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What does Data Robotics Have Planned? @drobo (At their corporate HQ) #TechFieldDay
Will they merge with U.S. Robotics and make redundant "56k" modems? - Micah
Hey! Guess what's under embargo for awhile? (whistles) - Louis Gray
Coverage of the presentation is here: http://twitter.com/techfie... - Louis Gray
Bump. The answer is here: http://www.engadget.com/2009... - Louis Gray
Any product that deals with moving parts may occasionally have issues. Drobo reduces the chance of these issues with its BeyondRAID technology. Sounds like marketing-ese, but many folks, like Thomas Hawk, swear by them. (Disclosure: I know the founder. He used to be a colleague, then boss, and even attended my wedding in '03. I haven't worked with him since 2005) - Louis Gray
To give a little context, I *want* to love Drobo. I have two of them and a DroboShare. I've had two basic problems. First, that the DroboShare, while advertising Gigabit Ethernet, is very, very, *very* slow. This seems to be endemic to the product, not just my particular unit. My other problem, experienced this weekend, is almost certainly a hardware issue with the Drobo's logic board. Hardware defects happen (heck, that's why something like a Drobo is a good idea in the first place) and my one case is too anecdotal to say that Drobos aren't reliable, but the bit about the DroboShare is far more serious and says unfortunate things about the company. - Kevin Fox