SOCCNX 8 Invades Boston And I will be Speaking on Single Malt Vs. Blended -
RT @soccnx: If you’re headed to Stockholm and would like to join the team for dinner, meet us in the lobby of the Elite Palace Hotel at 8:30pm. #soccnx
Made it can't say the same about the wife yet (@ Elite Palace Hotel in Stockholm)
Earlier today (@ Stockholm-@Arlanda Airport (ARN) in Stockholm-Arlanda, Stockholm w/ @stuartmcintyre)
"@soccnx: If you’re travelling to Social Connections VII today, go safely! The team are looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm. #soccnx"
Pegasus air has some great safety videos and one made for and using kids as flight attendants. Well done #flypgs
"@GreenMasterYoda: Full of Wookies the Internet is. Hrrrrm." @stickfight
Catch you from the next airport which is SAW in Istanbul
You might be tired if you wait in the wrong line for your flight because they put 2 flights next to each other going the same place.
RT @oliheinz: #DNUG is underway with @jackwelchibm talking about Mail Next and ICS Roadmap
A new blend of chivas? Sure I'll try it. Pleasures of Duty Free shops.
For Whatever Reason, a Florida Man Tried to Steal a Chainsaw By Shoving It Down His Pants
Does anyone use qora?.....How to Brand Yourself as a Thought Leader
Might have to wait till I land. ..Microsoft posts critical patch for huge Windows vulnerability that affects all OS
Who knew there were so many flights at ungodly hours....
On way to airport for 1st leg of flight to #soccnx.and yes it is 5am
More great info from 99U and yes you should follow them....Why Some People Get Promoted (And Others Don’t)
Right on.. .Why Sales People AREN’T Supposed To Win Every Sale
Who knew @spotify inspirational was gospel music? So much for work inspiration. Guess it is back to Led Zeppelin 3 for me
I need to try these out.. 7 Indispensable (And Free!) Website Graders And Content Scores
RT @DouglasCrets: Some say Coke loss of market share is because ppl like healthier drinks. Then why has Monster Beverage risen 57% this year? Category disruot
RT @markhlyon: My @nycscout sticker arrived. Couldn't be more thrilled.
Wow the bit about the button leading to more suppport calls worth it...How Data Is Failing Marketers
I like this as a contrarian...The Counterintuitive Thing About Counterintuitive Things
Nice work GM did on it...Corvette refurbished after being damaged in freak museum sinkhole via @mashable
Candy and science, what's not to like?....11 Awesome Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love To Try
Shabbat shalom everyone. (@ שבת ברחובות)
Not sure about this unless you are in advertising...Why You Need to Use Pinterest in Your Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]
Space Florida, Israel’s Chief Scientist Announce Joint Call for Projects
Kinda, sorta, maybe...10 Things About Love Only Introverts Would Understand
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