Louis Gray
PDF Download: Super Secret "How to Guide" for FriendFeed, prior to the real-time push. Who wants me to update this?
And if I take the time to update this for the current site, should the eBook be free? $2? $5? You tell me. - Louis Gray
you mean this is out of date already? - Lindy Asimus
It was out of date immediately. But if there is interest from the community and others, I can bring it up to date. (There are many pieces which still are valid, but FriendFeed innovates quickly) - Louis Gray
I do. On first glance, in its current form, it looks exactly like what could actually be the catalyst for me to actually use FriendFeed. Updated, would probably seal the deal.... Now I just need to find the time to read it thoroughly. Hmmm... - Joel Strellner
I notice a lot of people I know on Twitter and other networks not yet on Friendfeed. This is a very handy document. Update would be very good. - Lindy Asimus
Twitter is getting so popular in these day but i think most people dunno about the advantages of friendfeed. For me it's Twitter 2.0 and i think you would help a lot of users with it. I also believe in the power of free, even though i would definitely pay for it. Like Joel Strellner said, seal the deal and make more people understand friendfeed. - Sascha Pallenberg
FF is powerful, major adoption is yet to come! - Jonathan Fleming
Louis: looks like a really valuable FF guide, well worth a small fee (like an iphone app), say $1.99 - Geer
great piece of work Life's Good with Louis Gray - Thomas Power
This is great! I'll pay $5 for the updated version, but you might be able to sell twice as much copies by making it $2. - Masatake E. Hori
awesome ! - kazuhiko
Masatake E. Hori - Twice as many sales at $2, or half the sales at $5; I vote for half as many sales at $5, He'd make more money for less hassle. ;-) - Joel Strellner
50% price cut would probably result in a lot higher sales than twice as many. Check out Jeff Atwood's blog article about price points. http://www.codinghorror.com/blog... - "50% sale = 320% increase in sales" - travispuk
There is still going to be a certain portion of purchases from the current FF community, even if it is just to show support for this type of work and Louis. Same reason why FF'ers purchase FF t-shirts etc. - travispuk
thanks ! But 62 pages of how to just show that FF is not enough #easysimple - Jacopo Gio
Thanks, this helps. Just coming out of the sitting up stage, making some tentative attempts at crawling: As a new user, I would not have read this if I had been asked for hard payment. In the economy of social media don't you 'pay' with the wisdom-value of your comments and by allowing yourself to be a number on a friend-list? - Sally Relton Shakespeare
Think of an affiliate plan so that current users can make it available to those not using FF already? Some may be teaching social media to non-onliners. - Lindy Asimus
Louis - Great job. I'm a huge FF fan and still am finding some very cool tips on how to utilize it. Thanks! - John: @johnhaydon
I was going to ask when you were going to release this. :-) - Jesse Stay
Sounds cool. If your trying to get people to adopt and see how cool FF is then it should be free. - Dusty Edenfield from iPod
Well ... there goes another book I don't have to finish :) It's a start Louis and much needed. - Charlie Anzman
Wow, great stuff. I didn't know if its existence before. Rather than updating this all by yourself, wouldn't it be better to turn this into a community-maintained wiki? - Meryn Stol
What Greer said. - Josh Haley
Louis: its a very good source thanks. Do you think it makes sense to make this guide like a FriendFeed Wiki so anyone can contribute and changes adopted easily ? Or its not worth it ? - Jacque
Quick comments: I worked on this at the beginning of the year and would have issued it much earlier, had the planned site revamp not been coming. Part of the reason for its length is that I wanted to be comprehensive, I tend to write a lot, and I included tons of screenshots. Also - the intended audience is not necessarily us, but those who know of FriendFeed, but need a boost. - Louis Gray
Guidance I received while making this earlier this year was to not give it away for free, and I understand the opportunity for some premium content. As this is antiquated, there is no harm in having it out there for free, but I would make the next one very inexpensive so it gets in the most hands as possible. (Based on this response, I think you guys see value in revamping?) - Louis Gray
Jacque, if anybody else wants to start a how-to Wiki for FriendFeed, that's great, but I still think you need resource guides that are easily consumable. - Louis Gray
Louis, first off, I love the drewscancer shirt. Second I think you should update it. I wouldn't charge more than $5 but you could also ask for donations. Just an idea. Great book though. - Seth Goldstein
I would not buy it but I would download this one and read comments on the new one 8) - Ru Viljoen
Yes Louis we do need a much more detailed version even though this edition is excellent. If FF is Twitter 2.0 which I agree it is then few people (100k max worldwide) have even realised this yet. Linkedin and Facebook are fading away into general background noise like Yellow Pages. You know it's there but so what. - Thomas Power
Only half way through it and already found some very useful tips. - Silver Hage
DEFINITELY YES! I would buy it! I have been on FF awhile and I still am not using it productively - same with LazyFeed- I love both of them but forget them. I have a Seesmic Desktop App - can we talk Loic into adding FF to it? that way it is in my face! - Robyn Hawk
I now understand how to use the hide functionality better thx. - Ru Viljoen
I was wondering about this project, Louis :) I think there is value in updating it some and offering it at a very reasonable cost for those who plan a foray into FF - haven't seen much else out there in way of explaining the tool, etc. - Valeria Maltoni
Are you trying to prove Scoble's point? Why does FriendFeed need a 61 page manual?! :P - Tim Hoeck
This could be done in 6 pages. But it can be done better, with screenshots, in 60. - Louis Gray
Make sure Scoble is happy with the UI instructions. :) - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
I would pay $20 if profits went to #blamedrewscancer - Liza + = ?
Roberto, I am not too concerned about Scoble being frustrated today. He is making a point and FriendFeed has a good track record of listening. They have an interesting issue where their product has many different functionalities in a world when people are used to not having choices. - Louis Gray
Robert also knows that by complaining, it gives naysayers a good reason or excuse for why they are not here. It's not an issue with PR but picking your battles and stage. - Louis Gray
Fantastic. There are tons of hidden gems in Friendfeed that most people don't know about. If they did, they'd be hooked for life. I do like Meryn's suggestion to make a wiki type section like this. - Adam Reyher from Alert Thingy
Louis - why not a video - better than a PDF. - Liza + = ?
I wouldn't be able to pay but I support the update wholeheartedly. - Kisha from iPod
I was considering writing my own book, very complete & thorough, taking people from total newbie to power user, and including enough info that even current power users might get something from it. I had also planned on releasing it for free, CC-BY-NC-SA - April Russo (FForever!)
I'd prefer it in html. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Louis - Think book (you read that right) targeting NEW users if you wish to profit from this (with free online updates as things change). Most people still won't pay for an e-book .... and there's still plenty of (smart) people roaming Borders, B&N etc (and the online book stores, not exclusive of Amazon). That was my target, just got real busy here with other stuff. - Charlie Anzman
Great work! I have sent a small payment via PayPal. Please inform when you are ready with the updated version and I will send you some more money. All the Best, Martin. - Martin Lindeskog