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Louis Grayed Blogs

Louis Grayed Blogs

Has your blog been linked to by Lous Gray, here's the room for it!
Charlie Anzman
A blogger case study - Louis Gray -
I can't believe this was just last August .... incredible. - Charlie Anzman
James Rishabh Mishra
Prediction: Which blogs will get Louis Grayed next?
Well, hello there. Didn't know this place existed. -
Welcome :) - Charlie Anzman
Ahoy! - Justin Korn
Charlie Anzman
Where am I. How did I get here ? and ... where's MY T-shirt :)
Yeah Louis - where's my T-Shirt??? ;) - Jesse Stay
Louis - you gotta make another one - "I've been Louis Grayed!" I'd buy it :) - Justin Korn
Nathaniel Payne
We should make a shirt, too. "I got Louis Grayed and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (and a sizeable increase in traffic)."
Very Good Idea.... - Franklin Pettit
13,99 ??? Huh? You guys know me better than that :) - Charlie Anzman
I hear Allen Stern gives his T-Shirts away ;) - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Justin Korn
I can offically join this room and very honored to be able to. Thanks Louis!
Can anyone actually shed light on when/where/who the phrase "Louis Grayed" actually started? - Justin Korn
I believe it was Franklin Pettit. - Mike Fruchter
That's what I thought, but wanted to be sure. Thanks Mike - Justin Korn
Jesse Stay
Sweet! A "Louis Grayed" club!
Charlie Anzman
Twice - That's really nice :)
Twice what? - Louis Gray
Mark Dykeman
Would a Rookiememe dilute Louis Gray's king-making power? ;-) -
Daryl Tay
very honoured to be invited to this room!!
Charlie Anzman
The question of course becomes did Matthew and Sarah inherit the DNA to see new apps coming in their sleep?
I was going to ask them, but at this time, it's not clear if they ever sleep. - Louis Gray
Charlie Anzman
“Fourth of July resolution - 5 days without mentioning Louis Gray in a blog post” -
Good luck! - Phil Glockner
He couldn't do it! A new kind of (Mini) Venture Capital was 3 days later. - Louis Gray
Note to self: Don't do anything that attracts Louis Gray's laser-like attention. - Phil Glockner
Louis Gray
tweetip: TweetDeck rate following launch post -
tweetip: TweetDeck rate following launch post
Charlie Anzman
A new kind of (Mini) Venture Capital -
Phil Glockner
Upon further inspection, my blog is in fact linked in a Louis Gray 5-blogs post. However, it is in the article body. Which would make my blog.. err.. a mascot? :) -
Just thought I would leave a message and say hello to the LG Club :)
Hey, who opened the door? :) - Charlie Anzman
Hola Jeff. I just wanted to confirm: Are you, in fact, a geek? - Phil Glockner
Louis Gray
All I Got Was this Lousy T-Shirt -
All I Got Was this Lousy T-Shirt :-) - Louis Gray
I love the stuff for babies. :D - James Rishabh Mishra
Mike Fruchter Five Blogs For June on Your Summer Reading List -
Phil Glockner
I can't select anything! This room is grayed out! (ba-doom-tsh!)
Booo! It's not as black and white as you make it sound. - Louis Gray
Totally true, Louis. It's a grayt room, I can't deny it. - Phil Glockner
David Knight
July's Jewels: Five Obscure Blogs that Sparkle -
Congrats to all you Jewels! - David Knight
Louis Gray
I love the logo! I hope you guys are having as much fun as me.
Mark Dykeman
It's an honor to be here!
Nathaniel Payne
My Blog Has Been Louis Grayed! -
Huh - that's odd. It appears as though comments on an original post disappear when you re-share to a room. Wasn't expecting that. - Nathaniel Payne
Correct, a re-share only carries the original text and (optional) url, picture, etc. over. - Phil Glockner
Live Crunch Blog
Cool name mate! Awesome thanks for invite
Wow, Louis has highlighted 2 central Iowa bloggers within 2 months - Iowa will soon rival Silicon Valley as the tech center of the world! :P - Nathaniel Payne
I used to live in Des Moines, but moved to Omaha last year *tear* - Pat Hawks
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