Seesmic labs just created a RSS mashup for Dan Pattersons posts from the Democrate Convention - http://labs.searchmic.com/cgi-bin...
tinro media
Hi all! Just wanted to share with you a short trailer from Cyber Sapiens (docu-in-progress) - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Hi all! Just wanted to share with you a short trailer from Cyber Sapiens (docu-in-progress)
I love to watch seesmic messages on my iphone - http://labs.searchmic.com/
a lire.... donne a reflechir sur les solutions et solutions il y en a... - http://@loiclemeur http://www.centernetworks.com/seesmic...
I just created a room on friendfeed "tiil visual" please join in...
Beatrice at Cannes: un Certain Regard - http://seesmic.com/v...
Jonathan Leavitt
Plurk had birds, like twitter. How is it different from Twitter, just another clone? - http://www.plurk.com/user/loic
Plurk needs Seesmic. - Jonathan Leavitt
I think plurk is lame, I deleted my account today, feels too vulture-ish cashing in on Twitter's misery, but hey, that's just me ;) - Mario Olckers
plurk is a little TOO much, twitter is simpler, cleaner. i do like the quirkiness of plurk - Ian Rathbone
Jonathan Leavitt
Enough with the wine jokes already. Take a look at this. - http://friendfeed.com/e...
Joe Dawson
What's your favorite wine?
I bring the saucisson !
Jonathan Leavitt
I'm keeping my eye on this room. Should be interesting.
I just came for the wine ha! - Joe Dawson
where r the crackers
wine and cheese for breakfast... hmmm... a little early for that for me... plus it's COLD here! I'll stick to tea. but i'll have some of that cheese!
Guillaume Jarysta-Dautel
This is breakfast time in Paris, up for wine and camembert
Charlie Anzman
Did he say wine?
wine.. someone pormissed wine....
i, too, am here for the wine. and the cheese! yum! - (dot)lizard kelly
Where is my wine? :) - Mike Doeff
I cant drink, but pass the sparkling cider! - http://dbpodcast.com
Loic Le Meur
I am honestly wondering how to use this room, but let's try to find out and play with it...
for sending wine to friends - I will take some Margaux please.... you should have my mailing address on file somewhere - Chris Heuer
mary hodder
as long as the wine is french.. i'll give it a try.
ok.. and I see a lovely girl Sarah... so maybe maybe wine may be second on the list.. sorry its late i know not what i type..
Jonathan Leavitt
Now THIS is the reason I joined the loiclemeur room. Plus, you coan't download champagne. - http://www.loiclemeur.com/english...
Loïc reveals his new rules for business publicity (why I asked for an early Seesmic beta invite.) - Jonathan Leavitt
Bertrand DEMARCQ
FF invented the forum, bravo !
Sarah Sabé
eckopland, soon the beta!! - http://www.eckopland.com/en/
Ro (Lilyhill)
Are we celebrating you, or stalking you?
Mike Sax
Loic, thanks for hosting this. Could you put a few baguettes and some Camembert and a few bottles of Bordeaux on the table in the corner?
Loic Le Meur
I don't know, what whould this room be?
a) links to your other stuff OR b) stuff that's not on Seesmic, your blog, or Twitter. - Jonathan Leavitt
I go for celebrating. You bring the champagne! - Ro (Lilyhill)
:) champagne - Loic Le Meur
champagne is always good. and content. - lisa church
where is champagne? I guess it's a place to share, you could collect, be aware of what's your "friends" want to make you discover. The risk would be 7000 members I guess! ;-) - ledretch
Or shut your blog down, and come blogging here! ;-) Oh wait, no Ad here! Sorry bad idea! ;-) - ledretch from twhirl
Robert Morrison
The activity in this room should be at least 7.5 on the Seesmic RIchter scale!
the seesmic richter scale :) excellent! - Loic Le Meur
It could be a term to fav' videos on Seesmic! "this one is 4/5 on seesmic scale"! :) like that! - ledretch
Juliet Easton
Loic, have you created any other rooms on FF? I created a few last night, but didn't think of creating one in my name until you did. I'm going to use it for an interactive FFlog!
Frederick Saurat
Mayhe it should be the place where we can exchange idea and brainstorm about things. We just miss the french bottle of wine of course
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