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all about social media in Louisville, KY
Lynda White
What's your favorite thing to do in Louisville?
Well, since nobody's talking LOL..I like the zoo and haven't been for years. It's time to remedy that! - Lynda White
Michelle Jones
This video establishes what the commute in Louisville is not like but since my commute is short (*cough* home office *cough*) I don't really have many commuter stories. Do you? What's your Louisville commute like? Easy, visually stimulating? Boring and traffic laden? Seriously, I'm curious. Enlighte -
I want a subway here. However, that will cost 61 billion dollars. :) Seriously, though, my work hours are non-standard and buses aren't running when I go to work in the morning. I have a short commute but it's so short that we're running on less than a tank of gas a month. Yeah that's a good thing, but it's made owning or leasing a car very cost *in*-effective. I'm thinking about a bike, a scooter... considering what I'd do in winter without a car.... - Todd Mundt
Light rail running along the loops and main arteries would help Louisville break out of mid-sized and grow to big. It would also help us be more environmentally conscious and productive. Charlotte just added it recently and to the delight of many. I want us to get to that point and soon, but the city actually seeing the long-term profitability of spending several million dollars to build it is unlikely. - Jason Falls
Oh, and I lived in NYC for two years and commuted 1:45 one way, so all you Oldham County and East Enders who whine, shut the hell up. - Jason Falls
coming from a life long (well, before here anyway) New Yorker's perspective: unless a few million more people move here, nobody should even think the word subway. Traffic really isn't that bad here, and several other larger cities still are without a subway system. Really not sure how that one could be justified. - Brian Wallace
I started using my iPhone and the Trail Guru app to upload my daily routes with photos. Useless endeavor but there are lots of pictures. :-) - Robert C
I work on Hurstbourne and the hardest part is getting from Hurstbourne to I-64 in the afternoons! But the rest of it is gravy on most days . - Lynda White
Honey Sells Homes
Hello All! Happy House Selling :D
Hi, Honey! It's nice to find somebody else here representin' the KW! - Lynda White
Rhonda Hitchcock
Rhonda Hitchcock
Bueller? ... Bueller?
He is sick. I heard he was dying or something. :-) - Robert C
Brian Wallace
so what's the Louisville consensus on Friendfeed so far?
Mostly love it. - Michelle Jones
I'm not convinced its anything more than a place to see all your crap at once. And there are a few dozen of those out there, including Louisville's own Profilactic. It has more depth and breadth of functionality, but I still only see it as a tool to see aggregated stuff, meaning there's no substance here. Only stuff pulled from elsewhere. That in and of itself is useful, but it's not going to change the world. (Sorry Owyang and Rubel. It's just not.) - Jason Falls
still not sold on the whole Friendfeed thing so far. I'll keep trying it for a while, but just having a firehose of everyone's everything doesn't really appeal to me. Too much without a crap filter. - Brian Wallace
it does need better filtering. I use it to aggregate all the crap I have out there. - Robert C
Todd Mundt
Any interest in trying to get Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV to come to Louisville? For his book tour, it takes a bookstore and 150 interested people. -
Let me know how I can help you make this happen. Bookstore to accommodate that many people would have to be one of the Borders locations. - Michelle Jones
that sounds interesting, this still on? - Brian Wallace
@nowsourcing I'm interested in making it happen, but I'm looking for ways to drum up interest. Local wine clubs, etc. I'm new in Lou, so I'm trying to figure out what connections to make locally so we can show GaryVee that we can produce 150 people for an event. - Todd Mundt
Gary is big on bourbon, too. We should work that angle to get him excited about bourbon and the industry folks excited about him coming. He could do 4-5 episodes of his show with different distilleries, etc. He's supposed to be working on a bourbon series. Maybe him coming here isn't too far of a stretch. - Jason Falls
Anyone here using Brightkite? I've got about 5 invites if you would like one. -
Jason Falls
Well, shit. Someone in Louisville post something.
haha, spoken like a true Louisvillian. Come on now everyone. Say that you love web 2.0. and social media. and that you're in Louisville. :) - Brian Wallace
ahahahaha. Well said! Louisvillians are a quiet bunch, I suppose. - Rhonda Hitchcock
so then? Let's MAKE SOME NOISE!!!1 :) - Brian Wallace
(poking head into the cabin) "Striker, we're all behind you, and we're all counting on you." - TimTheFoolMan
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