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Our new Dean of the Library asked about relevant conferences for him to attend. ACRL is one selected. What others would be relevant?
Dean of the Library (formerly (still?) Assoc VP of IT) is very tech-savvy (30 years in IT) and has been very library-friendly the whole time. I'm thinking the Harvard Library Leadership Institute (http://www.gse.harvard.edu/ppe...), Frye Institute (name changed to: Leading Change Institute (http://www.gse.harvard.edu/ppe...)... but I wonder if these will be too basic (he's a quick study) - Aaron the Librarian
What's he wanting to learn about, anything in particular? Or is he still on "how libraries work"? - RepoRat
CNi - jambina
My impression is sort of "libraries: what are they doing, where are they going, how do we adapt them to current (and emerging) conditions" - Aaron the Librarian
In my head, the rankings are: CiL / IL: too basic -- ER&L / Brick and Click: possibly interesting, but will there be enough for a library director (with little library-specific knowledge) - Aaron the Librarian
I think my institute listed above may be transference from "what would I want to go to if I were a new library director" - Aaron the Librarian
oooh, ++Amy - Aaron the Librarian
DLF, maybe. RDAP, if research data is A Thing where you are. Mmmmmmaybe Educause, but Educause gets all kinds of ax-grindy and is more ITish than libraryish. Other than that, I agree with what's already been suggested. - RepoRat
Raises an interesting idea, though: "Libraries for IT People." Maybe I need to figure out how to do this. :) - RepoRat
in. - jambina
EDUCAUSE - Mary Carmen from iPhone
(ooh, good - he's already involved a bit w/educause - i think) - Aaron the Librarian
Just warn him that Educause has some people who aren't as clueful as they think they are. *g* He should use his skeptic bone. :) - RepoRat
I've heard really good things about LOEX for information literacy, have not been personally. - Hedgehog
wow, I am loving the phrase "people who aren't as clueful as they think they are".... #savoring - Eric Sizemore
I would add NFAIS. It has talks from a lot of the library vendors and also includes business /tech people. - Elizabeth Brown from Android
LOEX is an interesting suggestion. I agree that CNi and DLF and ACRL are all great conferences, but I think that library admins can form a real bubble at those conferences and only talk to other high-level admins. I wonder if there's a conference that would get a new Dean talking more to front-line staff. LOEX? Access Services Conference? - Regular Amanda
DLF is really a good mix, IMO, of front line developers (has become much more developer friendly under Rachel Frick), project managers (people like me), AULs, and people on the outskirts of libraries. You don't often find directors there actually, but it would be a great way for a director to get a sense of things one level down from, say, CNI. - Sarah
Frye has changed A LOT and is probably more suitable to directors now in a way. Also more reasonable since it is just a week and not two whole weeks. - Sarah
Hm. LOEX is an interesting suggestion: it would definitely get him talking with front-line staff, since that's entirely what the conference is about. It might be just a little TOO front-line for it to be useful, though. The other one that I'd highly recommend is the ARL's every-two-years Library Assessment Conference; the last one was in fall 2012, though, so it would be a while. Definitely useful for directors, definitely gets at "what libraries are about and where they're going" for someone with little library experience. - Catherine Pellegrino
Seconding LAC! - kaijsa
I wonder if it might be interesting for him to attend one of the specialized conferences his staff attend every year? Rotate through, and all that. May be too front-line, but it will give him an idea of what is really happening on the ground, which I don't think is common at the higher-level conferences. - Holly's favorite Anna
Ooh, I really like the idea of rotating through the specialized conferences. - Regular Amanda
My dean is finding LYRASIS useful for helping us adjust to some big oncoming changes... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I would recommend ACRL (over half attendees are in their first five years of working if I recall correctly so it is a mix of front line and admin). Then, I would recommend the dean go with librarians to conferences they already go to. I asked my AUL to attend LOEx with me when I came to Illinois because, though supportive, his expertise was elsewhere. He often spoke about how useful that was ... And it gave me a chance to talk with him between sessions and the like. Much better than just sending him off on his own! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Bumping for more ideas on appropriate new-to-libraries and new-to-deaning-at-a-library (and pro and con commentary on any all conference ideas, etc.) I am also hoovering the suggestions for reading materials on this LSW thread: http://ff.im/1aE5gK - Aaron the Librarian
Am finally summarizing the various threads I've discussed this with... any last nuggets o' wisdom? - Aaron the Librarian
no, but I'd be really interested in your summary, if you can share it - RepoRat
Ditto. - Jenica
Laid out poorly here (looked better in the email) -- From the "get the really big picture in a short, intense amount of time" perspective: 1. Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and Harvard University, Graduate School of Education Leadership Training: ACRL/Harvard Advanced Leadership Institute for Senior Academic Librarians The Advanced Leadership Institute for Senior Academic Librarians enables senior library leaders to better understand and respond to a complicated set of leadership challenges facing academic libraries. The institute reviews foundational concepts from LIAL, applies them to the dynamic competitive environment now facing libraries and extends them to the leadership challenges confronting the 21st century library. The institute creates a highly-interactive and engaging learning environment that will strengthen your strategic leadership skills, enhance your ability to forge effective partnerships and help you better understand how to position the library for future success. Review of the Harvard Institute by an attendee a few years ago: http://scienceblogs.com/confess... From the more general "conferencey-conferences" mindset with a library leader in mind, here are a bunch of suggestions in semi-prioritized order: 2. Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) National conference (every 2 years) 3. Coalition of Networked Infrastructure (CNI) and the SNI membership meetings (2 per year) http://www.cni.org/events... Related Events: http://www.cni.org/event-c... CNi is a very high-level conference, lots of theory and sweeping statements 3. Digital Library Federation (DLF Forum) http://www.diglib.org/ DLF is a level "down" from CNi - more practical application in focus 4. EDUCAUSE (with the caveat that there is a bloc within EDUCAUSE that seems very anti-libraries to library-type people) http://www.educause.edu/ I think you already know Educause :) 5. Library... more... - Aaron the Librarian
That was a chunk of text -- sorry for the ugly -- I also linked him back to this discussion (uh oh, did I say bad things about him? I better go check! /jk) - Aaron the Librarian