Louis Gray
Twitter Search is stuck again - 18 minutes so far. What is the over/under for when they fix it or mention it? Discuss here: - http://search.twitter.com/search...
Twitter Search is stuck again - 18 minutes so far. What is the over/under for when they fix it or mention it? Discuss here:
Twitter's Trending Topics all show the latest updates are 18 minutes old. Recently, Twitter Search was down for six hours, and was not even acknowledged on their blog. Since it's a Sunday night, I doubt fastest response. Who has a bet to when it catches up to real time? - Louis Gray
I'd say over 1 hour and <4 - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
21 minutes so far... - Louis Gray
27 minutes... - Louis Gray
And in parallel, Spymaster reports: "Our communication channel with Twitter has been compromised. Reconvene at 0600 for further instructions." - Louis Gray
40 minutes... - Louis Gray
All searches now say "about 1 hour ago". - Louis Gray
In the meantime Twitter finally responded to the source tag issues on the dev list - Jesse Stay
"About 2 hours ago" is the latest data. - Louis Gray
What is the entry barrier for other Twitter-like apps? Why are there no others competing with Twitter? That might improve things. - Michael Metz
Mimetz, you're commenting on FriendFeed, aren't you? Seems like pretty good competition to me. It's reduced my Twitter usage, for sure. - Jesse Stay
Must have stopped updating 2 hours ago. Just ran a search for 'Red Wings' and the newest tweet is "@cvas: Red wings in 5, Crosby will win one at home about 2 hours ago from web " - David Damore
I don't think of FriendFeed as a competitor to Twitter, in that FF is built on top of the Twitter data stream. Why are there no other Twitter like streams? What am I missing here? - Michael Metz
Mimetz, they've all tried - Plurk tried, Jaiku tried, Pownce tried, Identi.ca tried. None of them were able to. You're competing for community here, and right now the only networks capable of quickly gaining that community are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and believe it or not, FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
It has now been 3 hours. James, you have one more hour to be right! - Louis Gray
I don't understand your Twitter search obsession. Is the earth standing still while it is latent? - Geoff
Being observant and taking notes (publicly) doesn't necessarily equate to obsession. - Micah
@micah have you seen his posts the last couple of weeks? Obsession. Almost Calvin Klein. - Geoff
Geoff, clever :) I can see how he might come off that way. I'm somewhere in the middle on it. Louis lives and breathes this stuff and he pushes social orgs to be accountable, to be better. I take it as tough love to some extent. - Micah
I really don't understand why Twitter can't fix these problems. Are there too many people using Twitter for them to handle it? - Shawn Hickman
Geoff, I wouldn't call it obsession. I posted first that it was broken (which it was and still is). I second posted that it was down six hours and they didn't say a word. Both are notable for different reasons. Today's incident shows that it was not a blip, it's a pattern, and we should hold them to a higher standard. Want to talk obsession? Let's talk about my obsession with FriendFeed. - Louis Gray
If Twitter Search is one of the major parts of Twitter and Twitter is supposed to change communication, marketing, you name it, then they need to stop this from happening. And if nobody notices that it's happening, then its importance is a myth. I want this product to work, and when it does, we'll use it. But right now, it's failing everybody. - Louis Gray
TechCrunch/MG is running the story. http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... - Louis Gray
for what it's worth, this has actually been happening almost daily for the last few months (not just recently). most people haven't noticed because usually it stalls for a few minutes and then catches up quickly, but the signs and even a few one hour plus delays were showing up a long time ago. - Mike Montano
Still down after three hours. People do notice when it's down, I do at any rate, search is an important tool for getting the best out of Twitter. It seems as though the people at Twitter just don't seem to care; a six-hour outage without acknowledgment is very poor, that's 6 hours with a second-rate service. Louis, I value your reports of search being down, at least I know that it's not just a local phenomenon - for all I know the earth could be standing still! - Chris Loft
The twitter folks seem be oblivious to the search being broken. They are tweeting - see http://twitter.100twt.com/ but no one mentions that search is broken. Sigh.. - Atul Arora
Sorry Atul, we're not supposed to talk about it. Otherwise, we're obsessed. Let's talk about something else. - Louis Gray
Looks like search has come back up in the last 15 minutes. Hooray. - Chris Loft
Search is back up, but there is a 4 hour hole that may never be filled. Just like the 6 hour hole from the other week. Call me obsessed, but I care when utilities lose my data and don't work correctly. - Louis Gray
Dare I say, Twit-Out? facetiously - Geoff
Agreed. When it's user-generated data - it's OUR DATA. - Micah
If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Louis is the only one these days continuing to report on the major issues still surrounding Twitter. I'm grateful he is. - Jesse Stay
Nothing works on twitter, and it's as true as it was two years ago. - Richard A.