Using Google Hangouts for Newbies | Emerging Technologies Librarian -
"I use Google Plus Hangouts a LOT. Most of my regular meetings around campus have adopted them, except for those in the library system. I’ve taught classes in hangouts, attended classes in hangouts, socialized, planned coauthored works, planned meetings, attended meetings, and even given conference presentations. Conference presentations ABOUT hangouts! I’d love to use them even more. I’m really excited about the idea of using Hangouts on Air (HOA) to teach some of my library classes, because this would automatically create an archive of the class in Youtube for folk who couldn’t come, and would expand the audience. I would especially love to get this set up and working as a library workflow before Enriching Scholarship. I’m finding that people in some of the meetings I host are just a little bit nervous or shy about using hangouts. I suspect there are a lot of folk on campus who don’t work in the “geeky” departments who probably feel the same way. I’ve collected a little information here to try to help folk get over that initial hurdle, and will include some personal tips at the end." - bentley from Bookmarklet
I keep running into "I don't have a Google account and I don't want one." (Our faculty/staff email accounts are Exchange, and the student accounts Microsoft Live.) Same problem with the Google Calendar appointments feature. I'm willing to sign up for new accounts pretty readily, even if I'm only going to use them for one thing. But a lot of people aren't. Sigh. - Rebecca Hedreen
Rebecca, that's one of the issues in relying on proprietary accounts. I killed my Google plus account a while back, and that's a choice I get to make. Betsy, I've wondered if there are ways to participate in Hangout-based activities without a Google plus account, and if they are anything more than just watching a stream? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Sorry, I know nothing about Google Hangouts. That's why I bookmarked the link, so I could find it later if I need it. - bentley
I love Google hangouts. Just used it yesterday when I was working at home to collaborate with our web dev guy and somehow, it felt more focused than working together IRL! I think because we could see each others faces up close, plus he shared his screen and I was really focusing on the page layout of our site as we were talking. - Laura Norvig
I like that you can wear kitty cat masks. - Meg VMeg