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Louis Gray
On the Web, If You're Not Growing, You're Dying -
Yes, everyone should learn a lesson or two from Amazon about keeping afloat in the Internet age. This story from The Economist contrasts nicely Amazon's success vs. the stagnation of eBay and the failure of Yahoo!: - Vlado Handziski
"stagnation and failure of ebay and yahoo"? wow. just, wow. - Graham Garland
Has E-Bay really stagnated and failed? Yahoo looks to be in more jeopardy because they haven't expanded with services hat equal those of GOOG. - Michael VanDervort from Alert Thingy
Ok, now corrected to say what I meant :) - Vlado Handziski
creative use of Google Trends + 1. Interesting grouping Digg in there, that will undoubtedly upset some people. I would have used Pownce, Kevin seems more forgiving when you attack that, after all even he can see the fail train when its running. - Duncan Riley
Can't agree that Yahoo! has really failed, either. Failed at what? They've still got a bunch of properties that are used by many millions every day. :shrug: - Brent Newhall
Sure they have, but without leadership, innovation and perfect execution, the users will start looking for alternatives - Vlado Handziski
I like the fact that CrossLoop has more 'mindshare' than FriendFeed at this time even though they have more PR power - Mrinal Desai
Vlado, I understand your point of view. However; Y! is very profitable and as long as they keep making their users happy, they won't be turning out the lights anytime soon. - Graham Garland