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Louis Gray

Louis Gray

Silicon Valley early adopter, tech geek blogger, and dad w/twins +1
14,500 steps by 10:30. It's called Saturday. Sarah stuck with me, with the exception of 1 mile on my shoulders. The blip in the steps was when we stopped at Nob Hill in Mountain View for donuts. Yum.
Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 10.31.03 AM.png
27,550 at 9 pm. Hmm. - Louis Gray
Whoa! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Braden is clearly the best baseball player in the family, at 2 1/2.
Braden is clearly the best baseball player in the family, at 2 1/2.
Wow! - Brian Johns
Deep Thoughts With Matthew and Tad (from Sunday).
Tad, Lindsay, Matthew and me in Phoenix. Also: Matthew with his new family.
Awww! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Nice! - Jenny H. from Android
Tad and Matthew doing Glen Mode! #GlenMode
This afternoon, Matthew and I are getting on a plane and flying to Arizona to see the A's play in Spring Training for games on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Sunday night, we'll probably have dinner with your good friends Tad and Lindsay. :)
Have a great trip, sir! - Stephen Mack
Just another boring Wednesday, huh?
:) Have you continued to be a heavy Reader user, Louis? - Tinfoil 2.0
Video: Getting the Attention of Influencers and Bloggers -
Video: Getting the Attention of Influencers and Bloggers
Early Employees: Bob Poniatowski & TiVo
Bob's a great guy -- good interview. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Heh. I had lunch with Hunter last week and he mentioned he'd be posting this. - Kevin Fox
All walking and no rest makes me a tired boy. 10 miles down and 22000 steps before noon. First walk (4+ miles) with Sarah on foot, and second walk (almost 6 miles) with the boys in the stroller. Graphs from RunKeeper.
Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.41.04 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.40.49 AM.png
Time to get some sleep Louis. - Not Me
Good work! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sleep is unproductive and a waste of time. But I bet Stephen can see how close we got to his house! - Louis Gray
Sarah did the 4 miles on foot as well? - Nils Sandin
She did. She has been routinely walking 4-5 miles once a weekend, starting around 7 am at a 2.5 mph pace. - Louis Gray
HUGE CONGRATS to Jandy and Jonathan on the arrival of their daughter tonight. FriendFeed doesn't just spark friendships, but families. Amazing. :)
Hooray! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Any reviews yet? - Todd Hoff
Many congrats! - Eric - Watch Me Now from iPhone
lol Todd :-) yay for Jandy & Jonathan! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Oh yayyayayayayayay! I'm so happy for Jandy and Jonathan! Happy Birthday, Wee One! - vicster: full-bodied
Yay!!! - Not Me
Congratulations! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
OMG, fantastic news, congratulations to the cutest couple ever. Dang, how the time does fly. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
"What are we going to do today?", the kids ask. "The same thing we do every day", I answer. Walk a ridiculous amount and then post our stats online. /via
Screenshot 2013-02-24 at 1.54.57 PM.png
What? No taking over of the world? - Julian
I used to do that with my daughter, but I called it "going shopping" and there was no posting of stats online. And my grandmother did the same with me. She also called it "going shopping". - April Russo
How old are your kids again? The longest I've walked with my 3 year old is less than a mile, and it took as around 40-45 minutes... - Juan Pablo González
Drink Diet Coke and not sleep? - Melly
Juan, I have a feeling a jogging stroller played into the mix here at times ... - Laura Norvig
Ah, that makes a lot of sense :) - Juan Pablo González
This morning's walking partner is awesome.
12000 steps for me by 10. Probably 25000 for her! - Louis Gray from Android
16600 by 11. Grabbing snacks at Starbucks! - Louis Gray from Android
Time for Sarah to get her own Fitbit so she can put you to task :) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
*wonders if Louis has ever heard of a car* - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
:) 19,000+ steps and 8 miles! - Louis Gray
Cars? Sure, those self-driving things? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
My usual morning weigh-in showed a new low today, so Fitbit sent me an email. Apparently, I'm down just over 30 pounds since I started tracking back in May. I'm pretty sure this is as low as I need to go. If you're not already on Fitbit, and you're the competitive type (like me), this can really help you meet your goal.
Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 7.59.48 AM.png
I keep thinking I want a Fitbit.... - Shannon - GlassMistress
I spent a decade tracking most everything (Louis: if you dig around in ~fitz/amitp you can probably even find a blog post “how many different people I talked to in a week vs. what kind of office I was in”), and am now enjoying not tracking anything. I think I'm burned out on tracking things. :( - Amit Patel
It's okay, Amit! My level of crazy is not for everyone. And yes, I'll dig in (after I finish this preso). :) - Louis Gray
I do have a Jawbone UP (not as cool as Fitbit, I'm guessing) but we'll see how long it lasts before I get tired of it. ;) I'm ok with passive tracking (Google Latitude History is interesting) but I'm too lazy to put in any data like eating or exercise or weight. I guess WiThings might be useful. - Amit Patel
Congrats, Louis! - Stephen Mack
Congratulations. - Betsy
30 pounds is quite impressive. :) - Amit Patel
Congratulations! Apparently you didn't follow my strategy of losing it and then finding it again over the winter months! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Darn you Louis, I found 7 of your pounds and I want you to take them back right now! - Janet
Congrats, Louis! - Jenny H.
Don't Confuse Effort With Results -
Don't Confuse Effort With Results
There has been an Amit Patel sighting on the Google campus! (As confirmed via pictures with my car) Let the rumors commence that I am wooing him back to the fold. Or simply say it was great to catch up with this excellent FriendFeeder in real life. Thanks for joining me, Amit.
Life back on the inside is still good. :) - Steve and 4 other people
Vegetables are unproductive and a waste of time. - Amit Patel
Ok, so no vegetables and no sleep, if you want to be productive and not waste time. Time to get a PICC for the caffeine. - Not Me
I actually enjoy sleep quite a bit, and credit it (along with shorter working hours) for most of my creativity and productivity :) - Amit Patel
OK, dreams are all very creative, granted. But barring any telepathic advances, the rest of us don't get to enjoy your dreams. Please try to stay awake from now on. - Larry Hosken
If you saw my dreams you'd realize I'm a madman. - Amit Patel
You know your friend qualifies for geek status when they text you they are on their way to lunch and include a real time map showing you their turn by turn progress. I approve.
Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 11.43.05 AM.png
I like Glympse. I use it to keep my wife updated of traffic conditions during my evening commute so she can figure out whether I'll make it home in time for dinner and/or Violet's bedtime. (My commute takes about 30 minutes with no traffic and 90 minutes at the worst of times) - Tudor Bosman
I like Glympse for meeting people; I use Latitude for my wife to check on my commute. - Amit Patel
Chrome Is Fast. That's Why You Need Chromercise. -
Chrome Is Fast. That's Why You Need Chromercise.
Today I walked through the LinkedIn parking lot as a shortcut between Google buildings. While walking through, I read a personalized license plate which I recognized as one I've seen while taking the kids on walks past the park. As a result, I know where this mystery person lives and works, but not who they are. How odd is that?
Hmmm. Maybe person is stalking you? *wink* - Janet
My Morning Buddy. Sarah got up at 7, and instead of letting her terrorize her brothers, I took off. We put in more than 13,000 steps by 10 a.m., met two beagles, grabbed breakfast, and were gifted a free balloon from a used car dealership! Win.
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13k steps by 10am! Great job. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
And 20k before 12:30. :) - Louis Gray
Gonna go for 50k today? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Nope. Not even 25. 20k by 12:30, 2k the rest of the day. Super Bowl! - Louis Gray
Great Dad Louis, Sarah is a lucky gal. - Janet
Shoreline Amphitheatre Waits for the Clouds to Arrive -
Shoreline Amphitheatre Waits for the Clouds to Arrive
Erotic meats. Akiva knows what I'm talking about. They're in Everett.
And suddenly, it's as if the deep fog vanished and ahead was pure clarity.
Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 7.25.55 PM.png
What? Who do I have to bribe? - Eric - Watch Me Now from iPhone
it appears that after over a year of rolling cap-free, I am being capped downstream at 13mbit. So sad :( - Jonathan Disher
This is Comcast Business Class. It's not cheap, but we were having real problems on residential, and this has really helped. Got it installed Tuesday. - Louis Gray
Surprised you sprang for the most expensive option! Isn't one notch down a much, much better deal? - Steve and 4 other people
27 < 50. - Louis Gray
Could've gone for the actual most expensive option (100). Only $400/mth! - Jonathan Disher
^ That's the one we have (one of three internet connections in my house - Comcast Business, Comcast Residential, and AT&T U-Verse). Personally I'm a bigger fan of the SLA that comes with business class than I am with the speeds. I like that if anything goes wrong, my stuff is fixed ASAP and free of charge. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
I'd go with DSL except I'm too far from a CO (downside of living in Cupertino), and line quality is garbage. - Jonathan Disher
We are *super* lucky. We can see our CO from our backyard. When we first moved there, DSL was really the only game in down because cable was meh. We had a field day trying out different providers. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
I didn't go to Business Class, but I just upgraded to Blast. Waiting for the order to take effect. Luckily my constant bitching on Twitter got me an DOCSIS 3.0 modem upgrade so I can update to a different 30Mb tier than is not normally available in the area. - Eric - Watch Me Now
My Comcast Business class used to be that fast or even faster. I have seen up to 100Mb download, I had this for several years. But a few months ago they started capping in my area. Now I get 20Mb max down and 4Mb max up which is what they advertized for the service I pay for... - Jeff P. Henderson
The Best Mistake I Ever Made -
The Best Mistake I Ever Made
Hat tip to Kevin Fox for his amazing blog post and kicking off this idea in my head. - Louis Gray
I'll read it tomorrow. Sleep now. - Not Me
Sleep is a waste of time and unproductive. - Louis Gray
I read it tonight anyways. - Not Me
A fantastic post, made me feel better about some of my own choices - Mo Kargas
Thanks, Mo! Read Kevin's too. - Louis Gray
Isn't it unproductive and a waste of time? When did you flip it? - Johnny from iPhone
Johnny, are you reading from Australia again? Everything is wrongside up there. - Louis Gray
I assumed the best mistake you ever made was falling asleep. - Amit Patel
"My mom, lacking irony, exclaimed, "That's like getting into Stanford!"" :-) - Brian Johns
Or using FriendFeed, Amit. - Louis Gray
And yes, Brian, I remember her comment verbatim. :) - Louis Gray
I chose Davis over Berkley. I really enjoyed going to the non-thrilling school. ;) - Dario Gomez
Davis? That's like getting in to Cal Poly! ;-) - Brian Johns
I did get into Cal Poly. I convinced Bernard to go UCD over slo. I could not do the same with Mike. - Dario Gomez
Slashdot Readers Suggest Chromebook Over Tablet -
Slashdot Readers Suggest Chromebook Over Tablet
Merry Christmas and Assorted Related Holidays, FriendFeeders!
Merry Christmas :) - Eivind from Android
(¯`·._.··¸.-~*´(Merry Xmas!)`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯) - AJ Batac
Merry Christmas, Louis and family! - Anne Bouey
cristmasın mübarek olsun :) - serena@
! Feliz Navidad ! - @Renchin@
happy holidays mr gray, :) - chaz2b
Beautiful :) Happy holidays! - Pea Bukowski from FFHound(roid)!
Christmas Flashback: 1977, 8 Months Old, Immersed In Wrapping -
Christmas Flashback: 1977, 8 Months Old, Immersed In Wrapping
Google Search: Not Just Keywords Anymore -
Google Search: Not Just Keywords Anymore
I Sold 5 Chromebooks in 10 minutes at Best Buy -
I Sold 5 Chromebooks in 10 minutes at Best Buy
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