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Review: Bellroy Note Sleeve “slim wallet” -
Thank god the iPhone 6 doesn't wobble when typing on the keyboard flat on the table. Only wobbles pressing the top.
Yay Twitter @design with 1.3 million followers shared my blog post about Apple localisation
Google's Photo Sphere app for iOS is the first app to use Material Design on iOS. Very nice transitions.
I think there's something wrong with maths in OS X Yosemite DP6. I have more movies than I have storage space.
WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS? Do these people hate convenience? Do they work for PC manufacturers? Why?!
With drones being flown remotely, I wonder how long until commercial airliners are also flown by pilots remotely sitting on the ground?
So I tried to watch the trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider on
Turned on my Xbox One for the first time in 6mths. An hour of updates later, looks like I have Xbox Preview invite!
AMD graphics drivers are now 305MB. :X
Yay I got a Google Voice voicemail. Hmm but I didn't book a car.
I have a spare copy of PAYDAY 2 game on Steam. Does anyone want it for free?
The user experience of blowing hot air
The user experience of blowing hot air -
RT @iamdevloper: It’s 2014, and on some websites I’m not sure if I’m scrolling down a website or playing Tetris.
ALRIGHT FINE. I'll try Slack. @dineshgeorge
Tesla is doing public Model S test drives in Sydney and Melbourne now. (Was limited to preorders before). Signed up!
Does anyone know anyone that works at BMW head corp or design (not a dealer)? I have a UX question.
Bug fixes and enhancements. Developers are getting lazy.
RT @ftrain: When I am knee-deep in project mess this is what everything I read looks like:
The weather is gone from iOS. Tried quit app, readd city. God help us.
TIL Windows has a toaster icon. "Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster? - Super User"
The Google Glass MyGlass iOS app is now available in Australia / global?. Used to be US only. Hopefully updates soon?
Why is the XBOX logo on the flash cards upside down? @majornelson @AceyBongos #gamescom2014
Easily the best Pokemon I've seen
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