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Captain Kirk, to the Bridge! No! Wait, Go to Engineering! -
The Royal Scam or just a CopyCat App? -
I am speaking at Social Connections VII in Stockholm -
I am speaking at Social Connections VII in Stockholm
Moving on...Search Vs Social
Maybe. What is it though? ...You Never Wanted It Bad Enough.
Friday Frustrations - Online Bill Paying UX Failure -
Friday Frustrations - Online Bill Paying UX Failure
OMG! These are awesome! ....18 Resources to Help You Become Amazing At User Acquisition
RT @sogrady: looks like we’re going to have the ability for @monktoberfest attendees to buy maine beers and have them dropped off at the conference
I want to rock n roll all night and party everyday! KISS is coming to Israel
RT @MirantisIT: Your guest, your choice: running Windows Server on Ubuntu OpenStack #OpenStackNow
RT @markjosey: Download for Free 2.6 Million Images from Books Published Over Last 500 Years on Flickr #blogging #content
Conference Season is Picking Up -
Apps That Make Life Easier in Other Countries -
off to bed, night all
Sad that we need this, but we do. A live map and website of the launches and time to get to shelter http://redcolormapweb.azureweb...
Not in Gaza it isn't RT @rstormonth: Today is World Humanitarian Day, honouring #humanitarianheroes
Nice of them to tell us,send an email or voicemail next time "Hamas: We fired M75,Fajr 5 rockets on central Israel"
So what do I do? I take the dog for a walk. #hamassucks
RT @sarahleah770: Rocket Explodesin Open Field in Tel-Aviv, No Casualties -
Well popped that cherry. 1st siren since we got here. It was a quiet week till now. Even the dog wondered about it. Son slept through it.
RT @CCasas: Are you ConnectED? Register today for the premier Social Business event of the year!
When was it ever smart? RT @samfbiddle: Keep Facebook Dumb
Any car companies in Israel need a social media manager? Looking to barter your car for my writing.
RT @avantgame: SuperBetter is now available on Android! (and FREE for a limited time, so get it now!)
Just blogged - Are you a Catalyst?
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