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Louis Gray
If you're in a silly mood, search for TWSS on Twitter... and keep scrolling. :)
Picture 19.jpg
"If you're in a silly mood" TWSS :) - Micah
or listen to ANY episode of the FFundercats. ;) - Josh Haley
And just when are you going to invite me, Josh? - Louis Gray
FriendFeed comments expand TWSS - Mark Traphagen
If Josh _doesn't_ invite Louis, I'm gonna have to clone the ffundercat service, open source it, and show these clown cats how to do it right! - Micah
Didn't immediately recognize it as "That's What She Said" so I kept thinking it was new TwitterLingo... well, "Tweet's What She Said"?? - The Web's Wendell Wittler
Louis, Louis, Louis....all you had to say was "Ho!" and we would be all over it! Actually, we have just recently undergone a few format changes/personnel changes, but now we are going to be interviewing/inviting skype discussion more. With that said, what are your plans April 24 at 6pm western? - Josh Haley
Ho! (TWSS) - Jesse Stay
Josh, I may be flying back from a trade show (for work), but I'll check the schedule. - Louis Gray