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Alf. @ Lombard Street
OH “I should do more selfies people deserve to see more of me”
Unease with body, wish for unending life inside their own tools (conceptual or mechanical).
I suspect Plato would be the kind of person to endorse transhumanism.
And for that matter — The Body Electric by @HFTRR
So I go to a record shop to buy @HFTRR's latest record and it turns out I've found the golden ticket. ♥
Ma vie, ma sagesse toute entière RT @janine_bd
Ma ve, ma sagesse toute entière RT @janine_bd
What I really gained when I learnt to program was not a new skill, but a new way of learning, different from classes, different from books.
Pas tant la victoire ou la défaite d’untel qui me chagrine que la haine qui s’instaure entre les gens, instrumentalisée par un petit nombre.
RT @attoma_paris: Nous recrutons 1 stagiaire et 2 CDI. Toutes nos offres sont disponibles ici : #Design #Job #innovation #stage
O miserable cities of designing men
J’ai un ami dont le père est maire. #gender
User Expertise Stagnates at Low Levels -
Bill Callahan – Winter Road -
And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’ -
Hoy no he hecho nada. Pero muchas cosas se hicieron en mí. -
Hoy no he hecho nada.
 Pero muchas cosas se hicieron en mí.
Un mot et tout est sauvé. Un mot et tout est perdu. J’ai chaud. J’ai froid. Quel mot sera assez puissant pour effacer tout un corps d’homme et renverser la situation ? -
Where Julian Assange Lies in Wait—and What He’s Planning Next -
How I Met Your Mother, by Ta-Nehisi Coates -
I was wrong: about "positive discrimination" -
Stand together or fall apart -
Bradley Manning and the Two Americas -
NSA-Proof Your Email! Consider your Man Card Re-Issued. Never be Afraid Again. -
How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets -
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