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"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" -- Winnie the Pooh
I don't know which is worse, complex copyright scenarios or figuring out new health insurance options. This afternoon was chalk full of both.
I would rather do teh Copyright questions - Insurance is sufficiently advanced as to be magic to me - Aaron the Librarian
Not "chock full"? - LB put a spell on you. from Android
That too. - lris from Android
New adventures: International Copyright
New adventures: International Copyright
And now for a little light reading: the Berne Convention. #sendhelp #sendcoffee
My brain feels like jello. Of course, that could be from trying to read court opinions. #IANAL
if you're talking about the GSU decision, yeah, the first one was easier to read despite being immensely longer. - RepoRat
Yeah. And that one also felt like it was working towards helping libraries make good choices for themselves. This one feels a lot less like that. - lris
It's also just a very different rhetorical style to go along and go along as if you're arguing one way, and then at the last minute say "see? That doesn't actually make a lot of sense." There seems to be a lot of bait-n-switch. - lris
yes, I definitely noticed that too. I nearly blew my stack a couple times before the reveal came! - RepoRat
Looks like I get a chance to blow my stack at this concurring opinion, though. Yeow. - lris
inorite?! talk about your dodged bullets. - RepoRat
As RepoRat knows, this one made me miss Harold Baer's opinion-writing verve. - Jennifer Howard
Ranganathan bless those of you who actually read this stuff and then explain it to the rest of us. - Steele Lawman
^this - maʀtha
Being a litigating copyright holder must feel like playing whack-a-mole these days. Whack away, get frantic, but never wonder if the moles are actually a problem.
The Georgia State eReserves Case Appeal Decision: a practical guide for librarians
The Georgia State eReserves Case Appeal Decision: a practical guide for librarians
Forget co-pilot. Coffee has the wheel.
*fistbump* - Catherine Pellegrino
Leaves rustling, light filtering yellow through the fall leaves. Might be my last evening #undermytree
Fall has been so perfect this year. Of course, we totally deserve it :) - Jen
First there was the microwave. Then there was the iPad. Now there is unlimited texting. #gamechangingtech #yesimbehingthetimes #stoplaughing
Pretty big gap there between the microwave and the iPad, my friend. :D - laura x
Not such a big gap in my own life. :) - lris
Well, we got a microwave in 1979, and I got my own in 2006, but I didn't get unlimited texting till a couple years ago, and I STILL don't have an iPad. :D - laura x
So, Prima Facie is the highest ranking facie, right? Like Prima Donna? No? *rereads*
This fall is beautiful
2014-10-20 11.29.23.jpg
It is. The leafpeeping just in my neighborhood is pretty sweet right now. - RepoRat
We are getting some absolutely beautiful colors over here, as well. - Catherine Pellegrino
Midterm Break day at Carleton. Or as it's known around here Comps Research Organization Workshop Day. Wheeee
It's 8am and I've already spilled coffee on myself. Twice.
Happy Monday! - WebGoddess
You are getting verrry sleeepyyyyyy...
You are getting verrry sleeepyyyyyy...
hypnocat! - RepoRat
Ambulance pulling up across the street. Hope everything's OK. :-/
Looks like not so much OK. - lris from Android
At least they're driving away without lights and sirens. - lris from Android
Made stove top popcorn for the first time. The cat is not a fan.
it tastes really good that way. I like to toss some sugar on it too, as a poor person's kettle corn. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like - Atlantic Mobile
The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like - Atlantic Mobile
*pours us all another mug* - lris from Android
I shall make coffee right away. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Wonderful news - pouring another cup - Jen
I don't care about the news. I am drinking as much coffee as I like until they pry it from my cold dead hands. - laura x from iPhone
I shall go make some right now! - Corinne L
Second pot being brewed. No sense in holding back. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
This friend has a message that speaks to my condition. - Catherine Pellegrino
Ha! My new phone will automatically set itself to vibrate-only while I'm in meetings. It's like magic.
Is that an Android feature or an app? That sounds amazing. - Jen
There was an app called "Assist" pre-loaded on my phone. I set it to silence during the night and vibrate during meetings. - lris from Android
... how does it know you're in a meeting? - Catherine Pellegrino
It looks at your calendar. I use an app called llama that does things bad on time or location. So my phone is always on vibrate when I'm at work or late at night (but only when I'm at home). - DJF from Android
my calendar has a check box for "do not disturb" mode that will do the same thing (android) i also use the Sound Manager app to make my phone quieter during work hours and overnight - ~Courtney F
do anybody no if this can be done on the other kind of phone? the one that starts with an i? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
SilentAlarm and AutoSilent for IOS - but neither is a free app. - Jen
My whole family is getting used to our new smartphones. "Have you figured out how to...?"
Tomorrow my number ports over. Then life really begins. - lris from Android
Sure, my whole house shakes when you drive by and that's annoying. But you'll go deaf early and that'll be way more annoying. #getoffmylawn
Keyboard-rest cat is a handy cat.
Keyboard-rest cat is a handy cat.
RT @copyrightlibn: My overview of the 11th Circuit Georgia State opinion - the Good, Not Surprising, Weird, and Things I Don't Like.
RT @copyrightlibn: My overview of the 11th Circuit Georgia State opinion - the Good, Not Surprising, Weird, and Things I Don't Like.
My favorite stapler-related exchange of the day (Ann is my department head).
Depending on the "people years" benchmark chosen, those maths are spot on... time to change Gigi's name to Methuselah? - Aaron the Librarian
Me: "Hi, I had surgery at your hospital back in 1991, and I know you must have typed my blood at the time. How would I go about finding out what my blood type is from you? ... oh, $30 and a form through the mail? Ok..." There goes that idea.
Yup. 1/3 the price. :) - lris
you can't just ask your doctor's office? - DJF
I could, but they've never typed me, so I'd have to get blood drawn, and the lab fees would mount up, and I'd have to make appointments and stuff, and and and - lris
Your doctor's office could request the info from the hospital. - Anne Bouey
huh, what a good idea - lris
If you're able to donate blood, they'll send you a card with your blood type. If you're not in an hurry to know ... - Kristin
<grump> "save the date" isn't for things like "there's this important meeting next week." No thanks for the warning. </grump>
Information Literacy sessions at the Minnesota Library Association -
Hello light box. It's been a long time.
I just texted my dad. My world doesn't make sense any more.
Cake at our department meeting to celebrate our stapler's birthday. Gigi made it to the one year mark!
🎂 - Julian
One of my colleagues named her car that. - Holly's favorite Anna
a public party with cake for teh students (esp. the students that didn't abuse Gigi) would be fun, too :) - Aaron the Librarian
Please share my heartfelt congratulations on surviving one year! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
She needs a tiny party hat! - LB put a spell on you.
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