Louis Gray
Matthew and Sarah debate the intricacies of the Infield Fly Rule. (rule 6.05e, coupled with the definition in rule section 2.00)
I don't know, I think Sara might be debating who looks better in the hat! Look at that last shot, she is trying out for hat model! - Rachel Lea Fox
Who won the debate? - Anne Bouey
Anne, the infield fly rule confuses even the most veteran of baseball fans. I eventually went and printed out an official definition from MLB. - Louis Gray
Cute. - Jim Graham
I like explaining to umpires the infield fly rule during our softball games. Oakland A's though, you're just setting them up for a life of misery ya know. - Steve C, Team Marina
Billy Beane is picking em even younger, eh? No worries. he'll trade both of these kids when they're about 8 or 9. - Michael Calore
Very cute! Audrey says hello to Matthew (well, and Sarah, too). :) - Rochelle
Hold it...are these YOUR babies Louis? Research hasn't taken me to your family...yet. :) - Sheryl
So wunnerful! Love that last picture. <3 - Yolanda
Sheryl, you have a good point. We never did do a paternity test. - Louis Gray
Louis! Facebook is too slow. Do you know the problem with Facebook? - ramiromarques
Baby squish time! I'm the baby squish QUEEN! Probably cause mine are all grown up. :) Adorable. Glad to get to see them. - Sheryl
Matthew, probably because she was closer to the closet where the hats were hanging? Usually who gets put where depends on who is doing what where. With twins, you just adjust as you go along. - Louis Gray
The second picture made me lol. The first one looks like it could be an actual action shot from a game. These kids... - Mike Nayyar
LG Life's Good love these images - Thomas Power
Ahhhhhdorable! - Mark Evans
Who's on first? - Trish Haley
[like] - Yolanda