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Sarah G.
Hope that's a good WELP... - Hedgehog
Just my reaction to the Team Harpy news. - Sarah G.
yeah, that's about where I'm at too. - RepoRat
Oh. Yeah. - Catherine Pellegrino
Ahh. Yes. Yeah.... - Hedgehog
is there anything more than the statements on the wordpress blog? - Christina Pikas
I wonder if the dollar amount was reduced or zeroed. - Joe
not that I've seen, Christina, speculation on Twitter and elsewhere aside. - RepoRat
:-/ - lris from Android
My cat is very, very bad at hiding. He thinks if he crouches down and mews at me pathetically I won't be able to see him.
Periodically he comes over for comforting pets. - lris
Sounds like my child, who likes to say, "I'm hiding!" loudly, while in plain sight. - laura x from iPhone
As long as everyone knows, then it is true. - lris
I don't see why willing suspension of disbelief shouldn't apply to toddlers and cats. - Catherine Pellegrino
"But who comes here? I am invisible; And I will overhear their conference." - laura x
Finalized, printed HUNDREDS of pages, and made them into neat little packets for our ACRL workshop participants today.
Everything is so colorful and pretty... :) - lris
how did it go? or has it not gone yet? - maʀtha
linky link to the online version? - Aaron the Librarian
I will be doing that after the workshop. :) - lris
Sarah G.
If could spare the brain power, please think happy thoughts/positive vibes for me today. thx.
You got it - lris
Done. - Kirsten
[_] <-- open box containing good thoughts, given to Sarah G. - Stephen Mack
You bet. - RepoRat
laura x
Nooooooo - lris
Ugh. - Kirsten
:( I hope you get better soon. - Tamara J. B.
oh, doll. blergh. - t-ra needs this place
LB needs a vacation
Eek! Overnight company coming at the end of April! I don't even know where to begin on the house. :(
What I usually do is make a list of what needs done and try to tackle one thing a day. - Alix May from iPhone
That's along the lines of what I was thinking, Alix. :) You make me feel like I'm on the right track. The other problem, after tasks are identified, is maintaining the clean zones once we have them! - LB needs a vacation from Android
Start with the places you use less. That way you'll be less likely to mess them up once they're clean. - lris
Who else is going to ACRL?
I am - lris from Android
Preconference on the 25th. Hanging around Portland the 26th until leaving that evening. - Joe
Me. Fly in the 25th stay til Sun the 29th. - kaijsa
yo - jambina from iPhone
i aint never been...this will be my first time - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I am. - barbara fister
Yesh. - Marie
do we have meetup? maybe meet at the sage booth on thursday, noon, to say hi? - Marie
I will be at lunch on Thursday at 11:30 :( but i would love to meet up - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Will be meeting a public librarian friend that day and time. She works for Multnomah and not coming to the conference. Sorry. - Joe
laura x
Our Computers, Ourselves : Invisibilia : NPR -
Our Computers, Ourselves : Invisibilia : NPR
The first half of this (especially) is completely worth a listen. I can't remember all the reasons I thought so last night while I was listening to it, but I do remember that in library school I read an article about Thad, the guy who is profiled, and his cyborg project. - laura x from Bookmarklet
And here's a transcript, if you'd rather read: - laura x
I liked that one, too. - lris
Good. - Joe
Thanks for the transcript. (How'd you find it? I couldn't find a link to it and I've been stumped by lack of Invisibilia transcripts before.) - bentley
Thanks for the transcript! - Meg VMeg
Aaron the Librarian
Ok, so it sounds like we're looking to move to - trying out Discourse and Commons in a Box. we should make it worth the admin's time and effort of trying them out. I nominate Blake as the main back-end orchestrator for these two instances (his subdomain recommendation sounds good, too). --- Forked from
I assume that everyone clicking like is a yea. Do we have any nays? Any discussion? - maʀtha
Just do it, yo. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, let's try them. The sooner we try the sooner we know if one or the other will work for us. - lris
Let's get her done. - laura x from iPhone
Yep, let's go! - Galadriel C. from Android
go team - maʀtha
i can probably lend a hand. not clear how at the moment, but my life is stuck inside systems all day, so there's probably some useful skill i can contribute. - henry
Uh... hullo, Blake? What say you? - Aaron the Librarian
It’s not every day that I receive good news, experience 2 instances of extreme generosity, and get a lot done at work. Banner day.
💯 - Julian
Also, incredibly tiring day. - lris
Is it just me, or are some vendors really ramping up their pre-conference pitches? One particular one has called me every day this week, keeps emailing to ask for an appointment, and now left a voicemail saying every existing customer who brings a non-customer librarian to the booth gets an iPad. This is beyond.
wait, whut? really.? that's a bunch of iPads. - Christina Pikas
Yeah, it sounds crazy. Like, do they mean one iPad per customer institution, or individual? We're customers of this company and are sending 13 librarians to ACRL. Theoretically, that could be $6500 worth of iPads if they mean what they say. It was clearly not a drawing but "we will give you an iPad." - kaijsa
I am so annoyed that I don't want to even talk to them to find out, btw. - kaijsa
Now I know where all my subscription money is going.... - lris
This is an equipment vendor. - kaijsa
so. many. cold. calls. it is ridiculous. - Marie
i'm not registered for ACRL, but I've gotten about as many emails from vendors about that as I do for ALA (which I do attend) - ~Courtney F
I have not been hit up for ACRL. I am TOTALLY okay with that. The ALA onslaught is going to start shortly - Hedgehog
I got an email coupon from vendor in question with the line, "a non-customer institution cannot be used more than once with this gift program." So I guess the limit applies the other way. So weird. - kaijsa
Iris, you sent that down here, didn't you? HAVE YOU NO SHAME? - Catherine Pellegrino
Seriously, I'd had enough. - lris
We've got it today. - bentley
We had some snow Friday/Saturday, but not that much. You can keep it, though. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I'm trying to help an English prof find good text(s) for a graduate seminar on non-traditional publishing. She wants a textbook, but I was thinking there might be better stuff as articles, whitepapers, etc. that could be assembled into a course pack/links. Everything I like is written for librarians, so I'm hoping for stuff pitched to authors.
Any ideas are welcome! - kaijsa
Hmm, well there's a lot about grey literature in medicine. Mostly discovery though, not sure if any about writing it. - Hedgehog
<Insert unhelpful giggle about a TEXTBOOK on non-traditional publishing> - lris
In literature there's a goodly amount written about hypertext lit, so that might be one genre to pursue. - lris
Or maybe poke through material on alt-ac. Much depends on what counts as non-trad. Technical writing? Creative non-fiction? Journalism? - Heather or might have something. If she hasn't looked at The Business Rusch, she should. - RepoRat
Yeah, it really depends on the kind of material being published. Scholarship? Fanfic? Old school alt-press stuff? Zines? - laura x from iPhone
I've read lots of stuff on self-publishing of novels (from the days when if you self-published it would make zero and also *never* be looked at by a publisher, through the days when a few exceptional self-published items became a hit and got picked up, to now where self-publishing can work for you somewhat if you're already famous and/or willing and able to put in the marketing effort... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Iris: Oddly enough, I got a Lulu email today: nine of their top 20 authors have published textbooks, so it's clearly a real thing. - walt crawford
Planned Obsolescence by Kathleen Fitzpatrick covers non-traditional publishing from the academic side of things. Plus the book itself was released for open peer review, so you can actually read earlier drafts of the book online: - Freeda B.
Thanks all, both for validating my thoughts about this and for good ideas. I'll definitely point Prof to Planned Obsolescence and see if any of this meets her needs. - kaijsa
Backyard Swing Set: Pros and Cons comment thread
Pros as I see them (please join in): 2 nephews will think I'm the Coolest Aunt Ever - lris
Cons as I see them: mowing... what a pain. - lris
assembly is generally a major hassle and don't get a wooden one.cos even the treated material rot within 5 or so years. metal or nothing. that said, they're hugely fun for the kids. - Big Joe Silenced
Depending on what they're made of, dilapidating. Then having to find a sustainable way of getting rid of them. - Spidra Webster
Knowing nothing about the subject... are they adaptable as the kids get older? - bentley
You gotta watch the little kids around them, especially if it has one of those gliders. - Ken Morley
Pros: you are swinging! - Todd Hoff
decent metal ones that are correctly (deeply) anchored to the ground are usually pretty durable. - Big Joe Silenced
Here is a picture of the metal set. I'm working on buying this property and deciding whether to ask the owners to take the set with them or leave it for me. - lris
We built a wooden one; when it was time, freecyled it to another family. It was fabulous. I'd say go for it. - Jen
If the owners want to take it with them, I'd say let them because then you don't have to worry about removal/disposal. If the owners don't want it, I'd keep it and get a few years of fun out of it with the nephews before it gets too unstable to be safe (assuming it isn't at that stage already). - Catherine Pellegrino
I am late to comment, and you got useful advice from your friends. I don't want one in my yard because A) mowing, and B) I like the idea of community parks. Especially since you live so close to the parks, I don't think lack of a backyard set would be a problem. And the number of days that we are at your house each year in good weather are pretty few. But I'm sure they would have a blast with it, if you decide/have decided to keep it. I remember some good times on the Kammraths' set when we were little. - Heidi Bee
My current plan is to say yes if the sellers ask to take it but have it around for a few years if they leave it. :-) - lris from Android
It’s snowing hard…
It's so mesmerizing, I'm having a hard time motivating today. - Jen
huh. not here yet - maʀtha
we dodged that bullet. how much did you get? - MoTO Boychick Devil
There's about an inch on the ground. It's been snowing all day but the ground was pretty warm to begin with and the temp is above freezing now, so I'm not expecting a whole lot more accumulation. But I guess I won't know till it's done! - lris
walt crawford
Huh. So if I wanted to volunteer to be Editor-in-Chief for Collaborative Librarianship, I wouldn't qualify. No biggie; I wasn't planning to volunteer.
It isn't a paid gig, so I am sure that all applicants will be considered. - Joe
Using a CC-BY-NC-ND license doesn't seem very...collaborative? - John Dupuis
I argued for CC-BY during one meeting, but others were fine with the gratis OA. They felt that if anyone wanted to reuse or remix content, they could ask the authors. - Joe
The fact is that lots and lots of positions in librarianship can and I think should require the degree. If an applicant can make a strong enough case for being qualified without the degree, that's up to the applicant, but I think professions are allowed to required recognized credentialing within that profession. - lris
Iris: Oddly enough, I don't disagree. Never have. I'm not sure this should be one of those positions, but that's up to the journal's board. - walt crawford
I think it has been 6-7 months since I have balanced my checkbook. Maybe I should do that one of these days.
Is this a weird euphamism for log into my online banking? - SAM
No, no, SAM, it has to do with a set of scales and counterweights. Very scientific. - lris
*produces a duck* - Big Joe Silenced
Sarah G.
I scratched the copyright clause of my speakers form. I feel so righteous!
Living on the edge! - lris from Android
The speaker form said that The university gets the copyright if my talk. I scratched that clause out and it's a single signer K - Sarah G.
Cool. I've never had a speaking agreement that included any copyright clauses, so I wasn't sure what you were referencing. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Wow. Just got an autoresponder - "If you need a timely response, call instead. I check emails about every 3-4 months."
And, the phone number was not included. - Joe
My archivist has a similar out of office on all the time - Hedgehog
That's sort of wonderful, actually. - laura x from iPhone
I wish I could check my work email about every 3-4 months. Well, actually, I could, then I would have probably 10,000 emails waiting for me to mostly delete when I got to it. - Joe
Boss move. - SAM
Dude - lris from Android
Oh hey, did you send email to C's personal account? - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I had a similar message on my voice mail recording, but at least I gave them my email address when I told them that I'm much faster checking that then the phone... - WebGoddess
Pete's Got To Go
Iris- her sense of humour in the face of, well, everything :)
Aw. Right back atcha, dude. - lris
still true :) - Pete's Got To Go
*smooch* :D - lris
Your survey has "Two questions?" I give laser eyes cuz each "question" is a 25-item likert-scaled "how important is this to you" thing.
is it a 2 part 25-item scaled thing - how important is it AND are we meeting your expectations in each of those 25 items? which are repeated in various different ways so we can ensure data validity? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
of course - lris
And of these millions of things, which are the 11 most important - lris
Stephen Francoeur
So it seems like Discourse and Commons in a Box may be our two best options for the next home for the LSW. Is that the impression others have gotten from our flurry of pro/con comments here about different venues?
Agreed. - Zamms
Yes, and like others, I'm happy to contribute to cover costs. - Galadriel C.
Yes. - ellbeecee
That's the sense I've gotten from listening in. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yes - those two seem the most likely. - WebGoddess
Seems so. - lris
I defer to the decision of the platform change committee. - Joe
But, Joe, you're the Grand Poobah of the Platform Change Committee! Lead us out of this wilderness. - Stephen Francoeur
Sorry, I didn't get the memo. Maybe it "accidentally" went into my spam folder. - Joe
Yes, and happy to contribute on costs too. - Deborah Fitchett
Do either allow RSS feeds? - Hedgehog
I second the motion to trust the PCC to decide. And I'm happy to contribute to costs as well. - Jen
Yep. - RepoRat
Yes, and happy to pitch in. - John Dupuis
What they all said. - laura x from iPhone
I agree again! Cos I've had whiskey and am in an agreeable mood! - Zamms
I'm feeling a little uncomfortable here, as I've been talking up all sorts of options but honestly don't feel like I really know enough to speak with authority about what would be good for this group in the long haul. I also am feeling discomfort because I'm not up to the task of installing and maintaining either of these options, although I'm more than willing to chip in $ to pay for... more... - Stephen Francoeur
Somebody gimme a server/ftp login and I'll get to installin'. *g* - RepoRat
Can we do both and see which one catches on? - Meg VMeg
^this. also, who is collecting the $? - maʀtha
Paypal payments to Blake? Modest Kickstarter? - Zamms
I'll be happy to help out too. Let me know. - aaron
Is this something we could run a Patreon to cover ongoing costs? Would that even fit their 'rules'? - John: Thread Killer
Maybe not Patreon, but Paypal can do subscriptions. - Holly's favorite Anna
LSW: Joe
Cancelling databases is hard. Especially when they are in a bundled package.
We tried that once... and ended up billed a bit more withouut that "included with the bundle" database. It was pretty funny. - Aaron the Librarian
We are getting rid of the whole bundle. - Joe
Yep. Practically impossible. - lris
I'm working on a proposal to swap databases in a bundle; should be interesting, I'm surprised the vendor is even entertaining the notion. - Jen
A sales guy for a company that rhymes with SnowVest sold my business guy on a bundle that was more than what we were paying for a few core databases, but included some stuff that would let us cancel other databases. Then it turned out that stuff wasn't as comparable as business guy had been lead to believe, so we couldn't cancel. We also couldn't go back to the "grandfathered" pricing... more... - Holly's favorite Anna
In a conference preso I likened selecting a database to selecting the Pope. You can't cancel that shit! - Marie
Hah! - lris from Android
I <3 Marie. - Catherine Pellegrino
The cat waited until final post-inspection negotiations were complete. Then he left one, single turd in the bathtub as his commentary on my house-buying plans. How did he know??
He's a cat. They know everything. Thank Gaia they don't have opposable thumbs. - walt crawford
What he said. Dear God. If the cats in this house had opposable thumbs, I would just give up. - laura x from iPhone
Congrats? - Meg VMeg
There are two ways to take this message. 1) "I protest the fact that we will be moving." 2) "I curse you and your plans." I sure hope it's the first option... - lris from Android
I, um, don't see why it can't mean both. (Sorry, Iris!) - Catherine Pellegrino
Insomnia insomnia insomnia blerg
You need to find the voodoo doll of you that Louis Gray is keeping in his house somewhere... - Spidra Webster
Damn you Louis Gray! ;-) - lris from Android
LSW: Joe
What did I learn from the LSW group and from the Wider FF community?
I learned that there are others who feel the same way I do about life, things and stuff. And I love you all for it. Heck, I even love [most] of the FF people who don't feel the same way. - Joe
God. So much. - laura x
most of what I know - lris
That not everybody hates me? - RepoRat
So so much. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
that my colleagues are funny, smart, in touch, and willing to lend a hand instantly - and that the world is not so grim a place after all. - barbara fister
All of the above. LSW restored my faith in librarianship. :-) - Megan loves summer
...pretty much everything I know about libraries...and technology...and what happens when social hits technological... - Cameron Neylon
So much, and so much that's kept me going. (OK if I mine this thread for my C&I reminiscence?) - walt crawford
That there are people who think like me, and people who don't, and there's a place for us all. That organisation need not mean organised. That people will, and do, lend a hand. - Pete's Got To Go
Walt: mine it as much as you want. - Joe
I've learned so much from the LSW! I feel pretty new around here, but have found the attitudes and passion here really inspiring. It's honestly helped me stand up more for the stuff I believe it at my own place of work. Plus the LSW has given me models for passionate-but-collegial disagreements. And models for robust theorizing about the library, or robust research into library stuff. - Regular Amanda
what it means to have a professional network I can immediately rely on at all hours. - Hedgehog
That ragequit doesn't mean forever. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman from iPhone
I agree with pretty much everything Cameron says here: - John Dupuis
i joined FF almost the day i started my first librarian gig. to me being part of libraryland means seeing all of you on FF daily. - jambina
How awesome non-medical librarians are, and some of the amazing things they're accomplishing every day. - Rachel Walden
To me, and this is mine-able, the great thing about FF was that it was the first place that I saw that really facilitated people interacting that might not have met before. In my case, it was scientists and librarians. We librarians had a chance to see what scientists were really thinking about and really doing at the edges of the open science world and to reflect back and give... more... - John Dupuis
So much - including through all these discussions about migrating content and community to a new site. I love how thoughtful you all are! - Grumpator
What a lot of you have said, but just that you all are my people. I love having a wide network of smart people who will give me advice, agree or disagree with me in meaningful ways, and give me a broader perspective on things. Also, I just like you all. - kaijsa
FF and the LSW is my go to professional network. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
^^^ This. Twitter is useful for knowing what' going on and for links to interesting stuff, but the depth of the conversation here and the capacity to get good help or discussion about an issue - and sense of close community - there's nothing like it. - barbara fister
The ability to say something in more than 140 characters helps me gather my thoughts. Even though other services have threaded discussions like this, the LSW has the right diversity and mix of people for me. The ALATT had a chance to be like the LSW at one point, but that place feels more like a frat house, and people are trying to get the most attention. I know I am generalizing, and there are good libns in ALATT, but the loud ones get the most notice. - Joe
I learned that goodbye does not mean never again hello. Also, I learned that a career is more than just the daily job, as it can have so many facets and directions. - Julian
Who are the cool librarians who know the real deal.. who "get it"... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
^^^ This! Being part of LSW has changed my life. I've found support for incubating ideas, been challenged to grow and expand in a professional humorous way by fun super smart colleagues, and especially during the move and transition to my current place of work, LSW kept me from feeling isolated and alone in my work. - Galadriel C.
How awesome it is to have a tribe that has my back. That not all libraries are dysfunctional. That there are amazing people doing interesting work. That it's ok to have professional heroes/crushes/whatever-you-wanna-call it and sometimes you get to meet them and they have foibles and interior lives and that's cool. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Like others have said, LSW has restored my faith in the future of librarianship. It's meant more than I can express to have a place to converse with such thoughtful, open people. - Jen
Besides learning the more practical aspects of things, a lot of my thinking on librarianship has been shaped by discussions here eg. IL, open access just to name two. - aaron from Flucso
Just to let folks know: I've put together a first draft of the C&I essay on FF and LSW (too long, but that's C&I: for concise excellence, go to Barbara Fister) and included *almost* all of this thread, names included. The exception: I omitted part of one of Joe's comments because, even though I agree fully with his thoughts on ALATT, I'd just as soon not go there by name this time around. Maybe I've been burned too badly by them. - walt crawford
So: If there's anybody who *doesn't* want your comment used (including your screen name), LET ME KNOW within the next two weeks. The thread reads really well as a closing section of the article. - walt crawford
I'm happy to have my comment and name included, but if you could please use the now slightly edited version I'd appreciate it. - Galadriel C. from Android
Galadriel: Done. - walt crawford
I should really try to say something more intelligent. - laura x from iPhone
LSW reminded that becoming a librarian was the right choice for me and that the job I had when I find this place was not the right choice for me. - John: Thread Killer
Thank you! - Galadriel C. from Android
Okay, here we go: Before I became a librarian or ever thought of it, I was an activist. I organized and demonstrated and got arrested and generally worked my tail off to try to change the world and make people's lives better--sometimes those of my colleagues; sometimes those of people I'd never met. When I started working in libraries, I felt I lost a lot of that. I still believed in... more... - laura x from iPhone
This is my 4th meeting-less day since the first day of new student week.
In related news, I whacked 19 things off my task list and zeroed my inbox. - lris
Unfortunately, there are miles to go on that task list.... - lris
Publishers' Move Could Mean 'Whole New Trial' in GSU Copyright Case -
Poor GSU. So many legal fees. - lris
yeah, I can definitely see a use for a broad-based legal-defense fund a la CBLDF. I haven't heard of anything like that in the university context, though. - RepoRat
"Fair Use Legal Defense Fund?" something like that. - RepoRat
It is as if publishers don't like fair use. - Joe
It's one of those Western-movie standoffs. A lot of 'em don't make money off permissions once overhead is taken into account, but for any of them to lay down arms, they'd all have to. - RepoRat
Follow up - HT to Stephen Francoeur for linking to this. - ellbeecee
Can they not pass the legal fees on to the residents? #privateschoolemployee - Meg VMeg
laura x
Selfie with new haircut.
Hello :) - Pete's Got To Go
Very nice! - lris
You look MAHVELOUS, darling! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
LOOK AT YOUR HAIR, BOO! LOOK AT IT! - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
John Dupuis
I haven't posted here yet about the strike going on at York (contract faculty, TAs, research assts), but with the contract faculty settling yesterday the admin has decided to bring some of the programs back, but not all. Creating the chaotic situation of students who take course from multiple faculties having different and uncertain term schedules
The issue of remediating those student who refuse to cross the picket lines, the various levels of transit confusion as the transit companies mostly won't cross the picket lines. - John Dupuis
Just a nightmare. They seem to have made the worst possible choice of what to do when the contract facutly settled. They should have just continued to have all academic activities suspended. Fortunately, neither of my sons are in the faculties that are resuming so at least they won't have to deal with the chaos. - John Dupuis
(And, uh, I'll miss this place for just this kind of rant.) - John Dupuis
^^ me too - lris
Same here. We have a friend at UofTO who's been out on strike since early last week and is starting to get the willies; I talked her down on the phone over the weekend but haven't heard from her since. I hope she's okay. - Catherine Pellegrino
That's so confusing.But I often wish I lived in a country where union mattered. - barbara fister
John, do you think they made the worst possible choice on purpose, or just out of bumbling incompetence? - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, that's a tough one. There's a strange mix of fear (of reputation loss) and arrogance (hey, we're smarter and tougher than those ingrates) in there as well, not to mention heartlessness (don't those students know how good they have it? Poverty line, I'll show them poverty line, why when I was a grad student I had to eat dirt!). Let's go for on purpose, but not the "on purpose" they were thinking of. - John Dupuis
Holy fuck. Apparently a bunch of senators have successfully petitioned to force a special senate meeting Wednesday morning to rescind the back to class order. This could get ugly. - John Dupuis
gah - maʀtha
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