Anyone in LSW done any research in information science? I'm taking a course in it this semester after taking one last semester and find myself really intrigued by it. I also wish I'd been exposed to this earlier in my studies; I might have taken different classes. Hrm.
It's a rather broad term. What specifically are you studying? Link to syllabus? - RepoRat
I think I'm drawn to the needs of users, UI, how people search, information retrieval, cognitive aspects, Kuhlthau and Dervin stuff. Syllabus is in Moodle...might have to DM it to since I can't link to it. - Derrick
Heh. For most of that I'm totally the wrong person to ask because I don't believe a goddamn word of it. :) I can get you started on usability testing, however, and for info retrieval, I recommend you keep up with Jonathan Rochkind's blog and the Forward blog from UW. - RepoRat
Noted, and thanks! - Derrick
seeing as how i'm doing a phd in information science, yeah, i do research in it. i think they draw you in with the information behavior stuff but there's a lot more cool stuff to research. Make up your own mind about the cognitive approach vs. the philosophical approach - Christina Pikas
I should say that I think bibliometrics, when it's done honestly, is tha shiznit, and so is network analysis. :) - RepoRat