Louis Gray
Murdoch says journalism's future is 'more promising than ever,' but rails against Web 'theft' - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/technol...
F**k off, Murdoch - Mo Kargas
Google have taken most if not all of the classified advertising from the newspapers. Google has $25bn in sales. Most of the newspapers are bust. This is not new money or a new business. This is just money transfer from paper to online. Murdoch is fighting his corner. Show him some respect he's been at it since 1953. Sky Television rescued soccer in the UK. Murdoch did that. I love football. Thank you Rupert. - Thomas Power
Fact: You can't own facts. A house burns down. 5000 reporters write 5000 articles about it, telling the story 5000 different ways. The fact that the house burned down can't be owned by any of them. But Murdoch would like to believe he can own it, exclusively, and that you are not allowed to know that house burned down unless you pay HIM for that knowledge. How does he plan on stopping people from watching the news on TV, where one can get it for free? How does he plan on stopping people from talking about it, discussing it, without paying him a dime? "Facts and ideas can't be copyrighted, but their expression and structure can. You can always write the facts in your own words though " http://www.templetons.com/brad... Now consider that when you read Murdoch's statement again: "There are those who think they have a right to take our news content and use it for their own purposes without contributing a penny to its production. Some rewrite -- at times without attribution -- the news stories of expensive and distinguished journalists who invested days, weeks, or even months on their stories -- all under the tattered veil of fair use." - April Russo (FForever!)
don't misjudge and man cos' he's old http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... otherwise one day your grandchildren may misjudge you too. - Thomas Power
Huffington's rebuttal is good including a list of all the News Corp sites that aggregate(steal according to Murdoch)... Rotten Tomatoes, WSJ tech section, Fox News Politics Buzztracker, AllThingsD Voices... - Ed Millard
Murdoch's negotiating in public a better deal for himself with Google and Bing. Can't blame him. - Thomas Power
yes i can, and i do. - Big Joe Silenced
I wonder what motivates Murdoch. He certainly doesn't need to make any more money. It has to be much deeper than that. Esp. at his age, when most people would have long hung it up by now. - Dawn
Its sport. Most hard nosed successful business people just play the game to win and to beat their competition. - Ed Millard
hear hear Ed and not bad for 78 is he? - Thomas Power
I think he is grooming his kids to take over so he's building a dynasty too. - Ed Millard
Some classy responses here. There is no such thing as journalism anymore. Just look at the U.S. media. - Spencer
Journalism does have a bright future - newspapers however do not. Have those somehow become equivalent? - Brian Sullivan
Murdoch talking about "high-quality, reliable news & information" sure is funny. As far as the Internet, he's..uhm..confused: http://businessmindhacks.com/post... - Alex Schleber