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Construction zones around my office this summer are in blue...
construction zones.png
We lived through a couple of years of that, including our building (we didn't move out) and the one next to us. My sympathies. - kaijsa
Looks like their forces are weak to the east. If you can gain the element of surprise, you might be able to get most of the people out with minimal casualties. - Steele Lawman
The terrain there is tricky, you see, and includes hills full of trees and underbrush and poison ivy. Still, they will never expect that, so the element of surprise may be doubly on our side. - lris
Feeling you. My building is of course on one end of Park Street. - RepoRat
Sarah G.
Have terrible cold still. Looking for book on kindle to read on plane. Pick "The Stand." Sarah Glassmeyer, Girl Genius.
Now I'm really freaked out about the CDC finding out their avian flu samples were all screwy. - Victor Ganata
Whatever was bopping around San Antonio last week is tough - Sarah G.
Speaking of the con crud, you heard one of our mutual friends got a positive test for whooping cough right? Freaked me the hell out, but my doc confirmed that I *just* have bronchitis. - Elizabeth
OH SHIT. - Sarah G. from iPhone
Eeeek, I thought you had heard, sorry! Steph posted it on FB this weekend. - Elizabeth
oy! - lris
I knew I shouldn't have let any one hug me!!! ;) - Sarah G. from iPhone
Jennifer Howard
Hi everbody. I'm trying to plumb the murky depths of Amazon's dealings with university presses, and it seems like there's possibly an academic-library angle in there somewhere. Are libraries buying much (some) content from Amazon? Does Amazon fill any gaps the library vendors can't or don't? Any insight (or other questions to ask) would be welcome.
I'm pretty sure our undergrad library uses Amazon for quick delivery of brand-new (so not easily ILLable) books, and I think also for some stuff on the "book cafe" casual-reading shelves. There may be more, but I don't hang out in those circles so I don't know about it. My overall sense is that Amazon is a useful backstop for when the Usual Suspects don't have something or can't get it... more... - RepoRat
Can you be more specific about what you mean by "content"? Like, print books? Ebooks? Streaming audio/video? We buy a lot of (print) books, but nothing else. - Catherine Pellegrino
Print books primarily but I'd be interested in hearing about other content as well. - Jennifer Howard
We use it for rush orders, since our normal book vendor's rush process isn't as fast, and usually costs much more. We'll also use Amazon Marketplace for out of print orders or replacement books. Our media librarians buy content from Amazon regularly, but I'm not sure if they have other sources. I don't work with that aspect. - Holly's favorite Anna
Public library here. We use it for some stuff because of better prices or lack of availability through our regular vendor, but it is a serious pain in the neck. - laura x
I know that for us while it isn't a preferred vendor, we've used it to get items that are out of print or otherwise difficult to locate. Not so sure about scholarly type books though, we tend to get those through our vendors even if amazon is cheaper. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yeah, we pretty much find that many books are cheaper on amazon than through our other "library" vendors, even when you factor in shipping, etc., so we buy from whoever's got the lowest price. - Catherine Pellegrino
We used to use it a lot for our 'Buy not Borrow' stuff but I think we've mostly moved to one of the regular book folk. I think one problem for DVD content is we really need subtitles for accessibility and Amazon doesn't always have those versions. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
I know our acquisitions folks order quite a bit from Amazon. Rush orders and things not held by our jobber, for example. And quite a few out of print things are there, too. - lris
We will use Amazon (or Alibris) for books more than 2-3 years old, because they are faster and more reliable than asking the vendor to do a search. And we use Amazon for a lot of current fiction and film because it comes cheaper and faster that way. Thinking about university presses, though, I think we only use Amazon for older/out of print titles, not new UP titles. I *think* most new UP titles come in through approval plans w/ various vendors. - Regular Amanda
I use Amazon for virtually all of my books. I'm a tiny branch library not affiliated with the univ. library, so I am too small for a jobber. Also, I haz a credit card for work, so it's pretty easy, and very fast. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We use it for some print book purchases (mostly when speed matters); we buy a LOT of our DVDs from Amazon. (We don't stream video and rarely acquire performance rights; home use, baby.) - barbara fister
AFAIK we get some things from Amazon, mostly on a rush order or it's unusual and our regular people don't have it. Same went for when I was at a public library though Rochelle could speak better to their current policy on that. - Hedgehog
Rush orders at MPOW too especially if a person submits an ILl request and indicates that they want the library to purchase. When that service was set up, it was implemented promising users a very short turn around time. - Galadriel C. from Android
Threadjack here: many of you are describing a situation where you only use Amazon if you need something faster than your usual vendors can deliver it, or the usual vendors don't have it. Do you generally find, then, that your vendors' prices are competitive with Amazon's? Because ours sure as heck aren't, a lot of the time. - Catherine Pellegrino
Catherine, I haven't looks lately, but a few years ago the answer was yes: baker and Taylor and Amazon were offering similar discounts on many items - Jenica from iPhone
Catherine, we pay our jobber to prep the books to be "shelf-ready" and to provide clean MARC records to our specifications. Every book ordered from somewhere else adds staff time to cataloging and processing, so that's also a factor in price. Amazon is useful for obtaining materials that our jobber can't, or faster, but that's where it ends for us. The price of the book is only one part of the cost. - Holly's favorite Anna
Anna: Ah, I see -- yeah, we don't have our jobbers do any prep for our books (we looked into it and the cost factor was through the roof) so that makes a difference in what the total cost of an item might be. The person who places our orders checks Amazon, YBP, and B&T, and reports that at least 2/3 of the time, Amazon has the best price. Now, keep in mind that we don't have approval... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Anyways, apologies for the threadjack! (Jennifer, I have no idea if this conversation is interesting/useful/comprehensible to you, so if it's not, please feel free to delete!) - Catherine Pellegrino
Also, negotiated discounts work just as mysteriously with jobbers as the do with journal packages. - lris
^^ That was my suspicion. - Catherine Pellegrino
No need to apologize--very interesting convo. Tx. - Jennifer Howard
Stephen Francoeur
Can you click this link for what I hope is a stable URL for my search in our not-yet-launched instance of Primo and let me know if you are seeing the results for a search for "turtles?" Thanks....
seems to have worked for me - lris
Great! Thnx. - Stephen Francoeur
Yep, looks good. - Steele Lawman
turtles all the way down! - RepoRat
^ - Marie
all turtles. - Lnorigb
Awww, no pics. Just turtles. - Alix May
...Okay, so how did you do that? - Deborah Fitchett
Do what? Get a stable URL for the search? I just copied the one in the address bar. If I'm not mistaken, in most discovery services this works. - Stephen Francoeur
Ours is defigured by a session id. (Bloody session ids.) Seems to work in the short term, will see if the session timeout breaks it. Extracting the session id from it works fine too of course, just harder to explain to lecturers. - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah, are you talking about Summon at your library? http://lincolnnz.summon.serial... - Stephen Francoeur
No, about our own not-yet-launched Primo: http://primo-direct-apac.hoste... ...Which now does a search for me without session id. What? I swear it was there before. - Deborah Fitchett
Are you guys switching from Summon? I think one of the discovery services that don't have stable URL is EDS. very annoying. - aaron
EDS is same as all other EBSCOhost: permalinks are available but copying url from address bar doesn't work - JffKrlsn from Android
Yes really annoying, I always forget. - aaron
Yeah we're migrating from Voyager/Summon to Alma/Primo. - Deborah Fitchett
We're sticking with our ILS, Ex Libris Aleph, but are dropping Summon locally (later on) and picking up Primo consortially. While other schools in our consortium (the City University of New York) may provide Primo fairly quickly, we're going to keep going with Summon for a while until the Primo instance is as good (in terns of UX) as our Summon v1 instance is. - Stephen Francoeur
Turtles on Arrested Development! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
One of the reasons why I use turtles as my default search term is my sister, who helps keep the little fellers out of harm's way at JFK. - Stephen Francoeur
Those of you who do library instruction: who is on your wishlist of speakers at an instruction-related conference? I'm hoping to bring more than the usual names to a brainstorming meeting, and you're our target audience.
Maria Accardi, Anne-Marie Dietering, Randy Hensley, Carrie Donovan - Catherine Pellegrino
Char Booth, Iris Jastram, Kristin Partlo, Catherine Pellegrino - RepoRat
Lauren Pressley, Repo Rat. and a metric ton of Public Library Trainer Folks. Julie Strange, but she is mostly baking these days. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Oh! Also Andromeda Yelton. And Char Booth is on my list, but I think she's headed into "usual names" territory at this point. - Catherine Pellegrino
Are you talking instructing Staff? Public? Students? Academia? Special Libraries? - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
I'm talking mostly instructing students in higher ed. - kaijsa
I'll add Randy Hensley to the list. (seconding Catherine) - lris
Emily Drabinski - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Thanks, all. I'm familiar with many of those names :) and will look up more info on the others. If you've been mentioned in this thread and are interested in speaking, I would love to be able to link to relevant speaker info you have online. Feel free to DM me! - kaijsa
well, okay, I'm pretty sure I'm not anywhere near the top of your list, but and the nearest one to on-point is probably - RepoRat
All of the above + Meredith Farkas - YvonneM
Jay Turner Georgia State Library Commission. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫ from FFHound!
laura x
Coffee Oreo ice cream is a thing and I just had some. You are envious.
I am! - Steele Lawman
yes - lris
want - jambina
Yuppers. - Joe
yes, I am! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You get all the good ice cream and mom likes you best! *weeps in envy* - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I am always envious of coffee ice cream, even if it does have Oreos in it (I prefer Heath bars crumbled up in mine) - April Russo
who makes this ice cream? - Big Joe Silence
Michael W. May
iCreation G-700 Bluetooth Handset Docking Base Cordless Phone System For Samsung Galaxy Sll ,Slll and S4 Smartphone - -
iCreation G-700 Bluetooth Handset Docking Base Cordless Phone System For Samsung Galaxy Sll ,Slll and S4 Smartphone -
Why does this exist? What need have we of a cordless (bluetooth at that) phone for our, er, phone..? - Michael W. May from Bookmarklet
*scratches head* hrmm - Tamara J. B.
LOL - lris
I hope that cordless phone will pair with my bluetooth headset - lris
Umm, maybe for people who have to make a call but have no power in their actual phone and can't be bothered to find a cable to charge the phone? - Ken Gidley
Me on the phone with my mom while I'm standing in the middle of the Japanese grocery store: "Ok, so I see one package here with kanji that looks like an upside down Y, with a cross bar at the place where the lines meet, and then there's a line down from there, too, with a smaller cross bar..."
What did you buy! - Meg VMeg
EVERYTHING (It was the periodic restocking of my mom's kitchen, plus the much more modest restocking of my own.) - lris
禾 - rice? - Professor A.I.
本 - book. The first kanji of a particular kind of a S&B wasabi. - lris
That's the tricky part. I know what things look like, but if you want a particular version of a brand... I need pictures. :) - lris
I find it hilarious that characters on TV dramas on Fox all say nuke-you-ler instead of nu-clee-ar.
Because Bush? - Joe
Can't think of another reason. - lris
File this whiskey under "Snack"! #countingcalories
I've done the same thing :D - lris
Whelp, just got to enact our brand new emergency plan for the first time.
Did you get to kill anyone? - Professor A.I.
NOT YET - lris
you ok? what happened? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Oh yeah, I'm fine. Construction caused a leak, so I let the people know who needed to know, and hopefully there won't be too much damage done. - lris
whew...glad that you're ok and that it isn't too bad of a thing - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm glad everything is fine. Did the plan run smoothly? Not that you ever want these things to happen, but it can be good to assess the plan after an incident. - Katy S
Everything on our end went pretty well (notifying people who needed notifying, etc), but there were complications to learn from (as always). - lris
On our cyber security exam we are required to take, we are warned about the dangers of "Reply All." Surprisingly, the danger is not "You will look like a massive tool to everyone you work with, and they will laugh at you behind your back."
what is the danger then? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Network congestion. - Zamms
from a Reply All? not bloody likely. - RepoRat
Lol - lris
Large attachments? - CAJ hates pants
A newbie co-worker of my wife forwarded the Skater Dog video to the entire company on a day when the email server had glitch that caused the Skater Dog email be forwarded to the entire company over and over and over again. I am suggesting this tweak to the exam writers. - Zamms
aw, that reminds me of my mizithra incident here on FF, zamms. *sniff* #goodolddays - holly #ravingfangirl
Gypsy was antsy, so I brought her out to the hammock with me. #undermytree
sounds sublime - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I'm pretty tickled to have a pet who wants to do this kind of thing :) - lris
It's very confusing to work on a big project with people who don't use Dropbox or Google Docs or anything similar.
yep. I'm also confused when they say things like "i'm not to good with technology, so it's better to call me than do email" - Sir Shuping is just sir
"Oh, can you send it to me as an attachment?" *headdesk* - Catherine Pellegrino
Yep - lris
Or people who say 'text me' instead of using email. - Professor A.I.
Or who CALL ME. ON THE PHONE. Because I asked questions on their website ONE MINUTE AGO. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
if a project is urgent and the need for assistance is immediate, the fact that phone calls can't be accidentally deleted and don't require waiting around is HUGE. IM is a decent stand-in. sometimes. - Big Joe Silence
our faculty senate president doesn't understand google forms. which we're using to collect feedback at a major faculty event in about 4 weeks. - ~Courtney F
I have so little patience for this kind of thing. Keeping current with the tools used in a work environment seems like a basic requirement for continued employment. I always want to say to these people, "You have a brain, use it and learn something new." Sigh. - Laura Krier
I'm working on a complex SaaS migration right now and *thank god* we're using Basecamp. We always used Basecamp on the prior work I did. Our org as a whole has not standard tool and it just pains me to no end. We have Sharepoint and Chatter but that is so inferior. I wish we just had Asana or Box or something. I force people to use GDocs because ... I just can't with the revision nightmare. - Laura Norvig
I've used Basecamp and it always seemed remedial to me. Stuck in some kind of Web 1.0 time warp along with Salesforce. - Professor A.I.
Just realised today the way we do ILL here is quite different from most libraries. Yet another insight to why sometimes our faculty staff or researchers who have experienced other systems are confused.
How is yours different? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Okay "most libraries" is probably a bit exaggerated. But i keep getting queries from new faculty or staff who keep asking where to search to find books for ILL.*edit* I was unclear, I mean they already have item in mind but want to find which library has it. We have always been a "you tell us what book you want to ILL and we will figure out where to do it for you" kind of library, so... more... - aaron
We expect people to know the item they want as well. - YvonneM
Aaron, that's how we do ILL too: they don't need to know where the thing is, we figure it out. We do a lot of consortial ILL stuff so it doesn't help for them to tell us that Random Library X has the item, if Random Library Y also has the item, and is a part of our consortium. - Meg VMeg
Do y'all have a form they can submit requests through? I know that's what ours are used to, even those that come from schools with ILLiad. But the bulk of libraries I'm familiar with, we expect them to know what they want before talking to ILL and ILLiad doesn't let them search that way. If i'm helping someone I often direct them to either Amazon or Worldcat (either database or .org) to look for things and I'll help them search if they need it. - Sir Shuping is just sir
We have a online form. I tell them how to get it. Yet some of them seem to feel that we are strange that they don't get this special search place to look for stuff.. I am a bit confused about "expect them to know what they want". That's a given, they already have the item in mind. What i mean is they seem to want to search through some special place to check if the thing they want exists in there. I get the sense they don't want to ILL something unless they think there is a high chance of getting it.. - aaron
Oh, we tell them to search Worldcat because it includes things we don't have. But they don't have to tell us where the thing is when they place their request (though providing a Worldcat ID will expediate the request). - Meg VMeg
people ask me that, and I tell them that we worry about that, once they've identified what they want to read. Sometimes I show them WorldCat, but usually not. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Just to be clear this isn't the case of a grad student trying to discover new itmes to ILL. It's about someone who knows something exist but insist on finding a library that has it before submitting ILL. I tell them to go worldcat too if they insist too much to check if the book they want is there (we not very big on OCLC for some reason). . But I don't think our ILL staff really care... more... - aaron
Another thing I noticed is that for us ILL = book items only. But I get a sense ILL also means requests for articles for many libraries? We call that document delivery. - aaron
ILL is books and articles for us, but honestly it varies place to place as to what they call it. It means the same thing in my opinion. As far as what you're talking about then yeah...yeah I get that a lot as well, typically from faculty. I think its a holdover from 16+ years ago where it helped ILL people to know where something was (before OCLC became fancy) I've stopped trying to tell them that they don't need to tell us where it is and just let them do that. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I have always been fascinated with how different faculty are, because of what they are used to. Ours nowadays tend to come from American ones, like Duke, Yale due to the partnerships, so there's a bit of confusion sometimes. Sometimes, there is so much confusion because our staff have no clue what they are talking about. The major one I mentioned before is the way eresources are authenticated in-campus and off-campus. (Answer: Ezproxy always, no vpn, no in campus login.. that blows their minds ha) - aaron
We call it all ILL, and we're set up the same as you are -- no need to know which library it's coming from, and in fact that would be extra complicated because we choose various libraries to borrow from for consortial/pricing reasons rather than whatever reasons a patron might choose. - lris
If you work in an academic library, does helping students format their theses (inserting section breaks, for ex) fall under your duties? Our Writing Center can't or won't show students how. We had a librarian that did this, but co-workers don't want to spend time (admittedly sometimes hours) on this, so director asked us not to, period.
We established a technology help desk service for students (located at the research help desk) just so that the librarians could stop trying to be IT specialists, and focus on the research questions. We have students, now, who are hired and trained to do the tech parts. It helps a lot. (And our reference stats include a lot fewer notations of "printers!") - Jenica
We also have IT student workers at our Research/IT desk who can help with that kind of thing. Also printers. - lris
We just started this, but unfortunately the library is open later than the IT desk is staffed. Admittedly we don't get a ton of research questions. - YvonneM
That was the case here until just this year. This year they've shifted all evening staffing to the library after 8pm and are staying here until we close at 1am. - lris
Our IT help desk is staffed more than our research help desk, because students are cheaper than librarians, and we get more tech questions than research ones. - Jenica
Our graduate college does some of this work. - Sarah
We would certainly show someone how to insert a section break, as in your example, or set margins or whatever. However, I don't think any of us would sit with a student while he/she put in ALL the section breaks, etc. I think we'd handle it the way we do reference: here's how you do the thing you want to do, now go do it. (Edit: We also have an IT staff member we can send them to if they have thornier problems.) - Steele Lawman
The library has computer help people on our staff. That said, I help people with this all the time. I think academic libraries *should* help students with this sort of thing. I don't want students to feel like they are getting the run around. Also, it is a way to start building relationships with students, let them know we are helpful, etc. Also, I know if they went to the regular IT department, they wouldn't get helped with this sort of thing very well and their hours are really short. - maʀtha
Also, what Steve said. - maʀtha
Our IT department hours are much longer, so generally I'd suggest people go there first, and Word/productivity suite stuff is more their purview. But if they show up at the reference desk we don't turn them away. I think we'd generally take Steve's approach, of "here's how to do it, now go do it". Or, even better, "here's how to Google/Office Help your thing, now go do it". - Regular Amanda
Thanks :-) Yeah, the lib I mentioned (also my boss) would spend several hours w/ students on this kind of thing--and no one else wants to. My boss thinks this is bad service. I'm on the fence. - YvonneM
Weird Al’s “FOIL” (remember “Royals” by Lorde?) Aluminum FOIL. Never settle for less! -
That song nearly killed me. When he got to the second verse of it - I was laughing so hard I nearly ran my car off the road... - WebGoddess
The illuminati know! - lris
By the way, if you have kids, this is the week to introduce them to Weird Al. - Zamms
I did just that! He didn't remember us listening to his songs when he was little :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Glass of wine. New book. Hammock. #undermytree #ahhhhh
what's the new book? - Sir Shuping is just sir
The last one in the All Souls Trilogy - about witches and vampires and time travel and stuff. Perfect summer hammock reading. - lris
Mmmmmm - lris
No office means I HAVE TO lounge on the couches in the reference room with my laptop. #constructionzen
you sound terribly put out about this. ;) - ellbeecee
such a bummer. - RepoRat
Construction Zen, LBC, you either have it or you go insane. :) - lris
Wherever I am, that is where my office is. #constructionzen
I'm have far too much fun "kicking people out of my office" by walking away after saying goodbye. - lris
Happy Birthday to our Marie!
Happy birthday, Marie :) - Pete
Happy Birthday! - lris
yay :) - Julian
Happy Birthday! - Jennifer Dittrich
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIE! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
happy birthday! - Marianne
Happy birthday! - Jen
Happiest of days! - laura x from iPhone
Happy birthday! - LB hates stale candy! from Android
aw, i luh y'all. thanks. - Marie
Happy Birthday!!!! - Katy S
Phew, still have a few more hours to get my birthday greetings in. Hope you're having a great day. - Stephen Francoeur
Happy birthday!!!! - Galadriel C. from Android
Sarah G.
Academics: can offer advice in collection development to public libraries. #AALL14
are you fucking kidding me? no they can't. - RepoRat
Yeeeeeeaaahhh...I was a little puzzled as to how that was gonna work in practice. - Sarah G. from iPhone
I don't know where Ph.Ds get the notion that their diploma makes them an expert on All The Things, but damn. - RepoRat
i bet you all can hear my laughter from where you are, because LOL. - holly #ravingfangirl
LOL - lris
Yes, let my library teach you public libraries: never throw away a single book. Ever. Someone might want it sometime. - lris
Oh, you've met my colleague Paul then? - Pete
In my experience, academics can and do offer advice to people in all sorts of professions. Sometimes it's even not insulting. #someofmybestfriends - Steele Lawman
If you don't have a choice about something, make the best of it. <cryptic>
When I was young, my dad would call difficult things that we didn't have a choice about but just had to get through "hardship duty." The idea was that you'd get through it with minimal complaining and maximum good grace. Comes in handy, I tell ya. - lris
Also, on the scale of things? This isn't even a hardship, just a nuance, so shut up about it. - lris
LSW: Joe
The July 4th sale runs till July 16th, so hurry in for huge savings!
How did this get into the LSW room? Sorry bout that. - Joe
what, are you letting people borrow books for free or something? - maʀtha
'Twas a plain old mistake. Maybe I will just delete. - Joe
I think it's way more fun to leave it and let us speculate about what, exactly, you're selling. - lris
Guess the commercial I saw. - Joe from iPod
Ever wondered about the real beginnings of Scientology?
Ever wondered about the real beginnings of Scientology?
Thanks for this link. - Janet
*skin crawls immediately* - Big Joe Silence
I read the wikipedia article on L Ron Hubbard. He was... special. - lris
iris you are a brave soul for reading that. i tried one day...i think i got through the intro and my brain refused to any further - Sir Shuping is just sir
by all accounts he was a scary dude, as are the current powers that be in Scientology - maʀtha
I read Going Clear a couple months ago - excellent account of LRH and Scientology's beginnings. Highly recommend it to those who are fascinated by this stuff. - Corinne L
For any Scientology leaders that may find this post, I wish to state that I understand that great-grandsons can be biased, and we all know how unreliable Wikipedia is. Ahem. - lris
Yes, Going Clear is fabulous. - laura x
Rachel Walden
Requesting IT to unblock an LGBT news not make me unleash Friday hell, people.
I once had to write to our IT folks to unblock FriendFeed. Turns out, it was right after the auto-timeline moving was added, and the spam-protecting bots thought it was malicious software. - lris
Don't make me have to come down there and box the IT department's ears. Here's hoping it's something innocuous. - laura x
It took until today but they've unblocked it now. - Rachel Walden
*whew* ... Is Friday hell anything like fresh hell? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Friday hell is just like fresh hell except worse because why are you messing up my Friday I mean I'm prepared for nonsense on Monday... ;) - Rachel Walden
Going on 9 hours #undermytree today. Now with added bonfire relaxation.
Copious mosquito netting FTW. - lris
Just when I thought maybe Gypsy was freaking out about her field trip, she started turning summersaults in her travel cage #undermytree
She approves of other birds. She does NOT approve of wind, train whistles, or motorcycles. - lris
I accidentally the whole romance novel. And multiple bodices were, indeed, ripped. #themoreyouknow
Oop. - Julian
I've been doing that with webcomic archives lately. Fewer ripped bodices, but similar "whoa, did I read all that?" - RepoRat
It was a Kindle book I'd gotten on some promotional thing -- I knew nothing about it. Half way through it became clear what genre this was. Oh the bodices, they were flimsy. - lris
lol they just don't grow linen like they used to - RepoRat
If it took until halfway through to be clear what genre it was, it wasn't doing a very good job of genre. ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
Today is the #visitingtoddler's last day as a toddler. Tomorrow he becomes #Mr3. My how time flies.
I hope he likes the tiny garbage truck I'll bring him in a week or so. - lris
Supposedly the nieces are going to have a garbage truck at their birthday party in a couple of weeks. Kids and trucks, man. :) - ellbeecee
Oh wow. Mr. Almost-3 would be absolutely BESIDE himself if he had a garbage truck at his party. - lris
...that would be the best birthday party ever! or having the minearthquake machine. - Sir Shuping is just sir
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