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Las Vegas isn't the ideal city in which to live, but, in the morning, I see snow falling in the mountains and, at work, I get to see this:
2011-12-01 15.39.26.jpg
*starts singing Christmas carols, horribly off-key* - Stephen Mack
I did, too, Stephen. ;) - Jenny from Android
Lucky! :) - Eivind
I am! :) - Jenny from Android
I'm happy for you, Jenny. I personally can't wait till spring. ;) - Stephan from iPhone
Thank you, Stephan. I can love the hell out of snow and winter from the relative comfort of the Las Vegas valley. ;) - Jenny
That is very pretty. If only snow stayed soft and pretty and white and never got slushy and dirty... - Corinne L
I was so glad there were travel restrictions up there today. I love virgin snow SO much! - Jenny
Beautiful. I want to be there now. - Georgia
It was absolutely wonderful- quiet, serene, like time was standing still. I knew it wouldn't be like that for long, so I treasured that time I had up there alone. <3 - Jenny
A great Christmas-y view! :) CORRECTION: Like Corinne said about snow. If only it stayed soft and pretty. I like watching snow scenes like this one from afar ... way off afar - CarlC
The snow you can keep. - Son of Groucho
I've been in the snow once but I was too little to remember it :( - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
It doesnt even look like that here in the UP - Marissa
I wished the snow stayed pretty, too. Virgin snow is the best. <3 Starmama, if you come visit Vegas in the winter, I'll drive you up to the mountains and you can play in the snow. :) Marissa, I think this will be a much milder winter than last year. Last year, it looked like this back in October. - Jenny