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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
HEY! Sort of a techy question, but hopefully stupidly easy and not worth asking Code4Lib: How can I export/download all of our ContentDM stuff in bulk?
crickets - Blake
I don't know anything about contentdm but I do know it has been discussed extensively in the past months. You searched the c4l archives? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Yeah, I'm not finding much. There's this article: but it doesn't really hit the mark. - kendrak
Galadriel C.
PSA: An undetermined number of Ebrary and EBL e-books are not actually entire e-books. At a faculty member's request, we purchased an e-book via Ebrary, only to discover that some of the pages in said book are not available.
As you expand the TOC of the e-book, any chapter/section title followed by [text] means that the text isn't actually there. - Galadriel C.
According to Ebrary, this is because of publisher mandates at a title-by-title level. However, Ebrary can't give us a list of e-books that aren't actually whole e-books. - Galadriel C.
Sheesh. Thanks for the warning. I'm going to make a Twitter feed and it's just going to be called "@%$ing ebooks" and it will be full of swears. - Regular Amanda
Wow. We haven't run into this at all (likely just sheer dumb luck). But it's totally, totally bogus that such books don't come with a warning or notice of some sort, pre-purchase. Also bogus that PQ can't provide a list of titles with text missing. - Kirsten
Also, according to Ebrary: "Because publishers don't tell us that they are giving titles with removed content, right now the best option for identifying books like this is to look through them. I'm sorry there isn't an easier way. Luckily, this is a rare occurrence." - Galadriel C.
That is an unlike like. - Joe
This is so far beyond outrageous that I don't even know what to call it. - Catherine Pellegrino
lol - Meg VMeg
So...where's the discount for every time we run into this that is (at minimum) equivalent to 2x the cost of a print book so we can have 2 copies on hand as well? - Hedgehog
This may be why e-resources librarians drink. - Marie
Edited to add that this incomplete e-book issue occurs with EBL e-books too. - Galadriel C.
Can they tell you which publishers at least? So then we can set up a schedule, so that they get a call every 15 minutes for a whole workday, complaining about this? - Meg VMeg
According to Ebrary support, they don't have a list of publishers that provide incomplete e-books. However, I've sent a note to our rep to learn more and request more details. - Galadriel C.
This is wack. - Steele Lawman
And there goes the idea that vendors are looking out for us. (I mean, if it's that rare, couldn't they have started a list? Bet both they and the publishers hoped we wouldn't notice.) - barbara fister
that is beyond bogus. maybe we can crowdsource a list and then name-and-shame the publishers. - RepoRat
Publishers negotiated/paid for just print reproduction rights for the relevant essays. Assholes. - DJF from Android
Satan invented permissions to tormet us. - barbara fister
Something something open access noncommercial - DJF from Android
In further correspondence with Ebrary, their prevailing theme is that because this is infrequent, it's not a big deal. What?!? I. Can't. Even. This is such unbelievably poor customer service and an awful user experience. - Galadriel C.
you didn't get what you paid for, and it's not a big deal? wtf? - RepoRat
If you were an individual, rather than an institution, this would be totally call-the-credit-card-initiate-a-chargeback territory. - Catherine Pellegrino
I know, right? I will be looking at our license agreement next week. We do not have the time or staff to review every single ebook to make sure it's complete and then track refund requests. - Galadriel C.
Is that the actual message from Ebrary, with the word "luckily"? As if the pages are accidentally missing and they accidentally sold it to you anyway. Luck should not be involved here! - Megan loves summer
Yes Megan, that's an excerpt from an Ebrary support message. - Galadriel C. from Android
that is some straight-up boolsheet. - RepoRat
That's nuts. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
gah - maʀtha
Gah indeed - this is crap. - Jen
Dandy. - Heather
Galadriel, are you on ERIL-L or SERIALST? I'm curious to see what kind of response you'd get there. I know publishers monitor both. Let's raise a stink! - Holly's favorite Anna
Whoa - Christina Pikas from iPhone
o_O wtf kinda crap ass bs is this?? i respected ebrary for the most part, but this...this is some serious crazy crap - Sir Shuping is just sir
Even before this, ebrary was a waste of electromagnetism - DJF from Android
Anna - I'm on ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L and am planning to post. I'm just waiting for further another response from Ebrary after elevating the issue from support to our rep. Yes! Raising a stick is certainly warranted! - Galadriel C. from Android
Let me know when someone posts on this and I will signal boost the crap out of it. That's beyond outrageous, it's straight up fraud IMO. - Andy
will watch for your post on liblicense-l and raise sh*t at mpow. - jambina
Apparently the issue is because of copyrighted content not being released for e-publication and its becoming a "smaller and smaller problem." Yet, our users have reported 3 incomplete ebooks since last week. Posts to listservs coming tomorrow or Wednesday! - Galadriel C. from Android
I just happened on this tweet, which I think may involve people who aren't in the conversation going on here, but is definitely related: - Catherine Pellegrino
I just tried the "refer to print version" search in ebrary and 30 books we own showed up in the search results. 29 included omitted figures and illustrations and the 30th was the book above that excludes entire chapters. - Galadriel C.
And it gets curiouser and curiouser for now the Ebrary e-book mysteriously includes all previously missing content with no notice or further explanation. (This isn't go to stop the listserv post from happening though!) - Galadriel C.
"cheese it, the cops! I mean, the librarians!" - RepoRat
This can also happen in Gale Virtual Reference Library. We bought the multi-volume American Decades: Primary Sources from them, only to find that in a significant number of cases, the introduction to the primary source was there, but the primary source itself was not. When we realized this we stamped our feet and complained, with the results you might expect. - JffKrlsn
Most of the talk here has been about Ebrary, which we don't use at MPOW, but I can confirm that at least one book from EBL is missing chapters (Introducing Don DeLillo edited by Frank Lentricchia, Duke UP). (EDITED: we haven't actually bought it yet, but it's in our catalogue for PDA purchase) - Megan loves summer
Just to follow-up on Megan's note, that yes, this problem does indeed apply to all e-book aggregators. We found the above example in Ebrary, but ProQuest has confirmed that EBL is also impacted but continues to note that it's not a big deal because it's not common. As it turns out the faculty member that requested the book above is acquainted with the book's author and the faculty member has alerted the author of this problem. Per the faculty member, the author is not pleased. - Galadriel C.
I found 5 books missing images in our ebrary collection and 26 books missing content in our myilibrary collection (all images except for one book missing four poems). - DJF from Android
It's a while before my next deadline, but I haven't gotten in any trouble for a while, so I'm thinking about writing this up for my next LJ column, unless it's resolved by then. Would y'all be okay with that (it's fine if not)? Would you want yourself and/or your institution mentioned? Would it be okay if the column linked to this thread? - RepoRat
Silence = consent? - JffKrlsn from Android
RR - please do! I will also forward you a copy of the list post once it is sent. - Galadriel C.
Thank you, Galadriel! (Anyone else, please feel free to object! I will not be upset in any way if you do!) - RepoRat
Does anyone have an EBL example? Our rep says it's only for ebrary content, but your responses indicate otherwise. Thank you Galadriel and all - you do a great service by sharing this information. - Jen
Hey Jen - the above book had missing content in both Ebrary and EBL last week. We bought the Ebrary version and previewed the EBL version to check across platforms when we discovered the EBL problem. Unfortunately, I don't have screen shots. I don't know if the content appeared in EBL as it did in Ebrary this week though. Also, you're most welcome! - Galadriel C. from Android
The book's title, interestingly enough, is The Corporate Responsibility Code Book by Deborah Leipziger. Per the faculty member at MPOW work that knows the author, the author was not happy to learn that some of the content was missing in the e-book. - Galadriel C. from Android
I'm not speaking on behalf of my institution here, but would love to see the thread in an LJ article. - Megan loves summer
Oh, and I have a screenshot from EBL (Introducing Don DeLillo), which is missing a couple of chapters. Let me know if you want it. - Megan loves summer
Megan - if your up for sharing the screenshot, I would be happy to include it in the listserv post that I'm working on! - Galadriel C.
Galadriel--which listserv, if you don't mind me asking? - YvonneM
ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L as well as the list for the Boston Library Consortium's Heads of Resource Management community of interest that I'm a part of because the BLC has a pilot consortial PDA with Ebrary. I was planning to post last week, but the situation keeps changing and becoming more bizarre and I didn't want to post right before the holiday weekend. - Galadriel C.
checking in RE posting, has the post posted? - maʀtha
Not yet, I'll post here once it has been sent! - Galadriel C.
Depositing articles into Institutional repositories isn't Open Access because it usually isn't CC-BY?
Must say I am so confused on practical matters beyond definitional issues. So for Pre-prints you can generally choose the licenses you want including CC-BY, while for post prints and final versions you are limited to what the publishers allow and almost always they don't allow CC-BY? - aaron
Say for example i have a paper in Library Management and I check Sherpa-romeo it says okay post-print in IRs. Can I use CC-BY or any other CC license (CC-BY-NC etc) for that matter? - aaron
The whole piece starts from the wrong perspective. It sets up an opposition between journal-mediated OA and repository-mediated OA on the basis that repositories can't choose licenses. Repositories can, of course, choose licenses (or let authors do so) if they ensure that authors retain sufficient rights. Whether its done through journals or repositories, getting liberal licensing requires some political will on part of the community to tell publishers how its going to be. - Cameron Neylon
Short answer: To post anything anywhere under any license you need the rights to do so. If you've given them away you can't. If you don't give them away you can. There is some confusion over whether differing versions of the manuscript are subject to copyright transfer agreements. - Cameron Neylon
My frustration is that the tenor of the argument (publishers are pushing for CC BY) is absolutely wrong. The traditional publishers are pushing for CC NC with them owning the copyright. Picking fights amongst ourselves over licensing, rather than working together to ensure authors retain copyright is playing right into their hands. - Cameron Neylon
I have to say, though, I'm with Royster on "the OA movement has repeatedly and callously screwed IR managers and libraries." But you knew that. - RepoRat
...not all OA advocates</sarcasm>...or is that</irony>? not sure... - Cameron Neylon
...but more seriously, a lot of that screwing has come from precisely the people pushing Royster's agenda (and a lot from others not pushing that agenda to be fair). But I don't see why we can't celebrate Royster's success (and others) as a model that takes us some distance but not the whole way. While exploring the options for going the whole way through repositories (via rights retention and licensing) and through journals and licensing. - Cameron Neylon
Put it this way. Elsevier folks are approvingly retweeting Poynder on this... - Cameron Neylon
Well, I agree, Cameron, but Paul's right that this is exactly what SPARC and the CC-BYnauts refuse to do. (I will say that I do *not* understand Paul's infatuation with H-rn-d. If there's a more anti-library voice anywhere in OA, it's Poynder himself.) - RepoRat
As for "Royster's agenda," it strikes me as an "actually get shit done" agenda, and I approve... especially having been hamstrung by my own workplaces as far as the shit they would actually allow me to get done. Now, what Royster doesn't completely get is that his success is rather sui generis -- even I, whose skills parallel his, couldn't do what he has -- but he's 100% right that he got shit done because he blew all the way past the parameters of what an IR is "supposed" to do. - RepoRat
Yeh, sorry, "agenda" is a loaded term and I shouldn't have used it. And I completely agree with the "gsd" idea. But I can't help but feel that he is over-reacting to a mis-interpretation of the SPARC position (exacerbated to be fair by anti-repo folks, who in turn are frustrated by non-delivery by many IRs which in turn is due to a lack of institutional support/vision/understanding). - Cameron Neylon
...or to put it another way, everyone is frustrated by the limitations of progress. While in fact in diverse ways there is lots of progress. But the frustration has us shouting at each other rather than combining to take on the real problem. - Cameron Neylon
True enough. I still think Royster is more sinned against than sinning, however. - RepoRat
Yeh, I don't know the history there. But I was there in Kansas City. Heather's point was always that with good progress towards public access we need to ensure that traditional publishers don't grab a rhetorical position around equating ability to read with 'Open Access' and from there to the idea that we're finished. It's precisely about combatting CHORUS and trad publisher initiatives... more... - Cameron Neylon
tl;dr I think we're burning a lot of energy on each other rather than focussing it where needed. And Poynder seems to fan the flames. What we'll be left with is some good repositories where we can read stuff and everything else is CC NC with copyright held by Elsevier. - Cameron Neylon
Agree that we need to focus on authors who should keep the copyright. However, from surveys I've seen, most/many authors would want to license their work CC-BY-NC, so in a way it is a positive for many OA publishers to license their works as CC-BY. - Joe
Of only it were the case that AUTHORS retained control over the commercial uses when journals publish with the CC-BY-NC license. Usually, it's the publisher that retains control over future commercial uses. - DJF from Android
Which points to the real root problem, IMO: ignorance, mostly though not exclusively among faculty. (I ain't never gon' get over Mike "can't trust IRs! they're run by libraries! let's put everything in arXiv!" Taylor.) - RepoRat
" If there's a more anti-library voice anywhere in OA, it's Poynder himself." Sigh and I thought I was finally starting to understand the complexities of Open Access by reading through the State of Open Access interviews. Poynder reads very librarian friendly to me, a newbie to this area..... harnad makes sense to me though dont get the repetition thing he does. - aaron
"What we'll be left with is some good repositories where we can read stuff and everything else is CC NC with copyright held by Elsevier." Sorry, another newbie question. This is bad because? datamining? - aaron
This is bad because authors are the ones who should have the final say in how their work is used, not Elsevier. And the model you quote eliminates A LOT of uses. A friend of mine just published an edited collection of papers on bioethics, and she had to leave out a core article because the PUBLISHER wanted too high a licensing fee. Which means that the original author isn't being read. - DJF from Android
Poynder's interviewees are well-selected and the interviews are worth reading, but he can certainly slant a question when he wants to. (Shieber in particular calls him on it several times.) He also periodically writes some damn thing slamming libraries for Not Doing Enough for OA. I largely quit reading everything except his interviews in, like, 2008 or so because of that. When POYNDER loses a career for caring too much about OA, he can tell me I ain't done enough. Until then, he can STFU. - RepoRat
@Aaron So some (many) authors don't want commercial use of their work and so they get slanted towards an NC license. If they hold the rights then I'm kind of ok with this because when we convince them of the one true way (TM) they have the option to relicense. Or if someone comes along with a commercial use that they like they can specifically license that. Not great, but not so bad.... more... - Cameron Neylon
Cameron, I've come to the conclusion that owning the copyright is a red herring. It's common for large publishers to say, "author keeps the copyright, we publish it NC, and we are the ones who license commercial uses." So I talk about control and decision-making, not copyright, because it's me general and avoids the confusion caused by publishers going for the "author retains copyright" checkbox. - DJF from Android
@DJF, yes you're quite right. We've just changed wording in an updated version of the Open Access Spectrum for precisely that reason. 'Author retains full rights to assign rights' is a bit of a mouthful though :-) - Cameron Neylon
Hey, is it time for a new LSW room tagline?
How about- this tag line is intentionally left blank. - Joe
Catherine Pellegrino: "Today I weeded a rock from the ready-reference collection at my library." - RepoRat
For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. - Galadriel C. from Android
okay, Galadriel's just cracked me up. - RepoRat
Seconded. - Julian
Definitely Galadriel's. - Catherine Pellegrino
Fourthed. - Walt Crawford
All in favor, say "aye." - Julian
Aye. - Joe
We now move this matter to committee... - Julian
Don't we need to discuss which committee this moves to? - Joe
I nominate Galadriel as Chair of the Tagline Committee for 2014-2015. - Marie
Seconded. - RepoRat
Thirded. - Joe
Eh... it's her baby now. - Julian
(I love this thread) - Betsy
Aye, aye. - laura x from iPhone
well done, people! - maʀtha
will someone with powers please make the change? - maʀtha
Someone? Bueller? - Kirsten
*WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE ACTIVATED* The tagline is now 'For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition' What a great idea of mine. - Pete : Team Marina
LOL - maʀtha
I think lris and Steve have admin privies. - Joe
So she's chair of the committee responsible for setting the tagline, but she doesn't have the authority to do so. Typical. - DJF
The actually work is appointed to the tagline subcommittee. - Galadriel C.
I like this entire thread. - maʀtha
is tagline one word or two? I think it should be "tag line." What style guide are we referring to? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"tagline" - maʀtha
We've just been told that our campus website platform is moving to Drupal. I'm looking for some libraries who use this for their sites so we can see examples of what we can do. Any pros/cons/FYIs would also be appreciated.
There are some examples in the FleetThought portfolio -- -- since one of the Jarrells is a librarian, they have libraries as customers. :) - Jenica
Oh, there are some lovely sites linked from there. Thank you! - GretelSK
Digital-library platforms built on Drupal include Islandora and Mukurtu, so checking out their sites for installation lists might help you too. - RepoRat
Ours is on Drupal, though I wouldn't hold it up as a paragon of anything: also, LibGuides is built on Drupal, if I'm not mistaken. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod examples. I don't think LibGuides is built on Drupal. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
million happy to help - Blake
Thank you very much! This gives us something to work with. - GretelSK
as far as pros/cons: Pro super flexible and great possibilities for organizing info/display with faceted approach IF an IA sets it up to leverage that. Cons: UI pretty tricky for non-techies unless it is customized. - Laura Norvig
One thing you'll want to get sorted out with your campus is whether you'll have to fit your library content into the templates/pages that are available to the whole campus, or whether you'll have the freedom to design templates/pages that work better for the specific functions that you'll need as a library. Our campus's default page designs were emphatically NOT going to work for us as... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Here's an odd OA counterfactual idea: imagine if scholarly publishing worked like literary and short fiction publishing: publishers pay authors (admittedly, not much) for first publication rights only, with six months exclusive, and future republication requires that the original journal be cited ("this article first publish in...."). The...
The article is publicly visible, or not, in the publisher's site at their whim, but all rights are reserved, and belong to the author. That would piss off both the OA advocates and the publishers. - DJF from Android
Doesn't seem so bad to me. Authors still have option to license as OA. - RepoRat
That's actually fairly common (I'd almost say "standard") for nonfiction serial publishing as well--freelancers are paid for one-time rights, *maybe* with a six-month exclusive, *maybe* with citation on republishing. (Usually, you'd tweak the material before reselling it to another publisher, so the issue wouldn't arise.) And authors retain copyright. - Walt Crawford
One difference: with some magazines, the payment isn't a pittance. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
LJ must be really proud of its latest bad pun--"What Are You Weighting For?" is repeated THREE TIMES at the top of "Latest Articles" (your results may vary):
Anyone else seeing a big price increase from SIAM for their online journal membership? We're looking at a 31% increase for our November renewal.
I'm finding this particularly interesting in light of the email they sent in August: "For more than 60 years, a subscription to a SIAM journal meant a print subscription. In 1997 SIAM began offering its journals electronically, but users continued to want print copies for their libraries, and it made sense to list prices for the print journals. Today, however, the popularity and convenience of electronic publishing has largely displaced print versions. Therefore, beginning in 2015, all SIAM journal subscriptions will be priced to the electronic version and print subscriptions will be available only as an optional add-on at cost. This shift more accurately reflects our subscribers’ needs and is also more environmentally friendly. Thank you for your continued support of SIAM and our mission to advance the communication of mathematical and computational science research not just to the engineering, industrial, and scientific communities that we specifically serve, but to society as a... more... - Kirsten
<cynical>"We don't want to sell print-only because it lets libraries do an end-run around our inflated e-journal pricing."</cynical> - RepoRat
Have not heard. SIAM has generally been pretty library friendly - seeking lots of input on ways to offer their ebooks, for example. - Christina Pikas
Megan loves summer
For those who haven't seen: Inside Higher Ed piece on faculty members criticizing Oxford e-books (which I always thought were rather ok-ish):
All summer, I *knew* intellectually that I'd finished my degree, and that I wouldn't have to do the school/work two-step this fall, for the first time in 3 years - but it wasn't until I was walking home tonight, at the end of the first day of the academic year where I work, that I really FELT IT down to my bones.... I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had so much free time this weekend! I had so much free time *today*! I was happy and interested and intellectually engaged at work all day, never overwhelmed or anxious at how few brain cells I had left (even though it was a crummy day physically, and involved a lot of saving my strength - but it didn't seep over into panic - BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO PANIC ABOUT)! HOORAY. - Marianne
High fives! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Yay. :-) - Megan loves summer
Walt Crawford
Just stumbled across one of the damnedest "library science" papers I've seen, one that proves conclusively, absolutely, positively that print books cannot survive...apparently because some writers have said so. Uses the "falsifiability theory."
I may be reading it badly. Or it may be badly...never mind. It will not be included in my next "death of books" roundup, if there is one. That would require making full sense of it, a task I don't think I'm up to. - Walt Crawford
I tried to look at it again. Apparently the author believes that "survival of print books" is a scientific theory that can be falsified because some authors say so. I think I'm developing a headache... - Walt Crawford
Megan loves summer
Further to the EBL / Ebrary books-missing-bits thread: here is a screenshot of an EBL book from Duke UP that was in our PDA catalogue (now removed so that it's not accidentally purchased). It says that Duke doesn't hold electronic rights to the material, but apparently EBL sees fit to sell it anyway.
I am gobsmacked. - barbara fister
I wonder if this is a gross mishandling of international copyright? - lris
Isn't this one of the same titles that was mentioned in the other thread? EDIT: oh wait, it was Megan who mentioned it, in exactly this situation. Nothing to see here, please move along... - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, sorry, just made a new thread for the screenshot - Megan loves summer
Just unbelievable. - Galadriel C.
This is one of the problems with big deals. It's really hard to be sure we're geting what we think we're getting and what we're getting changes. - barbara fister
John Dupuis
For those that are interested, I ranted a little OA rant on twitter:
OA Hulk just retweeted it in toto. - RepoRat
Thanks. The ACM thing was just killing me. - John Dupuis
Another slightly unhinged rant: - John Dupuis
Thank you for doing that. I've been preaching "libraries shouldn't be subsidizing non-publishing society activities" for years now, not that anybody's listening. You may have a wider audience and definitely a more succinct style. - Walt Crawford
Come to think of it, on Twitter at least, you *definitely* have a much wider audience. - Walt Crawford
Thanks, Walt. Hard to compare Twitter vs C&I, but it's probably at least a different audience. And thank you for all your work on OA. - John Dupuis
Rants collected for your reading pleasure: - John Dupuis
Liking this again. - Joe
Apparently it's going to be a trilogy. Third installment later this week. - John Dupuis
Per LJ, Ferguson PL's selectors set up a Powell's wishlist. There's still stuff on it nobody's gotten for them.
Bump. Weirdly, my tweet about this got picked up by a couple of connectors and went viral. Pretty sure it got some books bought for Ferguson, at least! - RepoRat
Deborah Fitchett
Ooh, IngentaConnect make a distinction between "Free content" and "Open access content"! Haven't checked if they make a correct distinction, because I'm trying to find an example of them linking to our link resolver to see if it works.
To our users, there is no distinction? Unless "free content" means "free for short time only". - aaron
If you're just wanting to read it right now, there's no distinction. OA generally gives additional rights re distributing and/or remixing etc. But I glanced at one OA example and couldn't see mention of CC or other licenses, nor could I find in the short time I allotted my search any explanation of their definitions, so it's anybody's guess. - Deborah Fitchett
"free content": we, the publisher, are giving this content away as a promotional thing, you are not allowed to redistribute it. "open access": the author, or we, have published under an OA license of some sort, reuse and redistribution are allowed. - DJF
or, that's how I'd interpret the distinction. - DJF
There's Gratis OA, wouldn't even "promotional" stuff (assuming it is permanent, often it isn't) be considered OA? I've been also reading about "delayed Gold", where journals commit to releasing articles from paywalls after x mths on their own websites. Anyway in terms of link resolvers, I think generally it is used to link to articles for reading so it shouldn't make any difference... more... - aaron
I go by the definition of the OA that is "digital, online, free of charge, and free of (most) license restrictions", so free-to-access isn't enough in my book if it's not also at *least* free-to-redistribute. For link resolver purposes, absolutely, doesn't make a whit of difference. But for (for example) my @freeasinsmiles OA-resource-a-day I take a stricter approach. - Deborah Fitchett
Christina Pikas
I am amazed - on a listserv (posts weirdly arriving out of order) someone actually defended a publisher for obvious exchange rate profiteering because they fund events at SLA. I can't even.
exchange rate profiteering is when a (mostly) UK publisher charges US the highest the dollar was for the entire year - even if only at that level for an hour. So say it's usually 1:1.1 but one day something weird happens and it's 1:1.8. they'd charge the 1.8 for the year. - Christina Pikas
And so odd that someone would use the word "profiteering" in their defense of it. Seems like you'd be a little more weaselly about it. Maybe they don't know what it means? - Meg VMeg
I would like to see what the budget of the IOP is. This person noted "I doubt, based on the information I know, that society publishers are making 30%+ profit annually." The ACS is probably close to that number. I would not be surprised if the IOP gets close to the percentage of what the ACS pockets for other society functions and for their endowment. - Joe
I just responded to the list. Wonder how the publisher will respond. I bet they don't like me as much now. But, it seemed odd that no one was asking the question wondering how much profit that they are putting back into the society. - Joe
Many seem to think that it is ok that libraries are supporting non-publishing activities of societies. Because society members are in our institutions, so it comes back to help the institution in the end? (The University doesn't have to pay as much to register 3 faculty members for a conference?) What about all of the subscribers to a journal who don't have members, but still have to... more... - Joe
Well, I think there's a teensy distinction worth respecting: it's usually nunuvourbizness really what anybody does with the money paid for the literature. When it STARTS being our business is when we're being massively overcharged and f***ed over and told "it's okay that we're f***ing you over, because we're a SCHOLARLY SOCIETY!" That is just F***ED. UP. - RepoRat
I'm with Joe and John on this. If we want to support the society, we can become institutional members of the society and/or increase the number of our employees who are members and support their activities in the organization. When we pay for the literature, that's what we should get, plus a little saved for archiving, to save up for the next tech refresh, etc. I seem to remember that's what APS does. - Christina Pikas
FWIW, I just checked with our ethics about a springer event to be held at the peabody with free lunch and cocktails. I have to pay for anything over $20 and then get MPOW to reimburse. Pretty sure I should be doing that at conferences, too. Looking at a publisher favorably because they bought be a drink last summer is soooo not ethical, imo. - Christina Pikas
It's acceding to bribery, not so? - RepoRat
Seems like it but a least two people on the list made it sound like it was the opposite. I wonder if the vendors thought they were buying me? I hope not. I listened to their pitches and I maybe had more information about their products, but I tried to be as fair as possible. - Christina Pikas
Whatever they thought... you are, like, the last person I can imagine succumbing to payola. - RepoRat
I went to 4Cs, a conference for writing instructors, in Atlanta a few years ago. The textbook publishers ran busses to the ball park that they had hired. Tons of food, open bar, you could use the batting cages, and students pay $60 for their writing handbooks. Full disclosure: I have done freelance work for this publisher, but I was struck by the irony of hungry grad students and... more... - barbara fister
Which, of course, is the very dilemma that library associations face, using funds from Elsevier to put on conferences where librarians grab swag and then make speeches about evil Elsevier. And we wonder why we get absued by big publishing. They figure we don't mean it. And we keep cutting those big checks. - barbara fister
The IOP does put on good receptions throughout the conference. Many people may view the association in a favorable light because of the way libns are treated. - Joe
Oh, I thought exchange rate profiteering was when a US publisher charges $19 in the US for a book, and £19 in UK, and €19 in the rest of Europe. - April Russo
That is one way to do it. - Joe
Freeda B.
Did something change with Google News? I'm testing out some searches for a class, looking for news reporting about the 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike. I'm trying to find news reports from September 2012, so I'm limiting by a custom date range and nothing is coming up. Is this just me?
Huh...I can duplicate the no-results here. - Hedgehog
I found one result, and even extending it out through September didn't add a more results - ellbeecee
Apparently it won't work past a month. From their help: "For date ranges earlier than the past 30 days, use Google Web Search." I'm not sure when this happened. - barbara fister
Ah - it went away when they ditched their news archive program. - barbara fister
Georgia State University Library releases Library Instruction Recorder plugin as Open Source | University Library Blog -
Georgia State University Library releases Library Instruction Recorder plugin as Open Source | University Library Blog
Hey, look at the neat thing we built! - ellbeecee from Bookmarklet
Our two liaison librarian positions are posted! Please pass on to awesome job-seekers.
p.s. Hello from Finland! - kaijsa
*waves* - Marie
Hi, Finland! Also, I wish I could move back to Wyoming. Also, if you apply for these jobs, you will work with seriously awesome people. - laura x
I'd apply if I could teleport - maʀtha
Popping in from Iceland to thank you, Laura. We would like you to move back, too. - kaijsa
▶ The Many Stations of Book Preservation - YouTube -
Here's a training video for the ages. Harold B. Lee strikes again. - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
This is ridiculously awesome. - Zamms
Damn, they're good. - Kirsten
That's almost as good as their new website: - Stephen Francoeur
Registration now open for Potomac Technical Processing Librarians 90th Annual Meeting: Reimagining Technical Services (17 October 2014):
It is being held in Annapolis near the Reynolds Tavern for all your afternoon tea or ale needs: - Zamms
About | Sciencescape -
Anybody used this before? We're getting targeted emails. - Hedgehog from Bookmarklet
They're pretty aggressive. A Toronto startup, they presented on campus about a year ago. Looks interesting. - John Dupuis
Here they actually targeted the AD Research in the Faculty of Science, so they're probably doing that at your place too. - John Dupuis
We need to ship some archival documents. They want to use banker boxes (20-30), but it looks like FedEx and UPS aren't keen on banker boxes. I need to order the boxes today. What should I be looking at?
The feds seem to like this one:, but I don't know what FedEx and UPS think. - L to tha B
Hmm, I was really hoping to not spend too much money on the boxes. That looks good but quite pricey. - kendrak
When we ship things for microfilming, we just use whatever shipping sorts of boxes are around. - L to tha B
We recycle our book-order boxes for this kind of thing. sturdy... and free (well, not couting the charges for the original books and shipping) - Aaron the Librarian
We have to order them to be delivered to the site and then filled and shipped to us. - kendrak
Looks like libraryh3lp just went down...
dl3ɥʎɹɐɹqıl - Betsy
LOL - maʀtha
Gotta love that timing. - RepoRat
Funky. We have our chat reference through (LibraryH3lp's sister service), and the web interface is definitely down, but we seem to be able to handle chats through third-party clients (i.e., Pidgin) just fine. - Catherine Pellegrino
it is back! - maʀtha
libraryh3lp - Betsy
Smithsonian is looking for a library technician. AND NOW YOU KNOW!
Catherine Pellegrino
Today I weeded a rock from the ready-reference collection at my library. A rock. As in, a piece of the earth. I can haz go home now?
Maybe it went missing from the geology section. - John Dupuis
was it barcoded? - Marie
We don't have a geology section. It wasn't barcoded; it's a ROCK. As in, someone brought it in from outside and left it at the desk. IT'S JUST A ROCK. And I'm weeding it, dammit. - Catherine Pellegrino
Rocks are people too. Maybe a natural history museum in the neighbourhood needs another one? - John Dupuis
I double-dog dare you to make up a story about that rock so good that it eventually ends up with its own Wikipedia page. - RepoRat
A weeded rock gathers no dust? - Meg VMeg
I'm thinking it could be the start of a new special collection. Buy a display case, make a bunch of little labels ... profit. - John Dupuis
Imperial College London has a Rock Library: Now I want one too. (Yes, I'm the earth sciences librarian among many other things...) - John Dupuis
Will you count it in the stats as one volume withdrawn? - Marie
Did you check with the faculty? They might use that rock all the time. - Steele Lawman
You have to keep it forever and forever. It's the Rock of Ages. - Betsy
Please put it outside before yo ubash someone in here on the head with it? - Aaron the Librarian actually looks like it might be a pretty good skipping rock, so I think I'll toss it into the lake at lunchtime to find out. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
I am a rock, I am an iiiiiiiii-hi-hi-land. Toss me in the lake? - Uli
Ah but does it carry bacteria from another world that will now forever change the lake? :-p - Hedgehog
The rock has been deaccessioned. Into the (artificial) lake. That is all. - Catherine Pellegrino
Quick! Rescue party! Are there any photographs to aid identification? - John Dupuis
Melissa M
Anyone know of any channels to get donations of (up-to-date) English-language engineering books for a collection at a Phnom Penh university?
A regular patron, a Japanese ex-pat, knows some fellow Japanese people who are setting up a library at this Cambodian's not quite clear to me, but the upshot is that they want free engineering books in English, which seems pretty far-fetched, but what do I know, so I thought I'd ask here. - Melissa M
Huh. I wonder if there's an engineering society or association that would like to take this on as their own personal ice bucket challenge? - laura x
At least that would be a place to point them to, thanks! - Melissa M
if they wanted journalism books, I could say yes. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
If you know anybody who would be an awesome Head of Acquisitions at Cal, forward this to them:
Hmmm - Marie
Seriously, tell everybody! - kendrak
'H'institches #TeamMarina
I need another genre/category for my kids reading challenge. I've got:
Award winners, Animals, Around the world (books set in other countries), Biographies, Classics, Crime/Mystery, Dark Fantasy (a la Twilight), Fantasy, Funny, HIstorical, Issues (social problems), Relationships (friends, family, romance), Scary, Sci-fi and Thrillers. Any suggestions? - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
wondering about adding poetry to the list (but I've not got a load of poetry books and am unlikely to be able to update them any time soon) - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Do you have enough books for a "Science" category? - Marianne
What about some sort of practical or how-to category, to include things like cookbooks, sewing, computer repair, photography, and the like? - Kirsten
My English dept are pretty focussed on it being fiction *sigh* I've also not got enough graphic novels yet so can't use that either :-( - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Mythology - technically in nonfiction, but the English department might go for it. I'd also include folklore and fantasy tales if they'll accept it. - Katy S
Ooh, and we could include modern re-tellings of fairy-tales too ;-) Great idea, thanks Katy! - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Exactly! Very English curriculum friendly material that most teachers want their students to know about. It definitely supports a literature curriculum. - Katy S
how much does "horror" overlap with "dark fantasy" in your collection? - RepoRat
Dark fantasy is what I call Twilight, Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries and all that stuff. Scary is your more horror-type stuff, Darren Shan, Charlie Higson, Dave Gatward. I know there's a lot of cross-over but it's all about finding access points for the kids. Helping them to find something they like, and moving them on beyond Dairy of a Wimpy Kid! - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
My eyes skipped right over Scary -- my bad! - RepoRat
Sports/Games? Although a lot of that might fall into Biography of individual people or History of a sport. Ack, wait, if the focus is fiction I'm not sure if there's a lot of Sports fiction for kids? - Regular Amanda
Yeah, I used to have sport, but other than some really bad football books there isn't a lot out there. I've managed to argue for biographies so that the sporty kids can at least get something from there :-) - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Might not fit, but School Fiction? Like, Psmith books or Stalky & Co., you know, stuff set at school. - RepoRat
Pete's got his own books? ;-) - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Harry Potter fits in School Fiction. - Betsy
I could totally see Pete as Psmith, actually. Similar demeanors. - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
Wow. Now we have The Authoritative Word on the history and near-term future of OA publishing, and all for the low, low price of $2,500. Guess I'll miss it. Anyone who winds up with access to this Simba thing want to check on whether the timeline is accurate? (I know how I'd bet...)...
In case the link didn't show up: - Walt Crawford
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