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The Second Life of FriendFeed? - http://scobleizer.posterous.com/the-sec...
Depressing. - Akiva
Understood, Akiva. Sometimes the big plans we all hoped for don't come to pass. It's no coincidence I'm still in Vegas writing that. It sure would have been nice to have some other hopes come true this week! - Louis Gray
True enough. I just hope that Robert's also right about these other awesome features that Twitter plans on introducing. I just can't get past the 140-character limitation as always crippling the long-term experience there. - Akiva
I think Robert's right, as usual. Friendfeed is still insanely useful for me during our shows (see the TWiT-Conversations room) and I hope I can continue to use that functionality here or somewhere, but I find myself no longer using it all the time. Twitter is back, alas. - Leo Laporte
Akiva: there are lots of ways around the 140-character limitation. I actually like it because it enables mobile phone usage. FriendFeed is very hard to use on my iPhone compared to, say, Tweetie. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Leo. - Robert Scoble
Robert, what do you think about a 140-character truncation hiding a longer post? - Akiva
Akiva: it doesn't bother me. There are already post shortening services like that that work with Twitter. - Robert Scoble
If you could just auto-add every twitterer you follow as a "ghost friend", Friendfeed becomes a superset of twitter... - Kevan Emmott
Robert, true, but those links take you outside of Twitter where there is no guarantee of the target site being mobile-friendly or even up and available. And this doesn't even get into the fact that it's impossible to have discussions there. - Akiva
And by there I mean Twitter and not a particular target site. - Akiva
I predicted Friendfeed's demise six months ago here http://dawnsplan.wordpress.com/2009... when they released the new UI. Cool, but too late. - Dawn
Btw, Arrington was right. Scoble was wrong. - Dawn
This saddens me too. I keep trying to like Twitter, but it just doesn't have the engagement Friendfeed has/had. Will stay cautiously optimistic about new features. - Martha
Kevan, you've always have been able to do that and in May or June, it was made easier to add people you follow on Twitter, Facebook or Gmail. - Anika
Wish things were different, but that's a solid write-up, Robert. +1 Akiva for all your points above. - Micah
Dawn, you may have correctly prognosticated the impending demise of FriendFeed but you did so using all the wrong reasons. - Akiva
Micah, thanks! - Akiva
No, I mean auto-create *ghost users* for people who don't have Friendfeed accounts who you follow in Twitter. You can easily add the ones that have accounts - I've already done that - and you can create ghost users, but that's a bit of a pain. - Kevan Emmott
ffcode, just because something's popular doesn't make it good. It's tough to have a real conversation about anything on Twitter because of that limit. Try having a conversation with more than one or two people at once. Each @reply eats up some of that precious space. - Akiva
'Nibble logger'. Well, that's something I'm going to be repeating constantly for the next few days. - Akiva
I can speak that from personal experience, during an acquisition it is the most important thing to keep the team acquired in place. Some acquisitions are made purely for the product or technology. Others might be arguably for the customer base. However, successful acquisitions always focus on 1) successfully keeping the core leadership and customer-touching teams in place, 2) augmenting the company acquired with more resources than it had before to continue the mission, and 3) ALWAYS focuses on a PR message to their community about why the acquisition is positive and how it benefits the community/customer base. In this case, I agree with Robert on the major misstep of message so far. Customers/community keep participating because they know their participation makes a difference (whether to them or to others). If apathy is allowed to fester in the team or in the community, then the acquisition was a failure. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Akiva, the essential reason FF is failing is because it's always been too much like Twitter, even when it was "better" than Twitter. FF needed to differentiate themselves in a remarkable, unique way, and they failed to do that. Twitter had already won the public's imagination in this space, so the window of opportunity for FF as a real competitor was closed a long time ago. That you and Scoble and others are just now waking up to the symptoms doesn't mean I'm wrong about the cause. - Dawn
I don't think any of us are just now waking up. Most of us came to terms with it in the wake of the Facebook buy-out. And I still believe it is that that spelled FriendFeed's doom and not the change to the UI. - Akiva
Dawn: I have talked with hundreds of people about Twitter and FriendFeed and NONE came to that conclusion but it doesn't matter. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Sadly, I have to agree with everything Robert's said (which is slightly painful). I love this place, but Friendfeed's going nowhere. That is, unless something BIG happens and happens quickly. - Jim Connolly
I just have to say that I incorporated FF into my Introduction to Sociology courses, with over 120 students, and it has been quite useful, dare I say extraordinary. It is an extremely useful "aggregator" of sorts, and a fantastic organizational tool for me as instructor. I can do some pretty cool, nearly real time integration of information with my students with my iPhone, Google Reader, Twitter, my blog, etc...and FriendFeed. - Chad Gesser
It seems to me that the integration of information into FriendFeed has been incredibly overlooked and undervalued. It remains to be seen what kind of impact Wave will have in pulling people back to their laptop/desktops, but there is an interesting trend of the use of mobile devices for learning, and FF has made that possible in ways for me this semester that I have never thought. Granted my iPhone is a very important part of the capabilities. - Chad Gesser
Am happy for you guys mine is like hell - Pam Gwenzi
Ken Stewart: Another reason to do acquisitions is to just kill a competitor. Since apparently FB didn't lock in the FF engineers you have to wonder about their motivations. It will be ironic if the FF acquisition just strengthens Twitter, FB's biggest competitor, which is mostly what it seems to be doing. If I was on the FF team and FB didn't lock me in, I would take whatever they got out of the deal, leave and start a new FF, under a new name, assuming there isn't a no compete. - Ed Millard
I sure would like to read the contract for the FF/FB deal. It seems.... odd. - Ed Millard
Chad: FriendFeed might turn into the equivalent of Notepad. Useful for some things but no one ever talks about how cool Notepad is. It hasn't gotten many new features in decades, but it still is used every day by probably thousands of people, maybe even millions. If FriendFeed turns into that I'll be happy, and FriendFeed will indeed see a second life as a lightweight conversation tool. Google Wave sure shows what happens when you get a ton of features. Yuch. - Robert Scoble
I would be *very* happy if FriendFeed lasts as long as notepad. The main reason I started posting stuff on FriendFeed was to make an on-line notebook where I can search for previously found items. Along the way I surprisingly found that some people actually like looking at what I post. I miss the more active FriendFeed days, but I would be ok if the activity moves to Facebook etc..., but the functionality of FriendFeed survives. The possible loss of a nice community is somewhat sad though. Where will everyone here be in 2010-2011? - Mitchell Tsai
+1 Chad: "integration of information into FriendFeed has been incredibly overlooked and undervalued". I continue to get high value for that reason. - Hutch Carpenter
I do think FF will get its "second life", probably soon. I still think it's the best social media aggregator by far. It's what I use to bring all my social media stuff together. I even use it as my preferred Twitter client when I'm not on the Twitter website. Still, I don't think Facebook realize what they've got here other than just another competitor to squash, Yahoo/Google-style... - Dennis Jernberg
Robert, then nobody in Silicon Valley understands mainstream dynamics. What a surprise. :) - Dawn
*raises hand* doesn't this beg the question why the hell's he been on FF all day? I can recall a time when Twitter was vile & corrupt according to Scoble, so he must've misread those chicken entrails as he's back cheaping cheaping away like Tweeting was life giving air - sofarsoShawn
Sofar: Twitter is still corrupt. But it is where the things and people I want to read are. - Robert Scoble from iPhone