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"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" -- Winnie the Pooh
Restocked my fish tanks today. Nice to have finned companions again.
oh come do ours! - Steve C
Cross-cultural lesson for the day: never make the "rock on" hand sign to an Italian. #themoreyouknow
Happy adoption anniversary day to my sweet Gypsy. My spunky little diva bird.
ennui - Steele Lawman
tl;dr. - Joe
Weltschmerz. - Stephen Francoeur
meh - Marie from iPhone
*shrugs* - Katy S
indolence - Kirsten
Schadenfreude. - Uli
How to pronounce schadenfreude: - Marie
Danke. - Uli
How to dance on a treadmill
How to dance on a treadmill
That is awesome. - Catherine Pellegrino
I happened across the only book I can remember my mom saying I shouldn't read until I was older when I was a kid. You better believe I picked that book up and checked it out of the library.
What was it? - Heleninstitches
Alanna: The First Adventure. I'm sure it'll be positively salacious. - lris
That's a Tamora Pierce book right? Girl trains as a warrior. Kept meaning to read that - Hedgehog
Yeah, my otherwise vague memory (I only remembered the series name) is that I got a couple of books in and then things got a little adolescent on me while I was still pretty young. But yes, girl trains as warrior. - lris
<blink> I recall it mentioning breast binding, but other than that I can't think why it wouldn't be appropriate for any age. (Of course my parents never blinked at me reading the Clan of the Cave Bear series starting age 10, so maybe not the best datapoint.) - Deborah Fitchett
Look at that. Yarn arrived in the mail. Imagine that!
What a turn of events. - Marianne
My siblings and I earned our first DVD player (edit: actually VCR player) by digging dandelions out of our yard, five cents per root that measured an inch or longer. That remains one of my prouder accomplishments. #saturdayFF
In my middle age, I imagine my parents thinking "Oooh, we can get a DVD player AND a weeded yard." - lris
Damn. I only got a penny for weeding dandelions, but I got a dollar for ironing blouses. My mother had a wrinkle free wardrobe and a weedy yard. - laura x from iPhone
Aw man, I did ironing for free! - lris
Luckies! To get paid, I had to do things like paint creosote on the horse pastures' fences. - Katy S
Ironing for free as a child. One reason I wear (almost) entirely non-iron clothes as an adult. (The "almost" hasn't come into play for a year or more...) - Walt Crawford
I didn't have anything to spend money on, so I mostly did it out of boredom, I think, or a desire to get my mother's attention. I suspect she did it mostly to get me out of her hair, so it was kind of a zero sum there. - laura x from iPhone
My chores were based on a non-monetary reward system. Mostly donuts. - Meg VMeg
Aw man, I really missed out on rewards! The dandelions were the only chores that came with rewards for me. - lris
(I am also deeply curious about how early on you all got a DVD player--I had only a VCR until I was 30.) - laura x from iPhone
Good catch! This was a VCR player I'm remembering. - lris
50 cents for mowing the front yard, 70 cents for the side or back yard. Dandelions were considered a lost cause. - Deborah Fitchett
I have always wanted to be a good diarist and letter writer. I have never been either.
Same here. - Betsy from FFHound(roid)!
I used to be both, but that was 20 years ago. - laura x from iPhone
I hit my peak in 6th grade. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Hello hammock. #undermytree
It's cool, damp, and cloudy today. Perfect for my mood. - lris
Brought the bird out to share in the adventure. - lris
I may have ordered more yarn...
No no no: "more yarn may have been ordered." ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
It's true - lris
It seems quite possible that more yarn may occur in the near future, for various reasons. - Marianne
I certainly can't rule that out as a possibility - lris
My brain has apparently reached its quota of thoughts for the week.
WHY IS MY COMPUTER WORKING SO HARD??? Oh, right, because I'm running that huge program in the background.
How huge is it? - Eric
THIS big - lris
If I had a bigger house, I'd probably just turn it into a zoo.
In a surprising twist, our spam system is preventing me from sending messages to Gustavus librarians. Is Barbara blocking me? ;)
Revenge for the 30 Years War? - Spidra Webster
Whaaaa....???? It's probably because our PR is so dreadful. If it's me you need to contact, I have an alternate identity, as you might imagine for a sekrit agent. - barbara fister
*Your* spam system is doing it? That seems odd. - Meg VMeg
I got around the difficulties by using Gmail. And yes, nothing about this makes sense. I can't WAIT to hear from the server dudes what happened with this one. - lris
Ha! Turns out we had a compromised account that caused Carleton email addresses to be blacklisted by the spam folks. - lris
My mantra today: be constructive be constructive be constructive be constructive BE CONSTRUCTIVE DANGIT
Clearly something happened to you such that you need looking after. - RepoRat
^^^ this. :) I'm sure that in his mind, you are fortunate to have such a vigilant guardian. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
He was just so incredibly forthright with me! He trotted next to me every bit like a well-trained dog, getting in front of me every once in a while to trip me up and ask for more scratching. Funny guy! - lris
Dang it Beloved People, stop killing yourselves!!! RIP Robin Williams :( :( :(
LOL! Going through my photos from the visit, I find one that Mr 3 took of Ryan nursing, up close and personal. Poor dude was a bit jealous.
Choice Cards Strike Again -
I'm so glad to know it was reviewed in 2006, too! - laura x
Don't be forced to transfer to Amherst:
Don't be forced to transfer to Amherst:
The advantages of my vacation at my parents' house were many, but this morning I'm particularly missing having someone else make excellent coffee for me.
*fistbump* - Catherine Pellegrino
Settling back into Northfield. Already missing my family and my sister's now-bigger family.
The pets are pretty pleased to be back, though there is one fewer now than when we left. (Turns out, the fish succumbed to his ailments while we were away.) - lris
Poor fish. :( - RepoRat
Oh, poor fish. I'm sorry. - Catherine Pellegrino
Unfathomable changes since I moved out of my parents' house: they have become football fans, my dad now not only drinks coffee (gasp!) but is also a bit of a coffee connoisseur, my dad listens to smooth jazz while working.
No part of my anatomy will give you what you want, baby, but I commend your use of the scientific method.
Tomorrow: many family photos. Today: massive bruisy zit.
Mr 3's attempts to be taken seriously in his grumpy mood are thwarted when he mixes up the words "kitchen" and "chicken." For example: "Go away! Go to the chicken!"
And you trying to suppress a smile just makes him grumpier. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
There used to be a Chinese restaurant near me, where the woman behind the counter once described a soup to me as containing "kitchen, poke, and vechie balls". It became my favorite soup. - April Russo
"A Mighty Wind" -- it's funnier than you remember, and you remember it as pretty funny.
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