions, but a set of proportions appropriate for the individual as defined by the masses. I wouldn't think of it as "facial discrimination" so much as "deviation from ones potential". - xero
I'm waiting for the first Facebook application that automatically enhances your profile picture like this. Every social network should run this on the avatars. Beautiful people! - Benedikt Koehler
Can you imagine the controversy if dating sites got a hold of this? - xero
@paul automatically apply it to all profile photos, huh? are you sure you ready for results? check my picture - try to see wonderful cossacks writing infamous letter to Turkish Sultan :) - A. T.
I wonder if they'll turn Mickey Mouse into Mighty Mouse - Dave Q
@Lindsay; A)Maybe/? 1=Left 2=Right 3=N/A - Jason
this will have a lot of practical applications to create a (virtual) world of beautiful (or more acceptable facially) people. - Apostolos Tsompanopoulos
Just a complicated high tech implementation of beer goggles. - Hayes Haugen
Chris' comment is sooo tempting - Charlie Anzman
This is what came up as the top Google hit for paul buchheit friendfeed. - Spidra Webster
I just read the first comment and may I ask why we should apply it automatically to all profile pictures??? Who are we gonna kid that way?! - ani
it's long gone. - Big Joe Silence
It's down :( - Burcu Dogan
cannot open this link,404 is there~ - 阿石
Steve Gillmor
Borthwick, Fitton, Marks, Scoble, Farber, Loic. - Steve Gillmor
thanks for having me Steve. - Loic Le Meur
Interesting as usual, the ecosystem is set to explode with the Listing API and curation is what everyone needs to be working on. Nice to hear more opinions about status updates converging and reading lists trending, as the potential issues with proxy rights to link data and a Facebook App Store. Looking forward for the transcript. - Alberto Saavedra
Mark Evans
@loic panel - Does PR suck: Loic Le Meur says problem with ads is LACK of TRUST: (via
@loic panel - Does PR suck: Loic Le Meur says problem with ads is LACK of TRUST: (via
Scott Beale
140 | The Twitter Conference in Los Angeles -
140 | The Twitter Conference in Los Angeles
will all speeches be limited to 140 words or less? - Laww
Paul Buchheit
Putting the "feed" back in friendfeed
photo 2.jpg
ATT00001.txt 6 bytes
looks like you changed the logo? - Loic Le Meur
Yum lunch time .. thanks for reminding me I should eat. - Steve Ram
OT: It's good if ff email handler ignores attached file named ATT00001.txt with empty lines. - NaHi from
Does the cheese spell something? - Rob Schieber
April Buchheit
Note to self: Don't 'friend' your boss on FB and then bitch about your job.
El. Oh. El. You gotta be some sort of stupid to friend your boss before your probation period is up. Fired in front of friends and family? PRICELESS. - Anika
She's a f*ing idiot. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine at an ad agency, who accidentally texted "my boss is a fucking cunt" ... to her boss. She didn't get fired or reprimanded, but she freaked out about it. - LANjackal
It floors me how much people openly vent about their jobs on public feeds like FriendFeed. Even if your boss isn't a direct contact, how are people so sure that a boss or co-worker won't stumble across it? - Mike Doeff from iPhone
If I have complaints about work, I try to mask them as much as possible or make them more about me personally than the job itself. At the same time, I really try to stay mum about any job I have.. - Jonathan Hardesty
Mike and how are you so sure that other people don't know who you are talking about? There's a person here on FriendFeed who complains about their coworker. Even though I live in a different city, I know that coworker. - Anika
+1 Anika. I generally refrain from talking bad about my employer/coworkers ANYWHERE online. Even on anonymous accounts. You just never know who might freak out and file an unmasking court order. It's happened before. - LANjackal from IM
Maybe the more general rule that comes into play here is to never say anything about someone you wouldn't tell them to their face. - Ken Sheppardson
Well said Ken. - Benjamin Taylor
What an idiot... When people claim we don't need guidelines for employees using social media, I just have to point out cases of extreme stupidity like this... - Badger Gravling
this is huge! - Loic Le Meur
OH those lessons learned the hard way. - anna sauce
This is great! Don't bite the hand that feeds especially if you're friends on FB. - Gabe Diaz from iPhone
Why friend your boss in the first place, especially if all you do is complain about the job? - Adrian McMillan
Ouch… :P - Daniel Schildt
Well someone has to make room for other people! From the sounds of it, she was probably already canned anyway. - Robert Fisher
Well that was a bit dumb. The thing about social media is it's just so much a part of our lives. We are encouraged to pour our views and feelings into it but we have to remember who is going to be reading it. In the end we have to censor ourselves so as a result our lifestream is a watered down stream. There are no directors cuts. - Parvez Halim
Absolutely priceless! - Robert Couture
Oh and I forgot the LOL. - Parvez Halim
this is something that may occur very often. More than we think! - Rui
@Rui I remember a colleague of mine did a similar thing. Luckily they got away with a written warning and no pay rise for that year. - Parvez Halim
HUGE! - Nathan Guetta
Interestingly, every time I consider complaining about my job via any social media platform, I stop and think "how can I make my job better? how can I improve myself?" and then end up writing about that instead. It has made me a much happier person. Really. - mike fabio
OMG ! this is awesome - Franck Nouyrigat
OUCH! - Retno Nindya
.. and that's why I'm private. I'm pretty good about not talking about work, but never know when I may say something completely stupid - Rodfather
I think there is a serious point here: Your on-line social network pals will be supportive of you regardless of whether you are right or wrong. That's what friends are for, kind of. All the boss does is let in a bit of reality. - sjjh
Maybe she wanted to be fired by her boss? Just questioning... - Torsten Eckert
Splendid. Too bad the story isn't real. OR IS IT...? - Francesco Balducci
haha! - orionstarr
Where did you get this? I'm trying to verify that it is actually a real event. Looks too 'perfect' and to generate this much hype I believe it is just two friends that wanted to laugh about how stupid the world is... - Brian J. Reeves
I wondered the same myself. The language suggests it's from the UK - LANjackal from IM
... or somewhere else where the British style of speech dominates - LANjackal from IM
April - you can't imagine how many people e-mailed me screenshots of this :) - Charlie Anzman
I wish I was here in order to press the "Like" button. - Clément Cailly
social media and your boss don't mix well :) - Dave Q
Zing! - Nick Mutton
Bret Taylor
Brooklyn's Most Expensive Apartment Is In a Clock Tower - -
Brooklyn's Most Expensive Apartment Is In a Clock Tower -
Sharing just because I think it would be really cool to have a big clock as your window. More photos here: - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Whoa, the glass-walled three story elevator is the business. - Andrew C (✔)
and those shadows are the seller, :) - chaz2b
I must admit, The Shadows are quite impressive, it would be interesting to see a Night Shot, too see if the Shadows are still there with a Full Moon! - Herman D. Lawson
the clock window seems very Batman villain like. - Roshan Vyas
It sucks to hear the bell every hour, though :-P - Andre P. Siregar
Wow... looks like a gorgeous place to live. - Yolanda
Looks a bit like the set of "Birds of Prey". - Spidra Webster
Nice one. It looks like having two big clocks as windows. - Bernie Goldbach
I wonder if a front for Barbara Gordon rents it - RAPatton from iPod
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...would drive you crazy! - Anne Bouey
ok. I'll take it off your hands for $23 mill. Deal? - Jordan Brock
You don't need to spend more for a clock on your wall :P - Emre Öktem
it look great - 535
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request - FriendFeed Blog -
FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request - FriendFeed Blog
We've been acquired by Facebook! We are really excited about joining the Facebook team. (Note: FriendFeed will continue to operate - see the blog post for details) - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Boom. - Louis Gray
Grr! - directeur
Woah... - Brandon Titus
Uh. Well, that's the end of that. - Akiva
Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
What does this mean for FriendFeed, Bret? - Kol Tregaskes
Lame. - Mark Trapp
great title bret. well played. - MG Siegler
Congrat! So, what does this mean to your team and to FF in general? - Dilip Dand
wahhhhhhhhhh - Myrna
maaaan - Jamie
wowow - Harry Wolff
congrats - brainno722 (Peter)
Nooooooooooooo - Mushin
Wait... seriously? - Ken Sheppardson
Congratulations to the friendfeed team. I know this is huge for y'all. Please don't let us spoil your parade as we weep. - Ordinarybug Heather
Seriously?!? ..... - sebastian☆rocket brother
oh boy. - Carlos Ayala
it was good while it lasted, Friendfeed. :( - holly #ravingfangirl
" will continue to operate normally for the time being. We're still figuring out our longer-term plans for the product with the Facebook team." Those are NOT encouraging things to read as a FF user. - Kristin of Two Everything
gratz - Ali
My heart is sinking as I type this. Please tell me that it isn't a late April Fool's joke. :( - Tyson Key
Big news! I second Kol & dilip's request for what this means for the team and FF's future. - Brandon Titus
So it IS true. - Hector
Nicely done Bret - Jennifer Van Grove
Congratulations btw, guys! - Kol Tregaskes
Sniff... not sure if I'm excited about this. But I have enormous respect for the FriendFeed team... so, I assume they believe in the move as more than an exit strategy. - Michael Leggett
Congrats, Bret. - Jordan Hofker
Congratulations, I suppose. A bit worried Facebook is going to ruin everything though. I'm not fond of Facebook, to say the least. - Morgaine LeFaye
Oh my... Hopefully FriendFeed won't vanish and good luck :) - Tarmo Aidantausta
Do we call it FaceFeed? FriendBook? - Tyson Key
Oh no.... - Ben Hanten
What does mean for us? - Rich from iPod
damn here it is... :( - Edgar Rodríguez
*waits for wall-to-wall ads and constant spambots* - Big Joe Silence
Congrats - Zoltan Szendro
I dont want FF to end - Fee501st
Wow - Shevonne
Ostregheta. - reloj
Congrats guys, in a bittersweet sort of way. - Hutch Carpenter
Oh no! - Erdinc YILMAZEL
I like Friendfeed and I do not like Facebook. Gratz to you guys though, I think. - Mark Sorrell
"Oh shit..." came to mind immediately. :( - Tyson Key
Scott, yep not encouraged by that comment. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats on the deal, best wishes to the FF'ers in helping facebook get it together! - Sean O'Connor
This could get exciting, especially concerning twitter :-P - Malte Steckmeister
Congrats for Friendfeed team, but I'm seriously worried for us :((((((((((( - Roberto
Congratulations... I'm sure this is pretty exciting for everyone at FriendFeed... We're all looking forward to where it takes you! - Nathan Chase
Wow - Rodfather
*Sobs* - Tyson Key
come on. Bret, facebook is so closed. so different from Friendfeed. besides that. Congrats to the team - Edgar Rodríguez
VERY disappointed. - Big Joe Silence
Booo. But, you know, congrats. - Chris Nixon
OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SH*T - Alp
Congrats for u guys... probably too bad for us ;-( - Laurent
God, I can see FB shutting down FF just like Six Apart shut down Pownce. - DarknessFalls
Good for you, don't know for all of us - CristianConti
Congrats! - Alix May
Coolest web 2.0 site I've ever seen & used. I hope things don't derail. Ads will be coming soon, which is fine, but.... then what 's next? Please no quizzes! - Ben Hanten
Who would have thought that after Facebook were shamelessly being "inspired" by FriendFeed, the inevitable would have happened? - Tyson Key
Congrats! - Moushumi Kabir
Congrats guys. :) - Meryn Stol
Congratulations. This is awesome for you and for Facebook. - Mike Sego
mommy? - Josh Haley
Hey guys, keep in mind that Facebook is blocked in workplaces across the nation. 250 million casual users commenting about last night's party does not intelligent conversation make. - Hector
Tragic. - Shannon
I really can't see how FB would buy FF only to shut it down. There are way too many innovations and features FF has that FB honestly needs. I'm looking forward. - Harry Wolff
congrats! - Jay from Cadmus
Congrats? Everybody who's saying Congrats doesn't know what he's saying. Go to hell. - zio bodhisattva
Yeah, quizzes are EVIL! - Tarmo Aidantausta
Oh, this does not make me happy. Not at all! I've stayed off of Facebook intentionally and FriendFeed is my favorite social network. This is like when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees. :>( - Larry Hawes
i have stopped using FB for the most part and liked FF alot more. now FF will go the way of FB. screwed again. - Big Joe Silence
Berge Gazen beat your score in Mafia Wars - Berge Gazen
Feedface or Facefeed? - Fee501st
FUCK THAT ! [Anyways good job guys ^^] - TiTi
Enjoy your fat paychecks, guys. You've sold us out. - Akiva
Bravo Bret! Been following your successes ever since we had the opportunity to work together on the / Google Maps Canada deal. Congrats! - Sebastien
I wished it was Google or even Yahoo!, instead... - Tyson Key
i really hope ff stays as it is. fb is kinder carder while ff is a great tool. - jkkmobile
Not sure what to make of this. It could eiter be a big win or a huge fail. - dorn
It could have been Microsoft, which would have been worse for everyone. :( - Tyson Key
Can I take this opportunity to say I HATE facebook? - Alex Scrivener
seems the only ppl happy here are the ones in the biz or who stand to profit from the merger. - Big Joe Silence
I guess we should get ready to get poked by our supposed friends and have various shit thrown at us? Plus 5,000 requests by apps that nearly all suck. - Joey Gibson
duh - aybars badur
I HATE facebook - Pedram
this is simply awful. - Big Joe Silence
Painful. And apparently I completely misunderstood what FF was trying to accomplish both technically and as an organization. I guess Facebook must have dangled a pretty big bag of money in front of them. - Ken Sheppardson
FriendFeed is Dead! Long Live FriendFeed! :/ - Tyson Key
Facebook is going to acquire the web! - gigicogo
To me, FriendFeed is like Porsche and Facebook a Kia. I'm curious to see which will become which.. - Moushumi Kabir
Oh noes! - Burcu Dogan
Congrats Bret! - Robin Dindayal
I will reserve judgement, i don't like or use FB but if FF maintains it's current goodness i don't care who cuts the checks. - Steve C, Team Marina
I hope this doesn't turn into an APP filled hunk of crap. I love FriendFeed, it was the untouched gem of microblogging. I don't want Mafia Wars invited in my FriendFeed!!! Congrats on the sale though. - Jay 'Farmington'
Where's the "dislike" option? - Gregor Morrill
+1 Gregor - Tyson Key
accipicchia che pessima notizia - massimo mantellini
I just realized this is like when K-mart bought Sears ... - DarknessFalls
/ponders the meaning of " will continue to operate normally for the time being." - Philipp Lenssen
And I will officially be leaving FriendFeed today. - Michael Forian
omg - John Mueller
@Philipp: until the new masters start flexing their muscles and bringing in their own people to enforce their own vision. - Big Joe Silence
I read the blog post and one statement stands out to me " will continue to operate normally for the time being." The time being. This is not just bad, I think it may be #FAIL - berchman
OMG! - Zac Bowling
big mistake :(( - emresezgin
Oh. Hell. No. - CannonGod
Oh My God! They Killed FriendFeed! - Tyson Key
It's a win/win! congrats all. - Alan Le
Congrats to you. - Evan Travers
Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what this new partnership means for users. - Aren Grimshaw
FF will surely be integrated into FB at some point? - Kol Tregaskes
damn Ken is spot on! +1000 Ken! - vijay
not good. - Jacque
Oh. My. Gosh. - Enrico L
Facebook obviously liked FriendFeed a long time ago. Why would they have copied so many features (feed item comments and the "Like" action, to name a couple) otherwise? It was only logical for this to happen eventually. Doesn't mean I like it, but acquisition is part of the game. I have the same feeling I did when SocialThing! was acquired by AOL, though. - dgw
"Relationship Status: It's complicated" comes to mind. ;) - Tyson Key
Wow, I finally sign up, and read this. This could end up being a very bad thing for FF fans: "Your FriendFeed friend just signed up on this poll, would you like to too?" - Brian Bommarito
sad... - Marvin
This will give FriedFeed the attention it deserves. Otherwise it would have been a geek thing forever. - Michael Netsch
aw, this sux!! Congrats to the Friendfeed team though! - acedanger
please don't merge logins!!! please - earlyadopter
They are deceived when they suffer themselves to be drawn after the image of things, without seeking for the true reason of them. - The Complex Days
I hope it works OK to you guys! - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
+1 Netsch - I still like FF more but this finally legitimizes FF to the mainstream. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Friend request una beata fava. Pecunia non olet. - Federico Bolsoman
Yeah, I really can't wait to see what value the Ashton Kutchers and Oprahs of the world have to add to FriendFeed. - Akiva
Please tell me this is a delayed April Fools' Day joke. - Rochelle
Facebook & FriendFeed: don't cross the lifestreams! D:< - CannonGod
I guess this means I'll have toget a facebook account after all.... Hope the API stays up and running.... - Roberto Bonini
"Were rich B!tch!" - Chappelle - adolfo foronda
What a bunch of greedy assholes. - zio bodhisattva
Does this mean that we'll be seeing an influx of webcam spammers, a la Twitter? Along with abolishment of the rooms feature, crappification of the search feature, and more "privacy features" that really just put more nails in the openness coffin? - Tyson Key
Some people will do whatever their friends request........ - Michael Muller
I really don't see why people would be anything but excited about this Facebook freindfeed deal. Great news as far as I am concerned. The Friend feed team is going to go over facebook and make it that much easier to connect, share... isn't that what the social web is about? - Kevin Murray
I know a lot of people who use Facebook and enjoy it and that's fair enough. It's just not my cup of tea. The chaps from Friendfeed will get rich and the technology will get absorbed in Facebook but I can't see Friendfeed continuing in anything like it's present form. - Paul Nash
Don't be so negative, something good might eventually come of this... - Tarmo Aidantausta
Congrats! I know you all must be crazy excited right now. - Michele Lorito-Chase
chance for FriendFeed to become more mainstream... congrats FriendFeed team! - Jeroen De Miranda
Nothing could make me happier than if they integrated the good tools from FriendFeed into Facebook, which is where all my friends are. So a big "yay!" from me. - Ian Betteridge
happy for you guys, but not for all of us - Flavio
congratulations. this is going to be interesting. - Dave Beckett
I think I preferred the non-mainstream version of FriendFeed... - Tyson Key
I'm turning on my black shirt, my black trouser, my black socks, my black shoes. Although I probably must be happy for you. - Ton Zijp
NASTY NASTY BAD BAD. But we'll see... - Daniel Morgan
Game over. - stark
Reminds me so much of fall... - Marcos
Facebook is like a giant who listens to nobody. Please keep your attitude but I don't think you will be able to do so. - Burak "cyrus" Bayburtlu
Noooooooo...... - Sung W. Lim
yeahhh - Çağrı
I don't know, Like it? or dislike it? - Ömer Balamir
What happens to all the content that we've created and imported here, and the associated metadata? Will all that disappear into the ether? - Tyson Key
If the FriendFeed guys can make FaceBook useful and responsive again, this seems like a pretty positive step! - Robin Barooah
I have big loss of data concerns. See Is there any way to archive all my FriendFeed posts, likes, comments, and pictures ( off-line? Can some snapshots of FriendFeed be made (Once a month starting Sept 2009)? I'd like to see the cross-links between my posts & other people's posts, even in 2020. - - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell: the FriendFeed site is not shutting down. Your data will not go away any time in the near term future - we are committed to our users. - Bret Taylor
I just overheard a coworker mention FriendFeed. This is how the world ends... - CannonGod
Then provide us with a way to easily make a back-up of all of our posts and all of the posts we have Liked and Commented on. - Akiva
Same question as Mitchel Tsai. How do I export my data? I don't want it to be handed off to Facebook. - zio bodhisattva
Near term future? - Kol Tregaskes
I don't see good things coming from this. Although I like Facebook, I liked Friendfeed more. Partly because of the environment and the smallness of it. That is now going to be ruined. So, 10-1 odds that Friendfeed will be no more within a year after it gets intergrated into Facebook? - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I doubt it Robin. Bret can only give us assurances about the "near future." Here's what I think will happen. Just like Twitter acquired Rael Dornfest and his awesome web services, Stikkit and I Want Sandy vanished (and so did he), Facebook will acquire all the talent from Friendfeed, shut this service down and Facebook will continue to suck. - Jim #teamFFrank
Same question as Mitchel Tsai. How do I export my data? I don't want anything to be handed off to Facebook. And I don't want to lose anything. - zio bodhisattva
Congrats obviously, but im not sure about the feeling,, different user groups which can not integrate but collide.. hope there wont be an huge integration in the future. - Yunus Tunak
I'm happy for FriendFeed! But, at the same time a bit worried about the future. Hope you guys convince FB to not be evil too. - Vishal Verma
Let's hope this is like Disney's acquisition of Pixar - wherein the Pixar guys ended up in control of the animation studio... - Robin Barooah from IM
Where the f*ck is this option to undo ? - Laurent
I seriously thought this was a joke. Looks like its not. I don't like it, sorry. - Michael Lynton
Does anyone want to start a bounty to purchase Facebook? ;) - Tyson Key
Congratulations! - John Craft
can't be, shouldn't be... - Kemal Y.
It is! Change is inevitable, my friends. - Bill Sodeman
Jim, I'm less cynical than you - the FriendFeed founders wouldn't do this just in order to become 'talent' at FaceBook. - Robin Barooah
I feel if I should be wearing a black arm band. But I guess when I think about it.............. - Kevin J Hatton
Oh No! I don't like this at all :( - Peter
I still think Apple will acquire Facebook, Twitter Friendfeed and Google Twitter. - Thomas Power
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! - Stephen Francoeur
My condolences to all Friendfeeders! RIP! - Evgeni Leshtanski
AAAAwwwful! - carolh
I can't believe it! damn! facebook tos will apply to friendfeed too? should i start to move to another service? why anyone would think that facebook public is friendfeed public?! damn! friedfeed was my favorite! I can't understand this move! they want to kill friendfeed or what? - paula simoes ☃
"I bet I can find 1.000.0000 people who dislike this deal."...Welcome to FriendBook. - Jacque
Well, huge congraulations to you and your team, you deserve every success. To be honest I had presumed this would happen sooner or later - the only business model cool little startups have is to hope they get bought by someone bigger for their brains and technology. I'm going to be in San Francisco in a couple of weeks and was going to stop by your office to bring you a cake and thank you for a great product - maybe I still will if you're still there and there's still a FriendFeed! - Alex Lomas
damn, damn, damn... - Kemal Y.
Grats Bret and the rest of FF. To all the naysayers... Lets see what happens before we start bitching.... - Rasmus Lauridsen
wow!! dazed and confused!! - Roberto Arancibia
I don't hate Facebook, but for sharing things Friendfeed is MUCH MUCH better! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I wonder if that Ben Darnell guy who *just* left the Google reader team knew about this beforehand? Wonder what he's thinking now? ( - Daniel J. Pritchett
Just great. I'm certainly not very happy about this. Let's just hope FB doesn't ruin FF. Ugh. - axolote
Who cares? Nothing's gonna change in our pitiful lifes. - bluretina
This ties in nicely with the fact that you soon will have the opportunity to make your Facebook profiles public and get followers there. - Michael Netsch
чатег номер два - старина хэнк
Congrats Bret! this is so great! many congrats!!! - Jason Pollock
Is it April 1st somewhere in the universe? - Robert Felty
#ROFLMAO Is there anything more important than money? It seems NOT #ROFLMAO - Lora Lufark
I don't mean to be negative but there's got to be a win-win logic to each merger&acquisiton. Audience high in only quantity is clearly not a win for friendfeed in the long term by considering its unique selling points. Let's wait and see who will benefit from friendfeed's death now. - ayca
Seriously, what is this? It's like Bret just announced that he's killed all your mothers or something. It could turn out good, it could turn out bad, but at the end of the day, who cares, it's just a website (I mean honestly, come on). I could see it going either way, but in the near term, this is a pretty big win for the FF team, so congrats guys. - Chieze Okoye
OMG! - keso
To be honest, my heart sank a little but I am happy to congratulate you and the team for building such a good brand. Well done. - Kevin J Hatton
Wow, I specifically use friendfeed b/c it is not facebook. Sounds great for the friendfeed team, but not necessarily for friendfeed users. - Evan Parker
Born to be sold, like in the old "new economy" era. Remember the late nineties? - Federico Bolsoman
Sudden desire to check out Strands again... but hey, kudos on the incoming $$ for FF team - Leslie Poston
This is wisdom. Bracing for Google Wave is a good idea............. - Kevin J Hatton
this is clearly a talent aquisition... why am i not excited about this? could it be because facebook has been blatantly stealing features from friendfeed shamelessly. Likes were clearly not an original facebook idea...realtime feeds is another i could go on... - Tate
While I'm sad, because I suspect this means the best things about FF will disappear or I'll be forced to use FB in some way, if the buyout was for some awesome amount of money, I can't say I blame 'em for taking an offer -- I would. - Andy Bakun
I came to FriendFeed because I don't like facebook. Now the question is, will facebook become more like friend feed? or will they just take friend feed and turn it into facebook? - Tom Ray
FF could be a good R&D arm for facebook. - Andy Bakun
Fucking morons. FriendFeed is doomed now. Think logically. Facebook has NO REASON to keep FriendFeed alive. It will simply take FF's best features, suck the life of out of it, then trash FF. Way to go, FirnedFeed, damn. - Jeremy Buff
Big Fail! - onurc
This announcement should have been held off until the plans for Friendfeed were known. Regardless, this is *bad* for FF users. Best case: it continues on, but with stagnated feature development. Worst case: it's gone. - tollie williams
wtf ?! - Umut Balkan
I need to install "super PUKE" application ! - Bart LePoole
FFail. - rowlikeagirl
I don't want my FF feed on Facebook :( I use both, but maintain both profiles separate - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Sigh... Happy for the team if this is what they want, but baffled by the move. The users that are going to leave because of this will make FF a graveyard and the users it gains, well... Hello spam? Sorry, but I don't like it. - Vince DeGeorge from iPhone
JEREMY+++++1 - AlpB.
Wow! - felix
Jeremy +1 - batuhan
so what's next? where should we go? - Flavio
It's been fun here. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Dang, and just as I was starting to get used to how FF works. FF is useful on it's own. I hope this only improves FF's system, rather than having it disappear into Facebook's wake. - Don Faulkner
furthermore they are 2 different things: I follow a lot of people here that are not in my facebook list, which is for IRL friends! - Flavio
I don't know where to go next either. I had just settled down to make imaginary friends for all my non-FF tweeps, etc. now, I'm not sure if I should bother. - Don Faulkner from IM
I hope friendfeed continues to operate normally but it does not look good. - Ashish
integrate best features of ff to fb, then try to innovate in fb if possible, then kill ff... that's it, cheers, all the best. grrrr... - Kemal Y.
niczak has good points. FF & FB aren't exactly competitors, but they aren't orthogonal either. Let's hope FB's smart enough to see the difference and improve both platforms. - Don Faulkner from IM
Nicholas: The upside for Facebook is they just bought an engineering team that's built many of the feature's Facebook's going to need to stay competitive. The upside for FriendFeed's engineering team is $$$ and the ability to build system for a wider audience. FriendFeed's user base is small enough that it'll either get absorbed into Facebook or move on, and FF will become a footnote on the Internet timeline. - Ken Sheppardson
first (heard about it yesterday), now this. I wasn't a heavy user (yet), but sad to see it go, even if I think url shortening is silly. - Don Faulkner from IM
As FB said they're interested in the people and not in the site, what if the community will keep running FF without its current staff? - Flavio
Congratulations! - Sam Grover
rutgerblom, I don't expect they do either, thus my angst over this. - Don Faulkner from IM
if there's a team willing to do it and money, and if we accept some ads as everywhere else, we could make a new FF without FB - Flavio
I have worked hard in avoiding signing up for FB. Does this mean I now automatically will be on FB by virtue of my FF account? - Tony Vota from iPhone
I'll have to go with Flavio's position too. Given this news (plus and who knows who's next), I'd tend to favor community supported or federated services for things like this in the future. - Don Faulkner from IM
I am purposely not on facebook because I don't really want to talk to people I have not talked to in 20 years. - Andy Bakun
Congrat Bret!! :)) - Cihan Cepni
trouble is (from my perspective), that the philosophies of the two platforms are at odds. FB wants to bring people to the site and keep them there, while FF is a hub, bringing people in and then sending them back out. (That's part of why it's hard for the newcomer to understand, IMHO.) - Don Faulkner from IM
This almost confirms FF will disappear: - Kol Tregaskes
Does this mean I can throw someone a sheep on FriendFeed now? - Pinksy
I sure hope so, Rutger. I glad for their success too. I just hope there's a next best thing out there for us. - Don Faulkner from IM
Congrats all. Nice work, in spite of any naysaying out there. Keep up the innovation. - Tomas Remotigue
lame. - andy brudtkuhl
post the picture to failblog... - Kemal Y.
Quote «Taylor and Cox say that the Friendfeed product will live on independently, and eventually Friendfeed will be merged into Facebook. But the Friendfeed team is not being kept whole. Some employees will now report to Cox, others to engineering head Mike Schroepfer. In my opinion that means, long term, the Friendfeed product itself is unlikely to be a big priority.¶ But Facebook is... more... - Philipp Lenssen
+1 Kol for the techcrunch article! - Don Faulkner from IM
techcrunch: "Cox agreed, noting that Facebook is focused on being a platform and a service, and not just a destination site." I certainly hope so! - Don Faulkner from IM
Brilliant move by both Facebook and friendfeed. Congratulations!!! I have theories of what they have planned, but I doubt you would verify any of them. This is going to go so well with their SocialTV which they have been developing. I'm so happy for you! - Michael Fidler
Really saddened by this news. - Doug Beeferman
Noooooooooooooooooooooo! - Zulkarnain K.
I don't see what's so bad about it since no one knows right now what the outcome will be, everyone is just making assumptions that could possibly be wrong..... Might help just sitting back and seeing what happens first before complaining. - ChaCha Fance
Nooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrghh! I´ve resisted getting a facebook acct for so long... - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I wonder how the discussion over on facebook would compare to this? - Don Faulkner from IM
Drat! - Gee Ekachai
Congrats, FF! I'm approaching the situation with cautious optimism. A lot of my friends only share stuff via the Facebook wall/feed, so if Facebook is able to make their feed more like the FF feed (i.e. good, instead of sucktacular) through this acquisition, it's mostly a win for me in the end. - Brian Chang
/me pokes Rutger. (just getting in practice. ;) - Don Faulkner from IM
Where will we go for the FFunderCats, bacon memes, and angry artists fighting over photo reshares now? ;) - Tyson Key
@josh: do you think FB will throw away all the crap people use? various quiz, pick 5 and so on? - Flavio
@jc: our data will not go away in the near future. what will be in few months? in a year? - Flavio
Let's see if you can do a bit better than just not being evil this time around. - Tim Tyler
Wooohooo!!, seems like we are being sent back to "good" old Facebook. Congrats Bret!! - DanDan
Looks like I'm going to repeat the same thing many others did. My first reaction was "Oh my..." I have refused to join Facebook due to its philosophy while I have been with FriendFeed from the beginning for its. I'm sad and somewhat apprehensive. - Sean Leather
Hmm. Interesting. - Ralf Becker
Add me to the fearful group. - beersage
Please say that will be shutting down, and the combined company will still be called FriendFeed... I bet it won't happen, though. - Tyson Key
"Regarding FB/FF - Here's how it's [probably] going to work. You will most likely have an account merge, all of the services FriendFeed supports will now be aggregated on Facebook, and all of your FriendFeed friends will be in a "list" on Facebook. The FF Groups will become Facebook Groups. The FF lists will become Facebook Lists." - Ozgur Uckan
Nothing like an early retirement payout :) - Owen Greaves
Congrat Bret - Nimaa
Panic attack. Congratulations, however! :) - Count Caturday
Congratulations Bret. For me this merger makes a lot of sense. Facebook will provide the "quantity" of users, which friendfeed deserves :). - Karthick R
FriendFeed + Facebook... Oh noes FriendFace is coming (! Now sorry for that link, and seriously, thanks for your work, guys. Please don't let the spirit of FriendFeed to be blown away =) - Anton
hey, that is great guys! interested to see how you integrate. - Brian Walsh
Mind blown. Never expected this. I'm also disappointed, yet optimistic at the same time. - Angus Burton
Kinda curious to see how this will all pan out...although i wouldnt want the friendfeed stuff just integrated into facebook. I feel like im among a group of people who i genuinely share interests with here...dont want to lost that. - Cass
Best case: Facebook will continue to support and develop FriendFeed. Worst case: this is great news for Amplifeeder. - David Gaw
aieeeeeeeeeee - Richard Akerman
Well done, well deserved, I hope FB's means and infrastructures empower your guys to even better things. But if quizzes appear in "my" friendfeed, evil things will haunt you and your descendents for 3 generations. - Iphigenie
:( - Eph Zero
Well done Bret! - Alemsah Ozturk
♪ ♪ This is the end.... beautiful friends ♪ ♪ - All for design
Well, I don't see the point of sticking around here if I have accounts in both and this is going to get swallowed whole into Facebook anyways. Put simply, goodbye. - Micah Collard
It was fun while it lasted. - Mr. Gunn
NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This place will be just like twitter... - count
Congrats to the FF team - you've built a wonderful product! - Michael Nielsen
Whattttttttttttttttttttt??? - Nibi
friendfeed is a beautiful product, only god knows what facebrook will do to it. Hopefully the ability to upload files (such as mp3s) will not be removed. Zuck is a tool. - Nibi
Congratulations. I'm sorry to say that I don't plan to move with you. - Lars Juhl Jensen
I don't like this.... - Zekeriya Pehlivan
"Like" to follow this thread. Not because I like what happened. I'm horrified. FF could disappear now. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Same here, Kamilah. - Tyson Key
If FriendFeed had invented the "don't like" button, today would have been the day to press it. - Vishal Verma
and I just bought BuddyFeed for my iPhone this weekend. :( - Don Faulkner from IM
Oh, joy, Facebook's privacy policy is upon us! - Joris
WTF?? NOOOOO!!! Why do such good things have to be ruined by greed? Screw Facebook, and goodbye Friendfeed. - Jason R. Hunter
congratulations! - Loic Le Meur
Facebook is lucky to have such a talented group of people ... Congratulations FriendFeed! - Rob Kurrus
doesn't look like a bad joke, better be for the good then, but... Well congrats anyway guys, you did something AWESOME now let's see where Mark takes it - Dobromir Hadzhiev
That's too bad. Liked the openness if FriendFeed, and the lack crap that is on Facebook. Once FriendFeed dies, it will be Twitter only. - Mike D.
Congrats, but concerned that FriendFeed and its tools may disappear. Merging the tools with Facebook seems impossible. - Mike Reynolds
So, what does the acquisition of FriendFeed by Facebook mean to us, users of both websites: Can I make a friend request from FriendFeed, and be approved for both, on one click - Reyna Carlos
Exciting news guys. I am actually looking forward to your collaboration with / work for FB. No matter what people may or may not like about FB, it does succeed in reaching a more "diverse" audience compared to most other Web 2.0/social web companies. Paired with your team's excellence in realizing features that succeed in pleasing the geekiest of Web 2.0 affine individuals, I think you are steering towards exciting waters :) - Mustafa K. Isik
*heart sinks* actually a bit of shock - I think that Facebook will leave Friendfeed as-is but I don't think there is hope for future innovation in Friendfeed since their best superstar team members will be pulled onto 'more important' Facebook issues... - Pon
:-) + :-( very happy for the team, huge achievement, hoping to see export of innovation but not a shut down of this unique community and location - Majento
Congratulations, and best wishes for your future together! :-) - Ruchira S. Datta
Wow, I was beginning to use Friendfeed as my defacto social site...Facebook is more for real life friends. They'll just take what makes Friendfeed great, add it to Facebook and slowly kill this site. - Manuel Mas
What is the big deal? I think it'll make FF bigger and better. You should be happy about that! - orionstarr
Somebody has to got pay for it. - orionstarr
I am disappointed. I don't want to have to go to Facebook to do what i do here. I can not imagine they will port over all the features we enjoy here. We lose a lot for only a slight benefit to Facebook. - Robert
It could be worse, myspace could've bought them lol... - orionstarr
Awful news for users but congratulations to you guys. Ideally, FB will run FF as a distinct service but I'm not hopeful. I don't want the diversity and noise that facebook brings - people doing quizzes on which movie star they resemble and playing silly games. I also wanted to keep my day to day social activity distinct from the targeted information and discussion I use FF for. - Rajit
Only just started taking a serious look at FF after hearing acquisition by FB. Sounds like I'm laggard rather than a leader in use of web 2.0 - ManojRanaweera
I think how Pon said it is what I'm feeling: *heart sinks*. - Andy Bakun
Congratulations, i am really happy for you guys!! :) - Mona Nomura
I'm not a Facebook fan, but can't begrudge the FF gang their chance to reap the rewards for all their hard work. However, it would be a shame if FB ruins the good thing we all have going here. - Ken Morley
Congrats to the FF team... I hope the service doesn't disappear into a fold of light and heat. - Brandon
if all the things that make FF great are brought to FB then I'll be happy to use it - Mike Chelen
The community won't be there. Been on FB longer than any other, don't have nearly the relationship or sense of community there that I do here or on Twitter. - Karoli
Karoli: that is due to the effectiveness of the FF platform and interface, which help to join conversations and find interesting people more so than FB does - Mike Chelen
Mike: I suspect that FB wants FF for the search possibilities, not the community-building aspects. But we'll see. - Karoli
i guess congrats are in order, but I'm going to now go and remove everything I have that feeds into FF, and I have to ask -- do I have any rights over my archive? I have a private feed, and I have no interest in offering up my lifestream to the FaceBook data-miners. I hope the FF folks get what they hope for out of the deal, but my FriendFeed experience has been effectively killed. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I just learned about the FF acquisition by Facebook - WOW~! Congratulations Bret, Paul and FF team!! holy cow ........Mooooooooo! Where's the FF Acquisition Party? :) - Susan Beebe
Friendfeed after Facebook - Ozgur Uckan
Wow thats cool! - AbZ from Nambu
RT @alirizaesin FriendFeed, R.I.P. Home tweet home!.. - Ozgur Uckan
Congrats to facebook. Now, Twitter is the best. - miocaro
Congratulations to the FriendFeed guys on the Facebook Acquisition. Not a big fan of Facebook, so I hope my favorite Uber Aggregator, Realtime Social, Microblogging site of awesomeness is not entirely absorbed into the Facebook infrastructure. I wait with baited breath to hear what "normally for the time being" means ;). - Tom Horn
Can I now have comments propagate in both directions as far as Facebook/Friendfeed is concerned? - Piaw Na
*checks date*. Damn .. not April 1st, must be for real. While I'm happy for the FF team, since I guess this is what they wanted (congrats guys!), I can't help but think this is the beginning of the end for a great service and a vibrant community. There are reasons I don't spend any time on Facebook and do spend lots of time on FF, and some kind of "FF integrated into Facebook" just won't cut it. I hope this service will live on for at least a few more years. - Andrew Perry
Gratz to the FF team but as a user I'm not completely happy. In short, I like the FF team/product much more than I like the FB team/product. Best of luck to all. - timepilot
Все, блядь, пиздец! - кот
WOW - very happy for all of you :-) - Kishore Balakrishnan
Bret, congrats on the acquisition. You guys put in a lot of hard work to create this community. I just hope you learned the mistakes Pownce made, Jaiku etc, and ensured that you didn't sell out your community, but that you helped it evolve into something as great as this into something better. Good luck in future endeavors! - Mike Lewis
Yay for you guys, I mean that seriously, I 'like' what this means for you personally, but -1000000 cool points for doing it with FB. Sad day. - Threepwood
Karoli: FF search is so useful because it is integrated with all the other great features that help to find relevant content. if FB wants to have a similar capability, they must also develop the underlying architecture. - Mike Chelen from IM
Sadness - yasin
Gimme my OPML export - Sriks7
Money is the root of all evil - Shakeel Mahate
shakeel, the reasons for friendfeed to join facebook are probably about other things besides money, since many of the FF staff left high-paying jobs to join in the first place - Mike Chelen from IM
Congrats, team! It's bittersweet, though. - Anne Bouey
So now we will have FriendFeed blocked at work too. Darn. - Mark Scrimshire
"Your data will not go away any time in the near term future" is not exactly inspiring for the long term for those of us who came here to escape Facebook for a) it's walled garden and b) privacy concerns. Nice for the Founders to make a pile of cash but for the many of us, it feels like we got sold down the river. Sad. - Sally Church
cacarr: updates for FB have progressed rapidly in the past, count how many months since new features such as api calls and site redesigns have have been implemented - Mike Chelen from IM
Congratulation to the FF team! You guys deserves this. I just hope that Facebook does not change the directions of FF. - Vinko
congrats, I'm happy for friendfeed... - amelia arapoff
Congrats you guys, well deserved. - Shey
I hope this means better integration: liking here will auto-like on fb and such :D if that's the case, I won't mind the ads *wink* *wink* - Franc, a rememberer
Franc, cant stand facebook ads in their current format, hope they will be fixed eventually :P - Mike Chelen from IM
Grats, dont spend it all in one place..... - Robert Higgins
congrads. I think it will be good for BOTH companies. - Logan Lindquist
boo. - kelly
The Borg has struck. Alas. Prepare to be assimilated. (Will FB add my FF subscriptions to my FB friends list?) - Dennis Jernberg
Boo - Amit Morson
Now that you guys have $$$ you should swap out the not so very pleasing default avatar! - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
BOO! Hiss! Mondays really do suck. - Dale
Congratulations to all the FriendFeed team. I hope you'll be able to keep the FriendFeed spirit up at Facebook. Kudos for all the great work you've been doing. - Paul Papadimitriou
Congrats and good luck.. - Can Koklu
Thanks for all the fish. Saving the so long... for now. - abacab
Goodbye FF, it was wonderful.. - Francesco Cugurra
I use FriendFeed and Facebook so it would be awesome to see FF features in Facebook. Congratulations! - krzychukula from IM
judging by the nearly 600 comments as i type this, including my own earlier one, FF could use a Don't Like button as well. or would, if we were going to be using it much longer. - kelly
Nice, i like to wish you all the best for your new job (and it's really hard, i know). I'm happy, but... don't let die FF!! - fabio
Hope FriendFeed remains open. Love the spirit of FF - Bernaldo Barrena
Seriously, what a coincidence! Just on Saturday I claimed to be both twitter- and facebook-free. I loved FF product and personally helped to bring at least a dozen of my friends into the community. I'll stick around for a while though. - кот
This deal makes sense, now fb developers do not need to figure out how ff does it because they can just ask! Congrats facebook and ff! - Garin Kilpatrick
I suppose Facebook had to do it, with Twitter and Google Wave as competitor... - Alexander Kruel
обычные дела. - кот
Congratulations Friendfeed :D - paniaguai
Ok. I'll quit friendfeed, so. Goodbye. Ciao - valerio fiandra from iPhone
I am noticing a lot of people going to re-esumate their account now! - Flavio
I don't think FB acquiring FF is bad. But I don't think it's good either. We'll see. :-) In the meantime, keep up the good work! - Alexander Gieg
How long until ex-FriendFeed employees start jumping ship from Facebook? I wonder... - Tyson Key
Thomas Power still believes that Facebook/FF/Linkedin (2010) will be acquired by Apple (2011) and this is a transitional acquisition in the SN market cycle. The world is shifting to Mac, iTunes, iPhones and FB own the next generation. Apple have $29bn of cash on deposit price is not an issue. Google must jump for twitter while MS fiddle in the sticks with Yahoo. BillG will be back at the MS helm 2012. - Penny Power
:( Happy for FF people, sad for the service. Was going to move from fb to ff this week.. - Martynas
congrats! - Ronald
thts good!so i can workin both in my Fb online next - Arini dewi muchtaram
Flavio: never heard of before, but I'm going to go check it out. I'll reiterate, though, that I'm now shy of any service like this, since it can disappear just as it's getting good. I heard about last night (via Maybe it's time to move from centralized to distributed again. - Don Faulkner
Just finished setting up my at Lifestream does what it says, and no more. FF's search blows lifestream away. FF is more flexible about adding source feeds, but lifestream does fine without the flexibility I suppose. FF still wins, or would, if I thought it would be sticking around. :P - Don Faulkner
good for you, bad for us - Zachary Earl Strader
I also hate facebook, not because of their silly quizzes and pokes, but because I suspect they would like to maintain massive user base as the determining factor in choosing a social network. I would love to switch to orkut as I use so many other google services, but I can't because nobody else does. That should not be my criteria.... I thought friendfeed would try to make social networks work together. - Ru Viljoen
I don't understand why everyone is so negative about the situation? - orionstarr
@orionstarr - it's like Starbucks buying your neighborhood coffee shop and saying it still cares about the customers. You know it's just not going to be the same as what you've come to love. - Robin Barooah
Presumably FF will go on the back burner - and the team will try and "fix" Facebook. - Tim Tyler
sad, sad, sad. - scott willeke
Congratulations! That's huge. I hope all is well. - Juan Bruce
bad bad bad - kakilang
bye bye friendfeed! - Jonathan Crossland
Why-eee!!! ??? What next? - Wayne Lewis
I've watched Facebook morph from a relatively organised and well implemented social networking tool into the hulking mess it is now - and I really, really hope that a similar thing doesn't happen here with the inevitable changes this will bring about. - Leslie Moore
Come on guys, out with the long-term game plan, this is tedious. - Andrew Eglinton
NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I mean Cool. - sofarsoShawn
Teach Facebook how to be FriendFeed. Let the small but fast teach the big but slow. Don't forget what Paul says - don’t be evil. - whatidiscover
Friendfeed is not as huge as Facebook but you're doing such terrible work on it. Friendfeed is facing so many many problems these days though facebook doesn't seem to have one. Why? - Sing for Absolution
Never commented on this post. 2.5 years later, from a purely selfish persepective, the best thing that ever happened. It allowed me to drop out of the "Which social network is best", Scobilian crap and get down to the main reason I'm here... to communicate with my friends and share experiences. - Johnny
Funny. Two years later to the day, Rochelle took me to court to sign our temporary divorce papers. The day after my birthday in both cases. Huzzah! - Akiva
There's nothing new under the sun. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
i never believe in spell casting, until when i was was tempted to try it. i and my husband have been having a lot of problem living together, he will always not make me happy because he have fallen in love with another lady outside our relationship, i tried my best to make sure that my husband leave this woman but the more i talk to him the more he makes me fell sad, so my marriage is... more... - Mccart Brenda
Dave Winer
FB buying FF is bad news for FF users.
Agree totally Dave - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Why do you think so Dave? - Tim Akinbo
10000% agree, its dreadul and the big boys like Leo and Scoble cant seem to see it! - Mark
Leo laporte says "This is a big step toward an open Facebook. This has been their goal all along: a distributed Facebook." What a Crock of SHITE - Mark
They bought the people! - Mark
yeah... but it is also a smart move, they got the team.. - Rob Sellen :o)
I'm trying to give the FF team the benefit of the doubt...but I'm having a hard time with it as well. - Ken Kennedy
Born to be sold, we were used to say in the new economy era. - Federico Bolsoman
They bought the people. We Stick with that. FF guys are Smart/fast and have deep Google knowledge - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
I agree an independent Friendfeed might be preferable for we few brave FF users. But the writing was on the wall. For most users it's Twitter or Facebook or nothing at all. Aligning with Facebook is smart long term thinking if FB is planning to open up as I am convinced they are. - Leo Laporte from BuddyFeed
Let's hope that FB doesn't block people from using the 'competeition' while on FF. - shelter watch
Seems everything's headed for an autumn war Facebook <> Google Wave - Jordi Soler
hmm, an open, new version of FB that uses all of what makes FF great would be nice. - Dusty Edenfield
Leo's got the right idea, and independence is a myth - Steve Gillmor
Well, how could it possibly be a good thing? - Fleagle
Agree, I'm not a Facebook fan although I try but.. I'd definitely take FF over FB anyday. - Sharon Dexter
I prefer a FriendFeed folded into Facebook versus a FriendFeed that quietly fades away, which is the direction this was going. - Mike Doeff
Totally agree - facebook is so tedious and slow. FF is wonderful. - Zphotogal
+1 mike - Riaz Kanani
We imagine FB with the SEO juice of FF, thus intercepting search traffic... - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
I can certainly see the best ideas from FF being folded into FB but not sure what that says about the future of this site and the data it contains - Keith Harrison
Except for the whole FriendFeed dying slowly in the obscure ghetto of the digirati part. As Mike said, FF in FB is better than no FF at all. FriendFeed users are far better off having it than watching it its gradual anemia grow worse and worse until one day it vanishes. - Curtis Schweitzer
While this may never happen, consider it a possibility - your entire FB feed now available in FF. - Tim Akinbo
It is really hard to see how FB will do more than incorporate staff and ideas from FF. FriendFeed's design of being a very open aggregator is very different than FB's walled garden ethic. I also think part of what attracted me to prefer FF over FB is the clean interface, as opposed to FB fire-in-a-bordello presentation style. I hope FB really listens on the UI side and not just on the aggregator side, or works just mines out the staff. - Technodad
This is a good thing for FF and FB both. This will lead to a more open FB and steal Twitter's thunder. - Tim
"the writing on the wall?" ... that's just hyperbole, Leo. Paul Buchheit himself said in his interview w/ Scoble that they could have kept the service alive "for years"...there was no financial issue forcing this, like or something. And while I suppose there are those that believe the most popular site/music/art/people are always the best, I think that's both a shallow way of... more... - Ken Kennedy
Like 4 Ken - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
What I care about most is having a Facebook profile that is *actually* public, viewable by non-users. - Andrew Roche
I definitely DONT LIKE IT grmphhh ! - laetSgo
@andrew that's one thing FF team is very good at: climbing Google :) - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
DOnt like it either. I'm off to a self hosted or wait for a invite. - Mario Valente
i'll agree to wait this one out before being totally devastated about Facebook buying FriendFeed - Chris Heath
Let's leave "en masse" - Giorgio Burlini from iPhone
Facebook is banned from my work computer. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Live *open* BadHair podcast in 8 minutes. (347) 843-4661. Call in if you have a comment or question re FB/FF. Starts in 3 minutes. - Dave Winer
Wait and see ... - Kate Foy
It means you'll have to share. wahhhhh - Andrew Smith
I think it is a bad idea. I don't like to use Facebook except for frivolous reasons. FF has been good for reliable information. I suppose I'll stop using it so much now. We'll see. - Barbara K. Iverson
I want to see where this is going but definitely my favorite social site just got folded into my least favorite. - Braden Douglass
It depends entirely on what direction FF would have taken next (and what direction it will take Dave). Think most of us that have been around FF since almost the start (when it was a MUCH smaller place) miss that but this actually might be a good thing. - Charlie Anzman
Agreed if they lose the FF interface. - Wei-Yen Tan
If we put all our faith into a single platform or a single solution [Twitter/FB/Goog] then we lose touch with people, processes and where history is taking us. In this case, we’re headed more in the direction of where .tel and are stumbling, consciously or not: towards a non-web-centric, permission-based polycephalous set of systems, where discussions and messaging transpire... more... - A Mitchell
Google Wave is coming to replace all this stuff. And Google Reader will get more social features including item recommendations through comparing users likes, and so Google will win this. Good time to sell. - Charbax
Interesting convo we had there dave, thanks for letting us call in and participate. - Chris Heath
But the real question is who will take over who? Isn't there a possibility that FriendFeed will takeover Facebook! I hope FB make it work as I like the idea of FF but it doesn't have the critical mass of people talking about what I am interested in! - Phillip Molly Malone
Very bad I'm sure there will be some changes - Annika from Nambu
I agree it's probably bad news for FF users.FF has reliable info. I don't want it to become chatter. - Leigh Marriner
I'll admit to being a recent convert to FF but it was the best social site I have used yet (and I have used them all). I am sorry to see it lose it's independence. This will not end well for FF groupies. But my reading of the tea leaves is that FF options as a standalone service were not good. I guess this is a sign of a maturing market. Can a Larry Ellison acquisition be far behind? - Michael Liss
simply but clear - Gioia Feliziani
I agree with Dave's original assertion. I'm struggling to imagine the value Facebook could add to FriendFeed, and I can certainly imagine the downsides. Having an aggregator that sits independently on top of the commercial pile, while fleeting as a free service, is a valuable one. - Allred
disagree. - Gus
I have my suspicions too. But Facebook have been wanting to open up more for some time (e.g., they're eliminating regional networks), and I'm guessing they see FF as the key. I'm betting they'll fuse the two services soon. But let's hope they use FF to improve FB. But there's always a big chance FB will ruin FF. Stay tuned... - Dennis Jernberg
+1 for A Mitchell's insights. If and FF have taught us anything, it's that no matter how many open api's there are, a closed platform is still a closed platform, and it can disappear overnight. We need a decentralized yet federated way to do all that FF did (and more). If it's not decentralized, we don't have redundancy. if it's not federated, we lose community an conversation. - Don Faulkner from BuddyFeed
another +1, Don and A Mitchell. I just finished a blog post along almost exactly the same lines, Don...decentralization and federation are both key. Good news is, this is historically how things go...nerds only, then mainstream joins, but centralized (think AOL, Compuserve, and email that couldn't talk to each other). As the systems mature, then value of decentralization becomes apparent. This week could actually be an important milestone in speeding up that process *here's to hoping...*. - Ken Kennedy
But Facebook buying friendfeed is great news for the 250+ million fb users! (And most ff users have fb :) - Garin Kilpatrick
It would have been better (slightly) if they were acquired by Twitter. I'm not a Twitter fan, but I think FF would bring more to twitter, it would be a better fit and the users and the interface would have a better chance at "integration" - Mario Valente
I've read its good for FF, it's bad for FF. It's better than being sold to google, it's better than being sold to twitter. Myriad variations on a theme, which leads me to conclude we haven't got a clue what the future will bring. - Mark
FB will better integrate FF than Google or others ever would -- one hopes. let's see what happens and go from there. Good news is that it will generate a ton of news for you peeps to report on. - Gavin Adams
It's simply time for a distributed story for this type of application. You shouldn't need to rely on any providers who can be down or might be bought. - Christian Scholz
"Google Wave is coming to replace all this stuff." And lock you into yet another platform owned by one company. - Ian Betteridge
@Ian...Wave is a federated, decentralized, (to be) open-sourced solution. It's complicated, but it's at worst an architecture lock-in (ie, it might be hard to move a large corpus of Wave-annotated data out of the Wave infrastructure). Unless Google is pulling a flat-out lying fast one...there won't be any reason why you can't run your "own" instance of Wave and connect to the rest of the Net. So not standard company lock-in. - Ken Kennedy
Ken, to be honest, I'll believe it when I see companies other than Google taking the code and running an equivalent service. Flat out lying? No, probably not. But "only able to do something useful if you're connected to Google in some way"? Probably. - Ian Betteridge
@Ian, I hear ya, but I've read enough of the technical specs to lay my money on the other side of that bet. - Ken Kennedy
Really? I think the old Jaiku community would disagree with you on that. And the people who stored their bookmarks in Google Bookmarks, too. - Ian Betteridge
why? - Thomas Power
Sorry - I meant Google Browser Sync rather than Google Bookmarks. One is dead, the other alive and well(ish). But the point is that Google has a track record of killing or abandoning services when it suits. - Ian Betteridge
True, Ian. Google's "do no evil" doesn't keep them from killing things that aren't panning out for their world domination strategy. They're marginally more saintly than Facebook. - Sean Gallagher
Is it because of the Facebook ad approach that Dave W and Scoble are looking to jump ship on FriendFeed? - Sean Gallagher
Sean: I'm not jumping ship. But I will follow early adopters wherever they go. - Robert Scoble
Or Google Notebook. Even given that and Jaiku, though, which did do a blow to my faith in Google, I would rather a Google-FriendFeed than a Facebook-FriendFeed. Mostly because I think they'd let it do its own thing rather than assimilate it. They left YouTube pretty well alone. Oh well. - Jandy
disagree with FF and LI nxt year bottled up inside Facebook this forces Google MS and Apple to get seriously social and start playing rather than just watching. Google-Twitter, Apple-Facebook versus Microsoft-Bing now that's a battle I want to (socially) watch with all you guys. Oh what fun. Can't wait. - Thomas Power
I'm not sure Facebook or FriendFeed are entities whose well-being I value so highly; users, I care about, and having FriendFeed developper work their magic, their talent and their stand for open standard to benefit 300M people sounds more important to me then having them spend more time tailoring the digerati's private network. I'm far for believing you can't improve FriendFeed, but I'd... more... - Bertil Hatt
@Bertil_Hatt: if there's one thing that FriendFeed isn't it's a private network. Facebook is the one who, on the other hand, operates like a "walled garden" or a private condo. - Miguel Caetano
Only if you believe the FF has a sustainable business model? - Gary Walter (gwalter)
FF is F'ed - Shivanand Velmurugan
Leo Laporte
It cracks me up. Whenever anything changes the vast majority of people scream and yell and gnash their teeth. Humans are a conservative lot
I went to FF because I didn't like FB - so no I don't like this change. - Zphotogal
I go where the people go... so I'm on FF and FB and twitter... - Ankush Narula
Special case: Apple products. People scream with glee. :P - Kevin
Leo, you were one of those who "escaped" to Friendfeed. How is it good for you? - DonnaSue
it is not about change, people are already expirementing FB, and FF so it is natural to see people scream at migration (not change) - abdellah
I would have said 'crazy' lot - Sidney
Any other company but Facebook and I'd have be ok with it. - Paul Grav
i was reading another thread and everyone was acting as if they sky was falling and trying to decide which dark corner of the internet they were going to run and hide in...i thought it was kinda funny. - Sidney
friendfeed is where I find great stories, links and conversations. Facebook is where the girls I knew in highschool talk about their sick kids. So, yeah, not really thrilled with this move, BUT it will either work or all the friendfeed users will just find another service that better meets their needs (and isn't inside a walled garden). Friendfeed users are much more likely to just leave if the service doesn't do what they want. - John
Leo, do you understand our concerns regarding the ToS? Seriously. That's why I'm worried/concerned. This isn't a new interface. This isn't a new login procedure. This is whether I own my FriendFeed data or is it now Facebook's. - Bwana ☠
I see this, if anything, as a good thing for FF. It wasn't mainstream enough, but that may change now. - Mario
I agree with John Hayes' comment above. I think most FF users do not want to muddle the two spaces and will find another service that fills their needs. - berchman
I doubt they are interested in Facebook wants the realtime search technology and expertise. - Mads Kristiansen
Embrace change!!! - David Lovekamp
I say it's good for both. Totally fits into Facebook's new strategy and I for one am looking forward to it - Mosi
I am just sad, I didn't grab the domain.. - Mads Kristiansen
My thoughts exactly Leo. - iTad from fftogo
I hope they keep the service going and not combine it to Facebook. I guess I am one of those humans that doesn't like change. - Lou Griffith
Facebook? Do not want! It's closed and icky. - Lurking Grue
I don't think that leo is disputing the fact that the merge will take away from the experience from some of the friendfeed users. It seems fairly obvious that without being bought friendfeed has little chance surviving and growing.. - Jonathan Aird
I hope you are ready for Zombie applications, Leo. - beersage
Coulda been worse: what if Wal Mart bought Friendfeed instead? - Tom Landini
Change? We fear change. - Scott
Who moved the social media cheese? - Jim Goldstein
I was shocked I'm actually seeing the good in acquisition. I wish I had something to be acquired by facebook. One of the most used sites in the world, I would love that chance. Good for friendfeed. - kenneth glenn
let's face it, Facebook is noisy and a totally different user experience - if I wanted that, I would spend more than one hour a year there :) - Valeria Maltoni
When they cut tbe bottom out of the peach basket , I am sure everyone howled:" you have changed the complextion of the game for goodness sake!!! Give it time. I don't think anyone living or dead thinks basketball was ruined by that major change!! - cheapsuits from iPhone
Comparing mere feature changes to Walled Garden-loving Company A acquiring open, innovative Company B is a bit misguided. - beersage
If Twit and Revision3 merged, I don't think many people would be screaming. - sebastian☆rocket brother from iPhone
I think Louis Gray summarized this change best in his recent post. I'm happy for them, but worried. - xero
My issue is that it was Facebook that acquired FriendFeed. If Google acquired FriendFeed, I'd be dancing in the streets. - James Rishabh Mishra
I think Wal Mart should buy Apple now. - Tom Landini
Conservative (in your context) people are a loud and angry lot. A vocal minority, I think. - ben
Agreed. - Nicholas James
Remember our previous favorite -- Jaiku? - John Flinchbaugh
Nothing like a good gnash... like the end of the GG... - Aron Michalski
The thing is, most change here lately has been for the worse. - Robert Hafer from iPhone
more Change I cant believe in.... - John Hillestad
What Bwana said here and April Russo said here Does anyone know about the content ownership issue? - metalerik
Okay, okay, Leo. Be the voice of positivity. Someone should, anyway. But here's my 2 cents. I spend most of my time daily on Friendfeed. Facebook is only a small portion of what I share here. Most people fear of course that FB will absorb FF and make it more of what they are providing, rather than what we are already getting from FF. I hope you're right, as does everyone. But based on what FB has shown me, I, like the others, have little hope of this. - Fleagle
Changes involving larger companies never seems to end up good for the smaller company. There are exceptions, but not a lot. - James Bailey
It's not about screaming about change. Nothing good will come out of the FF/Facebook deal! I hate Facebook! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I'm with Jannifer ! - TalkToMeGuy
Paul Buchheit
That's nice. Just random, or in response to something. :) - τorƍue
Does that mean you got a little sleep? - Anne Bouey
Good news? People like Paul don't usually get in the office so early especially after a lack of sleep, on a Monday morning, if there wasn't a great reason. - Louis Gray
this could be big. - vijay
Aww Man, see now I am not going to get any sleep tonight! DAMN YOU PAUL and your teasing little smiley face. OK, must go and get some coffee! - travispuk
O.k., I'll smile too :) (and open my ears and eyes) - Martha
10 bucks says that they add emoticons soon. :) - Joe Beda
This emoticon makes a little more sense now... - Stephen Foskett
Guessing this was about the Facebook announcement? - Ben Hedrington
Cheshire cat? - Hutch Carpenter
Good for you, Paul. I can't help but feel a little let down, though. - Matthew Gifford
well done! - michael sean wright
Congrats! Let us (well, our chef) cook you lunch before you're no longer walking distance! :) - Don MacAskill
I have the same feeling as Matthew Gifford... Congrats to you, Paul, but I'm not sure this bodes well for the rest of us. - Lindsay
Congrats, Paul. :-) - Jordan Hofker
Congratulations! - Ethan Herdrick
Congratulations to the whole team, Paul! - Ryan Kuder
yeah they signed away the community :(- - Peter Dawson
Congrats Paul if they're truely in order :) - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - andy brudtkuhl
congrats to the team, but to be honest i'm not liking it at all - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Good news or bad news? :) - Arda Çetin
Congrats Paul! I was really hoping this would happen. Friendfeed and Facebook need each other. Cheers! - Akshay Dodeja
Now I get it. Congrats on the $$. - Yolanda
Now I know...and knowing is half the battle - Bwana ☠
:( - TiTi
Congratulations!!!! A 'worthy' smiley ... ;-) - Bo Stern
I think Paul's emoticon was charming and that Louis Gray is either super discerning or super informed. - Michael Muller
Congrats to the FF team you guys are awesome (keep this place awesome) - Ryan
congratulations, may your road ahead be smooth... - Nathan Chase
That can imho only mean good things for the FB UI ... - Bo Stern
Congratulations, definitely. - DGentry
Congrats to you and the entire FF team. I hope you guys are in it for the long haul. - Mike Doeff
hey congrats to the FF team! I look forward to seeing what the future holds - (jeff)isageek
Congratulations Paul & FF team! - Charles Ying
congrats dude - Jason Pollock
Congratulations. - Antoniu
congratulations.. but liked the whole UI & funtionality of ff than fb!! it'll b gone!! - Gtp19
You're totally ::stpd:: - AlpB.
its business after all, sell it but get back to make a better product for your old users. dont 4get the users !! - Peter Dawson
:( - acedanger
the results of good work - Juan Pablo Ruiz
congratulations! - Hareesh Nagarajan
GZ! - Sarp
:) we will learn from the process - abdellah
Paul, will you respond to this? This is *bad* for FF users. Best case: it continues on, but distracted by Facebook and with stagnated feature development. Worst case: it's gone. Middle of the road: Facebook forces its ads into the timeline and friendfeed starts acting like Facebook by ignoring its users. - tollie williams
@tollie, I imagine Paul's ability to respond is now constrained, which is just one of the changes we'll see coming. There's new management in town, folks. - Ken Kennedy
scared!!! - abdellah
Good luck Paul... it's gonna be a great partnership. - Andrew
Congrat's Paul. Great news, and I'm really happy for all of you! - Michael Fidler
Congrats to the whole FriendFeed team! - John McCrea
Way to go Paul - bet you sleep like a baby tonight whilst Biz and Ev scratch their heads once more! - Jan Simmonds
Sure congrats to you!!! - susan mernit Hold on! markzukerberg?!?! - Lora Lufark
Congrats! - fbrunel
congratulations! - Loic Le Meur
Congratulations Paul - I am very proud of you... no wonder you couldn't sleep! :) Now we know why! As you know, I am a huge fan of your FriendFeed product. I am very happy for you guys and hope you keep your fabulous culture of innovation going strong. This is really amazing.... nice exit! :) - Susan Beebe
I have been wishing facebook could get more like Friendfeed :) awesome. - Christian Burns from iPhone
Nice job, Paul and team. Congrats! - Rob Shillingsburg
many congrat. from UK. ;) @GarethWong - Gareth
I bet you never forget your anniversary EVER ever now. - Pete D
boo-urns - Vezquex
:D - paniaguai
Congratulations, great for you and the team. - Rocky
i like the way the deal was done! - Siddharth Parmar
G.Z.s - Ugur Akdmr
Louis Gray
@loic Seesmic's Web version is no pump and dump tech fad for me. I am using every day for home and work. Can't wait for multi-user, FF, etc.
Still stuck in client apps Louis. Just can't get my head around online Twitter clients .... yet. Latest Seesmic Air client is pretty good! - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, give it a try. Worst case, you go back to the AIR app. But I really think you should try the Web version. It's very clean. - Louis Gray
also if you are on a Mac you can use Fluid with it it makes it look and behave like an app - Loic Le Meur
Seesmic Web as an app with Fluid: - Loic Le Meur
Louis - I actually did a while back but after Loic's comments here, I bookmarked it for tomorrow (Ugh .. it's gettin' a little late here :) - Charlie Anzman
Louis: we're pushing a new version next week which will save your settings, preview youtube twitpic yfrog links inline and some languages localization. Working on multiple accounts and Facebook coming in the next weeks. Your tweet might influence me to prioritize friendfeed integration :) - Loic Le Meur
Been loving Seesmic Web. Congrats Loic. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
thank you Rob! - Loic Le Meur
Agree, great app. Please add grouping :) - mj
@loic Friendfeed integration, realtime search and google search - sami from Nambu
What is it that you find so compelling about Seesmic Web? - Richard Cunningham
Louis Gray
I think I can live in 4 tabs now: Seesmic Web, FriendFeed, LazyFeed and Google Reader. Done.
is Lazyfeed really that good? - Zee.
Whatever happened to those 'Invites' you proposed' Gray? - Matt Ruiz
Zee, what it does for me is find new data on topics I am interested in, and find blogs I'm not yet reading. - Louis Gray
Matt, the code lazyrww works right now. I want to get more. - Louis Gray
Just looked down, thanks guys and sorry. :) - Matt Ruiz
hmm, since you recommend it so highly...i'll give it a day or two - Zee.
Starting to use Seesmic Web more as well. Love that's available via the web now. I'm looking forward to the day I have no client apps. - Hutch Carpenter
Bhowmik Shah - lazyrww - Matt Ruiz
I wish Seesmic Web had some of the same features HootSuite has (or vice versa) - Rob Williams
Do you use a desktop client for email? - Kevin Fox from iPhone
I do, Kevin. I still use and haven't yet converted over to GMail. - Louis Gray
google reader over feedly? blasphemy - Zach Landes
Chris, re: Lazyfeed, I think you have to move the tags, and the individual articles, that represent what you're most interested in, over to the left by using "add". I still haven't figured it out yet, but I'm intrigued. - Laura Norvig
Zach, tell Edwin to make Feedly for Safari, and we will talk. - Louis Gray
i can live in one tab - - Allen Stern
fwiw, lazyrww is now done - Trent Olson
Lazyfeed will never be a tool I find useful. If I want to explore a topic I'll turn to a search engine. I'm not interested in tracking tags. - Mitch
okay, someone says they can do something on 4 tabs and i think of LSD. i obviously need an intervention. - Big Joe Silence
Allen, I salute you. But you will get very bored over time. - Louis Gray
what's lazyfeed? they are so lasy that they forget an introduction to their product? better tool than ff on conversation? - xia
Louis: I see no tab for Gmail. Hmmm. Friendfeed takes care of your messages? Virtual assistant? Office factotum? Hard as I try, I can't run away from my Gmail. I need intervention, too? - jan geronimo
Jan, I continue to use Apple Mail for my e-mail. Haven't fully switched over to GMail yet. - Louis Gray
This promotional code has expired.. another one, guys? ;-)) I'm in a hurry to try this one.. can change my online life - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I need to try LazyFeed again, I didn't think much of it. What did I miss? - Kol Tregaskes
seesmic web is great, but I wish it had the same keyboard shortcuts as google reader. j and k for example... - perry whitecage
glad to hear we became one of your tabs, that's a huge responsibility! please keep suggestions of improvements coming my way! - Loic Le Meur
Ah but someday we can all once again live in OneTab (Note: I own that is conceptually being wireframed right now). - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I am down to 3 tabs at the moment: Feedly, Peoplebrowsr and Friendfeed. (I prefer Feedly to Google Reader and Peoplebrowsr to Seesmic Web.) - Sean McBride
are you still using Toluu? I'm thinking through maximizing RSS stuff... yahoo pipes, Google reader, and then there's toluu - lazyfeed - feedly. hm... options. any suggestions? - Courtney Engle
Feedly is worth the Firefox install. - James Hull
I am on to Feedly right now as I like its presentation of my google reader items. - Tobin Truog
Feedly is absolutely worth the firefox install. Too bad Safari is such a pain and is so limiting. - Tobin Truog
I don't get Lazyfeed yet... I'm sitting here looking at it and it's not moving - Bwana ☠
Maybe I'm not lazy enough yet - Bwana ☠
Louis, when you get another invite I want to try out LazyFeed now that I'm settled. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, I just wrote them again, saying: "Feed us. I am lazy. Put the invites in my mouth." And Bwana, what topics did you have? Mine is constantly moving. - Louis Gray
New LazyFeed Invites: Code: #meganfox (Go to - Louis Gray
Thanks Louis - now I can't figure out how to add topics. Any suggestions? - Jesse Stay
@jessie - there should be an add site button near the top/middle of the page, I added FF, my blog and twitter, started getting stuff related to things I am interested in line the perpetual rumors of an apple mediapad/tablet. - Dan owns
Dan, yes, I've done that, but it says I still need to add topics. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, add your blog and Twitter. At the top it says Enter a Word of Interest. Put anything in there. Google, Twitter, FriendFeed, RSS... - Louis Gray
Then that spawns stories. Click any topic and get related topics, and you can add those. It's very fluid. - Louis Gray
awesome Louis, thanks! That one got me in :) - Tim Hoeck
Wow, thanks, Louis. I added a couple of science and medicine blogs and now have a bunch of really good stuff I hadn't seen before based on the related content. In hog heaven :-) - Sally Church
Oooh it works really well if your Delicious tags are focused around an area eg science or cancer or tech, very good indeed... this is better than a static RSS reader which relies only on the blogs you import - Sally Church
I like Lazyfeed a lot at first glance. It certainly demonstrates the power and usefulness of tags and semantic markup. - Sean McBride
Louis, do you not have any privacy concerns about using Google Reader and gmail? Why not support independent options? Now if only we could get FriendFeed to use tags. I don't understand why any Social Networking site would not use them so they can then display related content. Trying out LazyFeed. Thanks for the invite. - Gail Gardner
Any more LazyFeed invitations up for grabs, out of curiosity? - Tyson Key
Tyson - you can use the code of #meganfox. - Louis Gray
I do not have any privacy concerns about Google Reader or GMail. Why would I? And what do you see as a better "independent" option to either of those? - Louis Gray
Tyson, you can get to Lazyfeed at with a code of #meganfox. - Louis Gray
Thanks, Louis. - Tyson Key
i would like to see a video tutorial by you to learn how to live in those 4 tabs. - Jason Pollock
i don't *get* lazyfeed. I have to enter my blogs by hand if I want to have them listed? It can only search a few services? Louis, explain or link me to somewhere you've described how you use it! - Zach Landes
One point about Lazyfeed: apparently one can't perform any operations on news items (other than reading them). No sharing, emailing, tagging, marking as liked, etc. Right? - Sean McBride
In case anyone was wondering, the #meganfox promotional code is no longer valid. - Jeff Brown
I'm close...HootSuite, FriendFeed, LazyFeed, Feedly - Greg Santos
Louis Gray
Seesmic's Web Offering Is the Best Twitter Browser Interface Yet -
Has anyone else tried it yet? I might give it a spin later. - Tyson Key
Tyson, I have tried it. :) What I would love to see next is the ability to log in to FriendFeed and see lists flow by in each column. That would be very interesting. - Louis Gray
Well, it's certainly ambitious in scope, but a basic requirement for me is decent scrolling - something that, on my macbook at least, other clients such as Tweetie and Nambu have no problem with.Yeah, I know, they don't cover Facebook updates, but I find I'm adequately catered to on that score by..well, Facebook. Maybe the dodgy scrolling thing is an AIR issue - I plead ignorance there - but it means, at least for me, that Seesmic falls at the first hurdle.. - Andy Connell
Re my previous comment - sorry, you're talking about the browser-based version, not the AIR app.. although I just tried it, and it still scrolls like a dog. Can't really understand how people put up with that.. - Andy Connell
Looks pretty good so far. Only two minor gripes that I've seen with it - no obvious way to view various statistics (e.g. Followers/Following/Posts) although that might be related to API limits, and no obvious way to delete Tweets with errors in them. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or just not looking in the right places though. - Tyson Key
does it sync across computers yet? - Keith - @tsudo
Looks great, I'm just not interested in any twitter app that takes over my whole screen. Probably the reason I love tweetie. - Ted Roden
Andy, I agree with you about the scrolling in the AIR app. If it's any consolation, Tweetdeck has the same problem. I've tried the browser interface and love it. For the time being it's replaced even Tweetie for Mac, which has been pretty unbeatable up until now. Lemon, you mouse over pictures or usernames to see the basic information you're looking for. Click on usernames to get a full profile. - John Robert Ladd
Ted, their desktop app can now be reduced to a single column view that takes up very little space. - NOT THE CRICKET
Tried it, but doesn't support multiple Twitter accounts yet. That's a shame! I would really like a solid browser interface to get rid of AIR. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
I wish the web version would sync with the groups set up on the AIR app. Also, I was hoping v0.4 would make it easier to add people to groups (e.g. using checkboxes like Tweetdeck) - Andre P. Siregar
Andre: Ditto! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
I really liked the web interface. The only problem is that I could not post anything while on a eeePC 701 (7" inch screen), the update button was off to the right where I could not click it, other than that, I'll be using it all the time.. - John Serra
Loving the Web app...specially since I don't need to use Air anymore. Since most of us live in the browser anyway, I don't know why anyone would mind to leave a Seesmic tab open all the time or use it for heavy Tweeting action and just post updates from other apps like Digsby. - Manuel Mas
Yep Louis- Seemsic with it's new web app is now THEE twitter app, in my opinion. - Jim Connolly
Will have to try it out though about the taking over of the whole screen why not Use Ubuntu or a Linux variant that offers multiple workspaces, that way if it takes up a whole workspace it would not matter because you can have other processes running in other windows, or try #Prism, however you approach it. - Ubuntu101
I think both PeopleBrowsr and Hootsuite beta is way better. - Svartling
Lateral scrolling in Seesmic Web feels very slow compared to Peoplebrowsr. - Sean McBride
Louis said: "Seesmic has done more than just clone its Desktop version in the browser. The new service has a new feature that collapses updates into a single line, looking like the headline-only version of Gmail or Google Reader, essentially letting you see more updates than ever before in one place." Isn't it obvious that Friendfeed should provide an option for something like this? - Sean McBride
@Louis: I agree with the FriendFeed comment you made above. That's my main reason for not interacting in FF quite as much, bc I feel tethered to the FriendFeed site. I just want to find one client that works across all my social media--in a good way--without my having to think about it. - Lynne d Johnson
we will continue to improve it daily, it's much easier to iterate on a web based version than ship updates - Loic Le Meur
Louis Gray
TweetMeme, TweetDeck, Seesmic and a random guy. @loic @nickhalstead @iaindodsworth
After the CrunchUp. - Louis Gray from email
who invited the jailhouse rocker??? - Carlos Ayala
I know the first three, but who's that last guy in the stripes? - Mike Nayyar
mike - it's lazylouis - Allen Stern
Where's Loic's nametag? - Jesse Stay from iPhone
Everybody knows Loic by first name and appearance. - Louis Gray
the grin and the accent are unmistakable - mjc
I should mention that Steve Gillmor took the photo. :) - Louis Gray
too bad the pic is so shitty :-( but a nice "brochette" as we say in French. We will have to tell Steve to stop moving when he takes a pic haha - Loic Le Meur
Good shot random guy - Amiroo ™
Loic speaks the truth. But I was not going to say that. - Louis Gray
Louis Gray
With a license plate of SEESMIC, whose car do you think this is? @loic
Assumed Loic would drive a Renault! - Jim Connolly
I thought it was the raccoon's - Bwana ☠
Rockin the Audi, but I thought he was French? - Andrew
German cars suck - adriaan
Pick me up some unsalted butter and free range organic eggs. Daddy wants to make cookies this weekend. - Derrick
at least I know my car was not stolen :) - Loic Le Meur
Not yet, Loic. Now people know where it is. :) - Louis Gray
fannnnnntastic Loic love it - Thomas Power
No video comments under the plate, @loic ? - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I always pictured him in a retro-chic car, like a Citroen 2CV..! - Andrew Terry
I saw a black car with "SMUGMUG" on it recently. Checked the driver--looked like Don! - Matt Cutts from iPhone
Nice find! - Shawn Honnick
AJ Batac
A Flying disk designed by USAF aircraft to bomb Soviet Union -
A Flying disk designed by USAF aircraft to bomb Soviet Union
A Flying disk designed by USAF aircraft to bomb Soviet Union
Show all
"Secret documents, declassified since 1997, reveal development of a USAF"forty foot 'flying saucer' designed to rain nuclear destruction on the Soviet Union from 300 miles in space." The American saucer was called the Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV). As to the information, the bomber was designed by engineers at North American Aviation in Los Angeles under contract with the United States Air Force." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
WHOA that's insanely cool looking. - Anika
And they wonder why there are all the rumors about UFOs around Area 51... - Jemm
wow! - RokhSaare
Now I know UFOs do exist. - imabonehead
how the hell is this thing flying!!! - Loic Le Meur
Loic: I'm pretty sure it's not, and those are computer generated images. Anybody know where they came from? They look nothing like what Popular Mechanics showed in their 2000 article - Ken Sheppardson
From Popular Mechanics -- "Most likely, the LRV would have flown atop a multistage rocket, like the Saturn booster used in the Apollo moon program." .. Cutaway: - Ken Sheppardson
WoW!! Awesome... - Arijit Das
That's a whole lotta fail. - Arawak
Great!! - Arijit Das
Married Life as a Pie Chart -
Married Life as a Pie Chart
Hilarious, whatever it is! - Son of Groucho
Totally the opposite in our family. - B.J. Mendelson
Where's the "Things my husband doesn't tell me but I keep track of anyway for sanity's sake?" - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Chris Brogan
So fricken sick of being used like a retweet robot. I just snapped on someone for it.
whaddya mean, "retweet robot"? - Ted Bradford II
They DM me and ask me to retweet their crap all the time, but never talk to me like a human. - Chris Brogan
Wouldn't un-following them be a more cool-headed response? that way they can't DM you anymore, right? - Chris Heath
ah. yeah, a bit rude isn't it? The audacity of the request are amazing sometimes. So look, if you snapped on someone for it... well, they ought to have the social wherewith all to know that's rude. One wouldn't walk up to you at a dinner party with the same request. - Ted Bradford II
It's a sickness that's spreading throughout Twitter - Bwana ☠
maybe this is the controversy that Allen Stern is looking for this weekend? I can see the headlines now... "Brogan blows up over DM RT request - Play him off keyboard cat!" - Chris Heath
It's rarely the big guys (well, Gary V, but he's special). It's always the folks who see me as a number and not a dude. - Chris Brogan
you should open another account called, "retweet robot' for fun, and DM people to ask post their request there instead - zach
My sympathies, though in a sense it is a good problem to have. Your tweets have significant value, which others recognize (and try to take advantage of). - DGentry
Those kinds of requests mostly come from PR people, right? - jjprojects
I don't retweet at all on principle. I love it when others do, though. I can see how this would become a problem. BTW, Chris -- I see you as a dude, not a number. - Louis Gray
...damn, i'd re-tweet, and re-friendfeed this, but I don't want to jacked up for doing it. @ChrisBrogan: perhaps, all the retweeters who are hitting you up feel like, with your help, they're standing on the shoulders of a social media giant. perhaps it's really a sign of respect. - .LAG liked that
hah - two names immediately came to mind - interesting that one gets special treatment :) - Allen Stern
you probably follow too many people. I understand you want to let people DM you, but it isn't realistic you're actually following them. Kinda robotic actually. Normal following counts would solve this problem for you, I bet. - Ivan Kirigin
Chris you are an awesome dude, this must be very frustrating for you. This (2010 Web / Real Time Web) is new territory and people have new principles, values, and morals to learn / adopt. You are a magnet, you create great value, you have uncommon authority people covert that. Some of them who haven't yet considered and adopted sound 2010 Web principles, values, and morals may behave... more... - Deano @ Byron New Media
I'm so thankful I've never done that to you! I really wish Twitter would fix the DM problem - maybe give us a choice whether to accept DMs or not. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Interesting point! @iKirigin @Ed_Dale is adamant about having a minimal follow list while other guru's advise actively following people talking in your market. In this instance I can understand Ed's point. It's a tricky choice for those still building the critical mass of their tribe. @wordsforliving (Jannifer) that could be a solution, genuine DM is really handy at times even from... more... - Deano @ Byron New Media
Temper, temper, temper!!! :-) - Just2Stressed
Don't Blame you at all for being sick of it, or snapping on someone for it. It's all too common for people to do this though. One way that I've seen some people deal with it: every so often solicit things to retweet, and make it clear then to please not ask you to do this - you do it when you're feeling like it. Then hopefully only people who have some kind of news that urgently needs to be spread (i.e. twitter worm, FB worm, etc) call on you other times. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Anyone who directly solicits others to retweet what they write probably doesn't really mean very much of it anyway. - Randy Holloway
I can relate. :/ - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
What Louis said :) - Micah
Chris, I understand. This kind of behavior is an etiquette breach in real life and online. The standard quid pro quo isn't inherent in the situation. You RT, but what do you get in return? In real life, you would be compensated or some other value-added service would be given to you. Scammers on Twitter want everything for free. They may value your reach but they disrespect you. I've... more... - Christine Cavalier
Thing is, I love retweeting good information that is helpful to my community and I support many causes that can benefit from my network. Where I get pissy is when people ONLY hit me in DM when they need me to retweet. - Chris Brogan
Ahh the old human trait, selfishness. Reminds me of a few of my 'friends' only talk when they want something. - Mo Kargas
The worst are those people who are sending mass-DMs and asking for Re-Tweets. That is major fail. - Curt Mercadante
Chris, right. I get mostly offended when it is a person I don't know at all. This is what is happening now with me: These spammy requestors get wise to my random RT policies, so they start to @ me and "engage" me in chitchat before they ask for another DM. By this point, their motivations are obvious. Without a solid policy, I have no way of avoiding this fake "buttering up." I'm sure... more... - Christine Cavalier
And thanks for bringing this up. The etiquette issue is good fodder for my blog. - Christine Cavalier
Louis, a Dude is a male horse :-P - Jesse Stay
I have a few people that do that. Funny thing is I know some of them in real life, but on Twitter, that's the only time I ever hear from them. It makes me think a lot less of them in real life. - Jesse Stay
What's equally funny is that people get very upset when I call them on it. If I say, "it feels like you only talk to me when you need something," they get all defensive and "well, excuse me, mister popular!" . But that's because people only see with their own lens. If they have 1000 followers, it's manageable. It's not as scalable. - Chris Brogan
But you are paid to do this, right? Why wouldn't people start treating you like that? - Thom Kennon
Excellent :-), You should snap at them. The re-tweet is stupid. If it's interesting you'll discuss the ideas with them. - Richard A.
I can't imagine asking someone to retweet something I'd posted. It's so... rude. - Steve Ellwood
I guess it's hard for me to believe someone would dm you and ask for such a thing. wow - Keith - @tsudo
@Thom - paid to do what? Use Twitter? Um, no. That'd be a gig! - Chris Brogan
@Thom, people are certainly not offering payment for retweets. That's why asking for the favor is so rude. Most people don't ask strangers for big favors like that. - Christine Cavalier
I know what you mean. - Wayne Sutton
Wasn't Mike Arrington suggesting that RTs = Currency, and people will start paying for them? If they're going to be so rude as to constantly ask just because people have lots of followers, shouldn't they offer to pony up some $$$ ?? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Talking about pay per blog posts e.g. Izea, and yes, in some cases, I reckon Tweets feed this and become amplifiers of that model. - Thom Kennon
(I know you're asking Chris, but personally I don't like the being asked to RT so much - I don't mind when a person really needs a favor - it's the matter of someone asking me to RT something simply because of the number of followers - I can only imagine how much Chris must get) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@Thom - I don't get paid to tweet, but if you want to start, I'm in. I'm on the Advisory board of Izea, but it's not my full time job or something. I'm on about 6 advisory boards and none of them pay unless those guys get bought. Then? I get a pony. : ) - Chris Brogan
@AriHerzog is right. I loathe the DM aspect more than not. - Chris Brogan
tell em chris, im ignoring about 1-2 dms a day now asking for a retweet. if you have to ask, i probably dont think its worth a RT ;) - sean percival
? Klaatu Barada Nikto!! ;O) - Harold Cabezas
having no following and no clout rocks. So say I. - Aron Michalski
Robert Scoble
CNN: you should be ashamed. Horrid news judgment today. Absolutely horrid.
Totally agree. If it wasn't for the internet, I would have no idea what was going on in Iran. - Derek Coward
about what? Iran? I've been at a car wash for my daughter all day - andywergedal
Do elaborate - Bryce Roney
I can't believe how bad CNN is. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, ridiculous indeed. - Soso Sazesh
People actually watch CNN? - Jim Hague
I read conflicting reports that Mousavi has been arrested? Is this true or not? - Carlton Prest
From what I've heard on the news updates- he has been taken into custody. This is not good. - Jim Hague
CNN has been terrible forever. I follow them on twitter simply to see how much less informed I feel with every post. - zzzz
Is there a link to the article or video? - Ron Hixson
I gave up on CNN years ago. - Steve Lowe
Huff Post has some pretty good coverage - Soso Sazesh
Yes, no coverage of Iran. Larry King is on with stupid motorcycle show. - Robert Scoble
What are we talking about here. Reference plz? - Mitchell Schneider
the most amazing thing was filtering Twitter hashtag and watching the updates come in sometimes hundreds within 10-15 minutes periods. an incredible way to immerse into the real-time interest cloud. - Thom Kennon
Robert, I came to the same conclusion of CNN years ago. - Taylor Marek
I love this tweet from the CNN tweetbot: Tehran on fire"... "Palin vs. Letterman Who's Right?" with panel discussion {priorities: fail;} - BryanSchuetz
We are talking about Iran's election outrage - Soso Sazesh
There is a letter from Mousavi in both Farsi & English circulated for hours. He is under house arrest. There are reports of Ministries on Fire. Twitter has been lit up for hours. - Donald Wilson
One of Australia's sunday morning TV shows wasn't any better, it's lead story was that a bank was introducing muslim-friendly loans - Bryce Roney
The real-time coverage from Tehran today was on Twitter - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Let's agree that most TV news networks decided long ago that they would control the news. Remember swine flu? People blame the fuss about that on Twitter, yet it died everywhere as soon as the MSM stopped making it a big deal. - Carlton Prest
Blogs have been active, but TV networks have been dead. Including CBC in Canada. Unbelievable! - Donald Wilson
Pavan - they did nothing and they should have - Soso Sazesh
A brilliant guy at my gym, a BU professor, refuses to work out to CNN, insists we change the channel. - Halley Suitt Tucker
So hard to believe we have to go to Twitter to stay on top of such important news as the protests in Iran. - AirDye®
That gym prof has the right idea. - zzzz
What the hell's going on with the US media. The unrest resulting from the Iranian election IS IMPORTANT! - Don Whittaker
How great to actually see some WOMEN in the streets! - Halley Suitt Tucker
@don they are too busy working out who would win in a fight between Sarah Palin and David letterman - BryanSchuetz
It's the weekend. There is no one in the newsroom on the weekend. When I worked there, we had to absolutely drag someone in for the Princess Diana accident...the community was going nuts and there we were, with no broadcast news, no confirmation, no nothing. - Karoli
Were the elections free and fair? - David Lloyd
Front page on - Kirk Harnack
Not according to the letter from Mousavi, and from reports coming from Iran. - Donald Wilson
@Mark They were corrupt beyond farcical - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct You can watch France 24, Al Jazeera English, Euronews and Press TV, the Iranian propaganda channel. Coverage on all of those - Andrew Leyden
RT @IranRiggedElect More photos from Iran #iranelection - Donald Wilson
I have to say the Nambu search ( searches twitter, friendfeed, one riot, yahoo news) has been great for keeping on top of this, and it's essentially real-time: - BryanSchuetz
So....are you all (we) making MSM obsolete? - Cynthia Chrysler
RT @mistabaka Follow this blog for amazing pics/vid of #IranElection Pls RT. 5 hours ago - Donald Wilson
so far I think the best coverage is here: - and he has more on his facebook page - glfceo
wut's going on folks? - Eric Nakagawa
CNN is a mock news feed. It's a misinformation provider. - troglodyte
It isn't just CNN. If you look at online newspapers and other outlets before going to bed tonight you'd walk away with a different story and all sorts of analysis about how we will continue to deal with the old regime. That still may be the case, but you can tell this was a - Warner Crocker
Go to (a great site, btw) and type the Twitter search terms in. You can watch them come in real time, no refreshing. - Obayoo
con't... we're out of here for the weekend story. - Warner Crocker
CNN does have this on their site: - invariant
We don't bother with broadcast TV, so I can't watch any of the stations, but currently has it listed as the top news story, as does both with firey photos. - David Sky
CNN has access to Twitter and more. So why can't they give the proper attention to this story? - Donald Wilson
It's actually all so called TV news outlets. Internet is a better source of news. To be fair though, sometimes, on duty journalists/editors do not have the last say in what's covered as 'news'. Simple politics and ratings. I usually tune in to UK TV channels than I do US for news, that too very rarely. Sad but true. - Moushumi Kabir
I see more news from my Iranian friends than news TV news outlets. - Moushumi Kabir
Cnn lost. - Stalyn☂
My last thought on this, no matter what happens, US definitely needs to stay out. It's Iran's internal matter just as 2004 re-election of Bush was our internal matter. As shocking as it was to the rest of the world (I still struggle with the fact ppl I know actually voted for him - twice!!), US did vote for Bush the second time. - Moushumi Kabir
For people interested in tracking what is happening regarding the irannian election on Twitter, here is a dashboard: An amazing showcase of how new forms of communication make it much harder for dictatorships to control people! - Edwin Khodabakchian
It's difficult to get a right news even for me who know Persian, Iranian Tv doesn't support anything about street riots at all, Face book and You tube are filtered over there! No SMS! No mobile, even FF is filtered for them ! :| - Shandiz
sucks to live in a country without freedom :( - David Lloyd
Agree w/ Moushumi Kabir!US MUST stay out of this. - Shandiz
"Horrid coverage" -- otherwise known as typical. Shame shame! - Andy Sternberg from fftogo
Good "on the ground" coverage over at allvoices - Joel Richman
What did CNN do-so that a word. That's twice in 2 weeks. - politics news
Download Livestation to see more coverage - Eric Haber from Nambu
re: Teriss - comparing to at 10:08 PM Central, CNN has NO MENTION of Iran and twazzup has 3 of 10 Hot Topics about Iran ... looks like CNN is NOT the place to find 'Breaking News'. - Don Strickland
Really strange. - Jim Hague
I really like Don Lemon but he seems to think CNN isn't doing anything wrong, which bugs me. - Shawn Farner
CNN finally pipes up and mentions Facebook pictures inciting violence in Iran - but no update. Oh, yeah, and the fact that access to internet has been cut off. Is that the only news?Now on to the Letterman/Palin fight! I am heading back to online updates. - Liza + = ?
I often find US cable TV insular when it comes to foreign affairs - coverage of Barack Obama's recent speech in Egypt was a case in point. But CNN ignoring the Iranian protests is shameful. - Peter Dowley
I was always kinda of excited about the prospect of a 24 hour news network. Imagine how many more stories or how much more in-depth you could got on a single item. That really didn't happen. Covering stories, particularly any story happening outside NY or LA, is expensive. So we saw CNN put on a bunch of shows with pundits. They leaned to the left, so FOX could come along and lean to... more... - Matthew McCowan
Twitter is susceptible to manipulation by propagandists--for example the protests in Moldavia. In that case it was a legit election that the protesters just didn't like the result of. A flash mob does not a majority make. - Joe Knapp
Joe: good point, but many of us didn't fall for that crap and even then it cleaned itself out pretty quickly. - Robert Scoble
CNN died in 2001, when Tom Johnson retired. Quite a few of the top talent left around the same time, not wanting to be part of Jamie Kellner's efforts to be more like FOX. Cable "news" is a ghetto, and I never, ever, ever turn it on. Robert, you'll enjoy this: - John Craft
Looks like CNN is finally picking up the coverage today. Christiane Amanpour is live in Teheran. - Nils Sandin
Just starring to catch up to last nights events. Amazing the lack of big media coverage on Iran. - Robert Wilkins
Been watching CNN International in China for two days and I can't agree with you. The reporting seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter. Saying they should be "ashamed" is a bit invective. - David Geller
"CNN International . . . seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter." - CNN-I is a totally separate production team, and has a totally different business model from CNN-"Domestic." - John Craft
Crowds gather for Ahmadinejad victory rally - David Lloyd - "Iran's Ex-Foreign Minister Yazdi: It's A Coup" - John Craft
Robert Scoble: three bloggers have been on top of Iran developments: Andrew Sullivan, Juan Cole and Robert Dreyfuss. It seems safe to say now that we have just witnessed a coup in Iran. - Sean McBride
Amazing video from the BBC of the demonstrations. - Joe Wood
What's new? - Kreg Steppe
Yep, "CNN- The Lamest International News Team on Television" - Dean Kakridas
CNN: Cable No News network. - Robert Scoble
interwebz wins again! - stefan
who makes the decisions over there at Cnn? - Denise
All these comments are so stupid and ill-informed. Not a single one of you has ever tried to take a camera crew into a totalitarian country. I have. You don't just walk around. Easy to twitter for one person. Very hard to get pictures! Go and try it, and until then. Shut up! - Prokofy Neva
@Sean, i agree we have witnessed a coup--the sustained fight lasting a week with people in the street every day, making police run away, NYT editorial by Reuel Marc Gerecth has a good analysis of what it means, and AlJazeera has a good analysis. the action on the streets is having a huge effect, not just on Iran but on the Middle East. - Eleanor Wynn
Prokofy Neva, agreed that no new organizations can get in there, but any of the news channels could rebroadcast key videos, photographs and analysis of this very major geopolitical event--it is really disgusting to go through the TV channels and see the dreck that is on when something major is happening--our local news channels will cover a weather event non-stop, why doesn't a major channel cover this/ - Eleanor Wynn
the citizen journalism tells the story in a way noone else could. you are right there in the middle of the crowd with all the changes of pace and direction, the shaky camera itself tells a story and the sounds. it is like actually being there--that is why the twitter and youtube coverage is the real coverage--they don't have to process, package and add a local angle to it that waters down the effect - Eleanor Wynn
Trying to emotionally detach myself from situations beyond my control.
excellent advise for everybody! - Susan Beebe
does it feel weird to use twitter in a personal capacity when you have so many followers because of your nerd-celebrity status? - Mick Crawford
Mick, not really. - Veronica
No point worrying about things that you can't do anything about - often easier said than done though! - Amy
It just makes you seem oddly human, which is not a way that I'm used to thinking about "famous" people. I think it's easy to forget that even hosts of internet gadgetry shows still use technology the same way that the rest of us do. If you are looking for a way to emotionally detach yourself, I suggest bacon. There's no problem too large for bacon to solve. - Mick Crawford
well, i'm definitely "oddly human." - Veronica
...good luck with that. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
One word: compartmentalization. Image the situation in a box with many helium balloons attached (a la Up), and imagine it floating away with the 'situation' in side. Imagining this is remarkable helpful. When your mind wanders back to the situation, scold and remind it about the balloon-box. Works well enough for me when I'm in or near a Pit of Despair. - Jason Miller
When you figure it out let me know how. - YoYo_P
I used to have problems falling sleep because all these things would pop in my head when im laying in bed that i have no control over and i would worry about them. Finnaly i learn to not worry about them. - Fee501st
I didn't mean "oddly human" as anything even resembling negative, so I hope that's not how it came across. - Mick Crawford
What do those with PTSD who struggle with both lack of control and emotional detachment do? - Robt.D.McKenzie
Sounds likea "man" situation....just a guess. heehee! - Mel Collins
uh, nope. - Veronica
Dave Winer
If I had access to an account with a million followers I could write some kickass apps to find out who they are.
You don't need Twitter credentials to get that information about any of those accounts - Jesse Stay
That said you'll be making 100's of requests to get access to that full list of followers :-) - Jesse Stay
I would too but I'm spending my time catching up on West Wing. - anna sauce
...why not write those apps anyway, and sell them to the folks who do? Ashton, Oprah and Jimmy Fallon would love you. <wink> - .LAG liked that
I'd love an app like that, for what it's worth. My job is to organize and get people out there to help others, so it'd help to better know them and see what I can do to help get them out there. - B.J. Mendelson
People with a million followers don't care who those followers are. - Rahsheen
Jesse, I mean about the people, not their IP addresses. - Dave Winer
lag, they wouldn't understand - Dave Winer
I have almost 100,000 followers and I'd love to have some apps built for me to see more trends among those people. - Robert Scoble
I love David Winer and Robert Scoble and Leo Laporte and Thomas Hawk and Louis Grey and iJustine and Tim O'riley and Veronica Belmont. - David Lloyd
Robert, what types of trends would you like to see? - Jesse Stay
Robert Scoble
Seesmic To Launch New Desktop Version, iPhone App And Browser Based Client [via feedly] -
I am all for Seesmic over Tweetdeck and looking forward to the update next week. - Jim Gaudet
we will integrate Friendfeed Matthew - Loic Le Meur
Amazing how people are there when you need them!!! - Myrna
Love your SDT Loic!!! - Myrna
lol - Myrna
Loic, where do you work? And which app will be integrating Freindfeed? - Jim Gaudet
Jim: Loic runs Seesmic. He's the founder/CEO. - Robert Scoble
Loic: The stuff you guys are doing at Seesmic right now is exceptional. - Jim Connolly
boooo long live tweetdeck ;) no seriously good luck with seesmic shame tweetdeck didnt use some of that VC to invest in a bigger dev team! - roger byrne
Matthew: I'm with you, that was short-sighted. - Jim Connolly
thanks for your kind words friends, we're going as fast as we can! - Loic Le Meur
I have a question: what happened to SEESMIC? All the news coming out of Loic is about Twitter and FF and facebook aggregation. Remember SEESMIC is a video conversation product, but we hear next to nothing about it. - David Lloyd
Seesmic just doesn't work right for me. It misses tweets all the time. The userlists are buggy. I created a new userlist for the WWDC and added a couple people to it. One of the users sent a couple tweets. They never showed up in Seesmic. Not even in my Home list. They showed up immediately on Friendfeed, though. And they show up on the web site and in Tweetie. Seesmic is buggy and I cannot rely on it. - John
Maybe Le meur has all his engineers on the Tweetdeck clone? - David Lloyd
Thanks Rob! Loic, I can see why I like Seesmic at the moment. Any company who is actively answering questions on their product gets a A in my book.. - Jim Gaudet
I'm using seesmic and happy with it. Request:pls put some stream filter like in tweetdeck but ability to save it and monitor it on a different panel. That's way we can monitor specific subjects on our streams. - Jacque from fftogo
Sam Levin
Robert Scoble
The new Priuses are in. I got one of the first three that got into this dealer (Marin Toyota). I test drove it. Tons of geek toys. The lane keep assist is a trip (uses a camera to keep you in the lane and wakes you up with an alarm if you go out of bounds). - Robert Scoble
Congratulations - LPH™ and his dog P™
Did you get the solar panels with it? - imabonehead
Awesome, looks good - Billy Fung
You didn't get the solar roof thingee? - Derrick
Guess you decided not to get a Model S? The new Prius is a really nice vehicle. - Ben Kessler
we are about to buy one too! - Loic Le Meur
congrate - Amir
such mixed feelings robert - happy for you to get something new that you are excited about, but bummed that you bought a new car instead of a used one... course I still want a ride. :) - Jeremy Toeman
I'm jealous! - Kate
Derrick: the solar roof isn't available on top of the line. - Robert Scoble
Congratulations. Do you know if you can put 3 car seats in the back? - Edwin Khodabakchian
Scoble: Have you checked out the Ferrari and lamborghini hybrids...LOL - - Mike Bracco
heads up, the batteries in that vehicle do a tremendous amount of harm to the environment when it comes time to dispose of them & the amount that you save at the pump is also going to end up going towards the cost of replacement batteries at a future date, you should have really purchased a Jetta TDI they get around the same milage and you have to deal with fewer downfalls & you can even run biodiesel in if you like - Dave T from IM
WOW... after that comment, I could just about write anything here :) - Fred Garrett
you don't plan to use the "lane keep assist" to help you do emails on your iphone do you? - Marcel LeBrun
Solar panels FTW! My next car after my current lease is up with be a hybrid. I'm sure we'll make great strides in hybrid and battery technology in the next 2 years. - Alex Knight
@Dave T Volkswagens are known to be horribly unreliable cars, while Toyotas (including the Prius) have proven reliability. - Ben Kessler
Dave: we better learn to deal with recycling batteries. - Robert Scoble
What about nuclear powered fuel cells for vehicles? - Alex Knight
The battery issue is such a myth. They know exactly how to recycle the batteries in to new ones. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Cool! - Mitchell Tsai
Does anyone know if the 2010 Prius has improved suspension? - Alex Knight
Does the lane keep assist, keep the new one out of the fast lane? - Fred Garrett
Robert, you said the solar panel wasn't available on the top model? What model is it available on? - Alex Knight
Alex: yes, improved definitely but it is no BMW. - Robert Scoble
Well that much is obvious. As long as it's more interesting to drive. The old ones are pretty squishy. - Alex Knight
A wind powered turbine that spins and creates reusable energy to power things in your car would be cool. Could mount it in front facing vents sucking in mass amounts of air when you drive. - Alex Knight
Looks great. Now you just need to lower it and change the rims :P - Arnold Aranez
Lowering the car will improve handling, but may affect fuel economy. - Alex Knight
Alex: the solar roof is available on some of the top models but not on ones with the advanced technology package. - Robert Scoble
It's a nice car with nice gadgets, but I just can't get excited about them. - Mo Kargas
What Mo said. - Derrick
I'm jealous, mine's still on order - I probably won't get mine for at least another month. I have driven it and I agree: it definitely drives better than a Gen2. - Paul Wilcox
Mo: gas prices are going up again. Makes me more excited. It is no Camaro in the looks department. - Robert Scoble
That sounds like a car for me: "wakes you up with an alarm if you go out of bounds", 'cuz I'm always sleeping while I'm driving. No reazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - Robert J Taylor
@Robert Yeah I know and I can see I'll have to buy one soon myself, I just feel Toyota has descended into a 'whitegoods' era of totally unexciting vehicles/appliances. Great at being just cars, but no passion/excitement or style for me. I quite liked the Supra, wouldn't mind one of those as a hybrid - Mo Kargas
@Mike Bracco, LOL, nice... - Amit Morson
Mo: the geek toys are very cool. Maryam hates the styling too (she likes the new Prius a lot more. - Robert Scoble
Cute. Do they make those for men also? - Marvin Price
Hmmm... things are suddenly in motion. - Louis Gray
Robert: BMW suspension? I thought it's world famous for being crap... But anyways, how about some more photos? - Kirill Bolgarov
love, love, love! - Karoli
I think I've completely dissembled my urge to buy cars with an urge to buy bikes. - Wirehead
ha 2010 Prius driven by 2010 Scoble :) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa) from fftogo
Re: a few comments about evils of the battery... absolutely untrue, those batteris are 98% recyclable just like regular 12V battery, they are not dumped. Looks like many people still need to get educated. I'll keep my 2005 Insight 2-door (65 mpg) until it drops dead. - Deborah Strickland
Solar panels aren't part of the *advanced technology package*? - thinfilms
Yeah, several of my parent's houses ago, it was a 70s vintage house with solar panels... so I guess you gotta get the "old skool" package to get solar panels. - Wirehead
Congrats Robert! Can't wait to hear more about the car. It looks like a sweet ride! - Michael Bazzoni
chad: no, the sun roof can't be put on cars with the advanced technology package. Only so much can be put into these things, I guess. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I don't think that alarm is there to make it okay to sleep while driving. Although knowing you and your sleep schedule that may be a good thing :) - Jesse Stay
+1 Marvin - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
My 2002 Prius gets 44 mpg steady everywhere, The TDI site claims 30-41. And the new Priuses get more like 50. They are great cars, if utterly unflashy. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Nice, but I pegged you for a Tesla Model S guy ;) - dougcoleman
Cool car! Recently bought a Toyota as well, but the Yaris maxed out with gadet as well - Loving every minute of it - Asgeir
Awesome :P - Orhan Öğüt
What dougcoleman says. A Tesla would have made this thread a lot more interesting. Prius? Yawn. - Gilbert Harding
Prius is Latin for “to go before,” suggesting it is a predecessor of cars to come.:-) - John Brazel
You learn something new each day.............. - Kevin J Hatton
A Prius will be my next car, I'm excited by the fact that it's enjoyable to see how much gas you can save. Everyone I talk to says it's fun, trying to get the most out of a gallon of gas! - Tdubya
In 2020 -people will look back at the Prius like a bad 80's fad and laugh. Remember when? ha ha ha.. People drive the Prius because they want to be seen driving a Prius. Why did Honda switch from a civic hybrid to a Prius clone? Because they couldn't sell the civic because it didn't look like a hybrid. Nobody want to drive a hybrid if other people don't know they are driving a hybrid - gfurry
gfurry Does the hybird Lexus's look like a "typical" hybrids? I don't think so :) haha - Asgeir
Robert: Great Car! It has very similar style with the new Tesla Model S Coupe which is not even available until late 2011. - Garin Kilpatrick
gfurry: we also own a Highlander Hybrid. It doesn't look like a Prius. So there. - Robert Scoble
Bill Hill would drive one of these. - David Lloyd
I'd totally agree with you, gfurry, if not for the fact that the numbers don't back it up. 40% or so of all hybrid owners drive hybrids that don't look like hybrids: - Ken Sheppardson
Show OFF! But Uber Kewl!! - Arleen Boyd
You know Robert, this would be the perfect car for a road trip across the Nevada desert ;-) - Jesse Stay
Launch, the Sharpee Rocket!!! - Mike Shields
I hate my '03 Jetta. I think it came from the Mexico plant. Trunk latch busted (fixed), arm rest compartment busted twice (didn't bother fixing it the second time). A/C borked (took my '92 Camry 10 years before the A/C died, Jetta was 6). But most of my frustration should be on the dealership 'cause they didn't fix an electrical problem until innumerable times of towing the car in due to battery drain. And congrats Robert! Nifty car and environmental conscious! Someday the Prius will look like a sportscar. - Arlan K.
aww i thought you were going to wait for that tesla sedan - Paul Stamatiou
congrats on the new car! - ashley rowell
So, what are the top 5 geek toys on this car (in addition to the lane keep assist)? - Paola Bonomo
Brian: yup! Louis just left our house in his new BMW. - Robert Scoble
Paola: my favorite thing so far is the cruise control. My iPhone's contacts all imported, though. The parking and lane assist features are cool. LED headlights. Satellite radio. Cool display is geeky. - Robert Scoble
And here in India the corolla is the "latest" car. I envy you guys! - Venu Vedam from Nambu
Rick Bucich
Favorite shot of the afternoon of @Scobleizer and the Tiny Prints CEO, thanks to @ThomasHawk for reproduction rights of the photo
My son loved the poster. Thinks it is funny. Thanks! - Robert Scoble
Milan said that? - Louis Gray
Why is Scoble flashing gang signs? Word! - Andrew Scrivner
Louis: he keeps looking at it and cracking up. Wanted to carry it all around the house, too. Andrew: I always try to do something different for every photo. - Robert Scoble
that's awesome. - Loic Le Meur
Yo, @Scobleizer was in the crib! I can't pull that off can I?;) - Rick Bucich
Hutch Carpenter
Based on search traffic to my blog, I'd say Facebook is running pretty slow today.
Facebook slow search 053109.png
Haha, it's true, too. - SarahMarieee
You gotta love the '2009'. When I realize I have to search by year or month to find out about a problem on a site, it's time for me to stop using that site. - Anika
Ha! Yeah, that 2009 is a nice touch. "No, not the 2008 or 2007 problems!" - Hutch Carpenter
yeah, i noticed that facebook was running very slow on friday and saturday - docrivs
Francine Hardaway
Wow. Twitter is totally down
From the blog: Unscheduled downtime 20 minutes ago We are investigating the problem and will update status shortly. - Drew
Kind of them to update us. Not too long ago, Search was down 6 hours, and it was not mentioned. - Louis Gray
Looks like it's back (for now). - Chuck
They should use friendfeed to post updates on twitter status :-) - Carlos Brefe
+1 Carlos - Charlie Anzman
We should all use FF and ditch twitter :P - Susan Beebe
My account has just been suspeneded.Should I open a new account? - Alex
I Wonder if such downtime becomes norm for social web apps? - Ashish
Brian Solis
Just getting back from the FriendFeed open house in Mountain View. Allow me to introduce u to the team
Wish I could have been there. The kicker is I'm 10 min away. Daddy duty calls. Next time... - Sameer
I must either have missed an invite (in which case I suck) or not having been invited (in which case I suck even more) but it's a nice picture - Loic Le Meur
At least we got one! (Inside joke to Daniel Brusilovsky and Brian) - and yes, Loic, it'd have been great to have you there. Next time, I'll forward you an invite, to be double sure. - Louis Gray
Add notes to the picture on Flickr so we know who is who! - Rochelle
I wanna party with those guys... seriously... no seriously......... I mean it, why can't I be near San Fransisco dammit... - Johnny
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