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Strength in Interdependence -
I think this is right on the money. It took me years to get there, though, since I originally thought that I'd have to "convince" faculty of something first. Now I think it's more of coming up with many opportunities to encounter people outside the library and show them what I'm about--how I think, what I'm doing, what I'd like to be doing. Elsewhere I have bristled at the idea of "interviewing for your job every day" as something destabilizing and anxiety-producing. I still think that's true if every day you feel you have to prove yourself to your immediate colleagues and supervisor. But maybe it's a good way to think of working with other constituencies. Every time I am with faculty, it's an opportunity to get them to think of me in a different way. - Steele Lawman
Yes, I think that's true. I also think that the major message was to really think hard about what we actually contribute to the ecosystem, and then concentrate on that. Patel talked about the major problem of Kafka's Metamorphosis as being a person so caught up in surviving a condition that he never reflected on the condition itself, and I think that we're stuck in that position a lot of the time. Surviving day to day and not taking the time to reflect on what it is that we ARE. - lris
Well, I think that Gregor's main problem was the giant bug thing, but I think I understand your/his point. - Steele Lawman
Yes, I stated that part badly. :-) - lris