Louis Gray
Time has come to ditch my 140k miles 1998 Mercury Tracer. Think I can get crowdsourcing to help my decision?
As you likely saw, my 1998 Mercury Tracer, which I've had since 2000, is finally on its last legs. The transmission is toast, and would cost around $4k to replace. The car is maybe worth $1k. I bought it for less than $10k just out of college. - Louis Gray
My wife has the family car for the twins (Toyota Rav-4). In theory, I just need a car for me, and most of what I do is commuting to work, errands, and occasionally driving to San Francisco and the East Bay. - Louis Gray
Peer pressure (from work and the Valley itself) is to finally break out of the Ford/Mercury niche and move upscale to a BMW/Audi type of car... but we're not exactly flush with cash. My wife's not working, and while we have no debt, it's not like the stock market has been good. - Louis Gray
you could get two of those tato nanos for the repair cost! http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investi... - sean percival
I've been tempted to go the route of a used BMW, but they tend to run above $20k. There's a 2003 model with 70k miles for $16k at a nearby dealer, but that's a little old and a few too many miles. What should I do? - Louis Gray
If I put my nose high enough in the air, I don't want to end up with a Camry/Prius type, or a basic Honda. They say to dress the way you should for the job you want not the one you have, and cars should be the same way. But I am not interested in anything over $25k... - Louis Gray
bmw with 50K+ miles on it is probably asking for trouble. walk into the dealership, ask how much, tell them you'll pay $200 less per month. make them give you twice the value on the broken car if needed. we just did that, its a good time to haggle with these guys. :) - sean percival
If I were you, I would probably check CarZen :) http://is.gd/prlx it's time to get something new, cheap and hip lol - Ahmed
Nowadays, if it's a decent brand, 70k miles really isn't that much. How long do you intend to keep it? - Jesse Stay
@Sean, I see your comment. Thanks. And @Jesse, I expect to run it into the ground, just like my current one. If I have it for 5 years, that'd be great. - Louis Gray
Eric, what I really "prefer" is a BMW/Audi type, but being realistic, I might settle out of that. Your LinkedIn says you represent the big 3 automakers. How much access do you have outside of the USA dealerships? - Louis Gray
It's a buyer's market.If you buy used, be patient. The perfect one will pop up. Look at a bunch of them & ask questions. By the time the right one presents itself, you'll know exactly what your looking for. I suggest buying used. Let someone else own the depreciation! If you don't rush into it too fast,you'll find one with low miles and at the right price.I'm on my 3rd one, and they're great cars.If you have money to throw away,buy a new one! I still wouldn't do it. It can go 300,000M if you take care of it - Michael Fidler
On your third what, Michael? - Louis Gray
My wife's 1992 Acura Integra with 123K miles is still going strong. Japanese baby! - Hutch Carpenter
Hutch, I can in theory keep driving my car... but not for much longer. It's at 140k miles. American, baby! - Louis Gray
Louis: we are selling our 2006 BMW 325i with 56,000 miles. Make me an offer. Well maintained and fun to drive. - Robert Scoble
Robert, if I bought your car, people would start talking. :) (And how does the Bank of Scoble accept payments?) - Louis Gray
That's a great offer from Robert and it's coming from your friend! I agree with Mark. - Michael Fidler
Louis - from what I understand, Scoble's car comes with LCD's in the ceiling that show Friendfeed and Twitter in real-time - Allen Stern
Allen, I heard that too. But I may have to change the license plate: "IMSCOBLE" - Louis Gray
Louis, in case you're not familiar with it: http://autotrader.com - John Craft
He wants something new shinny and cool. Don't torture him. - Todd Hoff
I talked to Scoble. It's actually a real possibility. Blue Book on their car is in the right range. And Todd, it's not torture. The first car I ever bought was very cheap ($3k - all I had). The second I bought by dropping off the old car at a Ford dealer and saying I was leaving with something else. This would be the first time I could look around a bit, so I admit to being somewhat clueless. - Louis Gray
I love my 09 Civic but if I were in the market right now for a new car I'd be getting the new Insight: http://automobiles.honda.com/insight... - Benjamin Golub
I can't argue except having been an undergrad in LA in the early 90s everyone had to have a BMW so I had to resist the urge. When we lived in New England and the Mid West, my wife and I opted to go the Audi route due to the all wheel drive. We haven't been sorry although there's clearly less need now. I guess I'm partial to German, I've owned 4 pre-1969 VWs, a 70 BMW 2002, and 3 Audis. Sounds like the Scoble offer is a good one, but I'm clearly biased. - Rick Bucich
Mazda RX 8 one of the more fun cars I have owned, if you want a sporty car that does not cost an arm and a leg, and performs as good as the BMW in handling (and racing not that I know this right?), might want to test drive one. - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
The "buy used" argument is generally a good one, but in today's economy isn't as good an idea as it used to be. The demand for used cars is actually up, while new cars pile up on the docks. You might actually get a better deal on a new car. - DGentry
A friend of mine had been considering selling his 2006 E46 M3 with really low mileage. Under 20000 miles I believe. If you really want a fantastic covertible, it'd be hard to beat. I can ask him for $ if you'd like but I suspect it's going to be close to $30K if not a little more. - Abbas Haider Ali
Excellent point Denton, but even though demand is up, unfortunately so is the supply as more people are forced to unload their expensive vehicles in favor of more practical transportation in order to make payment's on the roof over their head etc. - Michael Fidler
Mark is right. We changed oil twice as often as factory recommended. BMW says to change oil every 15,000 miles. I always thought I would keep the car awhile. But family plans change. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert's offer is as good as anything else we are considering. I picked up my car from the shop today, so it's not dead yet, but it could "just stop" at any time, I was told. - Louis Gray
Louis, I missed your question earlier. I’m on my third BMW right now. One piece of advice; get any used car checked out by your mechanic, without exception! - Michael Fidler
We just bought a new Highlander. Got it for under invoice. Louis: the BMW has new tires, too. - Robert Scoble
I just walked by a brand new BMW M3 coupe on my way back from dinner. Silver with the black carbon fiber roof. Tres nice, the flared fenders and hood bulges are nice accents without looking over the top. Way rich for my, and probably most people's blood. - Derrick
Kyle, the Tesla is a tad expensive, and my car isn't going to wait. Could die any day. Like the idea though. Hope they don't be unsuccessful and not crash out before getting momentum. - Louis Gray
I have a BMW 330xi (x stands for 4WD) http://www.flickr.com/photos... - great four door sedan even in Rochester NY winters! Love BMWs!! I picked it up after a 2 year lease - 18K miles, now 36K, great car ... fabulous drive!!! - Susan Beebe
how does a 2006 325cic sound? - Lazworld.com News Feed
@Scott, I like your last name. :) And @Laz, it sounds good, of course, but the above conversation shows we're price constrained. Do you think a 2006 325cic would come in at equal or less the price of Scoble's car? - Louis Gray
I wouldn't forget to look at cars like the Acura TSX or TL - If I were buying a car right now it would be a Subaru Legacy GT (GT only!) but to me the AWD and turbo are top wants... Just chiming in from the midwest... gotta diversify that point of view out of the valley ;) - Ben Hedrington
Ben? I don't follow. You're saying there are people in the midwest now? - Louis Gray
Hey I want this, too :)I) - Alp
Do NOT buy a used BMW - they are expensive to maintain and fix. (parts / labor) The beauty of Bimmers are only when they're brand new. The warranty is what people shell out the $$$ for. Oil changes, even wiper blades are covered. If you're looking used, go Japanese. They're the most reliable. :) - Mona Nomura
You might try Enterprise leasing to buy used. Their cars have been driven hard but also maintained; should have most of the bugs worked out. - Robert Hafer
the BWM cabrios jujst dont look tight to me go for a A4 personaly i think the Audi A3 Black is a nice looking car - Maurice Walshe
This post is making me wish I was a German car mechanic. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
This post is making me wish I had money. - James Rishabh Mishra
Did that station wagon make a trip to Wally World? - Peter Ghosh
This post makes me happy that I'm a civic hybrid owner. - imabonehead
Keep it, do not get rid of it. I still have my 204,000 miles Honda Civic 1993. Soon to be collection. - Jeremy Chone
Louis! I'm here by myself, one guy + internet connection... ;) Oh and Mona++ - Ben Hedrington
I saw Scoble's car tonight. WANT. :) - Louis Gray
Louis, did you make him an offer he couldn't refuse? - Anne Bouey
Anne, when he and I talked Saturday, he gave me guidance. I reported back on what that guidance said would be a good price. We'll see. :) - Louis Gray
Hope it works out for you! - Anne Bouey
This post has reawakend my deep craving for a Bimmer. sigh. - Leslie Poston
Louis - do it, buy Scoble's BMW. I love mine. And that car probably still has 1 more year of factory warranty, plus the new tires seal the deal dude! Go for it! - Susan Beebe
What car did you end up getting? - Phil Glockner
So far, I have not gotten a new car yet, Phil. I've been driving around my wife's old Honda Civic. The best option thus far is to take the ScobleMobile off his hands at the end of May. I've already seen it. - Louis Gray
I'm sure you could do worse.. much worse :) - Phil Glockner
Mark, I saw Robert on Friday. Things are a go. The issue with the Highlander was a bad battery. :) - Louis Gray
See if you can get a new Accord, which is what I just got after a lot of research. The technology on it is great, and Hondas run forever. I'm a firm believer in new cars with warranties if you can. I've had BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, etc and they are very expensive to fix. And if you have kids, you don't want a car that's always in the shop. - Francine Hardaway
get new Fiat 500 :] ... http://images.google.com/images... - pb:
I have the exact same car in the "I Want This" pic, but a different color. GET IT! - Roshan Vyas
I have a 92 318convertible, bought it with 175K miles on it...didn't have a lick of trouble with it while I was driving it (I left it on the west coast when I moved to NY) It's got at least 225K on it now. Expensive to repair if something does go wrong, but ifyou get the right one, they're Awesome cars. I would buy another well used beamer in a heartbeat. If you can get on under 100K miles, you'll be such a happy camper. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)