Christina Pikas
anyone having trouble with RSS feeds from ScienceDirect - can you confirm that you're only seeing this in Google Reader?
I only use G-Reader so no idea whether it's happening elsewhere, but yes, keep getting content from journals other than what are actually subscribed to. Elsevier has responded on Twitter, saying they're working on it, but that was Sept. 30. - Kirsten
I am emailing with someone from Elsevier who used to be the product manager for it (he's now moved on to SciVerse)... they can't find anyone who can recreate the problem outside of google reader and they can't find anything wrong so they're thinking it's something on that end. - Christina Pikas
I emailed Elsevier and tweeted them about this last week and they acknowledged it was a problem and said they were working on it. They also called me Kevin. - kendrak
so, Kevin :) , only in Google Reader? - Christina Pikas
I'll go check with one in bloglines since I still have that account. hang on. - ellbeecee
Hm. I'm getting the message that it's an empty feed. - ellbeecee
hm... i have a couple of their feeds showing up in sharepoint and they seem ok - Christina Pikas
I just tried to put a feed (the one I was fussing with on Friday) into Drupal, and nothing is showing up. - kendrak
thanks i'll pass this on - Christina Pikas
oops, one more thing - Kendra and Ellbeecee - can you give me the feeds you were trying? - Christina Pikas
Transportation Research Part A: - kendrak
I'm having the same issues, but haven't tested any other feedreaders. - Björn Brembs
I was trying the same feed, Christina. Also, checking this morning, the feed is no longer empty, but I'm seeing the error - it's pulling from Computer Physics Communications - see - ellbeecee
Thanks for the screenshot ellbeecee - i've passed this information on. - Christina Pikas