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Moi aussi si j'avais investi beaucoup d'argent dans les objets connectés je déclarerais que c'est l'avenir et que c'est inévitable.
« Vomitif » > « Classieux » > « Gourmand »
Wonder how my water and electricity would taste like and behave if they were managed like these new fangled utilities.
Amazon’s not «the everything store», and Facebook is not «the social network». They all carry highly performative world views.
Amazon hiding preorders, Facebook hiding posts, OKCupid tweaking results: so much for big websites as the new utility companies.
A music festival which would take place in an emptied airport. We could call it Airport for Music.
Cats & Birds in Zero Gravity
RT @LayerTennis: Thanks for being REALLY REALLY REALLY patient. #lyt4
RT @bgslipka: Finally, a home-career balance for women story worth reading
La colère, la justesse et la bienveillance, chez @janine_bd.
RT @_nb: ♻️ ✉️ Comment taper des espaces insécables fines sur Mac :
RT @PonteIneptique: I am looking for a job in DH, remote // Lyon area in France starting september/october (freelance or contract). CV
blue green iridescent aquamarine
“The frugality of a true engineer is an enviable thing, (…) but the Web would not exist for another thousand years.”
The Lego factory at the bottom of the sea (via @lucilesc)
Trendy methodology centered design.
RT @jmspool: “Human-centered design” is seldom human-centered. - Marc Rettig
How quickly we went from the quantified self to the quantified user.
Philippe Delerm spirit #petitsgestesduquotidien
There’s always money in the banana stand, and there’s always truth in fiction.
RT @jkottke: Lisa Simpson should be 35 years old this year.
Matches should begin with the penalty kicks.
Coucou, tu veux voir ma Bible ?
Dark Videur
There are quite a few online interface museums, but videos of working systems are much scarcer – /cc @cellulestudio
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