Louis Gray
7 Reasons Why I Won’t Tweet Diggbar Links Ever Again… - http://soshable.com/7-reaso...
I have REAL issues with the diggbar. - Jim Connolly
I don't like that thing - Jeff (Team マクダジ ) from iPhone
Diggbar is greedy. - Shawn Farner
Just commented on this post. Very well written and a lot of excellent points. - Jim Connolly
I love the Diggbar, this is much too emotional and picky of an article. - Mitch
i dont understand why people dont love diggbar - Ahmet Soyata
seems very short sighted of digg to have gotten so greedy. - Caleb Elston
Nicholas: Yeah, you are right, the business realities are forcing their hand a bit, but it is rarely a good idea to piss off your users. - Caleb Elston