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Checked out Telstra's new experience store in Sydney to, well, experience everything Telstra has to offer.
Woah this Huawei Mate7 has 3GB of RAM. Hopefully that's enough for Android to run smoothly.
Huawei gave a free Vodafone SIM at launch. There's a competition amongst press to see who can download the most 😇
Christmas comes early courtesy of Huawei :D
Huawei Mate7 Australian launch. Fingerprint sensor *surprise*. 8 cores. Huge IPS-NEO screen (fancy).
I think this Huawei launch event is directed by Michael Bay. Explosions, heavy bass, lighting effects
Having Android Wear envy in a room full of Android users at a Huawei launch event.
Attending a @HuaweiOZ phone launch tonight. I have a hunch it's got a fingerprint scanner. To be confirmed.
The issue of net neutrality couldn't be better timed. This hotel WiFi will slow down the more data you use & paid for
I'm always dubious of "logos of our customers" on SaaS websites. There's usually no proof and no indication whether they still use it.
The lesson of #Interstellar, we need more rocket scientist farmers.
I'm very jelly when friends buy a Tesla Model S.
I'm very jelly when friends by a Tesla Model S.
Disabling Reachability on iPhone 6. I've accidentally activate too many time and when I want it it takes too many attempts to work.
The difference a good Airbnb photo can make
Wonder how long before all Microsoft Office for home use is free, and Microsoft will only charge for storage and enterprise tools.
South Park spoofs "Please drink responsibly" ad.
South Park spoofs "Please drink responsibly" ad.
Listening to music with @Spotify Connect on wireless Samsung speakers is awesome, until it starts buf-buf-buf-buf-buffering.
RT @kaepora: "Startup offers to cryogenically freeze customers and thaw them when the Year of the Linux Desktop arrives"
It's going to be much easier to find my luggage now. Thanks @winstonpang
Hands-on with Samsung’s curved future: Gear S and Galaxy Note Edge impressions -
Review: Bellroy Note Sleeve “slim wallet” -
Thank god the iPhone 6 doesn't wobble when typing on the keyboard flat on the table. Only wobbles pressing the top.
Yay Twitter @design with 1.3 million followers shared my blog post about Apple localisation
Google's Photo Sphere app for iOS is the first app to use Material Design on iOS. Very nice transitions.
I think there's something wrong with maths in OS X Yosemite DP6. I have more movies than I have storage space.
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