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Help with converting from PDF to Word or text? I found a 2002 pathfinder from MPOW online elsewhere and I'm trying to update it. No one here has the file. When I open the PDF with Word, Word says it has converted it but most of the file has been converted into page images. Can anyone help? I need something editable.
I know half of it is out of date, but half is not, and I need to finish it this month, so I'd rather not retype. - Betsy
does anybody have Acrobat Pro kicking around? - RepoRat
Not in my department. I don't know much of anyone at the other departments. It's a big place, and I'm new. - Betsy
You'll need to put it through OCR to make it editable. PDF is just a page image unless there's OCR information behind it. I would suggest contacting your IT department to see if there's a place on campus that has Acrobat Pro or something similar installed because that'll have the capabilities you need. Otherwise there are some online services you can find, but I don't know enough about them to make a recommendation. - lris
Well, there's another way to create a textful PDF, which is to build it from a textful document rather than from images. When I opened the document and did a select-all and copy, the text pasted into TextWrangler just fine. So I do think Acrobat Pro could help here. - RepoRat
I posted it for you - Acrobat pro. - Julie Kane
Right now, I'm doing copy/paste, then removing all the extraneous paragraph marks that used to be line breaks, then turning on spell-check so I can find the odd pasting errors; e.g., COlLECTION. - Betsy
Julie Kane rules! - Betsy
Accidental cat bite hurts as much as intentional cat bite.
Blerg. The thing got infected despite cleaning. Breaking out the self-surgery tools... - lris
so... 1 in 3 cat bites to the hand end up with hospitalization. Let's keep me firmly in the other 2 in 3, shall we? - lris
Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, Primo, you never cease to amuse me.
Primo knows best - lris
We need a "Damn You Auto-Suggest" tumblr. - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh yes. Oh yes we do. - laura x from iPhone
We do!! - Meg VMeg
We need a Primo Knows Best Tumblr, really. - Zamms from iPhone
I will do this tomorrow. - laura x from iPhone
I just demonstrated this to a class of senior music majors. They were amused. - Catherine Pellegrino
Always show how the resource doesn't work. That's my rule. - Zamms
omg - perfect use for tumblr - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I still like the Ebsco autosuggest for cyber warfare to caber warfare - Christina Pikas
^^^ That is brilliant. - Catherine Pellegrino
Depending on how the vote has gone .... - barbara fister
Older III OPAC due to lose functionality on Google Chrome Browser -
So their "Library Future" is making you all buy new OPACs? - Hedgehog
I think their whole marketing plan is "let's just stop making it so the other product works." - lris
Oh this will be interesting. I think this is why we're buying Sierra, but will it happen in time. STAY TUNED! - kendrak
a fair few folks in that position -- Voyager's near end-of-life too. - RepoRat
My next door neighbor FINALLY admitted his crimes.
Good. Thanks for keeping us updated. - Betsy
I should note: that Jay conspirator guy? Probably a hallucination... - lris
Oh god. - Meg VMeg
mon dieu. - jambina
oh good gosh. *shudder* - RepoRat
ACK x 100. And, yes, this fellow sounds delusional - maʀtha
I really wish he didn't live next door to you - maʀtha
does it make me a bad person to hope that soon he won't be living next door to you? - Catherine Pellegrino
If that makes you bad, I am also bad. - lris
we are all bad - maʀtha
and those poor dogs - maʀtha
Count me in as bad. and intrigued/weirded out by the phantom accomplice. - Steele Lawman
Ereserves and copyright: So, if we own a print copy of a book, what's the current legal way for a library to do an online copy of a chapter for students in a course? Are we supposed to pay clearance fees? Can we scan our chapter and put it in the Moodle course shell? Do we have to put it on reserve physically?
Fair use. You can scan a chapter. - lris
What lris said. The GSU decision covers you pretty decently well for a single chapter, at present. (It is under appeal, of course, but chances that a publisher is gonna sue before that's resolved are pretty minimal, pragmatically speaking.) Definitely put it somewhere it's restricted only to students in the course. Physical reserve is optional, but not the world's worst idea either. - RepoRat
thank you! Some of our folks are very, very conservative about copyright, and I'm very very liberal, so a fact checking is appreciated. - Jenica
One chapter is fine. Two chapters or more is under debate. (Some libraries do it, some won't.) Also under question is the 10% vs 20% of a book. There are books with 39 or 50+ chapters. Why couldn't one place 3 or 5 chapters on reserve if it is less than the 10% (or 20%) threshold? Then there are the questions about scanning an appendix or supplemental material that really isn't a... more... - Joe
Also, for us ('cause, you know, GSU), the faculty member placing the request must complete the USG Fair Use checklist - - ellbeecee
huh, thought i posted this to LSW too earlier today but apparently not. happy to finally be able to announce that in early November i'll be starting a new gig at the University of Chicago as their IR manager. #fuckyeahChicago!
Woo! - lris
Woo-hoo! - Betsy
Congrats! - Jen
Cool. - Joe
Hooray + Congratulations! - Galadriel C. from Android
I think it will soon be time for another LSW Midwest Meetup. *nods* - RepoRat
YAY! - maʀtha
@RR: YES! Are we heading to Chicago this time? I like Chicago - maʀtha
I could go for Chicago, sure. - RepoRat
Yay! - Betsy
Let me know when you're thinking, too, so I can see if it coincides with a trip home to see the family :) - Katie
so happy for you - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
congrats! Lots of luck in your new position. - Elizabeth Brown
laura x
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest -
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest
Show all
"or Primo Knows Best. Auto-suggest failures from library catalogs and databases." - laura x from Bookmarklet
Happy to contribute! - Zamms
Laura, you are a treasure. - kaijsa
Hey Laura, can I send you a revised Berlin All graphic? Just noticed my kid's name mentioned it so I want to crop it a little. - Zamms
And now it is also automatically fed into the LSW room. Heeeeeeeeeeee - lris
Well played! - Zamms
Zamms, yes, please do--or just go ahead and submit it and I'll delete the other one. - laura x
I found the avatar by searching for search fail, licensed for reuse with modification on Google images: - laura x
"yoga poses" and "otitis externa" just made me guffaw at the reference desk. Damn you, Auto-Suggest! - Catherine Pellegrino
This is just so awesome. - Galadriel C.
Oh darn. Can't recreate my favorite. They turned of suggest globally in our ebscohost. Oh wait - publib! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Delightful. - Marie
I am sending this link to MPOW's cataloger. *evil chuckle* - Catherine Pellegrino
I love this so much. - Meg VMeg
This definitely goes in my best thing ever file. - Megan loves summer
related, in a weird way: - RepoRat
Meg VMeg
"The full text for selected articles from this publisher cannot be printed." Thanks, but no thanks, HBR.
"In fact, we'd prefer you don't even read them. But if you DO have to read them, please send us $250 for the privilege, per paragraph, at which point you will be required to read it through a blindfold." - lris
HATE - jambina
Wow. - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
Yup. This is why we continue to purchase the print and will scan and put on reserve articles as needed for courses. - Holly's favorite Anna
yep, anna - ellbeecee
Hey, Heather's back! *waves at Heather* - Meg VMeg
:) *waves*. Lurking more than posting recently, but am here. FriendFeed makes me happy. Thanks for saying hi, am happy to see you too :) - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
Uh... so this is bad. Email from our security admin says:
2) By Thanksgiving 2014, as it currently stands will begin showing subtle "not fully secure" indications on Chrome browsers. By Spring 2015, will be effectively unusable in Chrome. This is because it is running on an obsolete operating system for which security updates were terminated in February 2012. It will continue to be usable in other major browsers until 2016. - lris
"Bridge" is our III opac - lris
that is DEFINITELY bad. That is "kick the crap out of III until they fix it" bad. Do y'all even get security OS updates? - RepoRat
if it's an OS+ILS problem, Martha, it shouldn't affect you. - RepoRat
Hmmm. I wonder what OS our III server is running on. - Joe
Ok, more information. This will affect anyone trying to log into the opac, not just view the opac. So that's good-ish. We don't have III's brand new ILS, and I imagine that they're unwillingness to upgrade past Red Hat 4 lies in their desire for everyone to buy their new ILS. Google Chrome is taking the lead in forcing users to use secure websites, and non-modern server OSes just won't... more... - lris
Possibly you need to lower your refrigerator setting? - RepoRat
"I am a Roquefort. I am an Imokilly Regato..." - Stephen Francoeur
RR, you owe me a keyboard. - lris
All y'all are swell, you know that, right? - Zamms
My cheese is thrown out of the house. Thanks mold! - Amit Patel
Flu-like symptoms -- I'm worried about ebola and rabies, but I probably only have West Nile Virus.
I had flu-like symptoms. Turned out to be the flu! - Zamms
Huh. That happens? - lris
My doctor was surprised too! - Zamms
don't forget avian flu! you could have that! - maʀtha
Also Lyme disease. #nothelping - Catherine Pellegrino
Or norovirus. - John (bird whisperer)
It could be Enterovirus D68. Just got an official memo from our school district about it. Apparently more people (especially kids) have respiratory illnesses than usual right now. And, of course, I hope you feel better soon! - Jen
swine flu - maʀtha
Phone rings, I answer. On the other end a guy says "Don't hang up on me cuz you KNOW I've had it with you." Me: "Uh... hello?" Him: "Oh... sorry... wrong number."
So you're breaking up then? - Steve C Team Marina
Seems so. I don't think this relationship can be saved. - lris
Today's fun fact: you can cough so hard you break blood vessels in your arms. At least, I can.
Worst superpower. - Zamms from iPhone
Phlegmatron, with Capillary Action - Pete : Team Marina
You know it, sir! - Zamms
Yeah, I'd take that superpower back and exchange it for something better. - lris
Maybe you are part chameleon? - Steve C Team Marina
#saturdayff: earlier this week I accidentally poured hazelnut creamer over my granola in the morning. It tasted exactly as cloying as it sounds like it tasted. Also, yes, I had hazelnut creamer in my fridge. Don't judge.
*judges* - DJF
Well, I guess I expect that of you, DFJ. ;) - lris
L.A.M.B. tbh
I need to get a shower, so I can go to Lowe's. #highlife
And maybe to Goodwill! #livinontheedge - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
Of course, now there's a thunderstorm. - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
There you go, might as well skip the shower then too. :) - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
I was just at Lowe's! I don't think I saw you there. - Brian Johns
Lowe's, Goodwill, and Kohl's. Whee! - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
Didn't know you needed a shower to go to Lowe's. Or WalMart, for that matter. - Just another Bubba
YOLOwes - Steele Lawman
I was forced out of my house without a needed shower today. Turns out? You can still buy things. HOBO LIFE HERE I COME. - lris
laura x
We are not in Michigan. We are at an ER outside Chicago waiting for a cab to my cousin's house. #toddlerx cut his finger on an escalator at ORD and required three stitches. Worst. Vacation. Ever.
Oh how horrible for you guys. Hope it gets better. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Oh, no! :(((( - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh wow. Sending all the good thoughts. - maʀtha
Oh no! Hoping things turn around for you soon. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
did he get cool band aid or anything? i'm sorry that is awful but glad it's not worse. - Steve C Team Marina
:( - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Oh no :( I hope he heals quickly!! - Katie
I'm so sorry. That sucks. - Steele Lawman
Oh poor guy. Poor you. - lris
Hugs to you both - weelibrarian from iPhone
Ugh. Hugs all around. - Corinne L
Ugh, I'm sorry. What a bummer. - RepoRat
Hope things take a turn for the better tonight. - Jen
Oh no! Something broken or was he just curious ? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
He had put his Thomas engine on the escalator thinking it would go down, but we were at the top of the up escalator. He reached to get it back and cut the pad of his pinky about halfway off. - laura x from iPhone
:( :( :( - lris
Oh ow! I have sliced off a bit of one of my finger's pads, and I remember it as painful and quite bloody. And I was an adult, so I'm sure it was scary for the young man. Tell him your friends in the computer are thinking of him tonight. - Steele Lawman
Aw. *hugs the two of you* - Marianne
:( oh, poor peter! - ellbeecee
<whistles> ow ow ow! - Christina Pikas
Oh Laura! Maybe not the best vacation but years of "worst vacation" fodder. Toddlerx may not remember vacation but will have an awesome first permanent life memory. - Janet
Fuuuuuuuuuuuu...!!!! xxx - Melly - #TeamMarina
Ow ow ow. - Betsy
Poor babies :( - Meg VMeg
Oh no! - Katy S
Oh no, how awful! Sending good thoughts to you both! - Galadriel C. from Android
Hugs to both of you. - Marie
Poor baby. - Anne Bouey
Big hugs to Little Peter. I hope things look up soon. - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
Oww! Pobrecito. - Jenny H. from Android
We are back home. Never have I been so happy to return to my own disheveled, humble, cat-smelly house. Never. - laura x from iPhone
Oh honey! I'm so sorry! Hospitals and Urgent Care on vacation are becoming common for me. I feel your pain. - Yvonne Renee
I want my students to share their work library with me, whatever tool they use. But I can't really do that if they use Mendeley, can I?
They can either make a shared library that you can see, or they can export items in their library to a RIS file. - lris
My Mendeley shared library assumptions/questions: if each person gets 1 shared library, and 4 share with me, can that happen? Am I allowed to be in 4 shared libraries? And, if I make them share with me, will that use up all their shared libraries forever? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The number of free shared libraries you have on your account kind of depends on when you opened your account in the first place. My coworker has 4, I have 3. You wouldn't be able to have more than your account limit's worth of students share with you. When they're done with this work, they can always delete a shared library and make a different one to share with other people. - lris
You can be in as many shared libraries as you want. You only get to own one. - DJF from Android
Thanks all, I didn't know those details! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Our Pete is under the weather. Please to wish him well here. Go!
Possibly appendicitis, I'm told. We need to entertain him while he is in hospital :) - maʀtha
Hey Pete, get better, you! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Pete, here is a <moob flash> for ya. Get thee recovered quickly. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Feel better soon, Pete! - Anne Bouey
Well then, the cranky old bastard act can not be an act for a while. Hope you take full advantage, Pete! - Kirsten
Get better soon, Squire. I can't keep these younguns in line by myself. - MoTO: Team Marina
PETE! Feel better soon, my friend! - laura x
hope you're gettin' the good meds. - RepoRat
Thanks all :-) - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
It's appendicitis folks. Operation tomorrow. - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
Hope it goes super-smoothly, Pete. Hang in there! - Marianne
Maybe they will give the appendix to you to keep in a jar on the mantel - maʀtha
Sending good wishes to you Pete! - Galadriel C.
Pete! Take care in there, okay? - Catherine Pellegrino
Wishing you well! - Betsy
If you're going to go for organ removal, the appendix is kind of the pilot project version. All the pain and surgery with none of the long-term conversation starter potential. ;) - lris
(Also, thinking of you! THis stuff is no fun.) - lris
But, if you ever get sent on a deep space mission to Mars, it is one less thing you will have to worry about - maʀtha
Iris made me and Helen laugh :) - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
Can we start working on a story for how you REALLY got that scar? - Marie from iPhone
all will be well. then you can get a tattoo. good times. take care! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Wishing you an uneventful surgery and recovery. :) - Anne Bouey
Get better soon Pete! - Jen
How's it going, Pete and Helen? - maʀtha
He's out of surgery; sore and hungry, but all going well he'll be home tomorrow. - Marina's Godmother :-)
Master Chef Junior: the most smile-inducing thing I've stumbled on in a long time.
Also, I don't even know that that eight year old's dish IS let alone how to make it. - lris
"If I win the $100,000, I'll... Take my brothers to an amusement park!" - lris
They're all so HAPPY for each other. - lris
right? I enjoyed that one! (I think it made me cry a couple times) - ~Courtney F
My Apple Fanboy Is Slipping: I'm excited by the Watch. I'm excited about a new dishwasher, hot water system and new tiles more.
You seem to have caught a bad case of Adultood. - lris
Or a bad case of consumerism? - Mo Kargas
Ok. Don't know how fixing broken things in my house to ensure the health and well being of my family is consumerism but I'm sure it can be put that way... - Johnny from iPhone
Chill, I just like giving you shit :) - Mo Kargas
I know :) - Johnny
Apparently this article thinks that I'm male (refers to me by name and by "he"). I cannot verify because I don't have access, but would love to know the context
It is not clear when and by whom the term Library 3.0 was actually coined. The authors noted that the earliest mention of the term, though nominally, was in the late 2006 (Casey, 2006) and early 2007 (Herring, 2007). However, they also observed that the first significant consideration of the concept seems to be in 2008 on a blog, Pegasus Librarian,4 by Iris Jastram (2008). Jastram... more... - Christina Pikas
LOL. Here's the post they refer to... this "significant consideration" - lris
Somebody doesn't have a sense of humour. - DJF
I confess to being very curious about what Casey 2006 and Herring 2007 are. And what other sources the authors cite. - Catherine Pellegrino
I just sent you a copy, Iris - check your Gmail account! - WebGoddess
thanks! - lris
Somebody beat me, but I was going to send you a copy. - kaijsa
Catherine: Casey M (2006) Wikipedia to Library 2.0: You can stay. Available at: (accessed 21 August 2011). - kaijsa
Herring MY (2007) BackTalk: Get a (real) life. Available at: (accessed 21 August 2011). ETA that the link doesn't work now. - kaijsa
"Apomediators" makes me want to stab myself in the eye #shakescane #getoffmylawn - Meg VMeg
This is why Open Access (and stable links) is important! - to be able to refer back to teh originals without being blocked... #PreacherToChoir - Aaron the Librarian
This is why OA is so dangerous! You might be exposed to the reality of a great deal of what passes for professional writing in librarianship! (On the other hand, learning the reality of Iris J's gender...) - Walt Crawford
currently-working (as of Sept. 10, 2014) link to Herring 2007: - Catherine Pellegrino
Heee, just noticed that the journal is peer-reviewed. Going in the example file! - lris
Humans use tools. Unless they forget those tools on the kitchen counter and wind up eating with their fingers.
Spaghetti? - Zamms
Hopefully not soup. - Catherine Pellegrino
pork chop and pesto pasta. Definitely could have been worse! - lris
Great thing about pork chops? You can eat the meat off them without tools, then you have a tool for eating the pasta. - Slippy
So, not just a tool, but a multipurpose tool. Genius. - Betsy
Playing "keep away" with the cat and the crocheting.
For a second there I seriously wondered how the crocheting was attacking the cat. - RepoRat
So did the cat. ;) - lris
Well it WAS a relaxing afternoon until I had to call 911 cuz a guy fell hard and couldn't get up outside of my house. Things became clear when, as I was on the phone with EMTs going through stroke protocol, he said "Please don't send me to detox." Sigh.
Ugh. - Meg VMeg
So that's my first time doing the whole 911 thing for a medical emergency. In the end they took him away in the ambulance. Relaxation for the rest of the evening is kind of shot. - lris
One good thing I can report: If you've had first aid training, that call goes exactly as they say it will. - lris
Better detox than the DTs on your lawn. - laura x from iPhone
I said, "No, no, no..." - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
holly #ravingfangirl
neat! got a hit in the unclaimed property database!
and this address the company had... i don't even know what they were thinking. - holly #ravingfangirl
Ooh! What do you have coming to you? - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
$$$$$ more than $100 is all I know right now. i'll take it! - holly #ravingfangirl
W00t! - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
$1900 !!!!!! - holly #ravingfangirl
Yowza! Extra ice cream sundae! - Marie
holy crap! - Meg VMeg
that's what i said! - holly #ravingfangirl
Wowza! I have $62 I still need to claim. - laura x from iPhone
Hmm, feel like I'm missing out on something. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
Nice! - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android little brother has some $$ in IN, just sent him an email about this. Also my great-uncle and his wife apparently have a fair amount, but I don't think I have any way to reach them. - Hedgehog
What is this thing and how do I sign up? - lris
check your state's unclaimed property database. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
If you've ever lived or done business in other states, check theirs, too. I found one from when I lived in Michigan years ago. - Betsy
oh yeah, that too! - holly #ravingfangirl
Sarah G.
So apparently I'm teaching myself visual basic now?
Been there, done that. I spent the first day just staring at the blank screen. - lris
How many times have you been summoned to jury duty?
Once I've had to show up. Once just called in. Once was breastfeeding. (And how awesome is it that they had that exemption!) - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
I'd tell you, but then I'm afraid I'd jinx it. *whispers* (zero) - lris
In Virginia, I had to show up once a week for the duration (I forget how long), but I was able to beg off after three weeks because I was moving out of state. In Illinois, Cook County gave me a postponement because I was going to be out of town, then another postponement because I was going to be out of the country, and I'm still waiting for them to call again even though it's been years. - Betsy
Twice that I can remember. Happened earlier this year & got exemption because I'm self employed. - Corinne L
At least six. Served the first two times. Not needed/web checking the next three times. Not needed, but had to spend a morning in the waiting room this time. (There may have been other "not needed" cases.) - Walt Crawford
'Course, in Santa Clara County "not needed" may mean checking twice a day for a full week. In Alameda County, if they don't need you that *day* you're done for the year. - Walt Crawford
I am working on my 4th. I was to go during my vacation so I was able to postpone until February. At least this time I will be as a non smoker. - Janet from FFHound!
Now on my 8th time. 2nd summons in less than a year, too. - Anika
About 6. I've never served on a jury, though. - John (bird whisperer)
5ish, served once. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Got many notices, had to show up maybe 4-5 times, served once. It's one day/one trial. That trial lasted 3 days. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Once. They finished selection before it ever got to me. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Once. I told them that I could not be objective about a lawsuit claiming that a landlord in Bedstuy had not installed/maintained adequate safety measures for tenants, leading to someone getting shot. Because, duh. - Meg VMeg
Never. - Alix May
Once for "standard" jury duty but when i called the day before, I was told I didn't have to report. Another time I got a letter that I was on call for the year for grand jury duty, but never was called. - Galadriel C. from Android
About ten. I've never been picked. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
6 or 7 times. I've called in most times and not been selected (actually went to the physical location once), but twice now I've pleaded out because of medical issues that would make it physically hard to have the stamina to be on a jury. - Spidra Webster
Three. I got out of two because I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. The third I showed up for (Clark County, Nevada- bigtime fun), but the defendant plead while I was waiting, so that was that. - Jenny H. from Android
Once. I showed up and got routed to a few different buildings before being excused. I was really looking forward to serving too! - Brian Johns
Oh, and I only went downtown four times. The first time I was 19 & was hoping I'd get picked to serve. The other times I was all, please don't pick me, you ain't gon pay me enough to miss work! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Never and I've always been a little disappointed by that. - joey
Twice, but my cohort didn't get called in either time. - Jennifer Dittrich
Once. I let them know that I am not a citizen and therefore can't, and they quit. - Uli
Summoned maybe 12 times, reported 8 times, served 5. - Anne Bouey
0! - Eivind
2 or 3, never served. - MoTO: Team Marina
Disappointingly, none. - Mark H
only once, many years ago when I still lived in SC. All the civil cases settled before we were sat and the criminal case plead out. That was about 15 years ago. - Jonathan Disher
Megan loves summer
Further to the EBL / Ebrary books-missing-bits thread: here is a screenshot of an EBL book from Duke UP that was in our PDA catalogue (now removed so that it's not accidentally purchased). It says that Duke doesn't hold electronic rights to the material, but apparently EBL sees fit to sell it anyway.
I am gobsmacked. - barbara fister
I wonder if this is a gross mishandling of international copyright? - lris
Isn't this one of the same titles that was mentioned in the other thread? EDIT: oh wait, it was Megan who mentioned it, in exactly this situation. Nothing to see here, please move along... - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, sorry, just made a new thread for the screenshot - Megan loves summer
Just unbelievable. - Galadriel C.
This is one of the problems with big deals. It's really hard to be sure we're geting what we think we're getting and what we're getting changes. - barbara fister
Pages 43-66 - all with the same statement about Duke not having rights to the material! Megan - I'm not mentioning this e-book in the listserv post so as to focus on the tale of our e-book with missing content and the correspondence that has occurred with Ebrary and Greenleaf as a result. - Galadriel C.
When punchy librarians come up with session titles for upcoming drop-in workshops? You end up with Buzzfeed style session titles: "15 ways to get to full text in your twenties -- WITHOUT PAYING A CENT" or "48 Reference works you'll NEVER BELIEVE THEY WROTE (number 12 will haunt your sleep)"
Run with it! Heck, this could be a theme for the next round of your library's trading cards. - RepoRat
Well, we already have tabloid covers at the moment, so we're pretty close! - lris
this is brilliant! - maʀtha
Last spring, YYY students graduated from Carleton college. You'll NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT. - Catherine Pellegrino
You should do it, Iris. Heck, I want to click on that Reference Works link. *click click click click click* - Betsy
Oh, we're doing it. :) - lris
Love this! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yay! - Betsy
(So what are the 48 Reference Works You'll NEVER BELIEVE THEY WROTE?) - Betsy
I'm still kind of fond of the Biographical Dictionary of Neo-Marxism, from my library-school days. - RepoRat
I've found using such titles for blog posts can be insanely successful. The classic one is 5 things freshman should know about NUS Libraries but usually dont. I easily get a couple of thousand views, when the average post gets 50-100. Using them for workshop titles is new to me. hmm will try that... - aaron
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