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Google's Photo Sphere app for iOS is the first app to use Material Design on iOS. Very nice transitions.
I think there's something wrong with maths in OS X Yosemite DP6. I have more movies than I have storage space.
WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS? Do these people hate convenience? Do they work for PC manufacturers? Why?!
With drones being flown remotely, I wonder how long until commercial airliners are also flown by pilots remotely sitting on the ground?
So I tried to watch the trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider on
Turned on my Xbox One for the first time in 6mths. An hour of updates later, looks like I have Xbox Preview invite!
AMD graphics drivers are now 305MB. :X
Yay I got a Google Voice voicemail. Hmm but I didn't book a car.
I have a spare copy of PAYDAY 2 game on Steam. Does anyone want it for free?
The user experience of blowing hot air
RT @iamdevloper: It’s 2014, and on some websites I’m not sure if I’m scrolling down a website or playing Tetris.
ALRIGHT FINE. I'll try Slack. @dineshgeorge
Tesla is doing public Model S test drives in Sydney and Melbourne now. (Was limited to preorders before). Signed up!
Does anyone know anyone that works at BMW head corp or design (not a dealer)? I have a UX question.
Bug fixes and enhancements. Developers are getting lazy.
RT @ftrain: When I am knee-deep in project mess this is what everything I read looks like:
The weather is gone from iOS. Tried quit app, readd city. God help us.
TIL Windows has a toaster icon. "Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster? - Super User"
The Google Glass MyGlass iOS app is now available in Australia / global?. Used to be US only. Hopefully updates soon?
Why is the XBOX logo on the flash cards upside down? @majornelson @AceyBongos #gamescom2014
Easily the best Pokemon I've seen
My reaction when I right click a Google search result to copy the link and I get a Google URL instead of the website
Great fun judging @UnihackMelb today. Grand prize was given to a "tinder for Wikipedia" app that lets you swipe interesting wikis. I want!
.@MSFTResearch makes your shaky GoPro and Google Glass videos into silky smooth Hyperlapse
I wonder how much impact smartphones have had on the torchlight industry.
Did anyone see State of Victoria & Film Victoria logo in the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy? I wonder which Australian company helped.
Msft_listens becomes Amzn_listens today
People are so afraid of technology
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