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off to bed, night all
Sad that we need this, but we do. A live map and website of the launches and time to get to shelter http://redcolormapweb.azureweb...
Not in Gaza it isn't RT @rstormonth: Today is World Humanitarian Day, honouring #humanitarianheroes
Nice of them to tell us,send an email or voicemail next time "Hamas: We fired M75,Fajr 5 rockets on central Israel"
So what do I do? I take the dog for a walk. #hamassucks
RT @sarahleah770: Rocket Explodesin Open Field in Tel-Aviv, No Casualties -
Well popped that cherry. 1st siren since we got here. It was a quiet week till now. Even the dog wondered about it. Son slept through it.
RT @CCasas: Are you ConnectED? Register today for the premier Social Business event of the year!
When was it ever smart? RT @samfbiddle: Keep Facebook Dumb
Any car companies in Israel need a social media manager? Looking to barter your car for my writing.
RT @avantgame: SuperBetter is now available on Android! (and FREE for a limited time, so get it now!)
Just blogged - Are you a Catalyst?
Touring the secret underground bullet factory from the '47 war. Ice cream first (@ Ayalon institute Museum)
What do you think?.....“We think” is not a strategy
Before you jump in, know what you get....PR Agency: Boutiques vs. Large
Bezeq is here. INTERNET DAY hopefully.
The UK has laws against this I thought..Sainsbury's store strips shelves of kosher food as protestors gather outside
Really another rebranding? I give up now when people ask me what it is called.
You know you are acclimated when you try to call customer service in the US..and its's sunday....#loveloveisrael
Pizza Hut for lunch. Been 16 years or so. Only in Israel.
There is always a shortcut ... Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF By Just Adding “GIF” To The URL
I love this idea....Card Trick Leads to New Bound on Data Compression
Shabbat Shalom as our 1st shabbat as Israelis. #lovingrehovot (@ שבת)
Why yes I made Aliyah Now please let me sleep on shabbat. Shabbat shalom from Rehovot
Holocaust memorial in Weizman
When asked if she liked living in Israel,Guinness said "cats here!". She neglected to mention she didn't catch any.
Local Rehovot people....Vanessa wants to know if we can borrow your washing machine for some clothes before shabbat. We can dry them here...
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