Later this afternoon, I'm going to attend a meeting of the brand new Latin reading group on campus. I must be certifiable to have agreed to this!
I'm assuming Terence and Virgil rather than Salsa and Tango - Pete's Got To Go
We're apparently starting with Plautus, yes. - lris
Jealous - took 4 years of Latin - we used to tell outrageous jokes in that fine dead language. Nerds forever! - Marge LW
I haven't read latin in.. 15 years? - lris
Iris bibliothecarius insanit hodie - Aaron the Librarian
Is-thay is-ay at-whay I'm-ay alking-tay about-ay. - lris
Plautus is fun. - laura x
Plautus IS fun. - lris
Although when the Latinist says "oh, that's the archaic form" my head kind of explodes. - lris
Heh. Try Greek if you really want your head to explode. - laura x from BuddyFeed
I love their dancing! - Andy