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Chicken roll over
shooting chicken.JPG
I love my chickens! - Boe Smith
LOL what on earth?? Why do they do that? :) - mrsha
Looks like they're taking a dust bath... - FFing Enigma
Boe Smith
Chicken bath
chicken bath.JPG
Live nude chickens! ;) - Boe Smith
No jacuzzi? - Jemm
Boe Smith
Sign of a bad economy?
I was bored and decided to see what jobs were out there. - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Breakfast of Fat boys everywhere!
My breakfast! - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
My crow hates my camera
My crow hates my camera - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
My computer is dying!
My computer is dying! - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Unshaven, wide angel action
Yeah, I need to shave, shower, and drop a chin, but not till April 1st! - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Big bird wake up!
My little buddy! - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Snow flurry
Cold outside (2).JPG
Even the birds don't come to feed! - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Cold morning
Cold outside (3).JPG
Spring isn't here yet! - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
The fog
When we get fog here in Dayton, Nevada, we get FOG! - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Back it up reminder!
A crash can happen at anytime, so back it up now! - Boe Smith
Ty so much! i wasn't sure what the heck that #followfriday was all about :) - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Crow Smoking
Big bird is going to quit come April 1st too! Him as a baby. - Boe Smith
Boe Smith
Big Bird
My pet crow when he was a baby :) - Boe Smith
Thomas Hawk
Some pretty awesome pictures! - Boe Smith
particularly love the lady with the flowers on her hair - Melissa
hmmmm.. definitely do not like the way FriendFeed is posting Flickr photos now. It's highlighting the first photos you upload in a batch rather than the last. The problem is that most people who do larger batch uploads load their best photos last so as to have them more visible to their Flickr contacts which limit you to showing only your 5 most recent photos on your contacts activity stream. FriendFeed should present the photos most recent first, not the other way around. - Thomas Hawk
Used to be that the order presented changed over time -- does that no longer happen? - Brian Sullivan
Brian, it used to be that it always showed your very last photo first and then the rest seemed to be a hodge podge weird mix. But at least your very last photo which would tend to be your best in a batch would be showcased. Now they are doing it in perfect reverse chronological order which means that if you upload your best photos last in order to make sure your flickr contacts see them, they will be buried here on FF 100% of the time. - Thomas Hawk
At least it catches all of them (or 25 or whatever the limit is). Still beats the pants off of Flickr's built in contacts page. - Eric P
The other day FF missed a whole Flickr update for me (60 pictures) so the whole process is somewhat flakey it seems. - Brian Sullivan
Eric you are right. It's much better that it doesn't limit you to one or five like Flickr. I've always thought that this was one of the lamest things about flickr. Definitely some tweaking is going on with the Flickr feeds though because two days ago they mixed my faves and my photos into the same FF post and now they are posting in reverse chronological order. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk
I'm heading to Reno in four hours with mrsth and the kids for the weekend. Anyone know of anything especially good I should photograph or eat there? I've never been. I've got most of the neon mapped out on a Google map but looking for anything else especially interesting.
does your list include the graveyard of neon? - bob phillips
I was there a couple months ago and met up with a friend who lives in nevada - she insisted on going to PJs a local fave greasy spoon type place (they also had healthier options) - was VERY good - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Reno's Sheriff's Department? Small chat ideas: You could ask them how they feel about being parodied on national tv.! - Micah
greasy spoon sounds good to me, thanks Marco. Bob, the neon graveyard is in Vegas not Reno. Someday I'm going to shoot that. The last time I requested permission though they turned me down. That was a few years ago though. - Thomas Hawk
also red rock canyon, if you have a car - - bob phillips
probably won't have time to hit Lake Tahoe. I've shot the neon at South Lake Tahoe before though. Good stuff there. - Thomas Hawk
Reno, not Vegas though Bob. - Thomas Hawk
i'd love to see any shots you could get from something like this - the view from the plane flying into reno was fascinating - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
helicopters in reno would be awesome. Unfortunately I'm doing Reno on the cheap the best I can. - Thomas Hawk
oops, jumped to my visual map, I guess - have fun - bob phillips
You might try going out to Carson City. The cemetary at dusk is awesome, I will have to find my photos from there in 96' I must return someday!! - Pentaxfan
There's an old boomtown somewhere around Reno - saloons with wood paneled doors and everything. Does anyone know the name of it? - Mona Nomura
Isn't crater lake in the area? - Christian (Simply X)
Betos Mexican Food on Fifth Street. Excellent for lunch. - Russellreno
Juicy's Giant Hamburgers on Wells. - Russellreno
You can say hello to the hookers on 4th street. - Russellreno
They built an underground tunnel to get the trains out downtown recently. There must be a photo opp there. - Russellreno
Unfortunately I move away from Reno before I rediscovered photography. - Russellreno
Mona N., is it Virgina City? Old frontier west mining town. Very cool architecture, history and geography. - Dave Roth
How about the National Bowling Stadium. - Rodfather
cool, some great ideas here! The Carson City Cemetery sounds great. Not sure i'll be by there at dusk though. - Thomas Hawk
Go to Audrey Harris Park for a great night shot of Reno. It is just a look out,not really a park. - Russellreno
Head out to Virginia City -- it's a bit of a living ghost town as of the last time I visited. It's got some touristy shops, but there's a cemetery and some really interesting buildings, not to mention the obligatory abandoned buildings. - Victor Solanoy
On Hwy 80 heading east. Mrsth is mostly on her iphone ignoring her man. - Thomas Hawk
I'll be keynoting there a week from Saturday for their Interactive Media Summit. Talk to my cousin, @myrnatheminx on Twitter - she lives there and I'm sure would love to point out the good places. - Jesse Stay
If you have any interest in bowling check out this place... - Eric Thompson
Getting ready to stop off at willie's in Sacramento. They've got a pretty good clone of the tommy's burger. - Thomas Hawk
thanks for all the suggestions. Shot about 600 photos last night. Mostly neon stuff around downtown Reno. Going to head over to the Peppermill and that area on Virginia Street today. Reno is so bleak. So many of the big hotels and casinos at this point are totally shut down and completely vacant. Interesting to read a sign on the door of totally dark Fitzgeralds telling you how to cash your chips in someplace else. A giant hotel just empty. - Thomas Hawk
Come to 'Virginia City' over the hill, you will love the little old west town! Good eats anywhere there. I live about 20mins from it. - Boe Smith
Yeah, I definitely want to visit Virginia City. Probably won't have time this trip but I'm planning on getting back there for more time as well. - Thomas Hawk
Kevin Rose
About to order "buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes and country bacon gravy" Town Hall restaurant SF. Mmm
Mmm.... bacon gravy, the only thing better than sausage gravy... drool. - Shmoe
Damn, read this at hungry now :) - Boe Smith
Had that at Town Hall for a birthday dinner a few years ago. Changed my life. It's that good. - Fleagle
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