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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
Meg VMeg
Reader's advisory: what other authors might someone like, if they're really into Jonathan Kellerman, Jennifer Chiaverini, and Nevada Barr?
Faye Kellerman is probably too much of a gimme? James Lee Burke? That's what the triangulator inside my head seems to think, anyway. - Marianne
Oh, weird combination. Marcia Muller, CJ Box, Craig Johnson, and Paul Doiron are what my brain plus NoveList are coming up with, mostly for Barr. - laura x
'tis the time of year when people start thinking (again) about resolutions and goals. I like this advice from Christina Pikas, in a comment at : "to paraphrase our HR - goals should be SMART - "specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely."
Our library and its mascot starred in this year's holiday video/card from the college:
that is lovely, Iris. what a great idea - maʀtha
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Just completed live shooter training. I was on the refdesk. Sobering and enlightening.
very disconcerting after everyone's gone that the library still reeks of gunpowder - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Oh geeze. Sounds rather traumatic, even if it was just training. - Kirsten
Coworker of mine did that at Loyola. She recommends a strong drink and a nap. And a hug. - Hedgehog
I wish we could have live shooter training at my place of work. We do occasionally get pissed off students or former students who get belligerent. Someday, one might have a gun. - maʀtha
*Reaffirms vow to stay on this side of the border* - DJF from Android
Holy shiz. Ours was a lecture and power point slides. Well, and scary audio and video clips. One of my co-workers opined that if teachers/professors had gun training, we'd be safer. Eeep. - YvonneM
I missed ours, but I wish they'd schedule another, as unnecessary as I wish it was. - ellbeecee
At the community college, we had the "Shots Fired on Campus" video. (See also LSW's previous discussion, ) - bentley
Salt Lake City Public Library Proposes 24/7 Operations
"If SLCPL executive director John Spears is successful in gaining approval from the library board of directors and Salt Lake City Council, the SLCPL downtown branch would keep its doors continuously open to the public on a pilot basis for two years. ... The extended hours, including staffing, security, and programming, would cost approximately $650,000 per year—all of which would be privately funded. - bentley
"Just as SLCPL’s individual branches serve particular geographic areas, Spears explained to LJ that he sees the overnight program as serving a “temporal designation” of the community, with a unique clientele, and plans to structure services and programs around its needs. “It is our intent to provide full service for everyone,” he said, which would include such offerings as late-night... more... - bentley
"Spears envisions the extended hours serving not only those with nowhere else to go, but second- and third-shift workers, nontraditional students, night owls, and local university students—the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah closes at 1 a.m. Although he had initially thought about shutting the doors between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., he realized this would exclude people who wanted to stop by before going to work. - bentley
"A dedicated nighttime staff would be hired on a grant-funded basis for the two years of the pilot program, including a full complement of roles: branch manager, librarians, associates, and aides. Much as the staff at a particular branch becomes familiar with frequent visitors, Spears envisions the regular overnight staff getting to know the night patrons." - bentley
I have admired that library for some time. That's pretty great. - laura x
wow - Meg VMeg
For my next meeting, I will be sewing a crocheted beard onto a hat. A colleague will then give this concoction to his 16-year-old son. Heeee
Mischief managed. Heeeeee - lris
I think knitty had a pattern like that? very cool. - Christina Pikas
The First NoeLB
Hopefully 2015 will be the year in which our IR starts taking off!
Meg VMeg
Seems weird that a library catalog would have its own wikipedia entry:
Arrogant catalogs are just insufferable. - Zamms
Catherine Pellegrino
The Paper Boxes Project, after one semester: (Original post:
Steele Lawman
An alumna wants to talk to me about librarianship as a career. She wants to know about "the nature of your interaction with books and the literary community." Should I tell her the truth, that lately it's mostly throwing them away?
Yes. If I'm reading her app, I want it to demonstrate she knows what she's getting herself into. - RepoRat
Yes, tell the truth. I will say that my interactions are very different. I work with an MFA program, buy and don't weed books, and bring authors in a lot. - kaijsa
I guess I was mostly kidding--I'll surely tell her the truth. The problem is, my own truth is wrapped up in a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction that has nothing to do with books. - Steele Lawman
Well, and I think you can tell her your truth, and frame and contextualize it such that she can make of it what she will. I mean, I have virtually no interaction with books and the literary community, but that's largely a function of what KIND of librarian I am; someone like LauraX undoubtedly has a very different experience. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yes, Catherine, that's a good point. And I bet I could be more involved in the English department's extensive program hosting literary visitors if I had the inclination. - Steele Lawman
Most of my interaction with books and the literary community is emailing people my template instructions for how to download a doggam ebook from doggam ebrary. - Deborah Fitchett
Maybe tell her about your experiences and then put her in contact with other librarians as well? There's a huge range of "truths" out there - Soup in a TARDIS
Yup to what others have said-- my truth is students want e-access to textbooks and faculty occasionally (very occasionally) want to see books. Medical is so much more in the articles. - Hedgehog
I buy about 100 fiction titles a month and weed probably not quite that many (I'd have to check the numbers). I run a small press and self published authors fair every year (well, I've done it two in a row--that counts as every, right?). I am organizing a series of talks by Marvin Bell, Marilynne Robinson, and Robyn Schiff (who will be talking about Jorie Graham, as my budget does not... more... - laura x
My last job had a lot to do with books (buying and throwing away) and the literary community. This one, not so much, or at least not as tangibly. :) - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
When your Chancellor plagiarizes (baldly) and denies it
Walt Crawford
I am delighted to say that the OA journal work I'm doing will yield a coherent (and reasonably brief) library-oriented overview, which in turn will reach hundreds of libraries and be available for anybody to purchase, without my doing a self-pub paperback that one or two buy.
More info next year when it's actually visibly any case, I am delighted. And will now go look at the remaining 700-odd journals... - Walt Crawford
And, of course, you can reasonably assume that it will *not* appear as a freebie chapter in some edited compilation where only the editor gets any compensation. Not a chance. - Walt Crawford
Nature Publishing Group is letting people tweet and post the read-only readcube links to lots of different sites like: CiteULike, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon. I don't see anything in their FAQ about not being able to put the links into Wikipedia. Anybody else read this differently?
If they are letting people share via twitter, why not share via Wikipedia citations? - Joe
Seed Libraries and State Laws - Agriculture regulators in Minnesota and Pennsylvania warn libraries about their seed-sharing programs http://www.americanlibrariesma... (via Library Link of the Day )
“The rise of seed exchanges—now numbering more than 300 across the US—has been accompanied by plenty of enthusiasm from librarians and patrons. But Cumberland County (Pa.) Library System’s Simpson Seed Library attracted a whirlwind of controversy and misinformation over the summer after receiving a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (DOA), warning that the seed library might not be complying with state law. “We had initially checked with our county extension office, but apparently they hadn’t really thought about seed libraries through this particular lens” …. - bentley
“Ultimately, the Pennsylvania DOA proposed a solution, which the library accepted. Under this agreement, the library is free to distribute seeds, but it can’t accept harvested seeds [without lots of testing]. The library is, however, free to host seed swaps where individual gardeners can exchange seeds with one another. … - bentley
“Different states have different seed laws, and Zook recommends that seed libraries visit the Association of American Seed Control Officials website to find their state’s seed control official. That individual will be able to help libraries operate in compliance with their state laws. … - bentley
“Rebecca Newburn, … founder of the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library at Richmond (Calif.) Public Library, offers alerts about legal matters that librarians can sign up for at” - bentley
Walt Crawford
Fair warning: A library person asked for my advice on finding library jobs in other countries (from Canadian and Australian perspectives). Since I know nothing at all about that, I suggested the most knowledgeable group of library folks I know...that is, LSW on FriendFeed. So another person might join the--good grief, 1,343?--small circle.
laura x
Well, here's a fun set of search results:
Walt Crawford
Unwarranted but useful generalization: Non-English OA journals on SciELO generally will have enough English to make sense of. Those on Redalyc generally will not. Those on OJS are a total crapshoot. (I'm getting to like SciELO quite a lot.)
oh, good to know. i haven't explored that yet but will calendar it. thanks! - Marie
Deborah Fitchett
Cleaning out old files (due it being the last day before the uni closes to force people to take annual leave). Integrated Library System Request for Information 5 December 1988.
(I mean I actually kept that one because it was so quaint. The stuff from 2003-4 not so much.) - Deborah Fitchett
Cod Signal: Have you customized your Libguides v2 home page? What's the link? I may be interested in stealing ... er, BORROWING... your work.
library or personal homepage? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I customized mine in the previous version, and it carried over. (I borrowed mine from Abigail, but it's morphed) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Rudy's is better than mine. - kaijsa
Sorry, The main landing page for your institution's libguides. Here's what I have so far: - lris
That's on v2? I'm gonna have to share that. I don't like ours, but i had thought it was all we could do! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Mine is just a guide used as a homepage. If you don't have more than one tab, the tabs don't show up. - lris
Iris, I like the way you did yours with the tabs separating course, subject, and general guides. Ours annoys me because guides are mixed together and just alphabetical in each subject category. I want the main subject guide above course guides in all subject categories, but don't know if it's possible. - kaijsa
I wrote to springshare about that, and they said they're working on a solution that will let people put one or two guides on top. Like a "best bets" option for guides within a subject. I just made widgets and added them to a tabbed box. - lris
quite proud of ours. also try the search - trying to appeal to researchers as well as we can't easily touch the library website. - aaron from Flucso
Aaron, I'm so so so jealous of your search. - lris
Aaron, I really like it, too. Particularly the way doing a search for, say, literature will get you results from the guides, database suggestions, FAQ answers, etc. I want to steal this. - kaijsa
Also the option to find librarians by subject area or expertise is super! Sorry for the threadjack, Iris. - kaijsa
We have v2, but I don't know that it is anything to write home about. - Joe
Galadriel C.
When it comes to reviewing e-resources for renewals, what are your data points that trigger an evaluation and possible cancellation? For example, do you have a % increase amount or cost per use that automatically triggers a deeper analysis of the resource?
More than $40/use is definite. Can be higher/lower depending on resource and definition of use (search/session/download), though. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
price increase above 4% and a decreasing use over time; cost-per-use is good for internal comparison, but gets complicated across products/platforms/disciplines - Holly's favorite Anna
we are currently (and finally!) working out benchmarks for such activity at my library - LibrarianOnTheLoose
One metric I've seen is: if cost per use is higher than the cost of interloaning it. You wouldn't have a firm cut-off there, because there's a value to the user to getting it directly from the database, but it's a point at which you might start asking questions. - Deborah Fitchett
price increase over 3-4% triggers a look, but we try to look over usage for just about everything before renewing. - Christina Pikas
This is great info, thanks! I'm in the middle of drafting a project plan to make systematic review of renewals by the subject librarians (discipline specific) or collections committee a part of the annual workflow as it should be. For this year, things are auto renewed if 5% or if I have a specific request to cancel. However, we also look at the subscription vs. ILL cost too. Anna, how long is "decreased usage over time" for you? - Galadriel C. from Android
Catherine Pellegrino
Codsignal request: Has anyone here attended Ex Libris's Technical Seminar ( We are trying to figure out if it would be beneficial for one of our staff/librarians to attend, and we're having a hard time figuring out who the intended audience ("technical librarians") is...
... and what they're expected to know (specifically, about SFX but also potentially about Aleph and Primo) before attending. If you've been and are willing to chat, could you raise your hand? - Catherine Pellegrino
*raises hand* Have only attended Alma track, but they seem to offer various levels for each product. It wasn't just for admin-level, either, but i suspect that in general it'd be most beneficial for those who are at least slightly systems-brained, even if it isn't in their job title. - Kirsten from Android
Thanks, Kirsten! I suspected you might have gone recently, given your current job duties. :) I'll DM you with specific questions, if that's okay? - Catherine Pellegrino
Of course! When i get to work tomorrow i'll check whether i've still got last year's program. That might help. - Kirsten from Android
Christina Pikas
There must be a lot of money in ebooks. Non-book publishing societies are jumping on the bandwagon right and left (ACM, AAS). Is there a demand in these fields typically driven by conference pubs (ACM) and journal articles (AAS)?
Hmmm. At a guess, they're trying to get in on demand-driven acquisitions deals. I don't know this for certain; it's just the reason I'd do this if I were in their shoes. - RepoRat
Are they selling title by title or packages? Ebook packages are a great money-maker for publishers who used to sell only a portion of titles to most libraries. Now we get the premium cable package or nothing. - Holly's favorite Anna
I think it's packages - I don't know that they do actually like dda. A lot of them have jacked up their short term look prices in ebl to make it very unattractive as opposed to licensing a subject category directly from the publisher - Christina Pikas
niiiiiiiiiiice. thanks for the intel! - RepoRat
What have you folks done for National Library Week at your libraries? Looking for inspiration
Fine amnesty, free replacement cards, proclamation from the mayor. I'm in favor of the first two any time we can do them. Otherwise I mostly think GAH ANOTHER MADE UP THING. - laura x
What about National Library Workers Day? - maʀtha
Going live with Libguides2 today. Wish us luck!
luck! - Marianne
Wishing. - Joe
John Dupuis
In case people haven't seen this yet, the Scientific American blog network is in the process of "revisioning" and booting off about half their bloggers:
Including Bonnie Swoger and Hadas Shema who ran the LIS Information Culture blog: - John Dupuis
It's their right -- they own the space -- but they are surely not being transparent about why the dumpees are getting dumped, and I think that's a strategic mistake on their part. Even being explicitly mercenary about it e.g. "we're keeping the highest-hit-count bloggers" would deflect a lot of my sideeye. - RepoRat
Also, based on your tweetstream and Bonnie's -- just me, or are they dumping an awful lotta women? - RepoRat
<troll> It's because girls don't get science. </troll> Asshats. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Hard to say without a list of the blogs that are leaving, but so far mostly women. They've posted in a comment the ones that are staying but not an actual list of the ones that are leaving. I believe when Bora Zivkovic set up the network it was at least 50% women (yes, irony). - John Dupuis
Bora has some stats as of the launch here: - John Dupuis
thanks, that's a useful baseline - RepoRat
Where's the comment with the list of who's staying? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
srsly. I will release the dogs of war if they're differentially firing women and/or PoC, but I don't wanna do that until I actually know. - RepoRat
I hope they will keep the past content. - Joe
^ and static URLs of that content. - Marie
The main announcement post with the list of who remains in a comment is here: - John Dupuis from iPhone
guh, so concerned citizens are gonna hafta do the count themselves. - RepoRat
I'm in that "winding down for the year" limbo and looking for some cat vacuuming er I mean contribution to the profession something something so give me a bit and I'll see what I can pull together. - Deborah Fitchett
Thanks, Deborah. If you throw up a GSpreadsheet I'll pitch in, but doing the whole thing is too daunting for me. - RepoRat
Have so far thrown in data gleaned from Bora's original post: - Deborah Fitchett
And added in data from the comment listing who remains. First impression: the vast majority of blogs brought in by Bora are no longer running; a bunch more recent ones are in there. Of the 18 bloggers whose names we have from Bora's time whose blogs are continuing, 10/18 appear to be women based on names. This is a drop in percentage points but probably more data needed. Will try filling in some blanks. - Deborah Fitchett
best list of current (?) blogs seems to be sidebar in - RepoRat
Oh my god Google Docs what the hell are you doing to my dates. :-( Stupid USan month-day-year grumble grumble. (Even when I define it dd/mm/yyyy it won't let me *type it in* that way - converts everything I type to the wrong date.) - Deborah Fitchett
ugh, did it pick up that trick from Excel? I HATE THAT SO MUCH. You may be able to get it to stop if you explicitly define the column as text; at least, that works in Excel. - RepoRat
I want it to be a date so sortable as dates. Ended up defining as eg 13 Dec 2014 so then it's readable by every human. - Deborah Fitchett
Further impressions #1: The information in the sidebar is not consistent with the information in the blog comment and it's hard to tell what's accurate. Have tried to cite in my spreadsheet but if it was listed in the blog comment I didn't note whether or not it was listed in the sidebar. (If I've noted it as in the sidebar, that means it's not in the blog comment.) - Deborah Fitchett
Further impressions #2: If the sidebar is accurate, then most currently updated blogs are actually staying. Exceptions are: Science with Moxie; PsiVid; Doing Good Science; History of Geology; Information Culture (all updated December); and possibly Oscillator (November) and Culturing Science; Lab Rat (October). Three blogs that haven't been updated since July-Sept are listed in the blog... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Further impression #3: Of those who've posted farewell posts on the 15th Dec, 9 are women, 1 is a man, 1 is a pseudonym. <sideeye> - Deborah Fitchett
oooooooooh, that's exactly what I was afraid of. <3 <3 <3 Deborah! So, how many of the pretty-much-dead blogs posted farewell posts? - RepoRat
Not many - I may have missed some since at once point I wasn't looking for that explicitly but I think only 4: The Scicurious Brain (23 Oct 2013); Science Sushi (14 Feb 2013); EvoEcoLab (30 Dec 2012); Disease Prone (25 Apr 2012). 8 have just trailed off and another (Cargo Cult Contrarian) is still listed in the sidebar though she last posted 8 Feb 2013. - Deborah Fitchett
Correction: Of those who haven't blogged since at least September, 8 have posted farewells (including 2 today); 9 have trailed off and aren't listed as continuing; 3 are listed in the blog comment as continuing; 8 are listed in the sidebar as continuing. - Deborah Fitchett
I don't think scicurious posts anywhere but her employer now so that's unrelated. But very very interesting. Do you mind if I incorporate into a blog post? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Go for it, consider it public domain. - Deborah Fitchett
Favorite serif fonts and sans serif fonts NOT Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, or Cambria. Go!
context? I would have very different answers for a 8.5x11 document than for a presentation. - RepoRat
Yes, both, either (this is just for fun) - maʀtha
I like Candara a lot, and Constantia is growing on me. My old stand-bys are Tahoma and Trebuchet. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I have FF display in Verdana, which for some reason I like greatly for reading short bits on the computer. - laura x
Comic Serif. - Julian
Garamond and Gill Sans - jambina from iPhone
Not surprising, laura x; that's the use-case Verdana was designed for. So, um, personal idiosyncratic faves: Constantia, Palatino (yeah, yeah, I know, shaddap), Gill Sans, Futura, Diavlo (presentations only; it's an awful body-copy typeface), Optima (especially Bold), and I generally dig the design trend toward all-caps relatively narrow-width sans-serifs of various weights. - RepoRat
Perpetua is my all time favorite. I like Georgia too. And Cooper Black and Centaur. I really like Janson, in books. And Garamond of course. Bembo and Baskerville Old Face. Cheesily enough, Book Antiqua. #predictable. I don't really like san serif fonts. I mean, I am not theoretically against them but I never develop a fondness for them. - Marianne
comic serif? you jokester - maʀtha
Yes, I had heard that about Verdana. It's nice to be in line with something for once. - laura x
I love Book Antiqua, actually. I'm very partial to Caslon and Baskerville and all the old typefaces because my father ran a hobby press and those were his favorites. - laura x
Palatino Linotype as a generally-available typeface; Berkeley (which I paid for) for my own printwork, but it's NOT freely available.. Palatino is superbly readable, even if that capital Y says it wasn't designed as body type. (Yes, I have Firefox display in Palatino.) Constantia's also good. - Walt Crawford
Oh, I like Constantia, which is new to me - maʀtha
Constantia is (cough cough) a Microsoft commission, one of the "C family" (Cambria, Calibri, Candara...) designed for high on-screen legibility with ClearText. What's neat about Constantia (and I do use it sometimes) is the non-lining "text figures," pretty rare in typefaces that come with computers. - Walt Crawford
And look what I just came across: - laura x
I like Garamond and Palatino Linotype for printed materials and Geogia and Verdana for on-screen materials. - John (bird whisperer)
Garamond and Palatino when I'm feeling lazy. - Katy S
I'm a Helvetica fan from way back, but when I need a serif font I often use Palatino or Verdana. Georgia tends to be a tiny bit too round and big for my tastes, but it's pretty. I'm more into oval-shaped letters than round. I also enjoy Utopia and ITC Century because they pair nicely with Helvetica. - kaijsa
It's Laurax's birthday!!!!!
happy day! - ellbeecee
Happy Birthday Laura X!! - Hedgehog
happy birthday Ms X!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
happy birthday! - RepoRat
Many happy returns of the Xday! - Lily
Happy birthday :-) - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
X marks the birthday. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Happiest birthday to my dear friend and very favorite Laurax! May this year bring you perfect steaks, lots of sleep, and good writing time. - maʀtha
Happy birthday, Laura! - Steele Lawman
Happy birthday, comrade! - kendrak
Happy birthday! - Jen
Happy day and happy birthday too! - Galadriel C.
happy happy happy! - Jenica
Happy birthday, fellow Laurabrarian! - The First NoeLB
Have a glass of wine. No, not that size, a BIG glass of wine. You deserve it. - Stephen Francoeur
An extremely happy birthday to you! - Catherine Pellegrino
Thank you, one and all! - laura x
Happy Birthday! - Katy S
Happy birthday! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
So. SERU. Anyone signed on? Pro/con? A few folks at my library are talking about it, but I don't feel like I know enough to talk intelligently about it.
We registered. Pro: it's easy and saves a lot of time if you're working with a publisher/vendor who is also signed on. Con: have to remember to check the registry when dealing with new folks, sometimes it only applies to ridiculously specific resources. - Grumpator
Working on registering, but must be reviewed by many folks first. - Galadriel C.
I've been trying to sell this at MPOW and second handto our consortium... no love yet - Aaron the Librarian from Android
We signed on long before it would have been questioned here, so I use it when I can, but I never remember to check if it's an option. - Holly's favorite Anna
I'm very amused by people's attempts to get off of ERIL-L today
lulz. Blake's trying to help with providing instructions. Wonder if it'll work... - Marie
I have been howling about this on Twitter, so I'm sharing the love: "The peer-review scam" Includes such gems as passwords stored and emailed in plain text.
Peer review: your guide to quality literature! *headdesk* - RepoRat
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