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RT @_nb: ♻️ ✉️ Comment taper des espaces insécables fines sur Mac :
RT @PonteIneptique: I am looking for a job in DH, remote // Lyon area in France starting september/october (freelance or contract). CV
blue green iridescent aquamarine
“The frugality of a true engineer is an enviable thing, (…) but the Web would not exist for another thousand years.”
The Lego factory at the bottom of the sea (via @lucilesc)
Trendy methodology centered design.
RT @jmspool: “Human-centered design” is seldom human-centered. - Marc Rettig
How quickly we went from the quantified self to the quantified user.
Philippe Delerm spirit #petitsgestesduquotidien
There’s always money in the banana stand, and there’s always truth in fiction.
RT @jkottke: Lisa Simpson should be 35 years old this year.
Matches should begin with the penalty kicks.
Coucou, tu veux voir ma Bible ?
Dark Videur
There are quite a few online interface museums, but videos of working systems are much scarcer – /cc @cellulestudio
In France, there's a systematic link being made between making spelling mistakes and being stupid.
RT @Dymaxion: At least GOOG has a sense of humor about the Killer Robot investments:
RT @IndiusOrg: Plus que 14h pour financer A Blind Legend, un jeu conçu pour les non-voyants ! (@Dowino_o) |
RT @direlog: the swiss french programming language
L'ethnométhodologie. RT @theCrazyCrane: À la carto du corps endommagé en concert, ajouter le coccyx et le poignet
RT @zeldman: “A massive, and delightful, archive of French typography”–via @Coudal.
What Happened? - The Reykjavik Grapevine -
Le cimetière des thèses. @ Sorbonne
“Spend less time looking at Apple and more time on IMGUR.”
Je le croise tous les jours mais je ne le connais pas.
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