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"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" -- Winnie the Pooh
Mom and brother are busy at work. Dad and I are working but in the living room. Dog is busy monitoring cat and bird. Cat and bird are busy monitoring dog.
Oiled up my rusty CSS skills and spent my day customizing our new LibGuides. Kind of fun to have a quiet geek-ish day at work.
Super fun to have a project where you can see change as you go, and can come out of it with a thing I'm proud of all in one day. And dang, I'm proud of it, modest as it is. - lris
it looks awesome! I almost couldn't tell that it wasn't y'alls website. But very nice layout and not overdoing the tabs and for creating a usable, easy to navigate guide - Sir Shuping is just sir
we won't talk about how long it took me to figure out where in their various layers of code they had hidden the box border properties... - lris
always the case when having to muck about with someone else's code. - Sir Shuping is just sir
and when you might just possibly not know a whole lot about what you're doing... - lris
nah, i always go with having to play with someone else's code. - Sir Shuping is just sir
It looks lovely! - laura x
Feel free to tell me about what you like. ;) (And seriously, what would you make better?) - lris
I'm on episode two of Grey's Anatomy. Apparently if I'd gone to medical school I could have a new boyfriend whenever I wanted one, and then some.
I think my mother would counter that view of medical school. Although of course she had a 3.5 year old when she started. :) - laura x
Wait... you mean this isn't realistic??? - lris
Relatedly, all the students are home for break by now. #emptylibrary
My whole evening is being consumed by watching a momma cat try to move her kittens out of the foster nest, and watching the (human) foster dad come back and put the kittens back in the nest. Over and over.
six-kitten pileup in Oz: - RepoRat
I LOVE these 'cams. And I show them in mai library - all the hours we are open. Students love it!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Thank you, kitty. <3 - Alix May
feel better. Pippin will make sure you rest. - maʀtha
Spending some quality time this morning wondering if I'm unwell enough to stay home all day or if I can make it in for a few hours this afternoon. Good times.
:( hoping you rally soon. - Jen
Threw in the towel. No work for me. - lris
:( Hope the afternoon is restorative for you. - Catherine Pellegrino
You worked on Saturday. This isn't "throwing in the towel" so much as "taking earned comp time." - Steele Lawman
^^ Yes, also this. - Catherine Pellegrino
After seeing the picture of you that you just posted, I think you made the right decision. You look like you need a day of rest. - Laura
Hope you feel better soonly. - Kirsten
With only a few thousand clicks of the mouse, I’ve reduced the messy link database by about 600 messy items. #techmanuallabor
From time to time, I enjoy #techmanuallabour It can be almost Zen-like. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Yes, I'm using it that way this weekend, for sure. - lris
I am fluent in English and a few of its dialects: Librarian, cultural critic, academic, friendfeeder, and kitten cam.
do you speak bunnehese as well? - Sir Shuping is just sir
tinee tabbies! - RepoRat
Saturdaybrarian reporting for duty: special First Day of Finals edition.
At least this mind-numbing work project can be done at home while watching tv, snuggling the cat, and sipping libations.
This makes me curious about the libations. - Julian
Balvenie DoubleWood. Mmmmmm - lris
Side comment: not trying to sound pedantic! Just like Brian Cox naming scotches. - Zamms
*ignores Zamms* - lris
It's for the best. - Zamms
one should never ignore zamms. ignoring zamms could lead to destruction. - Sir Shuping is just sir
This is a very confused new mama kitty. "What in the world am I to do with all these little things?"
Pretty sure I'd be weirded out by sextuplets too. Kitty moms are a bit better equipped, but still. - RepoRat
She certainly has a "well, what now?" look on her face - Steele Lawman
Such cute babies... - Hedgehog
Last time I got a haircut it was up to my shoulders... so yeah, been a while.
Photo on 11-19-14 at 12.21 PM #2.jpg
I sort of miss my long hair. Sometimes. You look great! - laura x
I agree. - maʀtha
My first thought on waking up: "Oh good grief. Mornings just keep coming." At least this one is sunny.
Hang in there. - Steele Lawman from Android
they're relentless, those mornings. and completely unsympathetic to my mental state. they're sort of jerks in that regard. - Jenica
stupid mornings. - RepoRat
My foolhardy "maybe I'm just a wimp and don't WANT to shovel" experiment is conclusive: shoveling is a very bad idea. So now I know. #sigh
Shoveled my corner lot with two driveways. If you need me, I'll be over here dead.
Thankfully, my landlord helped with part of it. - lris
You are mighty. - Marianne
So far, watching a momma cat get ready to have kittens on livestream mostly resembles watching my cat sleep all day.
Now into her 3rd day of labor and no visible change. Poor kitty! - lris
Thank you for the reminder about kitten cams! - Julian
poor Dorothy, she looks like she swallowed a volleyball! - RepoRat
Maybe if I drink one more cup of coffee the temp will rise 30 degrees and melt the snow and then I won’t have to shovel. #denial
Your perfect weekend. What would it be like?
Coffee. Then tea. Books. A time-consuming project in the kitchen that just needs poking at now and then (e.g., stock). More tea. More books. Maybe a movie on DVD. A long walk. A nap. NO LAUNDRY. - Catherine Pellegrino
It would be blissfully and utterly unplanned in advance. And the weather would be good enough that going outside was a viable option (there is a warm variant and a cold variant of "good enough", both have their upsides). - Marianne
Saturday - we'd head out early, have brunch at our favourite cafe, mooch around the charity shops, stop for cake possibly with some friends, catch a film, head home. Sunday - stay in jammies all day, do some stitching, have a long bath, make a proper roast dinner, and most importantly.... NOT HAVE TO GO TO WORK THE NEXT DAY! I am very lucky, because most weekends contain at least some of those elements :-), other than the work issue *sigh* - Marina's Godmother :-)
I'd like to rest/sleep one whole day, and be productive one whole day, and at some point do something fun/social, even if it's small. I'd like to cook one good meal and go out for one good meal. - Meg VMeg
Actually, I'll take Meg's weekend, thank you. That sounds perfect. (Meg, you can still have your weekend, too; this isn't a zero-sum weekend.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Is it still procrastinating if I just prioritize other important work?
it's called structured procrastination, then, and people get speaking gigs to teach other people how to do it. *stamp of approval / enabling* - Marianne
I have a list called "Procrastination Work" that has things that either aren't due for a while or aren't especially important but need to be done. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
This is my secret to "success". - joey
Gigi ends her public service
Gigi ends her public service
While this may be too soon, I highly recommend for when you're ready for your next stapler. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
may she rest in peace. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
so say we all - ellbeecee
The stapler's dead; long live the stapler. - Brent Schaus
. - bentley
In related news, we're in the market for a good guy name beginning with H. - lris from Android
Hamish! - Brent Schaus from iPhone
. - laura x
Humbert. (But I really love Hamish more.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Herbie, fully loaded with staples. - Lily
Helmut. Heinrich. Hugo. - Steele Lawman
Horatio. Holmes. - Ken Morley
Henrik. - bentley
Hagrid. Homer. Herman. - laura x from iPhone
Horace - ellbeecee
Humperdinck - ellbeecee
Humperdinck, Humperdinck, Humperdinck! </Carole_King> - Catherine Pellegrino
Harold - ellbeecee
Hereward - Marianne
Hedwig. - Brent Schaus
Huddie. - laura x from iPhone
Horehound. - Brent Schaus
Just spoken by me: "If it's a verb, you can participle it."
Spent some quality time with an orthodontist and her goop this morning.
oh, teeth mold goop?? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Yes indeed. And my choices for flavor were bubble gum, grape, and cherry. EWWWWWWWWWWW - lris
Oh...the pink, now I'm going to gag and try not to hyperventilate stuff. I HATED that stuff - Hedgehog
Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck. - laura x
ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: 3rd draft released
ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: 3rd draft released
"I was in your life before this knitting project. It will NOT take your lap from me."
"I was in your life before this knitting project. It will NOT take your lap from me."
take my toys, take my lox, take me far from my litterbox, I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take your lap from me - RepoRat
*dies of RR* - Kirsten from Android
RR wins teh interwebz. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
*plucks banjo* - RepoRat
*applause* - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Even though it's only smart under WiFi, I'm really really liking having a smart phone.
which reminds me, I should really ask the repair folks where the heck my old iTouch is. - RepoRat
Uh, I'm confused: why is it only smart under wifi? I thought the big advantage of a smartphone was that you didn't have to be in range of wifi? - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Because I can have it for $10/month if it relies on WiFi. If I travel I'll bump it up to true smartphone status. - lris from Android
oh. ... OH! *ponders her current $7/mo dumbphone* Hm. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Republic Wireless. :-) - lris from Android
*thinks* - bentley
Finishing projects is for the birds. Casting on is where it's at.
"Knitting? I guess I'll allow it, but don't push your luck." #nursekitty
"Knitting? I guess I'll allow it, but don't push your luck." #nursekitty
Such handsome kittyface. - RepoRat
Driving 5 blocks to an appointment. See also: oof so tired.
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