Reading Will Manley's latest blog post about our beloved mutual acquaintance AL using the term 'cracker' to describe that Koran burning pastor down in Florida on her blog over at LJ. I'll be honest; the only thing I could think of is "If I was a cracker, which one would I be?" (Triscuit with Rosemary & Garlic, dammit)
Ritz or maybe Wheat Thins - Aaron the Librarian
cinnamon sugar graham cracker - Katy S
something with pepper in it, like Carr's Crackers with Cracked Pepper - John: Thread Killer
triscuit here too, but the original for me :) [eta: ooh! or a sesame rice cracker] - holly #ravingfangirl
cheese crackers with peanut butter - Kirsten
I like the olive oil & black pepper triscuits. That's me! - ellbeecee
Pecan Nut Thin - Hedgehog
bunny graham - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Do Goldfish count as crackers? If so, I have to revise my answer to Parmesan Goldfish - Hedgehog
Cheez-It. - Catherine Pellegrino
Damn. I wish I had thought of Cheez-It :'( - John: Thread Killer
Ritz with cheddar from Wisconsin. - Joe
Don't take this the wrong way, but I would eat half of you. - Andy
Giggity. - Andy