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Microsoft MSN Messenger and AIM instant messenger war: reverse engineering and sabotage
MSN Messenger and AIM instant messenger war: reverse engineering and sabotage
RT @Carnage4Life: Former Microsoft developer talks about heydey of the MSN Messenger vs AIM reverse engineering chat wars - #history
NPR did a cool overview of Ingress: A Video Game Meant To Take Us Back To The Physical World
I think people are abusing the Google Maps crowdsource editor but this is hilarious
Great video by Google Glass designer on "making it simple" #GoogleDesignMinutes
I want to believe this is a real Microsoft Office team in DOTA2 (via @reddit)
RT @SirSteven: this is my reaction to the million toggles on the new Samsung Galaxy S5:
This is one of the fanciest scrolling one page animations I've seen @onepagelove
The Passenger does a beautiful cover of Avicii's Wake Me Up
RT @shanselman: Take a moment, right now, and email the organizers of your favorite Open Source project and THANK THEM.
So when's Cortana going to be in Windows and Xbox One?
The new spin animation in Windows Phone 8.1 needs some getting used to. It pivots much more quickly. #windowsphone
"Migrating your data" WHERE IS MY DATA GOING? COME BACK DATA! #windowsphone
Goodbye my broken Glass.
Google Chrome 35 beta adds much needed DirectWrite font rendering on Windows
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD Google Chrome 35 (beta) has fixed font rendering on Windows chrome://flags/#enable-direct-write
Reading about Intel Haswell and Broadwell. My Sandy Bridge 2500K still seems very competent 3 years old.
It's kind of strange how desktop PC specs seems to have really slowed down. I have a 3yr old desktop and no urge to upgrade.
Watch_Dogs looks amazing on PC
Watch_Dogs looks amazing on PC
God damn it my @googleglass has the foil peeling problem. I thought this was fixed for v2 hardware.
RT @omnyapp: Looking for your next favourite song? #Omny v1.3 makes that easy - for FREE!  #music #radio
RT @TMRnews: BMW i3 Priced From $63,900 For Australia, Launching In November /@bmwau
Step 1: Build Google Glass apps. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Get investment by Andreessen Horowitz Step 4: Profit!
Started using this Chrome extension to add smooth scrolling to Chrome on Windows. Soooo good
NewEgg now delivers (some products) to Australia :D
Instead if apps, companies are building/modifying specialised OSes for business uses of Google Glass.
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