Google translating our names -
Google translating our names
Just baked a massive late night platter of nachos. Not sure what happened. #workinglate -
Warren Buffett Just Wrote His Best Annual Letter Ever via @billgates -
Quick poll – would you be interested in buying spoons made of recycled bomb parts for soci… -
Rescuing my Jedi Baby... -
Rescuing my Jedi Baby...
Got some sun in, surfed with seals, everything was beautiful till the stingray got me. -
RT @worldvisioncan: Celebrate your 25th bday this year? So does the Convention on Rights of Child. What world do you want for the next generation? #MyRights25 -
Wedding time. We’ve decided to renew our vows with every wedding we attend. #yourweddi -
Ambiverts are more successful & influential than extroverts. Here’s why. #q -
Waiting at the airport picking up my folks from 5 weeks in Turkey & Iran. Oh the places people go for fun when they retire. #q -
Productivity / GTD geeks – OmniFocus 2 or Things 2 or something even more effective? -
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