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Shabbat shalom from Boca. Quiet and safe Shabbat in Israe @ (@ shabbat)
Funny typo. But needed by many....Actiance Wants to Help Companies Curb Social Media Mistakes
Who needs a clue? You and I sometimes....32 Ways to Squeeze Leads Out Of Your Next Marketing Campaign
RT @dsilverman: Find hotels by Wi-Fi speed. Travel websites should have this as a standard feature.
RT @bobbalfe: Nice infographic on where some key @SoftLayer accounts are located. #IBMCloud #cloud vía @holgermu via @zwanikmc
RT @nixcraft: The bane of a real sysadmin. I will do anything for uptime. #xkcd #sysadminday #humor
Meat! It's what's for dinner....
For @rabbipillows you started her early..Hevet on the other hand..
So this is happening right now. ...shipper called they had time today
Find your niche and enjoy it...10 Insights on How to Attract More Traffic with Distinctive Writing
Yes we have some Bananas in our yard
RT @krauseke: Airplane engine has over 27 sensors putting out half a TB of data on a single transatlantic route #bigdata #ibmanalytics
RT @oliheinz: See you all in January at #IBMConnectED with even more in depth technical content, demos, labs
Laphroaig - #OpinionsWelcome Check out this opinion, like it? You can add your own here
RT @duffbert: @darrenduke Branding, baby!
RT @TexasSwede: Connect becomes ConnectED in 2015
Guess what opened up for January...
RT @belgort: OH: "only the losing companies need to even mention their competitors; the winners products stand on their own"
RT @rhappe: For those in the #ESN #socbiz & collaboration space, pls consider taking this survey from @realstorygroup
You know that feeling when you try to pay a bill online and the site doesn't work? It helps if the company put the correct URL in the email.
RT @mboezi: Your blog can be the starting point for a book project. Here's how to start the process.
RT @nancytrejos: Was anyone planning to be on one of these canceled flights to Israel? Plse email me at
I can't be there, but you should go hear @socialshazza RT @richardmoy: #MWLUG2014 Sessions and Schedule now online,
RT @ICSEducation: #ICSEdu IBM HTTP Server - Rewriting HTTP (port 80) requests to HTTPS (port 443) via @david_hay
RT @Vanessa_Brooks: I blogged: My heart is heavy, my eyes are filled
From the blog.. Job Found, Blogging Helps: Happy to say I will be working with The RockTeam as their Professio...
Just blogged - Job Found, Blogging Helps
RT @can_test: Teams going #agile need to drop the idea of "committed" work. Think about the weather. We talk about weather *forecasts*, not commitments.
RT @idfelite: The only other country who had rockets fired at it indiscriminately was Britain in WWII. They responded by carpet bombing German cities.
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