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Lou Paglia

Lou Paglia

I have to write something else about me here as too? Check out my blog please, it is all there. Where is data portability when you need it?
RT @jirafe: Today on our blog: Summer Sales and How to Capitalize on Holidays
I'm sorry @illustrator I tried to use you but after six attempts installing @creativecloud on Mac OS, I've given up. #spinningblueball
Great line: “Stop talking. You are making everyone who can hear you dumber” - The Atlantis World
RT @NateSilver538: The Germany-Ghana draw increased the US chance of finishing 1st in the group -- but reduced its chances to advance.
The opposite of skiing: “...a complete history of Amazon and its stock price over the last 20 years --> $AMZN”
RT @chudson: Pro tip. Do not let #Messi dribble left at the top of the 18.
Who will be coming out with the next Rapportive like plugin for Gmail. Seems like a no brainer idea for someone.
Do you think @NJTransit would do something cool and innovative like stream the US World Cup game over the speakers on the train? No.
“You are not listening to what you are saying” is a response not used often enough.
RT @monkchips: its always good to be snarky and rude to people that provide you infrastructure for free. #protip
Pretty cool, and fitting: "@TechCrunch: George R․R․ Martin Writes Everything In WordStar 4.0 On A DOS Machine"
The day would go more smoothly and potentially the world would be a better place if Jira cards were updated on a regular basis.
Great business meeting! Someone passionately yelled "Gaussian! It is never Gaussian! You are out on the street, it is never Gaussian."
It is certainly going to be an interesting day. I just saw someone use white-out!
RT @bpm140: Mad props to @rahims for his Sonos-Soundcloud connection service. If you have a Sonos, hook yourself up!
Truly amazing that the accidental nudge of a sleeping Furby can strike fear into your heart.
A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. #awesomefortunecookie
RT @elanazak: Newly redesigned @BostonDotCom has an amazing 404 error page: h/t @zseward
Very true; Take a Walk, Sure, but Don't Call It a Break - @HarvardBiz
RT @bfeld: Great post from a Wartime CEO - It’s a fucking startup. Why are you here?
In the 60's now, do you tell the people in shorts and tshirts at the train station it is supposed to be 30's and rain later today?
RT @emuchat: Don’t text and drive #itcanwait Emu can help - - re-tweet for a chance to win an iPad
My four year old playing Candy Crush as he completes #34: "yeah, take that chocolate!"
Re: Fun Friday: Your Favorite Feature -
"Evernote Sync" - Lou Paglia
Re: Fun Friday: Your Favorite Feature -
"Evernote Sync" - Lou Paglia
Re: Feature Friday: Checking In Your Friend -
"Makes sense. Actually a bit overdue so glad to see . This is a feature on Facebook that's been there for a while and that I use all the time." - Lou Paglia
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