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for Lost TV show
More than the mythology, I loved Lost because of its exploration of broken characters who are trying to become whole.
I loved all the flashbacks to the back stories. And, you're right, everyone is flawed. I like BSG for the same reason - maʀtha
I liked that not all of the problems were terribly fixable, or had the same sort of solution. - Jennifer Dittrich
Martha: I've heard that about BSG. I need to watch that show. - Jed from iPhone
Jennifer: Good call. You especially see that in the finale with Ben. - Jed from iPhone
New Lost Fan Film Shot Entirely On Location « Spinoff Online – Covering TV, Film and Entertainment News Daily -
New Lost Fan Film Shot Entirely On Location « Spinoff Online – Covering TV, Film and Entertainment News Daily
"Although “The New Man in Charge” is the last official piece of the Lost mythos from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, it’s not the last new story set on the Island. YouTube user ApprenticeA has posted a new video called “The Man Who Brought Us Here,” a six-minute unofficial fan film that was shot entirely on location in Hawaii with familiar sets including the Barracks, the Temple, the Orchid and Hydra Island. Although the acting isn’t exactly top flight, the story features a fun little twist that isn’t perfectly executed, but still speaks towards the idea that further Lost adventures are entirely possible, even after the divisive series finale. If nothing else, it’s nice to see some of the most iconic Lost locations in action again. - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
Your first glimpse at what happened after Lost's final episode -
Your first glimpse at what happened after Lost's final episode
"Get a look inside the Dharma Logistics Warehouse in the first ever clip from the Lost DVD's epilogue. Find out how the new guy is running things, and where those nifty Dharma canned goods came from." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
there's still ppl who care about this? - Big Joe Silence
Yes. - Friar Will
The last Lost spoilers you'll ever read (or not, if you want to stay pure) -
The last Lost spoilers you'll ever read (or not, if you want to stay pure)
"he Lost season six DVD includes a new 12-minute segment that promises to answer some more questions and tie up some loose ends. Does it deliver the goods? A detailed synopsis of it has popped up online. Spoilers definitely ahead... So the SpoilersLost blog, which got so many inside scoops on the show during its run, has one last scoop. Someone has seen the new DVD extra, called "New Man In Charge." And they've spilled almost all the beans. Ready? Here goes. Apparently, it starts with a "cheesy" scene where Ben visits a Dharma station someplace and tells the two Dharma guys the Dharma Initiative is being shut down for good. The two Dharma guys are both disappointed, and the skinnier of the two asks why this is. Ben spins around and looks at the camera, saying there's a "new man in charge." Then it gets less cheesy as we shift to the beach, where the "new man in charge," Hurley, is hanging out — he seems a lot more dignified and mature than when we last saw him. Vincent the dog comes... more... - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Back on the island, we learn that Hurley can still see dead people, and the person who saw this scene decided not to spoil it all. Apparently, Hurley's conversations with the dead include a discussion of John Locke's connection to the island. And we find out that John Locke's role was supposed to be something very different, before the Smoke Monster perverted Locke's destiny. And it... more... - RAPatton
I'm not terribly worried about being spoiled about this. It only ends once. Everything else is just progress. Sounds pretty cool though, I can't wait to see it. - veo
Emmy nominations announced: 'Glee,' Conan, 'Lost' get nods - -
Emmy nominations announced: 'Glee,' Conan, 'Lost' get nods -
"Sofia Vergara of Modern Family and Community's Joel McHale took the stage with Television Academy chairman/CEO John Shaffner this morning in L.A. to announce the Emmy nominations. Jimmy Fallon will host the Aug. 29 show from the Nokia Theater in L.A., live on both coasts on NBC." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Drama series: Breaking Bad | Dexter | The Good Wife | Lost | Mad Men | True Blood" - RAPatton
"Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series: The Colbert Report | The Daily Show with Jon Stewart | Saturday Night Live | Real Time With Bill Maher | Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien " - RAPatton
Looking at the list, my issue would be that I don't consider Nurse Jackie or US of Tara as comedies. I don't recall ever laughing at either. - RAPatton
Shocked that Community got completely ignored. They had some of the best episodes of any comedy show this past year: the paintball episode alone should have gotten some kind of nomination. - Akiva
I hope Conan wins just because. - James Ferguson
Okay, I like Glee and Jane Lynch is awesome. But Lea Michele? She's basically being herself. I wish Julie Bowen had been nominated. - Lis
Oh, Julie WAS nominated! Yay, Julie! - Lis
Ringworld is a lot like Lost, but there's a crucial difference -
Ringworld is a lot like Lost, but there's a crucial difference
Ringworld is a lot like Lost, but there's a crucial difference
Ringworld is a lot like Lost, but there's a crucial difference
"Larry Niven's Hugo-winning novel from 1971 has a surprising amount in common with network television's biggest sci-fi hit. But what's really interesting is how Ringworld differs from Lost. Now, the cynics among you might think I'm comparing a classic 40-year-old book to a massively popular TV show that recently ended simply because I hope it will net me more pageviews. But the cynics among you would be wrong. I mean, I do think it'll net me more pageviews, but more important to me is that there really are some strikingly salient similarities between Ringworld and Lost — and at least one crucial difference, a difference worth considering when it comes to the state of popular science fiction today. Let's start with the similarities, though. Ringworld — which, I should mention, won not only the Hugo but also the Nebula and the first Locus Award for Best Novel — tells the story of group of people who crash on a landmass of mysterious origin. Upon further exploration, the landmass turns... more... - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Lost posed similar questions: Who built the hatch? How did polar bears come to the Island? Who built the temple and statue, and what happened to those people? It also used extraordinary luck, fate, or coincidence as a major plot device — Hurley's consistent ill fortune in the flashbacks (and consistent good fortune in the flash-sidewayses), the hidden existing pre-Island connections... more... - RAPatton
" Ringworld, a work of hard SF written in the spirit of Robert Heinlein's stories. (Niven's swear word "tanj" — as in "That's the biggest tanj mountain I ever saw" or "Tanjit!" — is an acronym of the Heinleinian huff "There ain't no justice!") I've ragged on Heinlein for his writing style, but there's no question he deserved his title as the dean of science fiction. More than any other... more... - RAPatton
I haven't read this since I was a kid, I should go back and reread them - RAPatton
I've been planning on reading it, but if it compares that closely, and the end is similar I don't think I want to take the journey. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I totally disagree on this. Ringworld (I can only speak to the original, I haven't read any of the sequels) was basically a travelogue across a vast landscape with pretty boring characters. That's it. Sure the ring itself was interesting and mysterious but there was no subtly was very clearly an ALIEN environment where we were never sure with LOST. Also, Ringworld has almost... more... - veo
If the author is going to make this comparison, then why not make it against a half dozen other sci fi novels which have similar settings. Titan by John Varley or RAMA by Arthur C Clarke for example? - veo
+1 for Titan (and it's sequels Wizard and Demon). Talk about 'an entity that injects itself so forcibly into the plot that it almost becomes a character'! Except, strike the almost ;-) - Michael R. Bernstein
I LOVE Molly Ringworld. Those lips...not a bit of collagen. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Michael, I LOVE Titan, Wizard and Demon... Gaea and Cirocco Jones are amazing characters! - veo
"After four long years of intense research, The Geography of LOST ($15-$160), an actual map of the castaways' island, was born. Available as a Fine Art Print, Framed Print, or Canvas Print, it shows the locations of important buildings and events like The Pearl, The Orchid, the radio tower, the barracks, and the spot where we first met Henry Gale Benjamin Linus." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
"MommyJacking You know, I bet people would buy t-shirts that say, “i am sorry for ur lost.” Because of the show LOST that just ended? Flight 815, Jack, Kate, Sawyer…”Sorry for ur lost”? Get it? Not funny? OK. Sigh. Facebook isn’t an Elton John song, Michelle. The circle of life may be an intrinsic part of nature, but nobody gives a crap what gender your baby is when they’re mourning the loss of a friend. Or, if they do care, maybe you could mention it on something other than the Official Tragedy Thread on their page. You know, like on a Wall post that doesn’t include the words, “very sad,” “R.I.P.” and “I will miss you.” Take your baby brain out of your ass and show some respect. At least have the decency to proofread your comment. “Ur,” really?? It’s 2 letters, people!! Related: Charlie’s Angels and Sad Trombone (submitted by Anonymous)" - edythe from Bookmarklet
A boy! How wonderful! - RAPatton from iPhone
yes, i'm sure that was "christina"'s next comment. - edythe
^ ROFL - Anika
Does Sawyer have a role in The Avengers? -
Does Sawyer have a role in The Avengers?
"Sounds like Marvel has been reading our fantasy casting list. First it there were the Nathan Fillion rumors, and now the shirtless demi-god Josh Holloway is the newest rumored Avengers cast member. But who should he play? Avenger News was tipped off that Holloway might be popping up in Marvel's giant Avengers film: We received this interesting tidbit about "LOST" star Josh Holloway over the weekend. Apparently there's been talk between Marvel and his group to play a "lead" role in an upcoming Marvel film. We mention a "lead" role because these bigger actors often won't sign "retainers", meaning everything should be 100% locked (character, film, etc) for Josh once he's signed the dotted line." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"While it might be simple for him to be a "wild card" member S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, we think Sawyer is absolutely perfect for Hawkeye — he's already got the arms going for him. What say you? Again these could all just be rumors, but he is hot off the series finale of Lost so it's not a crazy idea." - RAPatton
"he is hot off the series finale of Lost" They could have ended that bit of sentence with "He is hot." - Nathalie
With a haircut, I could totally see him as Hawkeye. - Jason Toney
although it seems weird to me that Captain America is going to be played by the youngest actor with the least presence. That's not how I think of Steve Rogers. - Jason Toney
Chronologically LOST - A fan project to re-assemble LOST in absolute chronological order. No flashes of any kind, just a straight forward story. Episodes 1 ~ 3 up now. -
I think we're going to need to watch that again.
I think I have heard that before - Melinda
Listening to songs from LOST on Youtube and totally tearing up and crying. Seriously, this track "Parting & Gathering Theme" starting at 2:30 gets me every time. *tear* -
Listening to songs from LOST on Youtube and totally tearing up and crying.  Seriously, this track "Parting & Gathering Theme" starting at 2:30 gets me every time.  *tear*
I'll miss you, LOST. - veo from Bookmarklet
This'll make you feel better, little veo: - Akiva
haha, that does make me feel better! - veo
Make sure you watch it in glorious HD. It makes all the difference in the world. - Akiva
Richard Lawler
Hindsight: Quotes from Lost’s Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof | A TV Calling -
If the show's so good, why'd they have to lie about it to keep people watching? - Richard Lawler
Straight for the art, shirts, mugs, etc. | Ty Mattson’s Lost merch | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources -
Straight for the art, shirts, mugs, etc. | Ty Mattson’s Lost merch  |  Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources
Straight for the art, shirts, mugs, etc. | Ty Mattson’s Lost merch  |  Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources
"A while back we told you about artist Ty Mattson's rather stunning, gorgeously retro Lost-inspired art, created in part as invitations for a Season Six premiere party. Apparently we're not the only people who dug 'em: ABC is now selling merchandise featuring Mattson's designs in its official Lost store, including silkscreened prints, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, mousepads, even skateboard decks. Looks like even showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are getting in on the act..." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
Richard Lawler
Unanswered Lost Questions - CollegeHumor video -
Unanswered Lost Questions - CollegeHumor video
but nah yo, the show was about the characters... so it never matters if we find out anything about the characters. #QUESTIONSLEADTOMOREQUESTIONS - Richard Lawler
Fwd: OK, this kinda me understand the Lost finale (via
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I get it :) - Jason
I like her explanation too, it's exactly as I interpreted it. She gets extra points for referring to the well capstone as a butt plug! - veo
post buffalo wings :) - Jason
The explanation is complete "I know it sucked, but I've gotta make something of this somehow" handwringing. - Richard Lawler
#LOST hieroglyphics shirt... I haz it.
I also ordered a Dharma Swan shirt... oh internets shopping :) - Jason
West Coast Lost Fans, I think you are going to like it
Getting ready. - Derrick
It's really good in my opinion - RAPatton from iPhone
cool! - .LAG liked that
I totally loved it. I found it poetic, actually. I haven't read many of the negative reviews yet but of the ones I have they're nothing but people who are complaining that their pet question didn't get a DEFINITIVE answer. My response to those people is basically that if they're expecting such pedantic answers they've been watching the wrong show. LOST has almost never answered things directly so why would they start at the end? - veo
I'm sure the last 15 minutes will divide, because people woke up Sunday thinking it was science fiction and went to bed knowing that it was religious fiction - RAPatton from iPhone
I wouldn't call it religious, exactly. Spiritual, sure, but where's the dogma? What is the teaching? Hasn't LOST always had that aire about it though? - veo
It's climactic scene is in a church, with symbols of the 5 major religions + the wheel behind the protagonist as he learns he's in purgatory; the build up to the finale, the man of reason, Jack, who conflicted with the main of Faith, becomes a man of faith and even acknowledges that Locke was right (best part of the finale) - RAPatton from iPhone
The blaming of people not liking it on answers is the oddest thing ever, why say something that isn't true? A: Because if you didn't, you'd have to acknowledge that they just wrote all the meaning out of the story. Everyone is happy in the end, no matter what. Except for all the black guys. and everyone else on the plane. and the kids. - Richard Lawler
veo, something doesn't have to have dogma or be proselytizing to be religious. The very concept of purgatory is religious; the idea of it doesn't exist outside of religion. - Akiva
Liked the show, answered enough things, but as always not enough nudity. - Steve C, Team Marina
That has been a chronic flaw of the show, Steve, but I think that is explained in that they are in purgatory, not in heaven - RAPatton
They don't really use the word purgatory though; I've seen other threads comparing it to the dream-like state in the second Bardo of Tibetan Buddhism where souls may not know that they've died. - Jennifer Dittrich
Right, purgatory was my choice of words - RAPatton from iPhone
I liked most of the episode, but hated the end. It seemed contrived beyond belief (since the sideways world was anything but a world of redemption this season in any but this episode-- Sayid still killed four people!) and it doesn't jive even slightly with the fact that the world was created by setting off a bomb. Honestly, the last 10 minutes ruined it for me. - Shannon Jiménez
i watched it last night and my eyes still haven't depuffed from all the crying I did. I thought the ending was miserably, awesomely depressing. I wasn't expecting a sad resolution at all. - edythe
I found it joyous - RAPatton from iPhone
rap, that doesn't surprise me. in fact, i was waiting for you to say it. but we both know you and i are polar opposites in many things. for me, the idea that kate and sawyer and hurley, et al., went on to live out their lives AND YET when they died came back to the people from this part of their life... that that really was the most important part of their life (as Christian put it)... that is heartbreaking to me. - edythe
i should probably also mention that i always found the end of Watership Down incredibly, incredibly depressing as well. - edythe
Stuart Miniman
The Jimmy Kimmel LOST special was also enjoyable - Stuart Miniman
'Lost' Series Finale Theories: Searching for Explanations and Answers -
'Lost' Series Finale Theories: Searching for Explanations and Answers
'Lost' Series Finale Theories: Searching for Explanations and Answers
'Lost' Series Finale Theories: Searching for Explanations and Answers
"As Christian Shephard explained at the end, the alternate timeline, in which Oceanic flight 815 lands safely in Los Angeles, is a purgatory, a collective dream, mutually created by the souls of the castaways (and a few close outsiders, like Penny), a way for them to rediscover each other before moving on to the next spiritual plane. It's also a place for the characters, all of whom have heavy baggage (and not the kind you pick up at the carousel), to let go. (Which is why those characters not ready to let go, like Ben or Michael or Ana Lucia, didn't end up in the church at the end.)" - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"On the surface, faith seemed to have the upper hand. Jack repudiated the ultra-rational Smokey and insisted that Locke had been right about everything (despite Jack's long-ago refusal to accept Locke's point of view). Certainly, the show, in answering questions over the last few episodes, seemed to side with faith, whether explaining things like the flash-sideways or avoiding coming up... more... - RAPatton
"Without the life and death experiences of physical reality on the island, the flash-sideways world would be meaningless. In the end, then, science and faith both have a role to play. 'Lost's' refusal to decide between them is part of the ambiguity that made the show so rich and rewarding to watch. Ultimately, 'Lost' was a show for the anxious, uncertain, post-Sept. 11 nation we have become. We've had to accept ambiguity as a fact of life, and we seek answers and closure, though none may be forthcoming. " - RAPatton
It doesn't matter who built the temple or the statue or the structure in the well of light. We know have a key for letting our imagination figure that out. We know for a fact now that we've seen that people had been in the well of light before that 'Mother' wasn't the first island guardian, in fact she was just the 3rd most recent in a long succession of island occupation which goes... more... - veo
"given us license to be imaginative" sounds lot like "forced veo to make up stuff to fill in the obvious holes or else we'd have to acknowledge they were there" - Richard Lawler
Simon Curran
This article mirrors my exact thoughts on the Lost finale. - Simon Curran from Bookmarklet
There's no excusing the fact this ending would fit on any show, or story. The usual copout is it's about the characters, but ultimately it had nothing to do with any of them more than it does anyone else that's ever existed. - Richard Lawler
Hahaha, I love Jorge Garcia. this was posted on his personal blog today. -
Hahaha, I love Jorge Garcia.  this was posted on his personal blog today.
On his other palm is written: 'I will never be able to get a job again.' - Akiva
On his ass is written: 'I never need to work another day in my life.' - veo
Why I actually liked the Lost finale -
Why I actually liked the Lost finale
Why I actually liked the Lost finale
Show all
"There are lots of ways to feel about a finale: pleased, peeved, betrayed, bemused. Charlie Jane Anders already gave us her perfectly valid, less-than-happy take on the Lost finale — but I kinda swung with it. It's easy to ask a lot of a finale to a series you've stuck with for years. You want that time to have meant something, you want those endless hours of watching and debating and theorizing and cringing to pay off — to amount to something more than simply that time spent. Especially with a show like Lost, which had so much ephemera to collate, so many plots to follow, so many characters to attend to. You want it all to mean something." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"But where "The End" didn't provide the long-sought narrative resolution, it came through with an emotional resolution that, in the end, proved satisfying. To me, anyway. As with any narrative enterprise, what pulls you through are not the plot machinations or the devilishness of the twists: it's the characters. Long-form storytelling relies on the audience forming a bond with the... more... - RAPatton
LOST = First proper visual Novel?
We still have the last chapter to watch tonight, but I think LOST is the closest thing to a cohesive visual telling of a novel-style literary storyline that popular media has ever produced. The entire show is clocking in at just under 100 hours of actual hard visual narrative. It has a very definite beginning, middle and end stretched across 6 seasons. Literary storylines are never properly told visually because they take too much time to tell. Two to Three hours isn't even close to enough time for tv/film viewers to get to know the characters of a novel. However, LOST really had a chance (and the vision) to meditate on it's characters at length while providing a compelling, chaper-based, storyline. - veo
I don't think you know what "cohesive" means. - Richard Lawler
Richard, so you're saying that the story line didn't hold together at all? There were no unifying themes or allegories that touched all aspects of the show? If you can honestly answer "no" to that then you're simply not paying attention and your input in this debate is moot. - veo
There are religious fanatics who are more accepting of actual logical thought and debate than you. You're right and anyone who disagrees this is the best show ever is wrong and should be muzzled. It's sad you have to do that to pretend to enjoy this show, if you actually liked it, you could accept where it's failed. - Richard Lawler
Also, I don't think you know what allegory means. - Richard Lawler
I still haven't seen 'The Wire' but I've heard it's very good. I understand it is an amazing drama but I didn't realize it was setup as a bookend story with an overarching Beginning, Middle & End where the end resolves everything from the entire series. I though it was a drama five different stories over five seaons with mostly the same characters. I need to get those DVD apparently. - veo
Also, now that I think about it, Babylon 5 did the same thing too. Although LOST was a better story, IMO. - veo
I'm on the flip side of that, veo, but yes. I think there are several shows that do accomplish this, but most haven't achieved the level of popularity that Lost has (Life on Mars, Babylon 5) or are either airing only in countries other than the US, or for a very targeted audience (most anime, J/K Dramas). - Jennifer Dittrich
BBC News - Review: The final episode of Lost -
BBC News - Review: The final episode of Lost
BBC News - Review: The final episode of Lost
"Honestly, the show ended the only way it could have possibly ended. It was emotionally satisfying while some of the questions were answered and yet others will remain a mystery. All in all, the show was wrapped up rather nicely with a positive affirming kind of message." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Instead, we learned that rather than being some some kind of alternate-timeline, the flashes sideways were glimpes of a kind of limbo between life and death. In their deaths - some on the island, some much, much later - they were all pulled together to move on to the afterlife. The people that meant most to them during their lives would be there with them as they moved on to the next... more... - RAPatton
"There were some genuinely moving touches, Ben remained outside the gathering, not quite ready to leave his own personal purgatory and forgive himself for his sins. Yet Locke did offer him gratefully accepted forgiveness and Hurley, who invited Ben into the gathering said he was a "good number two", with Ben telling Hurley he was a "great number one". We were left to assume that the two men acted as protectors of the island for some time." - RAPatton
"It ended as it had begun with Jack lying in the same bamboo forest in which we first met him in episode one. Back then Jack opened his eyes for the first time on the island, this time around he closed them for the last." - RAPatton
But what about all the other characters that weren't in the church? Were they just not important enough to those people's lives? - James Ferguson
Yes, for this group of people this is what mattered, which was tipped off a bit in the discussion Desmond had with Farady's mom. They may not have even been "real," but constructs of the Losties own private purgatory. - RAPatton
pretty much james. or left in purgatory, like Michael. - Carlos Ayala
one thing i didnt consider was the Hurley/Ben/Protect the Island story and its timeframe afterwards. I think that the article nailed it. - Carlos Ayala
Yeah, that was important as part of the idea that the purgatory isn't based on time and that flash sideways purgatory existing in synch with reality was an illusion. Ben, Hugo and the guys on the plane all died much later than Jack and Locke died much earlier. As an afterlife, it was full of love, which I think was part of the point. It was very much a romantic finale and the final scene was filled with light. The island itself seemed like Pandora's box metaphor, but instead of Hope remaining it was love - RAPatton
in the office this is what we used as a guideline for the show: read Maranatha's posts. This is the most intelligent breakdown and explanation for the show that I've seen on the net. Enjoy. - Carlos Ayala
Thanks, Carlos! - RAPatton
Richard Lawler
'Lost' Possibly Still Airing In Parallel Dimension, Desperate Fans Report | The Onion - America's Finest News Source -
"NEW YORK—Desperate fans of the recently concluded television series Lost are speculating that the program is continuing on in a parallel dimension somewhere, and that alternate versions of showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are currently writing new episodes of the series. "It's very possible that a sideways world running concurrent to our own exists, and that a facsimile of myself is happy, fulfilled, and already gearing up for the season seven premiere of Lost," said 36-year-old Kevin Molinaro, who, along with more than 20 million other hopeless fans, has recently booked multiple roundtrip tickets from Los Angeles to Australia in hopes of traveling through a vortex in the space-time continuum. "I just have to find a way to get there. We all do." According to data from Google analytics, searches for "How to build/detonate/use a hydrogen bomb to open up a multidimensional wormhole" have increased 10 millionfold since the episode aired" - Richard Lawler from Bookmarklet
I think I might be the only person who didn't watch Lost. - Lynne d Johnson
Nah. There are a lot more of us out there than you think who didn't watch it. - Akiva
Henüz LOST final bölümünü izlemeyenler: Adanın sifonu varmış biliyor musunuz? çektiler aktı gitti hepsi.
hehehe spoiler. oh canıma değsin - Eray
kurtulduk desene :D - 'Arif ACAR
tam olarak değil :D deliği gene tıkadılar - Eray
haahaha :) - 'Arif ACAR
YouTube - "I'll Never Be Lost Again" - Lost Season 6 Hip-hop/R&B anthem. -
YouTube - "I'll Never Be Lost Again" - Lost Season 6 Hip-hop/R&B anthem.
This is surprisingly good for an fan project, which is to say it isn't terrible. I can already tell I'm going to be crying like a baby tonight during the Finale. - veo from Bookmarklet
if only someone else had posted this before you - Richard Lawler
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