Loren Heiny - passed away on Sunday. Please join his family in celebrating his life this Saturday. Incremental Blogger http://www.lorenheiny.com/2010...
My condolences to Loren. :( RIP - AJ Batac
RT @LindaAEpstein: iPhone 4.0 installed smoothly in 17 minutes
Microsoft is slipping in the embedded space. Years to catch up. Years. Apple is well positioned to stay ahead.
Non-Intel Windows tablet is the answer. Sorry. Resolution, boot time, touch, etc, etc, etc.
Getting herded into Kinect (aka natal) event while some guy dances on other side of fence. http://yfrog.com/7e9zisj (via @toddbishop)
Getting herded into Kinect (aka natal) event while some guy dances on other side of fence. http://yfrog.com/7e9zisj (via @toddbishop)
Windows Phone Update: June 2010, User Interface Changes http://www.winsupersite.com/RoadBlo... (via @thurrott)
RT @LPH: My sister is getting married in 20 minutes. http://www.google.com/buzz...
win an amazing $10,000 canon 5d mark ii camera rig for the release of camera+ for iphone at wwdc http://campl.us
RT @microsofttag: Today we give away laptop #4 ! Get tweeting ... we will draw the winner this afternoon. Good Luck!
RT @Gartenberg: Bets on how long before @scobleizer is on an iPhone 4? My bet. June 24.
How long before Microsoft catches up with iPad?
No touch tablet with Windows Embedded? Hmmm.
Why are all the Windows 7 tablets at Computex so darn thick? (via @jkendrick)
You know your computer is having a bad day when your Tablet PC seems faster than your desktop. #justsaying (via @callkathy)
Touch on android seems off to me. Hit targets miss a lot. #nexusone (via @timheuer)
Microsoft needs to move beyond Intel and Windows proper to enable quality tablet.
Using iPad to watch Mary Jo Foley right side up on Windows Weekly video!
OLPC 3 looks cute. Price low though, but goal is great.
RT @Microsoft Bach to retire in the fall, Allard assumes advisor role, Lees leads Mobile & Mattrick directs Interactive http://www.microsoft.com/presspa...
Just arrived at the #NetbookSummit, listening to a panel on netbooks in education. (via @KevinCTofel)
To be clear, Texai is from http://www.willowgarage.com/. Open source robotics FTW! (via @timoreilly)
Want a great touch slate? Have Microsoft restart with the onscreen keyboard. Make context aware. Center space bar, etc, etc.
Last year MIT architecture graduates = no jobs. Last year 3 ASU archtecture graduates got jobs. What about this year?
RT @ianbetteridge Met with the folks from @motioncomputing earlier. Don't count out pen-based tablets - some applications really benefit
Thanks for all the thumbs ups!
Tumor keeps growing in brain. Oh well. Another month of chemo and another MRI. Where's the 'no grow' switch?
Why does Ellen's Show site support iPad video playback and Engadget, Gizmodo, Fortune, other leading tech sites do not?
Or has Bill Gates changed the definition of what a Tablet or tablet (lower case t) is? Inquiring minds want to know.
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