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You know, I really wish we just had an RSS feed into the LSW room for everything that Barabara Fister writes and says. Such as
The LJ peer review would never feed in right, but inside higher ed might? - Marianne
Cool. I didn't know there was a Barabara's stuff feed. - Joe
Could do or just feed in the two sources. - Joe
Oh, how nice (eep) - barbara fister from iPhone
Sorry for making you go eep. Maybe I am just a fanboy. - Joe
"So now book publishers want to level the playing field by licensing packages of digital books to libraries." - Happening here already. It's like on the other end of the spectrum to PDA. But either way, there goes a part of collection development duties? .. - aaron
It was a happy eep. - barbara fister from iPhone
The plan JSTOR is working on will allow choice, btw. I suppose larger libraries will say "just give us one of each" but I'll be happier with title-level choice. - barbara fister from iPhone
I could be wrong (I don't know much about such things) but MPOW, I suspect the reason we not going for PDA is cos we will be buying like huge packages of ebooks. But they tend to be delayed. So you get 2012 set of say T&F ebooks at beginning of 2013. In the meantime librarians do need to select *any*, and we just process the few that faculty asks for (kind of a PDA). Don't know how to feel about that. - aaron