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"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" -- Winnie the Pooh
Accidental cat bite hurts as much as intentional cat bite.
Blerg. The thing got infected despite cleaning. Breaking out the self-surgery tools... - lris
so... 1 in 3 cat bites to the hand end up with hospitalization. Let's keep me firmly in the other 2 in 3, shall we? - lris
Older III OPAC due to lose functionality on Google Chrome Browser -
So their "Library Future" is making you all buy new OPACs? - Hedgehog
I think their whole marketing plan is "let's just stop making it so the other product works." - lris
Oh this will be interesting. I think this is why we're buying Sierra, but will it happen in time. STAY TUNED! - kendrak
a fair few folks in that position -- Voyager's near end-of-life too. - RepoRat
Let's not speculate about what it means that my lucky bamboo is dying.
If it helps we had two die and then the boy was born. I don't know what that means. - Steve C Team Marina
My next door neighbor FINALLY admitted his crimes.
Good. Thanks for keeping us updated. - Betsy
I should note: that Jay conspirator guy? Probably a hallucination... - lris
Oh god. - Meg VMeg
mon dieu. - jambina
oh good gosh. *shudder* - RepoRat
ACK x 100. And, yes, this fellow sounds delusional - maʀtha
I really wish he didn't live next door to you - maʀtha
does it make me a bad person to hope that soon he won't be living next door to you? - Catherine Pellegrino
If that makes you bad, I am also bad. - lris
we are all bad - maʀtha
and those poor dogs - maʀtha
Count me in as bad. and intrigued/weirded out by the phantom accomplice. - Steele Lawman
Revamping Refresher Training, now with bonus polling -
Why yes, that was me chasing my cat through the house as he aimed toward carpets while getting ready to barf.
That sure does sound familiar. - Walt Crawford
yep. sure does. - RepoRat
Among many other characteristics that made her The Best Cat Ever, I'm pretty sure that Molly actively tried to aim her hairballs at hard surfaces. Swear to god. - Catherine Pellegrino
My skill is catching said cat puke with magazine or newspaper. It is a feeling of WIN I tell you! - Janet
I've had some wins, but then there was the time the cat puked a hairball on my pillow. - Jen
Nine had a cat that was a puker. He considerately ran for the litter box when that time came. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
My Princess Pukes-a-lot's favorite place is on my bed. :( - April Russo
Nemo is the barfbag in STL. Stays on the wood floor in the kitchen, for the most part. Second choice used to be my office chair, but I took it out here to CA. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Emily bites more than she barfs. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
If I just don't go to bed, tomorrow won't happen, right?
Eternal Wednesday. - Steele Lawman
It will happen much differently, that's for sure. - Meg VMeg
Me, to a student, making fun of my inability to follow alphabetical order: "No, really, I can alphabet."
I alphanumeric at a collegiate level. - Julian
No really! I acn tyope! - Aaron the Librarian
chocolate truffles stuffed with sautéed liver. NOPE.
:( - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
what the entire what. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
ewwwww, and I even like liver - Meg VMeg
what Meg said - jambina
what Holly said - Catherine Pellegrino
No. - laura x from iPhone
Flu-like symptoms -- I'm worried about ebola and rabies, but I probably only have West Nile Virus.
I had flu-like symptoms. Turned out to be the flu! - Zamms
Huh. That happens? - lris
My doctor was surprised too! - Zamms
don't forget avian flu! you could have that! - maʀtha
Also Lyme disease. #nothelping - Catherine Pellegrino
Or norovirus. - John (bird whisperer)
It could be Enterovirus D68. Just got an official memo from our school district about it. Apparently more people (especially kids) have respiratory illnesses than usual right now. And, of course, I hope you feel better soon! - Jen
swine flu - maʀtha
cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold brrrrr
*hands over a mug of tea* - Kirsten
wish we could trade, I'm way too hot. - Marianne
Phone rings, I answer. On the other end a guy says "Don't hang up on me cuz you KNOW I've had it with you." Me: "Uh... hello?" Him: "Oh... sorry... wrong number."
So you're breaking up then? - Steve C Team Marina
Seems so. I don't think this relationship can be saved. - lris
Pan-seared lemon herb tilapia. Yup.
I'm on my way. - Catherine Pellegrino
you have inspired me - I think I have some tilapia fillets left in the freezer - Corinne L
I have never, EVER been able to sear fish. I always wind up poaching it, no matter what cooking method I use. - Catherine Pellegrino
Made fish tacos for dinner. So good, though I ate them too fast. - Corinne L
Ok, which of you jokers came and beat me with a 2x4 in my sleep?
unless you and i were jousting, i am exempt on the grounds of also having been thoroughly thumped. - Marianne
#saturdayff: earlier this week I accidentally poured hazelnut creamer over my granola in the morning. It tasted exactly as cloying as it sounds like it tasted. Also, yes, I had hazelnut creamer in my fridge. Don't judge.
*judges* - DJF
Well, I guess I expect that of you, DFJ. ;) - lris
My mom is my hero.
My fruit flies have elevated tastes. #classy
Turns out? This pattern is just not right. Improvising. #crochet
If I had to leave my couch today, I'm glad it was to get a fantastic massage.
Living in the future: hanging out with the rest of the family while my brother visits them in WI while I'm here in MN. <3
Simple perfection on a chilly morning: strong black tea.
Ok, I vaguely remember discussion about FB moving messaging to a new app. Now FB has asked me to do that. I don't want to? Or it's great? Help.
I've heard there are privacy concerns, but I cannot tell you the specifics. I mentally moved into the "don't do" category, and went along my way. - sglassme
I'm very happy with the mobile version of Facebook on my phone rather than the app. I can still message freely without any new app specifically for messaging. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
I hate Facebook messaging anyways, so I have no plans to move to a whole new app for it. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I did it. Haven't seen any naked photos of myself on Reddit yet. Cautious thumbs-up. - Steele Lawman
I might be dead
:( - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
*plumps you back up like a pillow* - Marie from iPhone
*brings you back to life in the name of #PimpJesus* IT'S A FRIENDFEED MIRACLE!!! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
*sends magical internet hugs* - Marianne
Carb-loading in preparation for tomorrow's marathon couch-surfing session.
You have to prepare for these things. - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
go team! - Meg VMeg
You know how much time and planning could be avoided if we didn't have to wash ourselves regularly? #teamnoshower.... only #notreally
i accidentally did this today. only realised what happened this evening and immediately threw my stinking half-corpse into The Scalding Shower Of Doom. - Big Joe Silence
How often do I have to bathe for it to qualify as "regularly"? #teamdirtyhippie - laura x from iPhone
It's one of the things I miss most about short hair -- doesn't take much to clean up, and I didn't spend any time drying or styling it. - Holly's favorite Anna
Sometimes before I go for volunteering I skip the shower and Chris does my hair in the kitchen sink. - Heather
I would pay good money for someone to come feed my cat and carry me to bed.
Would it need to be a package deal? - Julian
Master Chef Junior: the most smile-inducing thing I've stumbled on in a long time.
Also, I don't even know that that eight year old's dish IS let alone how to make it. - lris
"If I win the $100,000, I'll... Take my brothers to an amusement park!" - lris
They're all so HAPPY for each other. - lris
right? I enjoyed that one! (I think it made me cry a couple times) - ~Courtney F
Well THAT was a non-stop day, and a long one.
Humans use tools. Unless they forget those tools on the kitchen counter and wind up eating with their fingers.
Spaghetti? - Zamms
Hopefully not soup. - Catherine Pellegrino
pork chop and pesto pasta. Definitely could have been worse! - lris
Great thing about pork chops? You can eat the meat off them without tools, then you have a tool for eating the pasta. - Slippy
So, not just a tool, but a multipurpose tool. Genius. - Betsy
Playing "keep away" with the cat and the crocheting.
For a second there I seriously wondered how the crocheting was attacking the cat. - RepoRat
So did the cat. ;) - lris
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