Does anybody have a list of the sort of content that should be on *every* library website? Hours, address, etc.? I'm putting together training for library directors and I'd like to have a checklist - something they can use to evaluate whether their library is following best practices. Anybody know of one that's already in existence?
Does INFLUX have something? This, at least, might help: http://weareinflux.com/onepage... - Jenica
Excellent! We are even considering hiring them to get us all prettified in the next year or two - but I never thought of them - I'll check! - WebGoddess
I... actually haven't seen a library website that has too *little* content. :-) - Deborah Fitchett
True, Deborah, but some of ours don't have their address, or their hours - they have plenty of content, just not the *right* content! I'll certainly discuss content weeding and talking to patrons to see what they actually use, but I'd like to have a baseline - "even if you have nothing else on your website, you should have this" to give them. - WebGoddess
I don't think our site meets any minimum criteria. I wonder what that should be? - kendrak
Oh, wow. Perhaps Onepager would be worth looking at? The site itself seems to have been removed but the blogpost about it is still informative. (And I've used the cartoon at https://xkcd.com/773/ - although/because it's not specifically about libraries - as a nice way to start discussions if people are (likely to be) sceptical.) - Deborah Fitchett
That's what I'm looking for but am afraid doesn't exist, Kendra - a set of basic *this information is really necessary* standards for library websites. I don't really see much for any websites, really. @Deborah - thanks for those pointers - the XKCD comic will almost certainly go on my slide for when I talk about this during training!! - WebGoddess
When we updated the library homepage to have today's hours of opening for all the branches right there, we got more positive feedback than for any other change we have ever made. - DJF from Android
Deborah: When I was surveying public library social network use, I probably saw at least a hundred library websites that didn't bother to mention what state the library was in, and lots with no address. - walt crawford
Please please please say on the front page what town your library is in. I shouldn't have to dig for it. - bentley
Well, yeah, the town too. That omission was a lot less frequent than the state, but it did happen. - walt crawford
Default the search to catalog not the website please! - Hedgehog
Ah, here the town name *is* the library name, and we don't have states, so... Hmm, thinking of my must-have list it'd include: library hours, physical and postal address, catalogue search, online renewing, contact info for queries. Borrowing/fine/membership/donation policies are up there, and maybe ILL. - Deborah Fitchett
D'oh, I see I didn't include the link re Onepager - it's http://www.walkingpaper.org/3998 - Deborah Fitchett
This is all really helpful - we are consistently surprised (which may say something about our optimism) at the number of libraries who don't have phone numbers or addresses on their home page. I will create the checklist for my training, but I'll share it here, too, since it seems to be in demand... ;) - WebGoddess
And thanks for the link, Deborah - I'd noticed the Onepager demo site was down but didn't realize Aaron had a good write-up on it on his blog. Thanks for that! - WebGoddess
How would the xkcd comic look for public libraries? academic libraries? - aaron
Does anyone have more to add to the stuff you want all libraries to include? This is the minimum every library in KS should have on their site - so some stuff has been excluded intentionally... https://docs.google.com/documen... Any comments or suggestions for other stuff to add (within reason!!) would be welcomed! - WebGoddess
Don't know if this has been mentioned, but it drives me batty when libraries list their phone number, but with no *area code*. Like they'll never be called from out of area! Granted, Iowa only has three area codes, but annoying nonetheless. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Good point, Louise - I've added it!! - WebGoddess