Clinical Reader Train Wreck Just Keeps Going -
Clinical Reader Train Wreck Just Keeps Going
*passes popcorn* - lris
wow. - ellbeecee
when did "sockpuppets" become a bad thing? - Jere
"Moral of the story: Don't be stupid online because the stupid never dies." May I quote you on this to my students? :) - maʀtha
Absolutely, Martha :) - lris
Part of me is just SO done with this...and part of me is SO fascinated and grabbing the popcorn from Iris's bowl. - Hedgehog
Apparently, I am older, but not more mature than you, Iris :) - maʀtha
:-D - lris
Actually, part of my fascination with this (beyond "WOW THEY'RE DOIN' IT WRONG") is that it's all so very complicated to follow. It's so oddly dependent on who follows whom on which social networks (and who happened to catch screenshots). I feel like I'm getting a clearer picture of it from FF than from anywhere else, but even this is dependent on the fact that I follow Nikki here. And this is true even though all of this stuff is perfectly googleable and therefore "public knowledge." Fascinating. - lris
Now Iris needs an appropriate soundtrack - maʀtha
That's what I said on twitter. This is all proving what I've always said, "Don't piss off a librarian; we can find out where you live." - DJF
Wow. *plops down next to Iris and Abigail and sneaks a bit of popcorn* - Laura
This is just unbelievable. I go on vacation for a week and all this explodes while I'm gone. Can I have some popcorn, please? - Catherine Pellegrino
i've brought a popcorn machine, y'all enjoy! :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
A new username just got added to the mix. *rolls eyes* - lris
I enjoy the fact that I can read your comments both as if you typed them very sincerely and as if you're dripping with sarcasm, Baroness. Flipping back and forth is dizzifying and amusing. :-) - lris
oh look! A troll! - DJF
somebody poke it. - Jenica
(jinx.) - Jenica
if i recall don't trolls hate sunlight? i say we just keep the sun going and it will turn to stone - Sir Shuping is just sir
Heh. That's awesome. I wonder how many FriendFeed accounts he/they have by now. :-D - lris
sproll? - DJF
tram? - DJF
Either way, I wouldn't click the link. I'm actually curious, though, in this other thread ( ) he says he's going to start concentrating on his target audience next. I wonder what the plans are for that (no, honestly, I do, in a curious way not a laughing way). Also, I wonder why he didn't start there. - lris
and he got smart this time...he deleted all references to threatening eagledawg and a lot of other tweets - Sir Shuping is just sir
HAHAHAH - lris
(Had to explain to someone in the comments on my blog that she wasn't pointing out anything new by saying this wasn't *really* that important. ... and then she called me "weird.") - lris
Awww! I didn't think to screenshot the clinical_reader comment here. But it's gone now. *sigh* For the record, DJF was calling clinical_reader a troll, not me or Baroness, as it now appears. - lris
gone from the other feed also - Sir Shuping is just sir
All of this has made me such a conspiracy theorist that I just took screenshots of the comments on my blog. Even though I have zero proof that they're from CR except that they originated somewhere in London. Surely nobody else lives in London, right? :P - lris
you're a regular Hercule Poirot - maʀtha
You are so awesome Dorothea :) - lris
Thanks, Dorothea. I wondered what he was talking about. - bentley
Must admit: That's the first time I've ever heard of swing dancing being confused with being a swinger. Fun stuff. (And yep, it's going to bite CR big time in the medium run, I suspect: "All publicity is good publicity" may work for movies and mobsters, not so much for this kind of service.) - walt crawford
Better than watching those nighttime 'scandal' reports on HLN (headline news). - Jill Hurst-Wahl
I find it interesting that the people who think this is kind of funny are mostly commenting on FriendFeed, and the people who think I'm juvenile and "weird" keep commenting on the blog post itself. Maybe this is more of an echo chamber than my blog is? That'd be a switch from my early years of blogging. - lris
For what it is worth, the 'clinicalreader' FriendFeed user posted a similar comment on the FriendFeed entry of my blog post ( and then deleted it. I was able to track it back using BackType to the version saved on that service ( - Peter Murray