Louis Gray
So let me get this straight. RSS is dead because one guy stopped reading Google Reader? I am reading more feeds than ever.
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That's up and to the right. I am now reading almost 30 percent more feeds than I was reading a month ago. Bring it on. And RSS powers everything - not just feed readers. - Louis Gray
I just started... - Johnny from iPhone
Pubsubhubbub is making RSS even faster. RSS is behind FriendFeed, LazyFeed, and every relevant aggregator. This argument is so silly. - Louis Gray
I agree, but RSS could do with a few upgrades here and there though (I just want to comment on blogs straight from the feed itself). - Hugh Isaacs II
Couldn't agree more. Sure, it might turn into more 'plumbing' for many users, but RSS is far from dead. - Brad Kellett
900 articles a day? Now that's a lot! - Antoniu
Louis: I am writing an article about this. It will be in your reader a few minutes after it hits Twitter. :-) - Robert Scoble
RSS: 1. Really Simple Syndication ; 2. Rich Site Summary => I like the interpretation #2 better. - Ethan Gahng
That's fine, Robert. We're already discussing it here, though. :) - Louis Gray
My headline? RSS: interesting or boring? (Hint @marshallk and @louisgray, we’re not normal) - Robert Scoble
I never said I was normal. Just that I am kicking ass at my job. :) And that anyone else who wants to ought really read feeds. imho - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Agree with Marshall (and Scoble). I believe the best information producers are those who consume lots of information. Know your craft and use the best tools. - Louis Gray
Marshall: you can read the feeds. The real news lately is being broken in Twitter. But I'm glad someone reads all those feeds so I don't have to! - Robert Scoble
The signal to noise ratio in feeds is 10x to 100x better than Twitter, though. Even if you do prune your list of Twitter folks (as you have), much of what is there is not news-related. - Louis Gray
Twitter is the news ticker. If you rely on the ticker to inform your opinion of the world... Good luck - Johnny from iPhone
I had no clue why anyone would use Dave Winer's Twitter OPML tool to get all tweets from friends via RSS. But I tried it anyway and discovered that it's easier to find the really relevant stuff when you get tweets via RSS. I can skim through 1,000 tweets in a few minutes and separate the signal from the noise much more efficiently. And, of course, it's all searchable in GReader. - Dominic Jones
I'm with Louis on this. RSS is far from over. Like Louis, the number of feeds I'm subscribed to is on the increase, too. Services like Lazyfeed and Toluu are making it far easier for me to discover great new content. - Andrew Terry
RSS is critical to the growth of the social web, and is growing quickly. It will eventually be replaced by friendlier, less protocol centric technologies that shield the user from the mess that is ATOM/RSS etc. - William Toll
Me too. Feedly has rebooted my RSS reading. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
completely agree. google reader is a great feed reader and is getting better GUI wise by the week. great avenue for syndication via friendfeed - James Butler from BuddyFeed
Taking into account that Im far from been an expert, I want to leave a thought. What if the way of use is simply different I mean, ok twitter is real time while RSS has some minutes delay, but in any case if I receive 900 hits/day I will not be able to read them all as they come so I dont see the problem on getting some delay.To me is just a question of leaving the noise on Twitter as is much more quick to read and pass through the news & info and get the selected ones on RSS for better storage and record. - Luis Guijarro
RSS needs a proper comment API, so you can fetch all recent comments on all posts in one call from a blog - with threading if the site supports that. - Richard Cunningham
That particular person was serving up link bait - Dave Hodson
Dave: links are dead. Or so says the same person (Steve Gillmor). - Robert Scoble
I stopped using Google reader a couple of years ago and I now just read it in the stream with my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr mixed in (in FriendBinder [disclosure: I wrote FriendBinder]) I'm not sure why other people don't do something similar. - Richard Cunningham
Stuart: life streaming is a headline with a link. For the most part. - Robert Scoble
The reports of my death are sadly mistaken - quote Mr. RSS - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
Google reader is a great tool...if you keep it to only important and feeds that matters to you - testbeta
louis agreed I love using google reader. great tool. - (jeff)isageek
I love RSS and losing it would change how I work (and play), but I really wish it would be more mainstream. I work in technical sales and I bet <30% of that group even uses RSS day to day. I bet for the non-techies it is closer to 10%. - Bill Grant
i'm with you on this louis - Andy Jenks
RSS is dead. Long live RSS! - Aaron Strout
I can't seem to stop reading. Anyone else using Feedly in conjunction with Google Reader? - ronnieledesma
RSS is an essential part of many things now. The argument is irrelevant and though I'd never say they were wrong, they are misdirected or trying to get a reaction. :) - James Stratford
I use FF, Twitter and Google Reader for different things. Twitter and FF are far more about Buzz and the conversations around the topics. In Reader I aggregate many different original sources together. There is less need for it to be on-the-spot live, but it needs to be deeper and more detailed to be of value, and it is. They serve different purposes for me. - Robert
Lately, I've been dumping select Twitter & FF feeds into Google Reader, as well as Posterous feeds, so even though I'm using all of these services, GR has now become more of a hub for me. Also: gReactions gives me a sense of how popular a feed item is. I would wish GR would incorporate these kinds of services so I could get more metadata about a feed item. - phil baumann
Ughh, no, I believe the RSS is dead mantra arose from the real time Twitter phenomenon, however, us smarties know you gotta verify your sources & our attention spans MORE than the space of 140 characters. Catch that, the dual use of metaphor...attention "spans" MORE...As per myself, I read more articles via RSS feeds than ever as well. - sofarsoShawn
So am I but not in Google reader, I read mine on my desktop in my e-mail program, they come to me, I don't go 'looking for them' I love RSS! - Technogran
Say, don't Twitter streams have RSS feeds? The icon's right there at the bottom of the sidebar... - Dennis Jernberg
RSS is very alive and well and dare I say, even young. With tech news, there aren't necessarily thousands of sources like with general business news, etc. Where RSS will be big is in who can create the best filters for those larger niches. But the RSS readers we have today don't support all the features we'd need to create those filters. Google Reader management taps out at maybe 1500 feeds in Chrome, the most of any reader that can export opml (not just rss like Friendfeed). - beersage
I agree that the problem with RSS is filtering. If something changed the way I use the Net was RSS, but now the volume is so great that unless you prune your feeds regularly you can end up with a lot of garbage. Most average users don't have any idea of what RSS is and that's something that can't cease to amaze me. - Angel B
RSS & EMAIL are not dead. They are getting better and faster. PUSH tech can push anything. Push Email on mobile devices is just as fast as twitter. And now we are going to PUSH RSS/ATOM. Twitter is different, yet the same. Sure, maybe a news headline will break first on twitter but will I see it before I see it in my inbox or reader? Prob not because I'm not frozen staring at a twitter stream. If you are, i'm sorry... good luck with that. Either way, it's great that we have our twitter and so on. But it's even greater to have an open de-centralized tech that accomplishes the same and more. - sull