Louis Gray
GMail outage pours rain on Cloud Computing parade - http://broadstuff.com/archive...
that kinda wasn't the reason why it went down... - David Petar Novakovic from twhirl
Fortunately non-cloud services never have outages. - Paul Buchheit
Hey! All I did was click share. :-) - Louis Gray
The article would be more useful if it gave constructive How To advice. The whole point of Gmail is that it keeps huge amounts of mail in one place, easily accessible from anywhere. How the heck do you make that redundant? - James Joyner
Paul, think of this like a power outage. If just my power goes out, I light some candles and go out to eat. If the power in my whole state and adjoining states goes out (like it did 5 years ago), millions of people are screwed until it comes back on. - Gabe
Before people went to Gmail, did they really experience 100% uptime of their email? I know I never have working at companies large and small... -- ooops, just read Paul's comment more closely. What he said. :) - felix
Gmail's not the weak link for me … Comcast is. I have downtime every day it seems. - Amit Patel
If you want to *listen* to some interesting commentary about Gmail downtime and cloud issues check out yesterday's Gillmor Gang (08/11/08) with Dan Farber and Scoble. - Dr. Apps from twhirl
Gabe, other people having their email out at the same time actually makes it better for me (I don't have to explain for one thing). It's kind of like a holiday :) - Paul Buchheit
I'll take an outage once every few years over having to maintain my own mail server and try to keep the spam filters up to date again... what a nightmare! - Jason Carreira
Thanks, Jason. Exactly. - Brent Newhall
That’s why you have two or more data centers mirrored building redundancy in the cloud. Each data center runs independently mirroring the other so when one is down, the other is up. - Kevin Tunis
Kevin, these outages aren't due to datacenters failures. They are system failures, which are inherently more complex and difficult to guard against. Read about the S3 failure for an example. - Paul Buchheit
At least when your email is busted in the cloud it's an entire team's number one priority to fix it. My father had his email file (yes, it was all stored in one file) corrupted and bam, all his email was inaccessible. I feel a lot safer with redundant cloud services than I do with just my HD. - Andrew Bonventre