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Aaron the Librarian
Ok, so it sounds like we're looking to move to - trying out Discourse and Commons in a Box. we should make it worth the admin's time and effort of trying them out. I nominate Blake as the main back-end orchestrator for these two instances (his subdomain recommendation sounds good, too). --- Forked from
I assume that everyone clicking like is a yea. Do we have any nays? Any discussion? - maʀtha
Just do it, yo. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, let's try them. The sooner we try the sooner we know if one or the other will work for us. - lris
Let's get her done. - laura x from iPhone
Yep, let's go! - Galadriel C. from Android
go team - maʀtha
i can probably lend a hand. not clear how at the moment, but my life is stuck inside systems all day, so there's probably some useful skill i can contribute. - henry
Uh... hullo, Blake? What say you? - Aaron the Librarian
10 more days... any activity on the domain developments? - Aaron the Librarian
Are we at the stage where we just need space on servers? Are these things that one or more of us can set up, once we have that? If so, we might need to ping Blake directly to get login info. - Meg VMeg
Pete's Got To Go
David is going to NYC in July. I told him that as part of the Librarian Mafia I can sic people on him wherever he goes ;)
I have family in NY so I'll pass on his details, they'll watch him too! :-p - Halil
Excellent :D - Pete's Got To Go
I'm far from there but have family there so add me to that list. :-) - lris from Android
Stephen Francoeur can take him to the Village Vanguard, if that's his thing. We had a great time when I visited NYC last December. - John Dupuis
t-ra needs this place
Also I find it delicious that even as the end draws nearer and y'all are being precious and beautiful to each other, it's still beer and boy trouble up in my stream over here. Smh
That sounds like a country song! - Corinne L from Android
Meg VMeg
I had this seemingly normal, pleasant, kinda formal-in-tone Ask-a-Librarian chat today: someone was looking for these articles that don't appear to be published yet, and we talked about how soon they might be available online after publication. They thanked me, and I said, "My pleasure! Have a great day," and they replied, "YAS QUEEN."
And I laughed and laughed and laughed. - Meg VMeg
YAS Young adult services? - Joe
I've had YAS QUEEN on the tip of my tongue, ready to use, but haven't found the right moment yet. - Marie from iPhone
Friday nights at the laundrymat have become catch up.on FF time. I will be sad in 2 weeks.
Sarah G.
RT @dapperhistorian: An extra family member was added here in 1911 but an angry enumerator has scratched it out & added "this is a cat"!
RT @dapperhistorian: An extra family member was added here in 1911 but an angry enumerator has scratched it out & added "this is a cat"!
Anyone know where the source document is? - Peter Murray
Office of National Statistics Edit: that page tells the story, but doesn't have a picture of the form. - bentley
laura x
A library patron just tried to engage me in a discussion about the dress I was wearing the last time I saw him.
Sure sure, it's about information needs. - Meg VMeg from Android
i love you, meg. - jambina
It was white and gold. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No, it was blue and black. I remember it well. - Todd Hoff
nice dress - maʀtha
He said it was red. I don't own a red dress. Wtf. - laura x from iPhone
...Do you have a green dress? - Deborah Fitchett
Weirdly, no, though green is my favorite color. - laura x from iPhone
That sounds creepy. Don't like. - kaijsa
Meg VMeg
Still in denial about FF and taxes.
Unfortunately, only two things in life are certain, taxes and the death of FF :( - Greg GuitarBuster
Jason P
Anne and I recently encountered an online (comments thread) argument about the best girl scout cookie, in which someone said "Trefoils are a garbage cookie" and the rejoinder was "You're a garbage cookie." Now periodically one of us will tell the other apropos of nothing, "No, YOU'RE a garbage cookie."
In a similar fashion, we witnessed a little girl giving her grandparents fits at a restaurant one night. They had plied her with chicken fingers, ice cream, and all the gifts she could ever want. But when it came time to go home, she stood up in her chair and declared: "I DON'T GET TO DO NOTHIN'" over and over and over. It has become the battlecry of anyone around here trying to squeeze blood out of the proverbial turnip. - MoTO Boychick Devil
RT @batkaren: Do not use subway pole to destroy your opponents.
RT @batkaren: Do not use subway pole to destroy your opponents.
Mr. The Jason Fleming
ALA Think Tank birthdays are not at all like LSW birthdays
Glen Campbell
Is FriendFeed dead yet? Updated for your convenience. #fb
Awww, I was hoping for a countdown widget. - Stephen Mack
Your wish is my command. - Glen Campbell
What time zone is that set to? GMT or Eastern time? - Joe
~Courtney F
"Vendor: We can't turn on access until you pay" Me: "We can't pay without an invoice."
Why is this so hard? - ~Courtney F
*headdesk* - Catherine Pellegrino
them: "we can't turn it on until we have a signed license" us: "send us the license""send us a license we can accept based on our dealings with you over our 70 year existence""do you really need a license addendum for each additional book on your platform?" - Christina Pikas
I sometimes feel this way getting quotes from vendors. Don't you want me to spend money with you? - John: Thread Killer
them: we sent you an invoice, please pay. us: we have required state forms that must be completed before we can pay an invoice. we sent them three months ago; please complete them - we want to pay you. - Galadriel C.
"send us a license we can accept based our our dealings with you over our 70 year existence" YES! +1000. Why do we always have to start from the boilerplate when we ALWAYS ask for the same changes? - Grumpator
cause THIS time will be different. we'll accept any liability, any venue... and promise our kids will eat their broccoli and go to bed at 7:30 - Christina Pikas
I just got an invoice forwarded to me that is dated 04-2014 and has been circling the university like a hot potato for nearly a year; I called the vendor as it's unclear what it's even for. That was two days ago and I'm still waiting for a response. They clearly don't want our money. - Jen
Quietly shred that invoice, Jen. If you don;t hear back about it, it's all good - Aaron the Librarian
Sarah G.
Alert alert golden retriever puppy in baggage area. Repeat. Golden retriever puppy in baggage area.
laura x
Tonight we are happy!
:-) - Mary Carmen
<3 x infinity - Jenny H.
I had a rather cute baby. - laura x
Your baby has a rather cute mom. - Marie
God, I look so much younger there than I do now. - laura x from iPhone
No way, prove it. - Meg VMeg
Book #2 is officially in the works. *tiny squee of excitement, quickly followed by tiny scream of what the hell am i thinking*
You are so awesome! - Galadriel C. from Android
A force to be reckoned with :) - Jen
Sarah G.
I scratched the copyright clause of my speakers form. I feel so righteous!
Living on the edge! - lris from Android
The speaker form said that The university gets the copyright if my talk. I scratched that clause out and it's a single signer K - Sarah G.
Cool. I've never had a speaking agreement that included any copyright clauses, so I wasn't sure what you were referencing. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Sarah G.
The TSA has one label on their filing cabinet: "paperwork".
The TSA has one label on their filing cabinet: "paperwork".
RT @astrokatie: 🌓🌎🌞 <-- lunar eclipse 🌎🌓🌞 <-- solar eclipse 🌎🌞🌗 <-- apocalypse
RT @aedison: Aspiring magicians: dress for the job you wand, not the woman you halve.
RT @putneydm: All of my notes in my code are just apologies to future me.
Sarah G.
Uh oh. Beagle comfort animal in waiting area. This is not a drill. Real live beagle in comfort area.
Google Translate taking on Turkish is like Drunk History on Funny or Die.
"The evening rush comments before installing php file and justice, and our feast today emişkeliyos today, I'm glad the last drop of almost falling." - Micah
ahah! let me translate dear sir. - Alfonker Tapir
"Why do phoebes pump their tails?" - Meg VMeg
alfonker ahahaha - Cafo
koşturun abiler php kurmadan yorum ve layk ve dosya emişkeliyosa bugün bizim bayram günümüz, neredeyse dona düşen son damla yasaklanmışçasına sevindim - You (edit | delete) ____ come dudes! today is a holy day if this also downloads the discussions, likes and attached files, without us having to deal with php stuff. I am almost as happy as if the last urine drop which always goes to the underwear is officially banned. - Alfonker Tapir
Micah, there are millions (if not billions) of Turkish people who have hard times with understanding Alfonker Tapir. Poor Google Translate. - samet
well, definitely not billions of Turkish people, despite Bret Taylor's worst nightmares :) - Kickdrum
Alfonker'i Yunanistan'a da oteleyemiyoruz... - hz. ceku efendi
Buddy, AlfonkerTapirish is not Turkish. No offense Mr. Tapir, our friend Micah knows very little about your linguistic works. - doper
ahah doper ya - Alfonker Tapir
laura x
Selfie with new haircut.
Hello :) - Pete's Got To Go
Very nice! - lris
You look MAHVELOUS, darling! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
LOOK AT YOUR HAIR, BOO! LOOK AT IT! - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Meg VMeg
I gotcher metrics mania right here, bucko.
Greg Schwartz
I know that some of you LSWers were around during my library's flood in 2009 and that a number of you pitched in to contribute to the recovery efforts. I wanted you all to know that this didn't go unnoticed and that LSW has been immortalized accordingly.
I love it! - Stephen Francoeur
Centuries from now, when that plaque is excavated by archeologists, they will learn that the LSW was awesome. - lris
The LSW won't be around in 100-200 years? - Joe
This is just really, really cool. - Catherine Pellegrino
Dang, that's sweet. - Marie
That's for real now. - wow. - Jen
<3 <3 <3 - laura x
Also, are we an individual, a corporation, or a foundation? - laura x
So close to the top of the second row! Cool! - Aaron the Librarian
Using and Experiencing the Academic Library: A Multi-Site Observational Study of Space and Place
I am new to the literature on assessing library spaces, but this pretty much reads to me as saying "almost everything our users say is contradictory". A bit unsure about the concept of "Sweeps". - aaron
Anyone in Toowoomba lost a cockatoo? There's one perched on my neighbours antenna having a good old chat #fb
So, if you, as a pedestrian, walk into the crosswalk, get 3/4 of the way across, turn around, go halfway back to the initial curb, THEN turn around again, while I'm stopped at the 4-way stop waiting to go that way? I'm going to judge you. I did raise both my hands in a generalized questioning expression, but I am doing better, most of the time...
with anger while I'm driving. You, though, pedestrian dude? Yeah, I was judging the hell out of you (had he dropped something, that would have been entirely different. This was just random turning around while crossing the road) - ellbeecee
I should try that today. - Joe
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