ARMEX "Where Mexico Meets Armenia" -
ARMEX "Where Mexico Meets Armenia"
This is why I LOVE LA. This may seem odd to some, but you'll have to understand that the huge role Mexicans have played in Armenian restaurants here in LA. There are Armenian restaurants now owned/run by Mexicans. In many cases, when the owner wanted to retire, he chose not his kids, but who he thought would continue the restaurant in the same vein. - Anika from Bookmarklet
The only place where I can tell this failed was Eat-A-Pita. When the original owners sold it and the new owners let the cooks do what they want, it was a huge plate of YUCK. It didn't help that the atmosphere also changed. The used to be Middle Eastern music piped in, especially a lot of Lebanese and Egyptian pop, then all of a sudden it was corridos. Not exactly what you expect to hear when you're eating a kabob plate. - Anika